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Grad. R. R. 1 





^HE volumes of the University of Michigan 
Studies are published by authority of the 
Executive Board of the Graduate School 
of the University of Michigan. A list 
of the volumes thus far published or ar^ 
ranged for is given at the end of this volume. 






MACMILLAN ft CO.» Liifrm> 




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" i; ■< 


1- ->5-<!- 

r -J > «< i^-2r 

•J ^.^a-^ ^: 












Ai! righn reserved 

• *l 

• • 

Copyright, 1910 and 1917, 
By henry a. SANDERS. 

Set up and electrotyped. Published February, 1917. 

Notfvofll) ^^ttn 

J. 8. CuBhlng Co. — B«rwlok db BmlUi Co. 

Norwood, Masa., U.S.A. 


Nearly five years have elapsed since the publication of Part I 
of this volume, but the editor has had little time to return to the 
manuscript problems then treated. The first half of the volume 
is therefore not a new edition, but a reprint. Obvious misprints 
have of course been corrected, and in making these corrections 
the various reviews of the first publication and the correspond- 
ence of Professor McLean have been most helpful. Not a few, 
however, of the corrections suggested by Sprengling in the review 
in the American Journal of Theology (vol. XV, pp. 1 14-1 15) were 
errors on his part, due to indistinctness of the Facsimile at the 
places in question. The photographs of so old and wrinkled a 
manuscript could not be made equally clear for all pages. 

In the publication of the manuscript of the Psalms the chief 
task has been to separate and read the badly decayed and black- 
ened leaves. No pains have been spared in making the work as 
complete and accurate as possible, yet in all too many cases these 
decayed fragments of a manuscript have no evidence on most 
interesting passages. All decayed or lost lines and parts of lines 
have been filled out in the text publication from the Swete text, 
except where the amount of space in the manuscript proved the 
existence of a variant. The first fifteen Psalms are so fragmen- 
tary, that it seemed best to give those lines only of which some 
part is preserved. 

I am much indebted to the libraries of Hartford Theological 
Seminary and Harvard University for the loan of books and to 
the library of the University of Michigan for the purchase of 


needed works. My most earnest thanks are also extended to Mr. 
Charles L. Freer for his interest in the work and his generous 
support of the publication. 

Ann Arbor, Michigan^ 

August 22y 191 5. 



Part I. The Washington Manuscript of Deuteronomy and Joshua : 

History of the Manuscript i 

Palaeography 5 

Contents * 18 

Text 18 

Lection marks 27 

Text Problem 33 

Deuteronomy 38 

Joshua 48 

Collation 57 

Deuteronomium 59 

Josue 83 

Part II. The Washington Manuscript of the Psalms: 

The Manuscript 107 

Palaeography no 

Parchment, Leaves, Quires, Ink, Ruling, Writing . . . .110 

Punctuation, Verses, Capitals, Paragraphs 114 

Diacritical and Other Marks 116 

Spelling 118 

The Fragment A* 121 

Corrections by Later Hands 124 

The Text Problem 125 

The Text Problem in A 125 

The Text Problem in A* ....... . 130 

The Reprint of Text 131 

The Text 133 

Appendix : Libraries containing the Facsimile of the Washington Man- 
uscript of Deuteronomy and Joshua 351 

Indexes : 

English Index 355 

Greek Index . . . 357 

I. Deuteronomy viii. 13-ix. i Frontispiece 

poujowinc pace 

II. Deuteronomy x. 6-15 30 

III. Joshua II. 11-18 48 

IV. Psalms Manuscript — Appearance when found . . . .106 
V. Psalm Liv. 5-17 no 

VI. Psalm LIV. 17-LV. 2 114 

VII. Psalm cxviii. 19-32 120 

VIII. Psalm CXVIII. 33-45 124 

IX. Psalm cxLii. ii-cxLiii. 4 130 


\ I 




The story of the purchase of the four Biblical Greek manu- 
scripts in the Freer Collection has been told in various articles 
and brief notes,^ usually with additions on the subject of the 
supposed origin. Although I do not feel certain that the last 
word on the subject can be said even now, I venture to repeat 
the important facts and comments with such inferences as I am 
able to draw. 

The four mss were bought by Mr. Charles L. Freer of an Arab 
dealer named AH in Gizeh, near Cairo, on December 19th, 1906. 
About the same time, Professor Stern of the Royal Library in 
Berlin had seen two rather imperfect photographs showing pages 
of the two better preserved mss, and on this evidence had declined 
to buy at the price asked. A little earlier, apparently late in 1906, 
the MSS had been shown by Ali Arabi to Messrs. Grenfell and 
Hunt, who, in their brief examination by a most unsatisfactory 
light, took note practically of the ms of the Gospels alone. On 
their advice Mr. Hogarth recommended the purchase to the Brit- 
ish Museum, but nothing came of it. 

* Biblical World, February, 1908, pp. 138-142, with plates. 

Goodspeed, Biblical World, March, 1908, pp. 218-226. 

Independent, January 9, 1908, pp. 107-108. 
I Amer. Jour, of Arch. vol. 12 (1908), pp. 49-55, ^^^^ plates. 

} Proceedings Amer. Phil. Assoc, vol. 38 (1908), p. xxii. 

Gregory, Theolog. Literaturbl. vol. 29 (1908), Nr. 7, Sp. 73-76, 

Harnack, Theolog. Literaturzeit. March, 1908, Nr. 6, Sp. 168-170. 
I Von Soden, Christliche Welt, May, 1908, Nr. 20, Sp. 482-486. 

' Gregory, Das Freer-Logion, Leipzig, 1908, pp. iv + 66, with plates. 

Goodspeed, Independent, Sept. 10, 1908, pp. 596-601. 

Schmidt, Theolog. Literaturzeit. 1908, Nr. 12, Sp. 359-360. 

Biblical World, May, 1909, pp. 343-344, with plate. 

Amer. Jour, of Arch. vol. 13 (1909), pp. 130-141, with plates. 

Kenyon, Egyptian Exploration Fund, Arch. Report, 1 907-1 908, pp. 47-48. 

Goodspeed, Amer. Jour, of Theology, vol. 13 (1909), pp. 597-603. 

Some minor references will be found noted in the articles just cited. Purely popular 
I reports and criticisms have been omitted. 

i I 





This is all that is positively known about the origin of the 
Mss. The story that they were shown in Assiut has been proved 
false, and no reliance can be placed on the first statements of the 
dealer and others that they were bought in Akhmim or Esh- 
munen, especially as both statements have since been denied. 
This denial also takes away support from Professor Schmidt's 
statement (Theolog. Literaturzeit.), that these four mss came from 
the White Monastery near Sohag, opposite Akhmim, whence were 
derived four mss (two Coptic and two Greek) bought by him. 
Schmidt's assertion is still more discredited by the failure thus 
far of any of the mss to show that close text relationship to the 
Coptic versions of the Bible which he anticipated. 

In the Amen Jour, of Arch. (vol. 13, p. 138 f.) in a discussion 
of the subscription to the ms of the Gospels, I have connected the 
name Timothy there found with the Church of Timothy in the 
Monastery of the Vinedresser, which was located near the third 
pyramid, according to Abu Salih's Churches and Monasteries of 
Egypt (trans, by Evetts and Butler, p. 190). The connection of 
the MSS with this church and monastery seems sure, whether we 
make the prayer in the subscription refer to St. Timothy or to 
some one in the monastery.* It is also noteworthy that the name 
Timothy is a later correction written on an erasure, and in black 
ink of the tint used in the lectionary marks of Deuteronomy, 
which will be discussed later. The monastery of the Vinedresser 
was Coptic and the assumption, that the words and marks in black 
ink in these mss were inserted in that monastery, is borne out by 
the fact that no correction or addition to the text is in ink of that 
color. The various shades of brown ink used by the earlier hands 
in the mss would thus have to be referred back to the Greek mon- 
asteries where the mss were severally written. 

The Coptic (Jacobite) monastery of the Vinedresser was once 

^ Goodspeed (Amer. Jour, of Theol. vol. 13, p. 599) makes objections on the ground 
of the frequency of the name Timothy, the number of ancient monasteries, whose names 
are not known, and the lack of lectionary marks in the Gospels. A few lectionary marks 
are, however, found in the ms of Deuteronomy, and further I should not expect the Greek 
Bible to be much read in a Coptic monastery after the fifth century. Neither do Professor 
Goodspeed^s statistics on the astounding number of early Egyptian monasteries seem to 
me in point. In this matter only those which survived until the eleventh or twelfth cen- 
tury, i.e. to the time of Abu Sallh, are of interest, for the mss doubtless remained for a 
long time in the place where the last change was made in the subscription. While the 
MS of Abu Sallh is defective (notably on the Nitrian desert), it doubtless once contained 
all the monasteries and churches known to him. 


burned by the Melchites (Abu Salih, p. 186), and it may well be 
that at its restoration, at the end of the fifth or in the sixth cen- 
tury, Mss were begged or bought from various sources to make a 
complete Greek Bible for the use of such monks as understood 
Greek. Both the weakness of the Melchites after the fifth cen- 
tury and the unlikelihood that a complete Greek Bible would have 
been desired later force us to accept as early a date as possible. 
On the other hand, the latest of the mss, the Epistles of Paul, 
cannot be dated palaeographically before the very end of the fifth 
century or, better, in the sixth. 

The Monastery of the Vinedresser seems to have perished 
between 1208 and 1441, and from that date until 1906 we have 
no clue to the resting place of the mss, though it is likely that 
they were preserved during a part of the remaining period in 
some more out of the way monastery. 

In such a ruined monastery or in some other hiding place of 
the desert the mss were found, probably in 1906; for the desert 
sand still filled wrinkles and was incrusted on the exterior when 
I began work on them. That the mss had been shown but few 
times before their purchase by Mr. Freer is indicated by the fact 
that even in the ms of the Gospels a large share of the leaves were 
still firmly stuck together, while in the other three mss hardly a 
beginning had been made in separating the leaves. 

There are many doubtful points in this summary, but we may 
still hope that time will continue to bring additional evidence. 
Already I consider as certain the origin of the four mss in Greek 
monasteries, their union in some Coptic monastery, such as that 
of the Vinedresser, and the continuance of their existence without 
separation from that time to the present. 

The MS of Deuteronomy and Joshua (Greek ms I) is at present 
kept at the home of Mr. Charles L. Freer in Detroit, Mich., but 
. will eventually be transferred to the Smithsonian Institution in 
Washington, D.C., where it will be placed with the other collec- 
tions in the Gallery to be erected by Mr. Freer. For this reason 
it has been given the name Washington Manuscript (Codex Wash- 
ingtonensis) so as to suggest at the same time its future home in 
Washington and its ownership by the American people. In the 
Cambridge edition of the Septuagint now being edited by Messrs. 
Brooke and McLean, as also in the following pages, it will be 
designated by the letter 6. 


A complete facsimile edition of the ms was published simultane- 
ously with the first publication of this Part, under the title, " A 
Facsimile of the Washington Manuscript of Deuteronomy and 
Joshua"^ (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1910). 

^ Cited below as £»:simile or, in case of frequent citations, merely by the page, column, 
and line. 


The MS is written on fairly thick parchment, which, while 
preserving its strength, has wrinkled and hardened with age and 
exposure, so that the leaves will never again be flat and smooth. 
At the bottom the leaves are considerably decayed, but only in 
the case of the first two leaves and the last leaf has this decay 
extended into the text. On the whole the parchment is rather 
transparent for its thickness, though different pages vary much. 
It is mostly goatskin, as is seen from the large branching veins 
easily distinguishable when one looks through a leaf at a strong 
light In the facsimile these veins are plainly seen at the top of 
page 1 33. They are just visible on a few other leaves. Sheep- 
skin parchment occurs quite frequently and the leaves are usually 
distinguishable. The hair side has about the same yellow tinge 
as the hair side of the goatskin, but the flesh side is not so white. 
Therefore the goatskin shows a stronger contrast between the 
different sides of the leaf. Rough spots showing clearly the hair 
roots are common on the margins of the leaves and especially at 
the corners. These defective portions represent commonly the 
parts of the skin which came under the legs of the animals, and 
because of the rubbing had imperfect hair or wool growth. The 
marks of the hair-roots are perceptibly larger and farther apart on 
the sheepskin (cf. p. 173 of the facsimile) than on the goatskin. 
Also the sheepskin seems to have become more discolored with 
age than the other. There are, further, spots of undue whiteness 
in both, probably due to the action of some foreign material, and 
a few others, which look like erasures but were really caused by 
the cohering of the leaves through decay and the force necessarily 
used in separating them. Good examples are seen on pages 1 3, 
59, and 96 of the facsimile. On page 14 is an example of mend- 
ing a hole in the parchment. The mending preceded the writing. 
On the upper and outer edges of the leaves and sometimes run- 
ning in between them slightly, there are traces of a light yellow 
dye or paint. It seems that this was a color applied after binding. 
It does not appear on the decayed parts. 



The parchment varies in thickness from .11 mm. to .28 mm. 
The average is just under .18 mm. The thinnest specimens are 
goatskin and the thickest sheepskin. Leaves of goatskin are, how- 
ever, found measuring .27 mm., while no cases of skeepskin thinner 
than .15 mm. were noted. The largest leaves are 12^ inches in 
height by loj inches in width (31.9 cm. by 26.1 cm.), while the 
smallest measure iif by 10 inches (30 cm. by 25.5 cm.); the com- 
mon size is 12 by loj- inches (30.6 cm. by 25.8 cm.). 

The ink is a dark brown, of approximately the shade shown in 
the plates. It has faded rather unevenly, but I do not think it 
was ever black. The first three lines of Deuteronomy and the 
first two and the title of Joshua are in red. 

There are at present 102 leaves, or 204 pages, of which 201 
are written. There are two blank pages at the end of Deuteron- 
omy and one at the end of Joshua. The bookmarks showing the 
beginning of Deuteronomy and Joshua are seen on pages i and 
119 of the facsimile. They consist of small pieces of colored 
leather or parchment doubled over and pasted on to the outer edge 
of the leaf about equally distant from the top and bottom. Such 
marks were quite necessary for a volume containing at least six 
books,' and may well have been added by the original binder. 

There are two columns (2.7 cm. apart) of 31 lines on each 
page. The width of the column is a trifle under three inches 
(7.5 cm.) between the ruled perpendiculars, but a line of writing 
is usually a little longer, though very rarely exceeding 3^ inches 
(9 cm.). The number of letters in a full line varies from 11 to 17, 
though 13 and 14 are the most common numbers. . The unusual 
variation in the length of lines is undoubtedly due to the care 
taken to divide the words properly at the end of the line. The 
rule is that all the consonants go with the following vowel and 
begin the second line, except that X, p, /i, and v are joined to the 
preceding vowel when there is a following consonant ; double con- 
sonants are separated and compound words are generally divided 
into their component parts. To the last statement I noted one 
exception, €|fiXaro on p. 144, 2, 2. In addition y is separated 
from a following 8, #c, ft, or ^ ; ^ and r from a following ft ; x from 
a following 6, ft, or cr, once each, though it is regularly joined to 
these letters ; also a is once divided from a following ^ and fi 
twice from a following p and once from a following cr. It is note- 
worthy further that when ovk is followed by a verb the division is 


regularly thus: ov|ic€(rrai; I noted a single exception on page 80, 
I, 21, Similar are the odd divisions elnavrTf (page 99, 2, 15) and 
c|^aurov(page 62, i, 11). This remarkable consistency shows con- 
scious effort and doubtless reflects the pronunciation of the time. 
As noted above, it has caused considerable variation in the length 
of the line. 

The ruling was always on the light (flesh) side of the parch- 
ment only, and was done rather lightly with a hard, blunt instru- 
ment. The perpendiculars were ruled a little more heavily than 
the horizontal lines, and so can still be easily seen on almost all 
pages. In ruling, a double leaf was spread out and the position 
of the lines determined by holes pricked with compasses near the 
edges of the leaves. Though often trimmed away in later rebind- 
ings, these marks are still found rather frequently. Compass pricks 
for the perpendiculars are very rarely found. It is possible that 
they were not regularly used. The perpendiculars run across the 
upper and lower margins to the very edge of the parchment. The 
facsimile seems to show double ruling of the lines, chiefly perpen- 
diculars, on a good many leaves, but all cases of supposed second 
ruling proved to be only impressions made in leaves by the reverse 
of heavy rulings on pages standing next to them. Accordingly 
these appear as indentations on the sides of the leaves that were 
unruled. On the opposite sides they are seldom visible. Good 
examples are found on pp. 11, 14, 22, 51, 59, 66, 91, 103, 121, 125, 
etc. On pp. 46 and 99 two indentations parallel to the regular 
ruling are distinguishable in spots. It is obvious that these im- 
pressions were caused by heavy pressure applied to the ms, pre- 
sumably in the process of binding. If so, there were at least two 
bindings. The horizontal lines were ruled so as to barely reach 
the outer perpendiculars on each double leaf. The space between 
the columns and the margin next to the binding edge were there- 
fore ruled, but the outer margin was left unruled. Partial excep- 
tions due to carelessness occur on pp. 32, 40, 64, 68, 80, 84, 88, 
105, 147, 171, 183, 186. The compass pricks and the rulings are 
for every other line only, except that there is an extra point and 
ruling for line 2 on each page. The space between the regular 
rulings is 1.3 cm., and this space between lines i and 3 is always 
evenly divided by the extra ruling for line 2. The writing is upon 
the line, not below it. 

The MS consists of fourteen quires numbered on the upper right- 


hand corner of the first page of each with the numbers AZ to N. 
The quires numbered A to Ar are now lost. Of the fourteen quires 
preserved ten are of eight leaves each, three of six, and one of four. 
The four-leaf quire N is the last one of Joshua, and has its last page 
blank. Quire MA at the end of Deuteronomy is of six leaves, with 
the last one entirely blank. Quires AH and MG also consist at 
present of six leaves each, but were once of regular size, for a 
double leaf has been lost out of the middle of each. That this 
loss occurred in ancient times is proved by the presence of the 
badly decayed threads of an old binding still in proper place in 
each quire. This fact also, as well as the trimming of the leaves 
above mentioned, proves at least one rebinding in ancient times. 
The carelessness which would allow leaves to be lost out of two 
different quires in a ms, which otherwise shows no signs of wear, 
can be used as evidence in regard to its ancient home. Either 
the MS suffered from long periods of neglect interspersed with 
few and brief moments of interest, or its owners were not able to 
replace properly leaves once removed. The leaves of the quires 
are so arranged as to bring together the sides of the parchment 
which match. The light (flesh) side of the parchment forms the 
outside of each quire. 

The writing is an upright square uncial of good size. The 
writer shows an exceptionally good command of the pen, and his 
writing must be classed as more than ordinarily beautiful. Some 
letters, as ^, are a trifle awkward, but this is due to the badly 
chosen form, not to the inability of the writer. The abbreviation 
marks above letters are perhaps the most characteristic sign of his 
command of the pen and his desire to adorn. The writing is con- 
sistent throughout the ms. The regular height of the letters 
is 4 mm. ; v and ^ sometimes extend a little below the line, one 
style of T a little above the line; (f> and i^ are lo mm. in height; 
p extends 2 to 3 mm. below the line. The various forms of the 
letters are shown in the following plate of the first column of page 46 
of the manuscript, which includes the common types of all the letters. 

The problem of dating the ms is by no means an easy one, but 
we can, I believe, reach an approximate result by using all of the 
evidence available. The parchment seems of a rather good type. 
In comparing it with the famous old mss, the Sinaiticus, Alex- 
andrinus, and others, I must rely mostly on my memory, as the 
parchment is seldom accurately described. It seems to me, how- 

on ic<i>i<\/'rov6Y 

ecu: UK I- KVi'|\v«;c=K 
2;.et;oxi Kxi'rtu:^"" 

troxi Kxixv'rti'fij—"^ 
■rt:(.>n utrooxi KAit. 
ri j>c>«i>i iTMi.'OKL'iMo., 

M 0'l"OtiMV'IMIt>M J 
L-M V' ' •^ ' X2;OM '»-"•• 
t5l< L:l hJOCIKI IOt)A>Jt 1 

• rx I - c- A XX » • tJt:- M rx|' 

I x rc>" I'cx: c c:- c- 1< r-H'- 
XI rv' i'rt>V- 'lovxv 
•rrti> CXK/i <: ^J o vt: tr 
c-KTt • i:xi> vxo ixc: 



{^y. VM CA> MAVrt*>M • 

r I t>ptive«-:t>xi« 


Tt'TDM no m/ II 

Part of page 46 of the Hanuscrift, showing Tvfes of Lsmta most 


ever, that the parchment of our ms varies much more in thickness 
and presents a less perfectly prepared surface, a condition which 
is especially apparent wherever rough spots occur. This ms can- 
not, to be sure, be compared in point of elegance with a codex of 
the whole Bible as the Sinaiticus,^ yet it was undoubtedly intended 
for a magnificent copy. It would seem, therefore, that in the 
region in which the ms was written, there still remained a little 
carelessness in regard to the character of a material which not so 
long before had been considered inferior to papyrus. 

K. Dziatzko (Untersuchungen iiber ausgewahlte Kapitel des 
antiken Buchwesens, Leipzig, 1900, p. 178 ff.) has thrown much 
new light on the dating of early mss by his thorough treatment of 
the subject of page headings or titles. He confined his attention 
mostly to Latin mss, but it is apparent from his argument that the 
same general principles would apply to the Greek also. Accord- 
ing to his divisions, mss without page headings, from first or con- 
temporary hand, belong before the end of the fourth century ; those 
with page headings added by contemporary hand, fifth century, 
later than which date would fall all mss having page headings from 
first hand. He, of course, recognizes that special circumstances or 
local usage might cause the omission of page headings sometimes 
even in large mss of the later centuries, but the presumption of 
age is always in their favor. Such a presumption can, therefore, 
be claimed for the Washington ms, for it has no page headings, 
and even the titles of the two books are from a later hand. The 
first hand wrote only the text and the simple subscription Scvrcpo- 
vofuov to Deuteronomy. This is a plain mark of age. It is inter- 
esting to note that Dziatzko drew the Vatican ms into his discussion, 
placing it at the end of the fourth century on the ground that the 
page headings omitted in the first few books and not always inserted 
thereafter, were from a second but certainly ancient hand. His 
sole argument for the second hand was the occurrence of the 
Egyptian fi in the page headings but not in the text. He does 
not note that the titles and subscriptions of the books have this 
characteristic /x, and especially in the case of the subscriptions the 
resemblance to the page headings is close. The titles of the books 

^ This may well be used as an argument against a fourth century date for any of the 
great codices. Sanday (Old Latin Biblical Texts, 2, p. xiii f.) says that it is not until the 
seventh century that we have Old latin Pandects, i.e. great mss of the whole Scriptures. 
The oft-cited passage in Eusebius, Vita Constant. 4, 36 f., does not prove that entire Bibles 
in single mss were asked for or obtained for the churches of Constantinople. 


have been so mistreated in rewriting that I can make no surmise 
as to the original hand. It seems probable that the page headings 
and subscriptions are from the same hand, and I suspect that 
Dziatzko would have omitted the ms or dated it later, if he had 
noticed that the characteristic Egyptian fi occurs rarely in the text 
also. The instances which I noted were all near the ends of lines 
where the letters are smaller and badly crowded. The writer 
plainly reverted to his natural hand because the crowding did not 
allow the ornamental imitative hand he was using. Therefore, it 
is not impossible that the page headings and subscriptions are from 
the same hand as the text. The same state of affairs is found 
in the Sinaitic ms. The page headings, titles, and subscriptions 
of the books are all characterized by the Egyptian /x, which also 
occurs frequently and from three of the different hands in the text. 
Again, it is only at the crowded ends of lines that this and other 
characteristic letters are seen. It would seem that both the Vati- 
can and the Sinaitic came from the same school of writers, who 
made a specialty of imitating a square uncial that was not natural 
to them. I do not remember any first hand page headings in the 
Alexandrinus. An investigation of all old Greek mss would be 

Another hint as to the age of the Washington ms is given by 
the fact that the latest cursive note in it can be dated at the end 
of the sixth or early in the seventh century. As we shall see 
b^low this is the sixth or seventh hand which busied itself with 
the MS, and of these the first three or four seem separated by quite 
an interval from the later ones. 

To return now to the first hand,* an interesting parallel to this 
was found in an unpublished fragment of the Aegyptisches 
Museum in Berlin.* It is numbered P. 6794 and is a double leaf 
of a parchment book containing Homer, II. 22, 390 ff. The frag- 
ment was bought of an Egyptian dealer and has been dated in the 
fourth or fifth century. The writing is slightly larger than that of 
the Washington ms. Its cross strokes are slightly heavier, and the 
M and Q are sometimes a little broader. The ornamental dots of 
e, C, T, r, etc., are larger. Y and P have longer tails, K a sharper 

^ The custom of dating a ms by means of fancied resemblances to mss, about the date 
of which even less is known, must of course be condemned, but where the resemblance is 
strong we may at least hope to establish the relative age. 

' Cf. Amer. Jour. Arch. vol. 13 (1909), PI. I, p. 130, from which article this discus- 
sion is repeated. 


angle, and ♦ is slightly enlarged. The accents and a few breath- 
ings are perhaps second hand. It seemed that only every other 
line was ruled, but as the ms was under glass, I could not be 

To this hand in turn a near parallel is found in the Codex 
Ephraemi (facsimile in Omont, Mss grecs de la Bib. Nat. PI. Ill), 
though it must be considered a rather more advanced stage of the 
writing. Among other slight differences, we may note the size of 
the 4>, increase in ornamental dots to T, r, G, longer tail to P, etc. 

Professor Goodspeed (Bibl. World, vol. 30, 3, 218) has com- 
pared with the Washington ms Add. ms 172 id of the British Mu- 
seum (facsimile in Cat. Anc. Mss Brit. Mus., Greek, PI. 9), a Homer 
palimpsest from the Nitrian Desert, finding that not only the writ- 
ing is identical, but also that the two agree in ruling only every 
other line, except at the top of the page. This peculiarity occurs 
in parts of the Alexandrinus and the Vaticanus ^ and of a Coptic 
MS in the Freer Collection, as well as in the Fragmentum Fabianum 
and some other old Latin mss. As regards the similarity of writ- 
ing it is clear that the Homer palimpsest stands closer to Codex 
Ephraemi and P. 6794 than to the Washington ms. It has the 
same peculiarities in a somewhat higher degree. Also B has the 
top loop smaller and the bottom flattened, and A has the right 
hand line extended at the top, a heavy dot on the prolongation of 
the bottom line to the left, but no extension of that line to the 
right. On the other hand, it shows two forms of the T as in the 
Washington ms. Most of the variations incline toward the hand 
found in the fragment of Paul's Epistles of the Freer Collection 
(facsimile in Amer. Jour. Arch. vol. 12 (1908), p. 54, fig. 2). 
Noteworthy is the tendency to join the top of the T and the bot- 
toms of P and 4> into other letters in both these mss. 

The great similarity of all the above mss, combined with the 
distinct development in type of hand from the Washington ms 
through P. 6794, Codex Ephraemi, and Add. ms 172 id to the frag- 
ment of Paul's Epistles, makes the conclusion almost unavoidable, 
that they are products of the same school and century. This con- 
clusion is opposed to the view held by some French and German 
scholars, that the Codex Ephraemi belongs early in the fifth cen- 
tury and is older than the Alexandrinus. I prefer to place it, as 

^ Cf. Gregory, Textkritik des neuen Testaments, p. 34. I have heard that parts of the 
Sinaiticus also show rulings for every other line. 


well as its two younger relatives, late in the fifth century, at any 
rate after the Alexandrinus, the Washington ms, and the slightly 
younger fragment of the Iliad, P. 6794; and I further feel con- 
fident that all these represent stages in the development of the 
same school of writing and are probably from the same region. 
Lower Egypt. The combined force of all these reasons is suffi- 
cient to convince me that the Washington ms was written not 
later than the fifth century, and I am inclined to date it in the 
first half of the century. 

The abbreviations used are as follows : from Kvpios, ics, m), ica», 
i?F, Kc ; abbreviated always when referring to God, but elsewhere 
not ; cf. Kvpiov and Kvpuoy p. 76, 2, 9 and 12 ; Kvpuoi/^ p. 36, i, 13; 
from ^cds, ^s, 9v, 6ah 6v \ always abbreviated in the singular (cf . 0^ 
aXXarpto9, p. 109, I, 31) but never in the plural; for ^larparjjk, IcrX 
occurs regularly, though lijK is found five times, viz. pp. i, 20, 34, 
113, 146; for *l€povcr(iKijiJL, IXtj/jl; from avOpomo^ avo5, cEFoU, aP5», 
avoi/, WP^ av<av\ av0p(airois and avOpdirov^ do not occur; from 
iraTJJpf WffPi Wp^j Wpi^ Wpd^ wp?5, WpcSP, Wpa^; irarpdcLV is never 
abbreviated; rarely other unabbreviated forms occur; cf. irarjjp, 
p. 196, I, I ; TTttTcpas, p. 196, 2, 3; 7rar€pai9, p. iio, I, 6; irarcpoii^, 
p. 14, 2, 27; from inJTTip, jTffp, Jip?, jipiy /Spa; the plural does not 
occur; from ovpavos^ ovvos, oui/ov, ovi/oP, owot, always with two 
abbreviation marks (except p. 117, i, 20); often the word is not 
abbreviated; note particularly ovpave, p. 108, i, 19; ovpavto^ p. 102, 

1, 12 ; from irvevfia only irPa and irp^; from a-ornjpj Wpi once, p. 109, 

2, 27. The abbreviation mark is rarely omitted. On p. 6, 2, 3 the 
writer started an abbreviation mark over dta of Uai/ovo-^oi, but left 
the stroke half finished. 

At the ends of lines only, v following a vowel may be indi- 
cated by the usual abbreviation stroke above ; yet if there is space 
enough the letter is always written in full. Also very rarely at 
the end of a line we find 6 for ^at; cf. pp. 22, 98, 137. Rather 
more frequent are the ligatures M for /xou (cf. p. 100, 2, 6), NH and 
mC; m, KHA, NHP, m\, mC, and TOG also occur once each. Num- 
erals are never expressed by the letters, but are written in full. 

At the ends of lines from one to four or very rarely five letters 
may be made smaller to economize space. In such combinations 
V is often written above the others as a shallow curve. Often the 
writer seemed desirous of completing a word or phrase with a col- 
umn, and so wrote a syllable or a word just under the end of the 


last line. There are 49 such cases ; yet often words are divided 
between columns or pages, as regularly at the ends of lines. 

Punctuation by the first hand is a single dot in the middle, or 
slightly above middle, position. On p. 165, 2, 15 there is a punc- 
tuation even with the top of the letter. Two dots near together 
seem to occur on pp. 51, 2, 31 and 60, 2, 2. There seems to be 
no consistent rule for punctuation. It occurs at the end of a 
paragraph or chapter, but is more often omitted, if a vacant space 
occurs at the end of the line. In fact, a vacant space is another 
form of punctuation, and may occur in the middle of a line or at 
the end when no paragraph follows. Punctuation appears to 
occur most often before direct discourse and between parallel 
words, phrases, or clauses in series, with or without conjunctions. 
When there are many coordinate members in the series, punctua^ 
tion may occur after every other one only. In the lists of kings 
and places it is more usual to punctuate by spaces, or to have 
single names or pairs of names end with the lines. 

In a few cases there is a mark resembling a comma; it is 
just below the line, seems to be of paler ink, and is not accompa- 
nied by a space between the letters. In three cases it separates 
the negative oi from a preceding word ending in v or cr: pp. 10, 
2, 26; 49, I, 10; 195, I, 15. Similar is the separation of the 
relative and demonstrative, cf. cpyots, 019, p. 51, i, 24; irai/ro9, oiv, 
p. 50, 2, 26; KOKoVf ovTOLy p. 5, I, 29. Smaller and in black ink is 
a similar mark on p. 73, i, 19 (Deut. 22, 17). The text dxryarpi 
aovy wapdevia ttj9 Ovyarpo^ fiov is unintelligible owing to an omis- 
sion, and an ancient reader has placed a comma at the right 
spot to indicate the loss. In the other cases the lighter ink and 
crowded position suggest that the marks are not first hand, but 
were inserted to assist the reader chiefly to proper word division ^ ; 
therefore they may be referred to the third or fourth hand. 

Paragraph or chapter divisions are indicated by an enlarged 
letter set out into the margin, usually its full size or a little less. 
It is the first letter of the chapter that is so treated, even if much 
of the previous line is left blank. The only exception to this rule 
is €icaX€|C€i/, p. 21, I, 14. Enlarged letters occur only in these 
positions, except that Deuteronomy begins with one, although it 
is not set out into the margin. The first letter of Joshua is also 

* Cf. Kenyon, Pal. of Gk. Papyri, p. 27, for a similar use of the comma in the Bacchy^ 
hdes papyrus, XVII, 102. 



very slightly enlarged, but does not project. The paragraph mark 
(^ never appears in conjunction with the projection of the en- 
larged letter. Though similar in form, the mark (— ) in red ink 
at the beginning of both Deuteronomy and Joshua has nothing 
to do with the paragraph mark, which should stand at the end, 
not the beginning, of its passage. It seems to be from the first 
hand in both cases. At the beginning of Deuteronomy there is 
a cross stroke in lighter red from a later hand. 

The projecting letters do not as a rule show paragraphs, but 
rather chapters, though of very irregular length. Divisions of the 
same sort are found in the Vatican ms and are shown in the same 
manner, though the projecting first letter is not enlarged. A com- 
parison of Deuteronomy shows that B and B agree 91 times in 
these chapter divisions, but B has 71 and B 69 not found in the 
other.^ In Joshua there are 78 agreements, but B has 171 not 
found in B, while B has only 16 individual divisions. It would 
seem that the differences are too great to admit of a common 
source. The similarity may be due to natural sense divisions. 
The Sarravianus Colbertinus (G) has similar chapter divisions 
similarly indicated. On the whole they &re less frequent than in 
B or B and agree closely with neither. The true paragraph divi- 
sion is found in K, A, and C. Yet these short divisions are found 
in B (cf. Deut. 27) and more frequently in B. Thus in the curse 
(Deut. 27) each statement is paragraphed in B; so also in the 
blessing (Deut. 28). Again, in the Song of Moses (Deut 32) 
there are 63 paragraphs for the 43 verses of the King James Ver- 
sion. In fact, the paragraphs generally conform to the two-line 
stanza as printed by Swete. This arrangement was taken by him 
from the Revised Edition of the Old Testament Company, and 
conforms as closely to the Hebrew parallelisms as the Greek 
allows. Judged on that basis B has omitted nine paragraphs, 
changed four, and inserted two. The two inserted correspond to 
the Hebrew lines in Kittel, Biblia Hebraica, Part I (Leipsic, 1905). 
The four changed in position are in passages in which the Greek 
does not correspond exactly to the Hebrew. Therefore the pro- 
jecting paragraphs as shown in B are an attempt to reproduce the 
Hebrew parallelisms ; the attempt originated in the parent ms or 
in the work of some earlier scholar, and the nine omissions are 

^ The lacuna in 0, 5, 16-6, 18 and the Song of Moses are omitted from the comparison. 


due to errors in transmission.^ In the other parts of Deuteron- 
omy the chapter divisions average about one per page of the MS, 
but are very irregularly distributed. In Joshua they are still more 
irregularly distributed, but average about three per page of the ms. 

There are no accents and only one breathing in the ms ; cf. 
p. 26, I, 4, cL An apostrophe (") may occur after words ending 
in any consonant except 1/ and o-. It occurs most frequently after 
proper nouns, yet is regularly omitted in the long lists of names 
in Joshua, and elsewhere, if a punctuation or space or the end of 
a line follows. The apostrophe appears sometimes when a word 
drops a final vowel and so ends in a consonant; cf. aXX* 1;, p. 43, 
2, 4. Other examples are the prepositions cir^, €<l>*y and /xc^*. In 
four instances a compound verb is so separated : cf * a7roaT€X€i9, 
p. 53, I, 2; 6^^ tXacdrfa-eTat^ p. 69, I, 24; icar* urxvcap, pp. 171, 
i> 8; 193, 2, 29. On p. 141, 2, 14 we even find ToXyaXa''. In 
the following cases the apostrophe perhaps indicates a division 
into two names: Ka/8'' creijX, p. 165, 2, 3; Kapta^* /SaoX, pp. 167, 
I, 27; 173, 2, 25; BolOtiX^ Xov^a, p. 167, 2, 29; Kapta^* ap/SoK^ 
p. 182, 2, 3. 

Dots or strokes may occur over t and v when initial or not to 
be pronounced with the preceding vowel. Dots and short strokes 
of the pen are used without distinction, and the number may be 
one or two. Instances of the omission of such dots, where 
expected by rule, are rather numerous. In some cases the writer 
seems to have considered a prefixed preposition as a separate 
word; cf. icaria-xvcroi/, pp. 5, i, 23; 14, 2, 6; vVcptSev, p. 14, i, 18; 
ci^Uin/ia^o/ji€i^o9, pp. 45, 2, 14; 46, I, 16; a/virviov, pp. 45, 2, 29; 
46, I, 15; avvhp<o, p. 109, I, 13; vyiri^, p. 1 48, I , 2, has three dots 
above the v. The dots appear over t in Zkrffi on pp. 148, i, 12 
and 167, 2, 15, but never in IcrX. There are two cases of a short 
stroke over initial t) : ^fw, p. 77, 2, i, and fjvrofioXricrav, p. ,144, 2, 31. 

Peculiarities of spelling in the ms are fairly numerous, but can 
be included mostly under the following heads : €t for t ; less often 
i for €t; at for c; rarely € for at; some interchanges of rf/jLei^ and 
vfi€h are also probably itacisms; o for co rarely (eopaxa always; 
this is a classical form and so perhaps original in parts of the Sep- 
tuagint, cf. Thackeray, Grammar of O. T. Greek, p. 204; Blass, 
Gram. N. T. Gk. p. 39); frequent omission of v, as c^cX^otgiv, 

1 The Psalms and other poetical portions of the Septuagint were first written in verses 
corresponding to the Hebrew parallelisms by Origen, if I am not mistaken. 


c^ayayoro9, etc. (perhaps due partly to failure to see abbreviation 
sign in parent ms) ; 17X^01/, €t8ov, cXa/Sop, e^ayov, etc., for rf\0o(rap, 
iSoo-ai^, €kal3ocrav, etc., very frequent but not invariable ; €t,irov for 
€i7ra very frequently; yet iraprjXdafiep, TrpooTjX^arc, eka/Sa for iraprjX- 
Oofiev^ etc., occur; €^oko0p€v<t> for €^ok€0pev<o and Xiji/rcreu for 
Xij/uu^erat almost always ; Iijo-ov for Ii^o-ot regularly ; v i(f>€KKvaTiK6v 
is added rather frequently, less often omitted (cf. omission of v 
above) ; av for eav and znce versa ; epoant, for epapriop often ; ouSet? 
for ov0€Ls; aXXa for aXX* 17. A much more noteworthy character- 
istic, though it probably goes back to an earlier ms, is the prevail- 
ing tendency to assimilate consonants, as is shown by such forms 
as Ej/xfTvpicr/xoi, eyicaraXetm}?, eyyovoy e/jL/ieafo^ etc. Cases of the 
opposite tendency, however, occur. 

Though very accurate in the main, the writer appears to have 
sometimes omitted words or syllables, especially at the end of a 
line ; cf. Sta/xrupofuu, p. 113, i, 28 ; epov^ for c^ opov^, p. 114, i, 26 ^ ; 
KaraKhrfpofiria-ePy p. 1 60, 2, I. A few interchanges of T and F, 6 
and C, A, A, and A may be due to lack of clearness in the parent 
uncial ms. The scribe also rarely interchanged the order of suc- 
cessive words. On p. 1 1 2, 2, 2 he seems to have discovered the 
error himself and to have erased and rewritten. Rarely letters 
were similarly interchanged, as XajScX for Xake/S several times in 

^ Cf. below, p. 21. 


I . Text 

The MS at present begins with Deuteronomy and ends with 
Joshua, omitting, however, the subscription of the latter. As the 
unwritten portion of the last leaf has been cut or torn away, it is 
quite possible that the simple subscription tiyo-ovs once stood there. 

As noted above, the first quire is numbered AZ. The 36 pre- 
ceding quires, which are lost, would have contained sixteen pages 
each, except that the last quire of each book and possibly the first 
quire of Genesis may have been smaller. There must therefore 
have been between 524 and 576 ms pages in the lost portion. 
Judged on the basis of amount of text per page of the ms in 
Deuteronomy, Genesis to Numbers inclusive would have required 
more than 524 but less than 576 pages. In Joshua, however, 
owing to the spreading of the list of names, the average amount 
of text per page is enough less, so that even 576 pages would not 
quite suffice for the earlier books. Accordingly we make our 
comparison on the amount of text per page in Deuteronomy. 
On this basis we find that the ms would have required 169 pages 
for Genesis, 135 pages for Exodus, 105 pages for Leviticus, and 
141 pages for Numbers. This makes just 36 quires, though the 
last one of each book is less than sixteen pages. As there is no 
numbered quire left for introductory matter, we may be reasonably 
sure that the ms began with Genesis. 

The first leaf of the ms is somewhat decayed in the lower left- 
hand corner, but otherwise the surface is so bright that we may 
be sure that it was well covered during its long retirement from 
the world. Yet this protecting cover need not have included the 
whole 36 quires now lost. The numbering of the quires gives 
the size of the volume at the first binding. At some later rebind- 
ing it may have been divided into two or three volumes. The 
division into smaller volumes was suggested by Professor Good- 
speed to explain the disappearance of the lost quires. Such a 
division, however, seems hardly called for by the size of the vol- 
ume. The surviving 14 quires are less than three-fourths of 



an inch thick (18.65 ^^')y where least wrinkled; therefore the 
whole original 50 quires would have been less than three inches 

The size and origin of the two large lacunae in the ms have 
been discussed above on page 8. The lacuna in Deuteronomy 
extends from the words 6 ^cos aov in 5, 16 to rrfp yrjv ttjv ayaOriv 
in 6, 18; the one in Joshua from the words r^ \a^ Xeyoi/rcs in 
3, 3 to Xaro Kvpio^ in 4, 10. Also because of decay, the text of 
Deut. I, 3-5 and i, 17 is rather fragmentary. 

There are besides, when compared with the text of Swete (i.e. 
Vatican ms) many short omissions and additions. In Deuteron- 
omy I noted 58 of these, of a length of over 12 letters each. Of 
this number 39 either begin or end with words or syllables similar 
to a parallel expression, which either precedes or follows. In 
Joshua there are 18 such cases of omission or addition, of which 
14 are preceded or followed by parallel expressions. Inasmuch 
as. the succession of such parallel phrases is a well-recognized 
cause of omissions in copying, it would seem that most of these 
cases must be explained as omissions either in our ms or in 
others. Here we are chiefly interested in the cases where the 
Washington ms stands alone in omitting. In Deuteronomy there 
are seven such cases, five of which have a beginning similar to a 
neighboring parallel phrase and two have a similar ending. In 
Joshua there are also seven cases of such omission, three with 
beginnings similar to parallel phrases, three with similar endings, 
and one (cf. collation, 10, 37) the omission of a long but frequently 
recurring sentence. These omissions must be reckoned as mis- 
takes of the copyist of this ms or its immediate ancestor ; other- 
wise the omissions should be found elsewhere. As such omissions 
would occur more naturally if the parallel expressions stood at 
the beginnings or in similar parts of neighboring lines, the length 
of the omissions should give us a hint as to the length of line in 
the parent ms. In Deuteronomy the lengths in letters of the 
seven omissions are as follows: 19, 72, 25, 18, 15, 37, 15. A line 
varying from 15 to 19 letters would help to explain all except one 
of these. In Joshua the lengths in letters are: 129, no, 27, 57, 
41, 23, 144. These longer omissions seem to indicate a line 
varying between 11 and 14 letters. That there should have 
been different parent mss, and so a difference in length of line in 
Deuteronomy and Joshua, is also hinted at by the difference in 


character of text of the two books, to be discussed later. That 
both differed from the present ms is made probable by a frequent 
misspelling noted above, viz. the omission of v. This happened 
quite easily when the letter had been indicated by a light abbrevi- 
ation mark at the end of a line. Yet such omissions are only 
rarely found at the ends of lines in our ms, and then must be 
explained as a failure to make the abbreviation strokes rather 
than inability to see them. The far more numerous cases of 
omission within the line point back to difficulty in reading the 
parent ms. 

On p. 29, 2, I (PI. I = Deut. 8, 18) we get another interesting 
hint concerning the parent ms. The first hand left a whole line 
blank; presumably a line of the parent ms was illegible. The 
omitted words are art airos croi hCScxn r^v, i.e. 19 letters plus 
an abbreviation mark for v, thus confirming our estimate of the 
length of a line in the parent ms of Deuteronomy. Neither could 
the Siopdomj^ read this line, yet, imitating 8, 14 and 15, he manu- 
factured Tov e^ayayoTo^ crc and inserted it to fill the blank, though 
neither sense nor construction is good. The variant occurs no- 
where else. The Stop^om/s would certainly not have manufac- 
tured this awkward addition, if he had had any way of getting at 
the original text Therefore not only was the parent ms disfig- 
ured, obliterated, or blank at this point, but there was no other ms 
available for comparison. The same statement applies to the 
examples to follow. 

If we count back 37 letters, i.e. two lines of the parent ms, from 
this correction, we find the error /jLovytiknjp for rrjy iieyaXrfv. Again 
the Biopdwnjs could not correct. Five letters at the beginning of 
the line in the parent ms were illegible, yet something from the 
tops or bottoms of the letters may have been visible, and so the 
copyist guessed /xov, relying partly on the preceding phrase, and 
wrote yaXriy as he read it. 

The disappearance of a whole line or of several letters in a 
line is characteristic of a papyrus, not of a parchment ms. As the 
writing on papyrus ran with the fibre, and any injury would cause 
the fibre to split out with the grain, defects are most apt to affect 
single lines or parts of lines. In a parchment ms an injury would 
be just as apt to run across several lines, if it arose from wear or 
decay or the work of a book worm, while anything spilled on it 
would make an oval spot. 


In support of the hypothesis that the parent ms was of papy- 
rus, there are found the following blanks, all afiFecting parts of 
single lines: Deut. 22, 3 (p. 71, 2, 15), blank space of one letter 
plus ov for avroO, i.e. three letters illegible in parent ; Deut. 28, 24 
(p. 91, I, 21), CKT plus a blank space of eleven letters for €k rov 
ovpavov Kara; Deut. 29, 20 (p. 99, i, 18), owoiKeivia written by first 
hand for avOpdrnta iKeCvo), but ow/(o immediately washed off by the 
same hand. The parchment was not scraped as in a regular eras- 
ure. Allowing for the abbreviation, the blank space in the parent 
covered four letters aPwe. Something of the abbreviation mark 
may have been still visible, which together with the length of the 
space suggested owS for ovpavo) to the scribe; yet he saw that 
this was impossible before he made the abbreviation mark above 
it and so washed off the four letters, icctvoi was, however, plainly 
legible, even though it meant nothing, and so he left it. The 
hiopdamj^ could do no better, thus confirming the existence of an 
illegible portion in the parent. 

A similar explanation seems necessary for the error aKova-ov for 
dicovcroi/rcu, Deut. 31, 12 (p. 105, i, 1 1). Although no vacant space 
is left, the error is best explained, if we suppose that the word 
came at the end of a line in the parent ms and the last three let- 
ters had disappeared. The copyist would suppose that the line 
ended with what he could read, and so leave no blank space. 
This explanation could be used to account for the omission of 
certain syllables within words, which I have discussed above as 
marks of careless omission.^ Most of them, however, seem uncon- 
scious slips of the pen, an explanation which can hardly pass for 


There are no certain proofs of papyrus ancestor found in 
Joshua, though vacant space is left for a single letter in 15, 6, 
and again in 23, 10, discussed below under the different hands. 
If the parent ms of that book, as seems likely, was of papyrus, it 
must have been in a better state of preservation than the parent 
of Deuteronomy. These indications of a papyrus ancestor add 
weight to our previous conclusion, that the ms cannot be later 
than the fifth century. 

Either six or seven different hands appear in the ms. This 
statement sounds worse than it really is, for the instances of second 

^ p. 114, I, 26^ cpovs for cf €fiovi is perhaps better ascribed to a defect in the 
parent ms. 


hand are few, of the third hand far fewer, while the later hands not 
only appear very rarely but also have nothing to do with the text. 

I have shown above that the second hand was the hLopdtanj^, 
and therefore the first and second hands were contemporary. This 
fact can be more firmly established by discussing the various cases 
of its appearance. 

i) On p. 123, 2 (PI. Ill = Josh. 2, 18) we find '/-irai^a written 
with paler ink in semi-cursive style ^ on the extreme outer edge of 
the page ; in fact, a little of each letter has been trimmed away 
presumably at some later rebinding ; yet in the proper place in the 
text, at the end of and below line 29, we find 7ra|ra written by the 
first hand. Furthermore ir stands on an erasure of '/• .* 

2) A similar case is found on p. 162, i (Josh. 14, 12), where 
•/•cr€, small and in pale ink, stands on the extreme outer edge of 
the page, and in the text of line 9, crc has been written by first 
hand on an erasure of three letters, over which stood '/• . These 
are the only instances where the marginal corrections of the Stop- 
damj^ are preserved. The others were doubtless trimmed away 
during later rebindings. There are the following cases where the 
mark of the hLopdwrri^ ('/•) still stands in the text or has been 
erased and the proper correction inserted : 

3) Josh. I, 3 (p. 119, I, 15 = Biblical World, Feb. 1908, p. 139; 
Gregory, Das Freer-Logion, p. lo), av added by first hand above 
the line on an erasure of '/• ; 

4) Josh. 5, 5 (p. 127, I, 19), •/• added above and before rovs for 

Tovrav9 ; 

5) Josh. 6, 20 (p. 131, I, 4), '/• added above and before aXaXayfia> 
to show omission of a/xa ; 

6) Josh. 13, 5 (p. 157, I, 20), the first hand wrote AtjSavTS, the 
second hand added '/•, then the first hand erased o'/« and wrote 
ov airo ; 

7) Josh. 13, 5 (p. 157, I, 24), cio" added by first hand above and 
before oSou on an erasure of '/• ; 

8) Josh. 15, 6 (p. 163, I, 29), the first hand wrote iro for diro, 
leaving vacant space before it for one letter. The second hand 
added '/ above ; 

^ I refer to this style of writing as semi-cursive merely for convenience. It is really a 
small uncial with very slight cursive tendencies natural to rapid writing. 

' The mark */. is found in the Vaticanus, the Sinaiticus, the MS of the Gospels in the 
Freer Collection, and in other old mss, and regularly refers to corrections in a very old 


9) Josh. 20, 9 (p. 180, 2, 28), '/• added before and above cm- 
#cXiyTot for omitted ai ; 

10) Josh. 23, 10 (p. 194, 2, 2), out for on was written by the 
first hand, but v was at once partly washed off. The second hand 
added */• above the remains of the v ; 

11) Josh. 24, I (p. 195, 2, 15), the first hand wrote <^i;Xa9 IcrX, 
the second added '/• before and above <^vXa9, presumably for an 
omitted ra?. Then this was erased and ras <^vXa9 ttjs yi;? written. 
We should expect this to be the work of the first hand, and pos- 
sibly the somewhat stiffer, imitative style of writing can be excused 
on the ground of the rough erasure. But because the erasure 
is so deep and rough and the writing so stiff, I have preferred to 
refer it to the third hand, to be discussed later. 

We have not, however, exhausted the use of the second hand 
in Joshua with these eleven instances of the mark '/• . The Stop- 
donijs often wrote his corrections in lighter ink and in semi-cursive 
hand, between or at the ends of the lines. Instances are: 

12) Josh. 6, 10 (p. 129, 2, 23), i written above to change the 
correct avro9 to aurois; it is not a variant found elsewhere. 

13) Josh. 7, 8 (p. 133, 2, 2), T written above to correct aircuavi 
to aiTG^ai^i ; 

14) Josh. 9, 6 (p. 140, 2, 3), €v added in margin before IcrX; this 
change has no ms authority, but was due to a misunderstanding 
on the part of the hiopdami^^ as in the case of avrois in no. 12; 

15) Josh. 10, 35 (p. 150, I, 19), ics supplied above and before 
€v x^tpt ; 

16) Josh. II, 7 (p. 152, I, 27), a written above the last € of 
€ir€ir€cr€i^ to correct to eireirecrav ; 

17) Josh. 14, 12 (p. 162, I, 15), cicci added at end of line after 

Other instances may be found in the collation under Josh. 1 3, 2 ; 
14, 6; 21, 13 ; 22, 5 ; 24, 33. We have also a small list of correc- 
tions in a similar shade of light ink, but. written in a rather stiff 
hand, which imitates the first hand. I am inclined to consider 
this also the work of the Siopdamjs, and to explain the stiffness of 
the writing on the ground that the semi-cursive is his natural 
hand. Good examples are the following : 

i) Josh. 10, 14 (p. 147, I, 14), IC9 av written in an erasure; 

2) Josh. 13, 21 (p. 159, I, 21), op corrected to Ovp by v written 
partly above ; 


3) Josh. 21, 9 (p. 182, I, 22), lovSa in an erasure; 

4) Josh. 21, 42* (p. 186, I, 14), T7}v in an erasure; 

We can now turn to Deuteronomy for the instances of second 
hand to be found there. First of all, no instances of the mark •/. 
appear. This might suggest that there was a different Stop^om^s 
for Deuteronomy, but such was not the case, for we find the same 
tint of light brown ink and both the natural semi-cursive hand 
and, when writing on the line, the stiff uncial hand slightly smaller 
than the first hand. As examples of the former we may compare : 

i) Deut. 4, 4 (p. 15, I, 16), cr above corrects irpoKei/ieuoi, to 
irpoa'K€t,fi€voi ; 

2) Deut. 13, 8 (p. 46, 2, 27), avTov first hand for cir* avr^; 
second hand prefixes en in margin ; 

3) Deut. 27, 1 1 (p. 87, I, 6), V above corrects Mcu<nj9 to Moiucnjs ; 

4) Deut. 28, 56 (p. 95, I, 14), ^aX added in margin to complete 

Examples of the stiff imitative uncial are more numerous ; the 
surest cases follow : 

5) Deut. 4, 31 (p. 18, 2, 23), #c added in margin corrects ov to ovk ; 

6) Deut. 8, 18 (p. 29, 2, I = PI. I), Tov c^ayayoT09 o-c, an excel- 
lent example which has been discussed under proofs of a papyrus 
ancestor ; 

7) Deut. 28, 44 (p. 93, I, 26), SavL€L croi in an erasure; 

8) Deut. 31, 7 (p. 104, I, 24), eLcekcvairf irpo wpo in an erasure; 

9) Deut. 32, 21 (p. no, I, 28), ^€ois corrected from d<o of the 
first hand ; 0€^ is right and OeoU is a mistake of the hiopdanrj^y 
who doubtless thought of heathen idols as he read. For other 
cases, some of which are less certain, see the collation under Deut. 
I, 10; I, 40; 14, 4; i8, 7; 23, 13; 24, 20; 31, 27; 31, 29; 33, I. 
There are besides some cases of erasure where the correction was 
certainly made by the first hand. In none of the above cases does 
the 8top^a)TTj9 show acquaintance with a different ms tradition. 

Now that we have distinguished the difference between the 
first and second hands, we can, I think, definitely assign the quire 
numbers to the SiopOomj^. It is his uncial style ; the letters lack 
swing and are a little smaller than the first hand. The orna- 
mental marks above and below lack the beauty of the abbreviation 
marks of the first hand, but may be compared with the abbrevia- 
tion mark of the second hand on p. 147, i, 14 (Josh. 10, 14); cf. 
also the abbreviation marks over avoi/, p. 59, i, 21. On p. 61 the 


quire number MA lacks the ornamental strokes and the a tends 
toward the semi-cursive style. The f which appears each time 
in the upper left-hand comer to balance the quire number is, of 
course, from the same hand. 

The de/e mark of the hiopdaynj^ was a dot above the letter ; cf . 
wkrfdvpet,^ iavT(o on p. 59, i, 25 (Deut. 17, 16) for wkrfdvvel eavr^. 
Evidently in the parent ms e had passed over into a- and so was 
connected with irXridvvel. The first hand nevertheless wrote cavrco, 
as required by the sense, but a comparison with the copy enabled 
the SLopdoynjs to discover the discrepancy, though not the real 
error. This letter c is also crossed out. Both the dot and the 
cross stroke are of lighter ink than the first hand, but I cannot 
think them from the same corrector. 

In Deut. 31, 19 (p. 106, 2, i) we have a superfluous /jlti written 
by the first hand after Iva and removed both by dots above the 
letters and by cross strokes through. A second corrector again 
seems to have strengthened the work of the first. 

In Deut. 4, 26 (p. 18, I, 19) only the cross strokes are used to 
remove ot from irokuxpovioiriTc. The same hand then corrected 17 
to €t, giving the correct form iroXvxpoi^tctTc. I suspect that this 
correction is from the third hand, which had also reenforced the 
other two corrections just mentioned. This supposition is strength- 
ened by the consideration that we have here a real correction to 
the text, though the original form was quite possible. The parent 
MS gave irokvxpovioi i^tc, and the hLopdaynj^y having no other ms 
authority, could not have corrected it. The third hand displays 
his acquaintance with another ms tradition in the few cases in 
which he appears. Therefore the method of removing letters by 
drawing a line through them belongs to that hand. 

The best example of the third hand is found on p. 119, i^ 
(Josh. I, i), SovXov, written in red, is crowded at the end of line 2, 
and Kv, in light brown ink, is prefixed to line 3 in the margin. 
In some respects the third hand resembles the second. It is stiff 
and lacks swing; it is even awkward. The tail of the v is longer 
and the top narrower than either the first or second hand naturally 
wrote. Furthermore, SovXov kD is an Hexaplaric addition appear- 
ing in the Ambrosianus and many cursives. It therefore repre- 
sents a different ms tradition, and on that ground also must be 
referred to the third hand. 

* Cf. Biblical World, Feb. 1908, p. 139; Gregory, Das Freer-Logion, p. la 


Just above on p. 119^ we find the inscription to the book, 
vqaov^, in red ink. It is manifestly not from the first hand be- 
cause of the awkwardness of the ornamental strokes above and 
below. If we may judge from the narrow, long-tailed v, it is like- 
wise third hand. Also the thought of adding an inscription to 
the book would be apt to be suggested by acquaintance with 
another ms having one. The erasure to the right of the inscrip- 
tion once contained the same title in brown ink. The bare out- 
lines of some of the letters were made visible for a moment by the 
use of weak hydro-sulphide of ammonium. It seems likely that 
this title also was from the same late corrector, who then decided 
that the inscription would look better in red and so erased. The 
forms of the rather large uncial letters discovered in the erasure were 
too dim to admit of any judgment as to the character of the hand. 

A third instance of this later hand might be doubted were it 
not for the juxtaposition of the other two cases. At the begin- 
ning of Joshua the first hand wrote Kai eyevero fira r^\ tcXcuttji/ 
MoKjirj in red and in a rather more ornamental style, with heavier 
strokes and enlarged points or dots at the extremities of some 
strokes. Yet he betrays his characteristic style in the form of 
the ij, V, fi, o, V, o», and in two cases of the t. The c which he 
omitted in fura has been supplied in red. The letter is very 
small and crowded between the lower parts of /x and t, yet it 
seems that the writer of it was accustomed to an c with heavy 
dots, the curve of which did not extend beyond a semicircle. 
Such an c belongs to the hand in which the fragment of Paul's 
Epistles in the Freer Collection was written, a style of writing 
which I have referred to the sixth century. 

The assignment of the inscription of Joshua to the third hand 
naturally suggests an examination of the inscription to Deuteron- 
omy on p. i.^ It is the single word SeurepopofiLovy in ink of a 
lighter brown shade than the first hand and having rather more 
elaborate ornamental strokes above and below than were used 
with the inscription to Joshua. Yet these strokes have not swing 
and grace enough to belong to the first hand. The letters of the 
name are somewhat smaller than the regular type and clearly 
reveal their origin. The awkward 8, t, and /x, the variations in 
curve and shading of the three omicrons, the slightly longer, nar- 

* Cf. Biblical World, Feb. 1908, p. 139 ; Gregory, Das Freer-Logion, p. lo. 

* Cf. Amer. Jour. Arch. vol. 12 (1908), PI. II ; Gregory, Das Freer-Logion, p. 5. 


rower v, above all the € with three heavy ornamental dots and the 
curve extending just to a semicircle, definitely prove that it is the 
third hand and to be dated in the sixth century. 

To the right of the inscription of Deuteronomy there is a 
large and rather deep erasure, which I was able to freshen up 
enough to determine that three lines of uncial writing once stood 
there. The first line ends in ov, the second in t. A few letters 
towards the end of the third line and two just under them were 
read with a sufficient degree of certainty for me to conjecture that 
the marginal note ended with Manxr^ rov SovXov lev. This is in 
line with the addition to Joshua i, i above discussed, and so seems 
to point towards the third hand. A very slight tinge of red, which 
seems discernible in the left end of the erasure, is doubtless to be 
traced to the washing off and erasure of a red cross at the begin- 
ning of this note and parallel to the cross still standing over the 
first word of the text. That cross consists of an horizontal line 
with a heavy dot at the left end, exactly like the one above the 
first word of Joshua. It is in clear red ink ; then a slanting cross 
stroke was made in lighter red ink. The suggestion of Professor 
Gregory (Das Freer-Logion, p. 19), that later^ corrections so regu- 
larly show lighter ink because the corrector applied the blotting 
sand before the ink had an opportunity to become fixed, seems to 
me a very happy one. In any case I am inclined to ascribe the 
reference mark as completed to the third hand. 

. For those who are sceptical about the ascription of the title 
SeurepopofiLOp to the third hand, a comparison of the subscription 
heurepovofiu}!^ on p. 118 is suggested. There both the color of the 
ink and the shape of the letters, though smaller, are characteristic 
of the first hand. The longer, narrower v is accounted for by the 
smaller size of the letters. The first hand often makes v longer 
and narrower when writing small letters at the end of the line. 
The correction to Josh. 24, i, discussed above on p. 23, seems the 
only other probable instance of the third hand. I may, however, 
call attention to the peculiarly crude abbreviation mark over iXi^/ji, 
p. 144, 2, 21. 

2. Lection Marks 


On pages i ^ and 2 the lection marks apx ip-PXl) ^^^ ^^ {rdXo^) 
are written in cursive on the margins. The reading began with 

* Cf. Amer. Jour. Arch. vol. 12 (1908), PI. II ; Gregory, Das Freer-Logion, p. 5. 


Deut. I, 8, tSerc- irapaSe Soiree as shown by a cross in the text. 
The end of the reading is not quite so certain, owing to the de- 
cayed condition of this portion of the leaf, but it probably came 
after rov Oeov ia-rw of i, 17. On leaf 208 r, a of ms grec 243 of 
the Bibl. Nat (a lectionary written in 11 33 a.d.) the same reading 
is found in the service of the sixteenth of July in honor of the Holy 
Fathers of the Fourth Council; also read for the 318 Nicene 
Fathers; compare Athen. Nat. 20, leaf 182, r, b. It is a reading of 
good length, dealing with the- setting of judges over Israel, and 
so seems better adapted to the Jews, or to the early church still 
under Jewish influence than to the later church. It is worthy of 
note, however, that even at this early date the reading did not in- 
clude the last clause of i, 17, the Greek equivalent of "and the 
cause that is too hard for you, bring it unto me, and I will hear it." 
These two are the only reading marks in brown ink, but the writ- 
ing does not resemble any of the three hands discussed above; 
and, while it is possible that one of them used a regular cursive 
hand in addition to the uncial type, no proof of such a fact or rela- 
tionship can be given. It has seemed best to refer these two words 
to a fourth hand, though, as far as one can judge from five hastily 
written letters, the writing is as old or older than the third hand. 

The fifth, sixth, and seventh hands (or the fifth and sixth) are 
all in jet-black ink and also present only marginal lection marks. 
The only instance of an addition to the text in black ink is an 
abbreviation mark over lo-X, Deut. 13, 11 (p. 47, i, 14). It was 
omitted by the first hand and supplied by a later reader. It obvi- 
ously implies knowledge of Greek in the Coptic monastery at the 
time of the correction, whenever that was. 

The question whether there were two or three of these hands 
in black depends on our decision in regard to the lection Deut. 
18, 15 to 19, 21 inclusive (pp. 61-65). These are the only two 
instances of the lection mark -P ; they seem to overlap and so to 
be out of keeping with other lection marks common throughout 
the book. If I am right in distinguishing these two signs from 
the other reading marks, it gives us a long reading somewhat 
after the style of the one in Deut. i, which I have just discussed. 
The subjects taken up in the passage are most appropriate for a 
lection ; they include : ' the true prophet is to be heard ; the pre- 
sumptuous prophet is to die ; the ordering of the cities of refuge ; 
the privilege of them to be for the manslayer; the landmark is 


not to be removed ; two witnesses are necessary to convict ; the 
punishment of the false witness.' I believe that this is a rem- 
nant of a very early system of lections/ and so consider that the 
marks came from the oldest of the hands using black ink. If so, 
hand five made but two marks in the ms. 

The next hand, which I number the sixth, distributed a fairly 
complete system of lection marks throughout Deuteronomy. The 
mark is each time a slight curved stroke (^) in black ink on the 
margin. There are 46 preserved; one seems to have been lost 
and one to have been carelessly omitted. Both the beginnings 
and ends of the lections are marked by the same unvarying sign. 
For that reason the number and extent of the readings are per- 
haps doubtful, but my tentative arrangement found support at so 
many points that I shall print it as first projected. The twenty- 
four lections are as follows : 

1) Deut. 2, 23, Kal oi Euaioi — "fly €i/ Bacw, 3, lO; 

2) Beginning lost in lacuna between Deut. 5, 16 and 6, 18, 
end axTo npocrcinrov <rov, 7, I ; 

3) Deut. 7, 22, Kol Kara^aXcMrei — Kal ikLiiayxovrjaey crc, 8, 3; 

4) Deut. 8, II, np6cr€\€ aeavr^ — vi&v Aii/dic, 9, 2 ; 

5) Deut. 9, 8, KoX iv Xfoprifi — x^P^^ H'^^^ 9» '5*5 

6) Deut. ID, 17, 6 yap #c5 6 Os — ^v yi Aiyvirrov^ 10, 19; 

7) Deut. 11,6, Kal ocra inoCyfaep — iael Kiinoi^ Xaxai/ctag, 1 1, 10 ; 

8) Deut. II, 16, npoaex^ aeavr^ — Tc? npo^ v/xa^, ii, 25; 

9) Deut. 12, 4, ov iroiijaeTcu ovt(os — KXrjpo^ pjtff v/icovy 12, 12 ; 

10) Deut. 12, 19, wpoaex^ a€avT^ — &(ravT(a^ cSerai avrd, 12, 22 ; 

11) Deut. 1 2, 30, np6cr€\€ a-eavr^ — wopeveo'daC ae iv avrg^ 1 3» 5 J 

12) Deut. 14, I, ov 4^01/817 crerat Kat ovk iwiOijaerai — ini npoaco' 
irov rrjq yrj^ itdaiq^y I4i 2 ; 

13) Deut. 14, 20, ovx cilnyccts api^a — of? cav Troths, 1 4, 28; 

14) Deut. 15, 9, wpocrex^ aeavr^ — avro ats vSoip, 15, 23; 

1 5) Deut. 1 7, 6, iiri Svalv fidprvo'ip — in i<r)(armvy 1 7, 7 ; 

16) Deut. 17, 12, Kat i^apels — Kara irarpidvy 18, 8; 

17) Deut. 19, I, lav 8c a^aLvLcTn — cv cot ecrrai, 19, 13; 

18) Deut. 19, 15, OVK ipfi€P€L fidprv^ — oufadefiaTielraL avrovg, 
20, 17; 

1 Cf. Origen, in I Sam. Horn. II, that an Old Testament lection was too long to be 
expounded at a single sitting. 

* The mark was placed in the margin opposite the beginning of 9, 16, but was made 
more definite by a smaller mark put under the word /aov. Regularly the beginning or end 
of the lection £&lls before or in, never at the end of, the line before which the mark stands. 


19) Deut. 21, 10, iaa/ 8c i^eXdrjf; — iraneCvoHra^ aimjp^ 21, 14; 

20) Deut. 22, 13, iav Sc rt5 Xa/87; — ovk €/Lij8aXet9, 23, 25; 

21) Deut. 24, 5, iap 8c Tt9 Xa/87; — TO prjiia rovrOy 24, 22 ; 

22) Deut. 25, II, iav 8c fidxcoprai — ivreXkofiaC crot arj/iepop^ 
27, 10 (the mark is a little high, but can refer only to this place); 

23) Deut. 29, 2, Kol iKoKea-ev MaKrr}^ — (end mark wanting); 

24) Deut. 30, 12, Tt9 apafiTja-erai — KXT^popofjLrjo'aL avnjvy 31, 13. 

Lection i) does not seem very well chosen; it gives the con- 
quest of tribes before entering Canaan ; Lection 2), of which we 
have only the end mark, must have begun with chapter 6, and 
so contained the exhortation to obey the commandments; Lec- 
tion 3) is the Lord's assurance of victory and an exhortation to obe- 
dience; Lection 4), * Forget not the Lord'; Lection 5), the receiving 
of the tablets of the law ; Lection 6), the greatness and justice of 
God; Lection 7), the punishment of those who broke the com- 
mandments ; Lection 8), * Do not worship other gods, preserve 
the law, and blessings will follow ' ; Lection 9), * Worship the Lord 
in his holy place'; Lection 10), ' Forsake not the Levite, eat flesh 
as thou wilt'; Lection 11), 'Avoid strange gods and false proph- 
ets ' ; Lection 1 2), ' Disfigure not thyself, thou art a holy people ' ; 
Lection 13), the tithe; Lection 14), * Give to the poor, servants are 
freed in the seventh year, sacrifice firstlings'; Lection 15), wit- 
nesses and punishment; Lection 16), election and duty of a king; 
the inheritance of the Levites ; Lection i Jr), cities of refuge and 
the manslayer; Lection 18), witnesses, false witness, punishment; 
who shall go to war and how fight; Lection 19), the taking a 
captive as wife ; Lection 20), on slander, adultery, rape, etc. ; Lec- 
tion 21), the newly married, pledges, manstealers, leprosy, justice, 
charity; Lection 22), the immodest woman, false weights, first 
fruits, tithes, the covenant, setting up the law and the altar; Lec- 
tion 23), Moses' exhortation to the people; Lection 24), this law 
is not at a distance in heaven nor across the seas, but at hand ; 
keep the commandments; Moses encourages the people and de- 
livers the law to the priests. 

Judged from the content, this arrangement of the lection marks 
seems to give a fairly probable set of church readings. Yet we 
must remember that but seldom does a passage which is marked 
prove conclusively by its character whether the beginning or end 
of a kction is meant. Perhaps the beginnings of lections 12, 18, 
and 24 and the ends of lections 2, 3, 5, 11, 15, 18, and 22 are most 

m' »■■ ■ « 

T-r ^--' 


-< ^ w 

NT >-^ 

1 5 q = 5-e^o - Q 5 2 : 

;$ I U 3 ^ * < h 'J ^ «- .Tj ^ 

* — i- 

1^ u; ^ 
•< u^ •< 

. 5 ' r 







-f ."^ r_ -• ; ji -.*■ 

." • • • • 

• • • • . 


nearly established by this reasoning. The beginning of lection 23 
is noteworthy because it agrees with a chapter division of the 
Massoretic and also of Codex Vaticanus, though the usual chapter 
beginning is one verse earlier ; cf. also the beginning of lection 8. 

Some support for this division of the readings is obtained 
from a comparison of an eleventh century cursive ms (Codex 
Bodleianus) H. & P. 136, which is thus seen to be the remnants 
of a lectionary. The passages from Deuteronomy which it con- 
tains are as follows: 15, 6-10 (perhaps indicating that I have 
divided lections 13 and 14 wrongly); 17, 6 and 7 (= lection 15); 
19, 3-7 (cf. lection 17); 19, 1 5-20 (cf. lection 18); 21, io-i4(= lec- 
tion 19); 21, 17-21 (no parallel) ; 22, 13-21; 22,23-29; 23, 1-19; 
and 23, 21-25 (all correspond to lection 20); 24, 7 and 24, 10-16 
(cf. lection 21); 25, 11-12 (cf. lection 22). 

There is a slight resemblance also to some of the lections in a 
Palestinian Syriac Lectionary published by Agnes Lewis (no. 6, 
Studia Sinaitica, 1897), in which the second half of Lesson 45 
(Deut. II, 1-28) corresponds roughly to our lections 7 and 8, and 
the last part of Lesson 53 (Deut. 14, 1-3) is the same as our lec- 
tion 12. The full treatment of this interesting system of lections 
would require better library facilities and more time than is at 
present available. A first-hand study of the many ms lectionaries 
noted by Swete (Introduction to O.T. in Greek), Gregorj' (Proleg.), 
and others would certainly be necessary, as I have not found the 
beginnings and ends of the selections given in the Catalogues by 
Lambros (Cat. Or. mss on Mt. Athos) and Gardthausen (Cat. codd. 
Gr. Sinait), and I judge from the meagre statements in the second- 
hand authorities that little information is accessible. 

The last and most interesting lection in the Washington ms is 
found on pages 35 ^-36 (Deut. 10, 14-21 inclusive). The begin- 
ning is marked by the word apx and the end by t€{\) in the mar- 
gin. For the latter at first a rough angular mark was made, which 
was at once washed off and t€ written with the angular mark or 
a X on its side placed above it. In the upper margin the same 
person wrote in a cursive hand the designation of the reading: 
^ €19 771V fiP7ifi7iv Tc5 aytS irrpH ct9 70 \v)(y7)Ko (for \vr)(yuc6v)y " to 
the memory of the holy fathers, for the evening reading." ^ The 
writing may be dated at the end of the sixth century or early in 
the seventh. The lection is one of the few Old Testament lec- 

/ > Plate II. 


tions which continued to be read in later times. That may well 
indicate that it originated late also. It appears, with verse 19 
omitted, as the only lection from Deuteronomy in the cursive 
lectionary, H. & P. 37, also, with verses 19 and 21 omitted, in 
H. & P 132. Ms grec 243 of the Bibl. Nat. cites this by its first 
and last words as the third Old Testament reading for July i6th, 
in honor of the Holy Fathers of the IV Council. Compare above, 
p. 28, where the Greek Lectionary, Athen. Nat. 20, is also cited. 
It corresponds roughly to lection 6 in our previous list, but is 
longer. A fuller form of it, Deut. 10, 12-22, is found in Lesson 
45 of the Palestinian Syriac Lectionary cited above. 

We have here a portion of a lectionary in which the Old Tes- 
tament has almost entirely given way to the New Testament. 
Compared with the wealth of lections given or implied in the 
previously discussed lection marks, this one is most meagre. As 
it is a part of the latest lectionary, so it is doubtless the latest to 
be inserted here, but we cannot decide whether the insertion was 
made by some visiting churchman or accompanied the adoption 
of this abbreviated Old Testament lectionary in the ancient home 
of the MS. It was already designated as a special reading for July 
i6th at that time. Its union with Deut. i, 8-17 in later lection- 
aries does not, however, establish its use as a commemorative 
reading at the time when our fourth hand inserted its two lection 
marks. Whatsoever the occasion, this much is sure — the writer 
of the note, which I have designated as seventh hand, has left no 
traces of his work in the rest of the ms. 


In taking up this last and most difficult section of my treatment 
of the MS, I feel even more keenly than before the liability to over- 
estimate one's own discovery, but I must nevertheless state the 
facts as they appear to me. We have seen above that defects 
originating in the parent ms and difference in length of line sug- 
gested for it by the character and length of omissions, both convey 
the impression that Deuteronomy and Joshua formed separate and 
independent volumes in that parent. If this is true, it is almost 
inevitable that different text affiliations should be found in the 
two books. Such has proved to be the case, and I shall accord- 
ingly discuss the character of the text in the two books in sepa- 
rate sections, after I have first treated one peculiarity which they 
have in common ; I refer to the presence of Hexaplaric readings. 

In Deuteronomy the Washington ms (8) has 37 fairly well- 
attested Hexaplaric variants, in Joshua 39. This need not sur- 
prise us, for, judged by the same standard, Field's edition of the 
Hexapla, the Vaticanus has over 50 Hexaplaric readings in 
Deuteromony, while the Ambrosianus has 85 in the small part 
of Joshua which it has preserved. Before using this evidence to 
condemn all existing mss, it is necessary to sift it a little; for there 
are possibilities of error both in the transmission of this evidence 
and in its interpretation. It is apparent that Origen's marks for 
omission (-1-) and addition (*) may have been sometimes inter- 
changed in transmission or by Origen himself. Also Origen's 
Greek and Hebrew texts were both liable to error, and such 
errors, especially in the Greek text, might cause him to make 
changes in the Septuagint column of the Hexapla, which would 
have been quite unnecessary, if he- had had a better Greek text 
before him. For instance, if there were a purely accidental omis- 
sion in Origen's Greek text, he would supply the missing part, 

presumably from Theodotion, and mark it * X. Of course 

those Greek mss which show the original text in such passages 
will appear Hexaplaric, though the important variants, which must 
occur in the case of all longer passages, will often defend them 



against that charge. On the other hand, if Origen's Greek text 
contained interpolations, he might have retained them marked -»- 

X, instead of omitting outright. To decide, therefore, that a 

given reading is Hexaplaric, i.e. copied from Origen's Hexaplar 
edition, we must show that none of these changes have taken 

On this basis the number of Hexaplaric variants to be attrib- 
uted to 8 can be materially reduced. Taking Deuteronomy first, 
there are three supposed Hexaplaric variants, in which B is sup- 
ported by A, B, F, Cod. Lugd. of the Itala, and nearly all Greek 
cursives. The readings with the Hexaplaric authority are: 3, 13, 
*#cat TO KaToXoinoi/ tov FoXaaSX, Arab i, 2 ; 28, 19, elairopeveadai 

^a€\ iKvopevca-daC ^a€\ G ; 28, 65, -r- Kvpto9 \ Syro-hex. 

These may be omitted from our consideration. 

Likewise we may omit the following, in which B is sup- 
ported by B, Cod. Lugd., and most of the Greek cursives: 6, 19, 
♦KvptosX, Arab 1, 2; 7, 12, n-irai/raX, Arab 1; 22, 8, cai/-i-8cX, 
Syro-hex.; 26, 5, iroXu-r-ical /LieyaX, Arab 1; 26, 8, j8paxM>i/t -«- av- 
Tw\ Syro-hex.; 30, 18,-1-1^9 Kvpio^ 6 Oeo^ aov SiSoKrt cotX, G, 
Syro-hex., Arab 1. 

The case is almost equally clear in regard to the following 
passages: 4, 22, ^lophdvqv-^ tovtov \ G, Arab 1, 2; B omits, as do 

A, B*, Cod. Lugd., Lucianic and Hesychian cursives, 64, 75, etc.; 
II, 25, cXaXT^cre *Kupto9X, G, Arab 1; B has Kvpio?, as have A, F, 
Cod. Lugd., and most Greek cursives (the Hex. cursive 72 omits); 
^5» 7» *«X t5>v aSekif^wi/, G; ^k is omitted only by B, 54, 75; 12, 7, 
ra^ X^V^^ *vft£i/X, G, Arab 1; v/iwi/ is omitted only by B, A, and 
seven cursives, including the Hexaplaric 72. 

B is also supported in three other Hexaplaric readings by A, 
F, and in two by A. All five readings are found also in 64, 75, 
while the Hesychian cursives give four, the Lucianic two. 

There are left 19 Hexaplaric readings in which B is not sup- 
ported by any of the other old uncials; of these, 14 are additions 
and 5 omissions, the latter of' a single word in each case. We 
will take up the omissions first: 13, 15, -i- Trai/ra? X, G, Arab 1; 

B, 64, 58, 75 omit; 16, 14, -.-oSo-aX, G; B, 53, 74, 75, 76, 106, 134 
omit; 19, 8, -r-Kvpto^X, Arab 1; B, Cod. Lugd., 64, 75 omit; 28, 2, 
aKoyj cf. Field ; Origen, Philocalia, 26, 3 omits, as do B, 64, 58, 75 ; 
28, 55, dXuffei -r-crovX, G, Syro-hex.; omitted by B, 22, 44, 46, 54, 57, 
59, 73-77, 85, 106, 108, 118, 134. The agreement with 64, 75 in these 


cases IS noteworthy. This, added to the support of the Itala for 
no. 3, of the Lucianic and Hesychian cursives for no. 5, and of the 
Hesychian cursives for no. 2, makes it seem possible that there was 
older and better authority than the Hexapla for these omissions. 

There are left the 14 Hexaplaric additions in B to be discussed. 
Of these, six are of one word and three of two words each, and so 
lend small opportunity for attack. Furthermore, these additions, 
as well as the five longer ones, are quite regularly found in the 
Lucianic, Hesychian, and other cursives; 64, 75 are found in this 
group seven times. One of the longer additions is even found 
in B, but, as I shall show later, is nevertheless of Hexaplaric 
origin. In fact, I am inclined to call most, if not all, of these 14 
cases Hexaplaric, and so to admit the possibility that some of the 
cases previously discussed may be Hexaplaric in B, even if older 
authority once existed. 

I pass now to Joshua. Of the 39 Hexaplaric readings 35 are 
additions and only 4 are omissions. To take up the latter first : 
I, n, -i-icalX vfieU, Masius; koI is found in B, F, the Lucianic 
and Hesychian cursives, etc., but not in B, A, Cod. Lugd., 15, 29, 
55, 58, 64, 71, 82, 121, 128; it is rightly omitted; 6, 18, ->- a'<^d8paX, 
Masius ; omitted by B, A, F, Cod. Lugd., Lucianic and Hesychian 
cursives, etc. Furthermore, the equivalent of (r<f>6hpa stands in 

the Massoretic text, so we ought to mark * X and assign the 

Hexaplaric reading to B; 6, 25, -mTrai^aX rov ohcov, Masius; 
omitted by B, A, M, N, 58, 59, 82, 121, etc. The authority, though 
scanty, is old; 17, 16, -r-ro *E(f>paLii\ G, Syro-hex. ; omitted by 
B, A, Cod. Lugd., N, and most cursives except the Lucianic. 
This is best explained as an interpolation in Origen's Greek text. 
In none of these four cases are we able to establish with certainty 
an Hexaplaric influence in B. 

In the case of the 35 Hexaplaric additions the matter is quite 
different. We can, indeed, deny Hexaplaric influence in 8, i, 
♦irai/Ta9X, Syro-hex., and 21, 35, */cai rfji/ t^ayj/ii^ /cat ra Trepicriropia 
auT^^X, Syro-hex., in both of which additions B is supported by 
A, Cod. Lugd., and many cursives. Similar is 13, 16, *t7X, G, 
which only A and three cursives omit. It is possible also that 
some of the 11 Hexaplaric additions, which B has in common 
with A, may be defended as possessing older and better authority 
than the Hexapla, especially as A seems to be remarkably free 
from Hexaplaric influence in the book of Joshua. But no defence 


can be made for most of the 1 5 Hexaplaric additions which B is 
the only uncial exhibiting. These are all of Hexaplaric origin, 
and the case is not helped at all by the fact that the Lucianic 
cursives give the same additions in every instance. 

The case may be summed up as follows: there are a small 
number of Hexaplaric additions to the text of both Deuteronomy 
and Joshua in 8, but there are no certain proofs that it omitted 
words, because Origen had obelized them. It seems that a reason 
can be found for this anomaly. 

In Joshua 24, 3 (p. 196, i, 10), B reads a/ Tracnj ''Xai/aai/ '707; 
the Hexaplaric Xavaw was inserted in wrong order, crowding out 
ry ; the htopffaynj^ noticed the faulty order, and corrected by mak- 
ing two strokes before X and one before yr)} He did not, how- 
ever, compare the parent ms, otherwise he would have discovered 
the omission of r^. 

In Joshua 24, 24, B reads kB \arp€v(roii€v toi 6(0 rffjLoyp; the 
Hexaplaric toi deal tjimS)!/ has been inserted in wrong order. 

In Deuteronomy 30, 16, B reads Sucatcti/iara avrov icat ra^ 
€VTo\as avTov. The Hexaplaric koI ra? imoXa^ avrov has been 
inserted after StKatw/utara instead of before it. This mistaken 
order is found in only one other ms, the Lucianic cursive 82. 

Deuteronomy 23, 2, ovk ctcrcXcvo'erat cic noppri^ cts iKKXrjaCai/ 
KvpCov is not marked by Field as Hexaplaric,^ yet it was omitted 
by the first hand of B, A, and F. It is very probably an insertion 
in the Septuagint from the later Hebrew. In B this passage occurs 
before 23, i and with the variant aPoi ck noppeia^ for ck iropm)^. 

All of these changes in order were due to the same cause. 
The Hexaplaric variants in question were marginal notes written 
carelessly, perhaps in cursive, in the parent ms. Four instances 
of wrong order out of some 30 Hexaplaric additions should be 
enough to prove the case, but there is more evidence. 

In Deuteronomy 10, 4, B adds tv ntf epyifio) ttj? c/dcXT^o-ta^ for 
the Hexaplaric cV t^ 'fip-^pa ttjs eVicXTja-ta?. This senseless error 
points just as decidedly to a cursive gloss as the above. 

In Deuteronomy 2, 13, B adds in correct form the Hexaplaric 
Kol napTJkOofiep ttji/ (fxipayya Za/^eS, though just above the proper 
name was spelled Ta^ep, and below, Zaper. The Hexaplaric gloss 

^ I recall an instance of faulty order thus corrected in the Laurentian MS of Herodotus. 
The interpretation is certain, though similar cases are infrequent. 
^ G (Codex Sarrav. Colbert.) fails at this point. 


was inserted without being accommodated to the surrounding text. 
It is possible, though not probable, that this phrase has authority 
other than the Hexapla, for it appears in B, N\ etc., as well as in 
the Lucianic cursives. 

Another gloss to be explained similarly, whether we consider 
it all Hexaplaric or not, is in Deut. 12, 15, where 6 adds Kara rqv 
€7n0vfiiav T179 ^vxi^^ o'ov after (^ayij icpca, where it spoils the con- 
struction. It is a variant of the preceding & naari cirt^v/xta crov, 
with the Hexaplaric ^XV^ added. It appears in the Lucianic and 
Hesychian cursives, etc. 

It is possible that an erasure in Deut. 29, 27 (p. icx>, i, 20) 
was due to the influence of a gloss. The first hand wrote apa^ 
ras, then erased and wrote the correct icarapas ras. apd^ is a 
variant for Karipa<; in M and Hexaplaric cursives. The copyist 
of » may have had the variant before him as a marginal note ; yet 
it seems more likely that he carelessly omitted icar, but saw his 
mistake in season to correct it. 

In Deut. 31, 27 (p. 107, 2, 8) we find /xov written with a <r 
above the ft, apparently both from the same hand. The {i was 
left without any sign of correction, which seems contrary to the 
custom of the hiopdu/rq^. If /xov were a possible reading, it also 
might be referred to a gloss of the parent, but under the circum- 
stances it seems best to consider it a mere error of the scribe, but 
corrected in an unusual manner. 

If my faith in my reading of the erasure, Josh. 7, 14 (p. 134, i, 
29), were a little stronger, I could claim another clearly proved 
gloss. At present we read icarotKovs, but oucou?, though clearly 
first hand, stands in an erasure. The copyist had first written 
Kara oiico, and I think the abbreviation mark for v was added over 
the final o, but it is just possible that he discovered his mistake of 
inserting a before he wrote v? of ocicovs, and so at once erased and 
corrected. oIkqv is the reading of B and some cursives, including 
the best of the Lucianic, while oIkov^ is supported by A, F, the 
Hesychian cursives, and the Itala. ohcov would • therefore have 
been the gloss, and oikov^ the original text of the parent. 

We may, I think, consider it established that there were in the 
parent ms glosses of an Hexaplaric character, though the number 
of them must remain somewhat doubtful. The evidence, how- 
ever, seems strong enough to establish that all pure Hexaplaric 
material in 6 came from these glosses. Hexaplaric omissions 


could have found a place among these as erasures or cUU marks 
from the same scribe, but, as we have seen above, there is no 
conclusive evidence of such omissions. 

Having settled the fact of the glosses, it is easy to determine 
their origin. Almost every one of them is still found in the 
Lucianic cursives; cursive sa agrees once in an inverted order. 
In Deuteronomy one or two of the supposed glosses seem to have 
only Hesychian authority, but against the overwhelming evidence 
of the other cases I hesitate to suggest the possibility of two 
sources for the glosses. 

I . Deuteronomy 

The interest that the text of 6 will have for scholars depends 
primarily on its relationship to the older uncial mss and the chief 
groups of cursives. This relationship I have determined by count- 
ing the instances of agreement. The numbers given will be found 
approximately accurate, for in counting, the books were divided 
into parts and the same relationship was found to be maintained 
throughout each book. Absolute accuracy was not considered of 
sufficient importance to warrant a repetition of the count. 

In Deuteronomy the number of agreements and individual 
variants of the chief uncials are as follows : 





A 383 







BF 84 







AF 461 







A good many interesting deductions can be drawn from this 
table, but a few must suffice. If we eliminate F from the compu- 
tation, 6 agrees with A 835 times, with B 718 times, and stands 
alone 758 times. This is a remarkable showing and of itself prac- 
tically suffices to prove that 6 presents an independent ms tra- 
dition. It is interesting to note also that the combination AF 
agrees with 6 almost twice as often as it disagrees (726 to 461), 
while the combination BF agrees with 6 3 J times as often as it 
disagrees (293 to 84). The close relationship of A and F is 
shown not only by the large number of agreements, but almost 
as strikingly by the comparatively small number of individual 
variants in each. There can be no question that they are closely 
enough related to allow the presence of many errors of common 



origin. For this reason the combination AF has not often been 
considered of more weight by scholars than B without support. 
The independent position of 6 will make it possible to settle 
cases by weight of mss authority, when all other means fail. 

It is possible to test the value of these agreements by a com- 
parison with the Itala. For Deuteronomy the only complete ms 
is the Codex Lugdunensis of the Heptateuch. A comparison of 
the first ten chapters with the variants considered above gives the 
following agreements : 

It. OB 


It. B 


It. OBF 49 

It. BF 


It. OF 


It. F 


It. OAB 37 

It. AB 


It. 0A 


It. A 


It. 41 

It. ABF 


It. 0AF 


It. AF 


The remarkable feature of this table is the great preponderance 
of agreements between the Itala and the groups containing 6 over 
against the agreements with the groups unsupported by 6. On 
the other hand, the large number of individual agreements be- 
tween 6, B, or A and the Itala is rather contradictory. It seems 
likely that the Cod. Lugd, is not an uncorrupted version of the 
Itala. This idea is definitely established by a comparison of the 
undoubted Hexaplaric readings found in the older uncials. Of 
these there are 13 found in It. and B alone, 3 in It. and A, 2 in 
It. and 6, and i in It. and F. This evidence seems sufficient to 
establish the fact that Cod. Lugd. presents a version of the Itala 
corrupted by comparison with later mss, which were probably 
somewhat related to B. 

There are besides two fragmentary mss of the Itala containing 
small portions of Deuteronomy. The Fragmenta Monacensia 
.shows an undue number of readings characteristic of F, and so 
must be considered a corrupted version. The other, the Wurz- 
burg Palimpsest, seems to be free from late changes and addi- 
tions. A comparison of the three versions for the small portion 
where they are parallel gives the following results: Wurz. is 
opposed by the other two 19 times; Lug., by the other two 32 
times; Monac, by the other two 40 times. On the assumption 
that all these instances are errors in the ms lacking support, the 
figures suffice to establish the Wurzburg Palimpsest as the purest 
source, but the proof can be made even stronger, for of the 19 
cases in which it is supposedly wrong, three are uses of iste for 



hie, i.e. African Latin and hence correct. Also in nine other cases 
it represents the Greek text better than does the version united 
in by its opponents. The remaining seven cases are simple omis- 
sions or natural ms errors and changes, though one, the omission 
of the preposition in, agrees with a Lucianic variant. 

Though the portion of text preserved in the Wurzburg Palimp- 
sest is small, its uncorrupted character makes it of especial value 
for comparison. The table of agreements, W being used for 
Wurzburg, is as follows : 



WB 4 

W0BF 6 






W0AB 7 






W0 3 





WAF 2 

The preponderance of agreements with © supported by A or 
B shows the value of these combinations for determining the true 
text ; the nineteen disagreements of 6 and W emphasize the fact 
that the agreements of this table are not due to some chance rela- 
tionship between W and 6. If we eliminate F from the compari- 
son, we find that W, 6, A, agree 22 times against B, and W, B, 
only 5 times against 6, A. Furthermore, of the last five agree- 
ments, one is caused by an Hexaplaric gloss in 6, and two are 
accidental omissions in W which chance to agree with B. W, 6, 
B, agree 18 times against A, while W, A, agree only three times 
against 6, B. 

At the risk of being tiresome, I present also a comparison 
between our Greek uncials and the Itala, as established by the 
agreement of Wurz., Lugd., and Monac: It. 6AF, 5 ; It. AF, i ; 
It. ©A, 3 ; It. 9, I ; It. 6B, 3 ; all others, o. The shortness of the 
passage compared makes the evidence rather incomplete, but in 
the main it bears out the results already obtained. 

The discussion thus far has dealt entirely with the relation- 
ship of © to the other old uncials, but its 677 variants not found 
in any of those uncials are equally deserving of consideration and 
are probably even more interesting to the scholar. In search of 
the origin of these variants I turned to the cursive mss. I found 
that, if the few undoubted Hexaplaric glosses were omitted, there 
were practically no other agreements with the Hexaplaric cur- 
sives, but there were agreements with the Hesychian and Lucianic. 
This relationship was accordingly investigated, but to isolate the 


question as much as possible, I counted only cases in which one 
of the three old uncials ^ agreed with either the Lucianic or He- 
sychian cursives against the evidence of the other two uncials. The 
agreements in five chapters of Deuteronomy follow ; H stands for 
Hesychian, and L for Lucianic : 

0L 14 



BL 39 

0H 24 



BH 9 

The most noteworthy fact is the Lucianic tendency of B. The 
Hesychian tendency of © is less marked, and what little signifi- 
cance it might have is removed by the fact that in all except one 
of the 24 cases, one or both of the cursives 54, 75, also agree. It 
seemed that we had here a clew worthy of investigation. 

A comparison of B with these two cursives for all the readings 
of the first five chapters of Deuteronomy gives the following 
agreements: ©, 54, and 75, 260 times; 6 and 75, 27 times; 6 and 
54, 20 times ; a total of 297 agreements to 70 disagreements. A 
comparison of all the 677 individual variants of 6 gave similar 
results: in 262 cases it agreed with both 54 and 75, in 68 addi- 
tional cases with 75, and in 38 additional with 54. We may, I 
think, safely assume that the cases of agreement between 6 and 
either one of the group 54, 75, were due to error or second parent 
MS on the part of the other member in that partnership. Thus 
we can conclude that the common parent of 54 and 75 contained 
368 of B's readings, which are not found in the other old uncials. 
The full significance of these figures is seen if one compares them 
with the table of agreements and individual variants of the chief 
uncials on p. 38, 

In some 32 cases 6 is supported by 54, 75, alone, to rely on the 
evidence of the Holmes and Parsons * edition, and in many others 
the only additional authorities to join the group are the Hesychian 
or Lucianic cursives, or both ; less often we find N, I8, 32, 53, 55, 
56, 58, 59, 71, 128, or Arm. 1 also agreeing. Usually but one or two 
of these last-mentioned mss are found in the select group for any 
given reading. 

^ F had to be omitted in order to get any comparative evidence on the other three. 
It has no individual tendency towards either group ; yet when combined with B against 
O, A, it sometimes has a Lucianic tendency, but combined with A alone, an Hesychian. 

* I have used the Holmes-Parsons numbers for the cursives in so £ar as I refer to 
them by number. 


It will perhaps aid us in getting a clear understanding of the 
problem to enumerate the cases where 6 is supported by 54, 75, 
alone: 3, 7 navra omitted; 3, 12 ScSoi^a for cSoiKa; 4, 3 ndpra 
omitted; 4, 6 ra Sticatcu^ara irai/ra, order; 4, 42 airo for npb; 5t 14 
ir/)o<nf XuTo? + icat; 7i 15 avra? for aura; 11, 17 ra iK<l>6pui for rw 
Kapnov; 12, 10 T(iv omitted before icvkX^; 13, 14 laK for v/xw/; 
16, 2 o£ for ^; 17, 5 CKctj^j' + Tovs irotTJa-avra^ to prjfia to irovrfpov 
rovTo irpo^ ras irvXa? <rov; 18, 13 rcXctos + Sc; 18, 20 avo^ for 
npo(f}7jrri^\ I9» 8 Kupio^' omitted ; 19, 12 ro af/xa for rod alfiaro^; 
21, 18 ffxovff for ffxoirfiv', 22, I avrov omitted; 22, 15 ywaiKo^ for 
iratSos; 22, 24 ^ i^cai/t? for r^i/ i/ca^ti/; 6 ai/os for ro^ au0pamov\ 
24, 1 3 iXerifioavtnri eorai <roi, order ; 24, 2 1 r^ op^av^ koX roi irTtaxV 
Kat Tw ir/)ocnjXvra), order and one member added; 25, 5 avr^s 
omitted; 26, 15 <rov roi) ayCov, order; 27, 25 before 27, 24; 28, i 
iav aKorj aKOva']^^ rr}^ ffxopr}^ Kvpiov rov 0€ov aov omitted; 28, 12 
ra epya r&v \eipSiv aov irdpra, order ; 28, 60 &p for rfv ; 29, 5 airo 
tS^v iroh&v v/i&u ov Karerpippri^ order ; 29, 7 Tjlkd^v for i^kdet^ ; 30, 16 
aov* omitted. 

These are for the most part important variants ; note particu- 
larly 17, 5, which is the equivalent of the Hexaplaric addition 
oItlv€^ inoirjaav to irpdyiia ro irovrfpiov rovro hn ttjv ttvXtji/, which 
is found in A, F. The Hexaplaric addition is doubtless from 
Theodotion's translation ; 6, 54, 75, show exactly the differences, 
which we would expect in an independent translation, and must 
be considered the original Septuagint. B and its followers show 
the same defective text, which Origen used. Hardly less inter- 
esting is 28, I, where, of the two parallel sentences found in A, F, 
B and its followers omit one, 6, 54, 75, the other. The composite 
character of the text in A, F, is thus quite apparent. 

I might add to the evidence above given ten instances in 
which, owing to error or omission in 54, readings of © are sup- 
ported by 75 alone, and three instances in which for similar reasons 
it is supported by 54 alone. Thus we have 45 ancient variants in 
Deuteronomy, evidence for which is found only in this group. 

The question that at once arises is whether 54, 75, represent a 
MS copied from 6 or from some ancestor of ©. The probability 
that 6 was preserved during most of its existence in a Coptic 
monastery and but once in its earlier history came in touch with 
another Greek ms of the Hexateuch, renders it extremely improba- 
ble that it had any descendants. Also the character of the vari- 



ants above cited do not suggest that we have merely errors of O 
copied and preserved in later mss. There are also abundant other 
proofs to establish this position. None of the pure inventions of 
6, as 8, 1 8, appear in 54, 75; similarly a goodly number of changes 
in order and short omissions of 6 are not found in the two cur- 
sives, which also have no difficulty with the text where 6 fails or 
is unintelligible, because of its defective papyrus ancestor. Fur- 
ther, we find some instances where B, 6, 54, 75, or A, 6, 54, 75, are 
the sole authorities for a variant, and as a final proof even B is 
omitted from this select company at times. In fact, the combina- 
tion B, 54, 75, is rather frequent, but is usually supported by other 
cursives. The text relationship for Deuteronomy must therefore 
be somewhat like the following diagram : 


19. 82 
loSi ii8 

The number of mss between 6 and y, or similar members of the 
diagram, is not estimated ; there were doubtless several in most 
cases. This outline sketch attempts to show only the most gen- 
eral relationships of the chief mss and groups, from which we 
may hope to reconstruct the common Egyptian text of the second 
century. Minor variations, such as the Lucianic glosses in 6, 
have been disregarded. 

If there is any foundation for such a grouping of the mss as 
that just given, each one of the witnesses to the common Egyptian 


text is liable to preserve for us some good variant not found else- 
where. That this is true in regard to 6, I shall try to make clear 
by citing a few of its unique variants. 

1) In 2, 5 8 reads ov yap firj Sony v/iw airo rri^ yjjs avr<av ovSc 
Pujia iroSo9. B, F, read Scu and A, Somtoi (Itala, dabo) for Son;. 
The use of ov iiij with a subjunctive or a future indicative in the 
sense of an emphatic future with ov needs no mention. Sqio-o) of 
A is an old correction of the unusual Scjjj by one who knew correct 
Greek, and Scu of B, F, is the same or an error by omission, hdy 
is likewise preserved in Deut. 13, 17 by F. The form occurs 
rarely elsewhere in the Septuagint and also in the New Testament ; 
cf. Buttmann, Gram. N. T. Greek, p. 46; Robertson, Gram. Greek 
N. T. (1914), p. 308. 

2) In 19, 15 B, A, F, etc., read koI Kara nau afidpTrjfixL kol Kara 
iraaav a/iaprCav, That these are variant translations for a single 
expression in the original Hebrew (cf. Bertholet, Hand-comm. zu 
Deut. p. 62, that the double expression in the Massoretic was due 
to a gloss) was seen both by Lucian and Hesychius, for Kara iraaav 
ofiapTLav is omitted by cursives 19, 53, 74, 76, 106, loe, us, 134, 136. 
6 alone omits Kara nav a/idpTrifia, but is presumably correct, for 
the Itala also omits one of the parallel expressions. 

3) In 20, 15-16 6, though probably wrong, is nevertheless 
instructive. It reads : otvlc^ o d^ aov htSoKriu aoi* Khrfpoi/oiietp rrfv 
yTjp avTcov ' iSou hrj ano roii/ no\€€ov t<ou e0v<op rovroiv wv k^ o 0^ aov 
SiSoxrii^ crot K\T]povofirj(rai. rrjv yrfu avrcop ov Cwypriaerai an avrtnv 
irav cfinveop. Of the duplicate expressions many Greek mss seem 

to omit the second, together with tSov rourcui/, the Massoretic 

Hebrew, with A, F, and a few cursives, omit the first. Further- 
more, T&u idvwv is marked by the Syro-hexapla and Arab. 1 as 
an Hexaplaric addition. The most natural explanation is that 6 
shows the full form of the Hexaplaric addition, which crept into 
the text from a gloss and so without accommodation to the neigh- 
boring sentences. It is, however, conceivable that the original 
Hebrew was guilty of this repetition. In any case, 6 defends the 
reading of A, F, against the much longer omission of B and its 

4) In 2, 37 occurs the name lapfioK, which appears as *Ia/8ofc 
regularly in the Septuagint mss, as also in 6 elsewhere. The 
Massoretic is ps,\ As p and fi often interchange in older mss, the 
form in 6 may stand for an accommodation to the Hebrew or 


have arisen through dittography in the Greek. It is also possible 
that the strange form arose from dissimilation — through the influ- 
ence of some similar name as *Upfiov0, modern Jebel Yarmuk, or 
the doubtful 'ApfioK of Deut 3, 14. This name, which appears as 
*Af>y6fi in B*^ A, F, etc., following the Hebrew, has made trouble 
for the commentators (cf. Bertholet, Hand-comm. p. 12). B*, loe 
seem the only support for the form ^ApfioK in this passage, for by 
contrast 6 here has lafioK. It looks a little as if the original 
Septuagint form were *Iap/8oic, which would then have to be com- 
pared with the form which © presents in 2, 37. In Josh. 15, 13 6 
omits the name. The geographical problems involved I do not 
undertake to discuss. 

5) Another interesting spelling of a proper name is found in 
ID, 6. 6 reads Meto-aSay for Meto-aSai of all other Greek MSS. 
The Massoretic form is rnpia (cf. Num. 33, 31). As the inter- 
change of 1 and 1 was easy, the Greek perhaps represents the 
original letter in that case, but it is badly at fault in the trans- 
literation of the accusative ending SA. The form in © implies 
that the Hebrew parent of the Septuagint had a final guttural, 
such as n, which might easily appear as an error for the Masso- 
retic n. The y, if original in the Greek text, could easily pass 
into i. 

6) In 4, 21 Origen's Greek text read Kvpios 6 0eo^ SCSoKriu and 
he inserted *crovX; cf. Sarrav. Colbert. The Hexaplaric addition 
is omitted by A, F, but retained by B. 6 has vficov, the original 
Greek before an omission forced Origen to correct. 

7) In 28, 59 O reads icat voaov^ iromipa^ Kai iriKpa^. Most 
other Greek mss have itiotom for mic/oa?, a senseless accommoda- 
tion to the equally inappropriate late Hebrew D'^jaiC. Origen, 
Phil. 26, 2, wrote itXclWji?, which Hesychius copied either from 
him or his source, cf. cursives 44, 55, 74, 76, 106, 134. Cod. Lugd. 
of the Itala, however, gives acervas^ i.e. acerdas, and so proves that 
6 is right. The original Hebrew may have read D'^na, which was 
corrupted into D'^JOKJ under the influence of the preceding and 
parallel VfOCK^, 

The following readings, though not in this class, deserve 
mention : 

8) In 34, 8 the accepted text of the Septuagint reads /cat 

€K\av(rcu/ oi viol *lcrpa7i\ top JAwvarjp ip apafioiO Mcoafi inl tov 
*lophdvov Kara 'Icpct^ca rpiaKovra r/fiepa^. The equivalent of im 


rov *lopBdpov Kara *Up€tx^ does not appear in the Massoretic text. 
Of these icara *Up€tx!^ seems an addition made in accord with 
34, I, while the rest appear a rather lame addition at best. But 
©, the Hesychian cursives, and 75, 59, have the variant iv r^ ir4pav 
T(w *lop8dvov. This is the correct description, though it may have 
been taken from Deut. i, 5, where stands the mistranslation "On 
this side Jordan " in our English Bible, a change made in order 
to remove the proof that Moses did not write the book. The 
failure of this phrase in the Hebrew of 34, 8 and its contortion 
into a meaningless expression in most of the Greek mss is addi- 
tional proof of the age of the attempt to defend the Mosaic author- 
ship of the Pentateuch, or rather its character as a contemporary 
chronicle of the beginning of Israel. The fact that in Joshua 5, 10 
the same expression is omitted by the Massoretic text. A, 6, the 
Lucianic cursives, and the Itala, though preserved by B, F, and 
the Hesychian cursives, requires a similar explanation. 

9) Another much plainer instance of the accommodation of 
some Greek mss to a corrected version of the Hebrew is found in 
Deut. 28, 12. The section deals with the blessing of Israel for 
obedience, and prophecy of its coming greatness and power. The 
Hebrew closes the twelfth verse with the prophecy " Thou shalt 
lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow,'' a statement 
which has been true since before the Christian Era, but in 6, A, F, 
and most Greek cursives stands the addition, which every one 
knew had not come true: ical ap^et,^ av idv&v ^nroXXoii/, crot) Sc qvk 
ap^ovaiv. This expression Origen obelized (cf. Sarrav. Colbert.), 
and his corrected text is found in B* and 58, as well as in Cod. 
Lugd. of the Itala, and is followed by Swete. This one instance 
is enough to render us suspicious of the text of B, when not 
otherwise supported. Deuteronomy 15, 6 shows the full form of 
the prophecy in all mss. 

Before passing final judgment on the text of Deuteronomy in 
©, a comparison of its readings with the other Versions and the 
Church Fathers would be necessary, but so complete an investi- 
gation would carry me too far and involve too great delay, if I 
should make the attempt in this publication. As a hint, however, 
of what such a comparison will show, we have the results of a 
partial examination of the Itala, given above, and I add here a brief 
summary of the evidence to be drawn from the New Testament 
for the following passages : 


i) Deut 4, 35 ; 9, B, F, etc., have crt against aXXo9 in A and 
Cyril. Alex, supported by Mark 12, 32 ; 

2) Deut 19, 15; 6, A, F, most later mss, and II Cor. 13, i 
have oTa^i/a-crat against omforcrat in B, 16, 29, 53, 55, 83; 

3) Deut. 21, 23; 6, N, 54, 75, the Hesychian cursives, etc., and 
Gal. 3, 1 3 have was 6 icpcfia^cvos ; B, A, F, Lucianic cursives, etc., 
omit 6 ; 

4) Deut. 27, 26 ; 6, B, 54, 75, the Hesychian cursives, etc., have 
iroirto'cu against rov irot^crat in A, F, the Lucianic cursives, etc., 
supported by Gal. 3, 10. As Origen, Phil. 9, i, also has the article, 
this would seem to be a Palestinian-Syriac text, whereas the original 
Egyptian text omitted the article ; 

5) Deut. 29, 4; 6, B, etc., supported by Rom. 11, 8, have &Ta 
against ra &ra in A alone ; 

6) Deut. 29, 18; B, B, and the cursives have />t{a against />t{a 
TTiKpCa^ in A, F, and Hebr. 12, 15; 

7) Deut. 29, 18; 6, B***, F', etc., have ip x^^V against ivox^v in 
B*, A, F* 29, 54, 59, 82, and Hebr. 12, 15; 

8) Deut. 30, 14; 6, A, F, etc., supported by Rom. 10, 8, have 
€yyv9 (Tov against aov iyyv^ in B, 18 ; 

9) In the same passage F and 53 alone omit a^hpa with 
Rom. 10, 8; 

10) Deut. 31, 6; ©, A, F, 54, 75, the Hesychian and Lucianic 
cursives, etc., supported by Hebr. 13, 5, have ov /x^ against ovrc 
/ii7 ' in B and a few cursives ; 

1 1) Deut. 31,6; 6, 29, 54, 56, 58, 75, and 77 have ovSc /X17 against 
ouS* ov /X17 in A, G, the Hesychian and Lucianic cursives, etc., 
supported by Hebr. 13, 5 ; B, F, and some cursives have wre firj*; 
thus A shows the Palestinian-Syriac reading, 6, the Egyptian, 
and B, F, a slight corruption of the latter ; 

12) Deut. 32, 43; 6, F, the Hesychian and Lucianic cursives, 
etc., supported by Hebr. i, 6, have koL vpoaKWYiadrofo-au avr^ 

irdvTC^ ayytKoi 0€ov against irdvre^ viol 0€ov in A, 18, 54, 58, 

64, 75, 128, 154, 167, 221 ; B omits 7rdvr€^ but has vioiy thus showing 
a derived form of the same error, which arose in some Egyptian 
ancestor of A, 54, 75, through an interchange with the end of the 
following stanza; the latter appears in ©, the Hesychian and 
Lucianic cursives, etc., as ndvT€^ viol &€ov, though B, A, F, 54, 75, 
and a few other cursives have irai/TC9 ayycXoi deov. I am inclined 
to think that the New Testament here shows the original form of 


the Septuagint, as we must otherwise explain that 6 has a single 
Palestinian reading ; I have found no signs of such a tendency in 
my study of the text of 6. Psalm 96, 7, npoa-Kvuijcrare avr^ vdm-e^ 
oi ayyekoi, airrov, which is often cited as the original of Hebr. i, 6, 
is merely another imitation of Deut. 32, 43, and so gives additional 
evidence in support of the reading just adopted. 

The evidence presented is rather scanty for establishing any 
general conclusions, but what there is seems to defend the excel- 
lence of the text in 6. It is noteworthy that 6 does not seem to 
show a Palestinian text or to have been changed by New Testa- 
ment influence, as seems probable for A and F. 

2. Joshua 

In taking up the text of Joshua we are somewhat handicapped 
in our comparison by the fact that less than twelve chapters are 
preserved in F, and this fragment shows a text quite different in 
character from that found in the previous books. Yet a compari- 
son of the chief uncials for these chapters was made, with the 
following results in individual readings and agreements : 


B 266 

A 104 

F 250 



0BF 73 

BF 90 

0AB 206 



OAF 219 

AF 28 

ABF 64 



AB 25 

It is plain that F stands much nearer B than in Deuteronomy, 
and is consequently farther removed from A and also from 6. 
The value of the agreement of 6, A, F, is increased by this lack of 
close relationship, but the text problem as a whole is made more 
difficult. A comparison with the results obtained for Deuteron- 
omy does not help us much on the text character of 6, though we 
can see that it has moved closer to A and farther from B. 

Omitting F from the calculation, and extending our survey 
over the whole of Joshua, gives the following table of agreements : 


Rest of Text 





























V * 


r 2 




•^ 3 > 


•^ T ^ 

V ^ -^ C '^ 

t 2 

» Ti ^ ;j 1^ "K W 

- a 2 P :s 'ii 2 

) 3 

S 2 = 2 

:> - s; "^ 


2 > 

^ 'J - 2 • 

V g '0 ^ 2 

s. », ^ •■ 



y I y [Z y 

•" W ^ W, W 



'4) / 






•< y 2 2 2 

J«. ^ ^ -■ •>^ 

- , ^ •= >i2'> 

>j 7 w L ,v a 

ii ^ ai X — J 

" 'J 3 «< ^ 

5 '^ •* c ■ ^ 

2 3 : -v ^ 

> u 'i 'JJ "1 



•< •< "< 5 

(ill * 

" 5 '•! "" 

"- - ^i 

yj -J :? 




The reason for the separation of the names from the rest of the 
text is apparent from the different proportion of agreements. 
The table shows that B is even more individual than in the 
preceding book, while 6 and A are less so. It is particularly 
in the names that B shows its singular character; otherwise its 
text is not so different in quality from that shown in Deuteron- 
omy. 6 and A stand closer together than in Deuteronomy, but 
still represent fairly independent traditions, as is shown by the 
253 agreements between 6 and B. Yet even though we allow for 
the shortness of the book, the small number of individual variants, 
when compared with Deuteronomy, is remarkable in 6. Un- 
doubtedly that is mostly accounted for by its closer relationship 
to A, but partly by the smaller number of trivial variants in the 
parent Egyptian text, if the names be omitted from consideration. 
On the whole it seems that the agreement of 6 and A should 
continue to outweigh B slightly as evidence for establishing 
the original Septuagint text of Joshua. The value of B is most 
prominent in the regular text ; the problem of the names will be 
treated later. 

As a check on these results, I have again compared the Itala, 
though in Joshua we are forced to rely on the Codex Lugdunen- 
sis alone. A comparison of the first five chapters gives the fol- 
lowing table : 

It. eB 3 It. B 9 It. eBF 13 It. BF 15 

It. eP I It. F 10 It. eAB 54 It. AB 3 

It. eA 15 It. A I It. e I It. ABF 8 

It. eAF 19 It. AF o 

More than one half of the agreements of It. with B and F find 
their chief or only support in the Hesychian cursives, and some, 
especially the agreements of It. and F, are clearly Hexaplaric. 
Besides, It shows two supposedly Hexaplaric additions not found 
in the uncials. This apparent Hexaplaric, Hesychian strain 
weakens very materially the evidence of the Cod. Lugd. of the 
Itala. As we have seen above, F, because of its erratic character, 
has little independent value, but serves to strengthen the evidence 
of B or 6, A. The few agreements of F with 6 or A singly gain 
little or no support from the Itala. Our interest must lie chiefly 
with the other three uncials. The agreements are: It. B, 24; It. 
eB, 16; It. eA, 34; It. e, 2 ; It. A, i ; It. A B, II. This evidence 
is probably slightly unfavorable to © and A when not combined, 


as is shown by a comparison of Joshua 23 and 24, which gives 
these results : It. B, 34 ; It. eB, 25 ; It. eA, 47 ; It 6, 6 ; It. A, 5 ; 
It. AB, 16. In spite of the fact that the agreements of It. and B 
seem to contain some Hesychian readings, we can on the whole 
maintain our previous judgment; 6, A is rather better evidence 
than B, but B outweighs either of the others singly. 

Turning now to the cursives, we find the relationship quite 
different from that existing in Deuteronomy. I have considered 
only the agreements of each of the old uncials with either or both 
the Lucianic and Hesychian cursives, when the other uncials 
oppose- The results for the first five, chapters follow: 

eL 5 


BL 9 

FL 21 

en s 

AH a 

BH 7 

FH 35 

It is noticeable further that the agreements of 6, L or 6, H are 
trivial ones, such as different spellings, order, etc. There is evi- 
dently no Lucianic or Hesychian strain in A or 6. The agree- 
ments of the Hesychian and Lucianic cursives with F are most 
noteworthy, those with B somewhat less so. To fully comprehend 
this relationship we must note that the combination B, F agrees 
with each of the two groups of cursives eleven times in the same 
five chapters. This indicates rather strong Lucianic and He- 
sychian tendencies in B as well as in F. A goodly share of the 
Lucianic and especially of the Hesychian readings in F are long 
Hexaplaric additions. Those do not often appear in B, which is 
regularly characterized by omissions rather than by additions. 
On the basis of the agreements with F we may infer that both 
the Lucianic and the Hesychian recensions were considerably 
Hexaplaric, as also in Deuteronomy, and that in the case of the 
Hesychian this tendency was much more marked in Joshua. 

A comparison throughout Joshua of all the readings of 6 
which lack other uncial support gives similar results for that ms. 
In these 346 cases 6 is supported by the Lucianic cursives only 
39 times, of which all the important variants have been discussed 
above as Hexaplaric glosses introduced into the parent of O 
through a Lucianic source. With the Hesychian cursives there 
are 60 agreements, of which quite a number are identical with the 
Lucianic glosses just mentioned. Considering the fact that the 
Hesychian recension must have been closely related to the Egyp- 
tian common text, the number of these special agreements is 


rather small, and probably argues against any indebtedness of 

to Hesychian sources. 

The relationship of 6 to 54, 75, is quite different from that 
found in Deuteronomy. Of the special variants of 6 just dis- 
cussed only 61 are supported by either or both 54 and 75, and of 
this number 41 are also supported by the Hesychian or Lucianic 
cursives. About one half of the remainder represent good vari- 
ants. The real meaning of this change in text relationship from 
Deuteronomy is seen by a comparison of these cursives with F. 
Of the 35 agreements between F and the Hesychian cursives above 
noted, 20 are supported by 54, 75, and these are mostly Hexaplaric 
additions. The conclusion seems unavoidable that in Joshua 54 
and 75 are rather strongly under the influence of an Hesychian 
or similar Hexaplaric source. This precludes any near relation- 
ship to 6. 

Although the absolutely individual variants of 6 are much 
less numerous than in Deuteronomy, they present some interest- 
ing readings. As examples we may note the following: 

1 ) In 8, 5 6 reads irpo^ ttji/ wv\r}v for wpo^ rr/v ttoXlv. This 
may be a mere sound error, but as the context shows that Joshua 
had just sent chosen soldiers around behind the city, there would 
be a real point in telling the rest to advance to the gate. The 
uncommon use of the singular and the influence of the accepted 
Hebrew text would be sufficient reasons for a change to irdXti^, 
even if irvXiji/ had been original in the Septuagint. 

2) In 9, 20 O reads icat kF avroii^ ovk errepoirrjaav. The addi- 
tion of air&v improves the sentence and has no foundation in the 
Massoretic Hebrew. 

3) In 10, 12 and 21, 24 6 gives the proper name laktop in place 
of Ai\(av of B and its followers. A has AtXoii/ in 10, 12 and 
II Chron. 28, 18, but lakcop in Josh. 21, 24. The form seems too 
well supported to be considered a mere transposition. The Mas- 
soretic form is ph% which, without vowel pointing, AlXdv of B 
may represent. The modern name is Jalo, which supports 6 
and A. The original Septuagint was probably laktov or Aiokcjp. 
AtXcoi/ is either a variant form of the same name (cf. Josh. 19, 43, 
where 6, A, and the Massoretic give this form), or is a Hebrew 
corruption due to the influence of the name of a judge of Israel 
(cf. Judges 12, II and 12). Other Greek variants are found in 

1 Sam. 14, 31 ; I Chron. 6, 69; 8, 13. 


4) In 13, 15 6 reads kcu cSoiicci/ Mawairi^ Tot9 vlol^ FovPriv, 
Most Greek mss have ry 4^v\y for T049 vtow, but the Lucianic 
cursives and a few others have rg tf^vkg (r&u) vi&i^ in imitation of 
the Hebrew. We thus seem to have proof of two early versions 
in the Hebrew and their combination in the Massoretic. 

5) In 14, 4, Kai ovK iSoOrf /lepls iv ry y^ roi9 Acv€trat9i B omits 
cV T^ y^, perhaps a careless omission, but the words seem a need- 
less repetition introduced into the Hebrew text perhaps as an 
explanatory gloss. 

6) In 14, 7 6 reads a?o5 tov Ov for 6 iraU toO Otov of B, the 
Lucianic cursives, etc., and SovXog Kvpiov of A, the Hesychian 
cursives (6 SoOXo?), etc. The Massoretic Hebrew, rnrp T3^, sup- 
ports A, which is perhaps indirectly indebted to that influence. 
6 iraw Kvpiov is the regular designation of Moses in this book, cf. 
I, 13; II, 12; 12, 6; 13, 8; 18, 7; 22, 2; 22, 5 {iraU is a Sep- 
tuagint equivalent of lay). But rov 0€ov is made certain by the 
agreement of B and 6, therefore it seems probable that the less 
common designation avOpamo^ rov Oeov (cf. Deut. 33, i ; Josh. 14, 6) 
is original in this passage. It is, of course, possible that the form 
in 6 is due to the influence of the preceding sentence (14, 6), but 
it does not seem likely that the designation of Moses would have 
been changed so abruptly without reason, and the combination 
6 naU rov ^eov is elsewhere unsupported. The form in A and 
the Hesychian cursives is quite certainly due to a transfer of epi- 
thets in translation. SoOXo^ Kvpiov is a common designation of 
Joshua, David, and others. It appears to have been a favorite 
form in the later Greek translations and was inserted by Origen 
where it seemed to be needed; cf. Josh. 1,1, discussed on p. 25. 
It was not applied to Moses except in these late additions to the 
text of the Septuagint. 

Other interesting variants in 6 are ra? iroXc49 for rrip noXiv 
'ApfioK in 15, 13 (cf. ixriTpoTroXi^ in A) and Hi o 0^ for Kvptog in 
24, 7. In 10, 31 ttSl^ 6 Xao9 6 fier avrov for ira? *Io'pai7X fier avrov 
is found in cursive 75 as well as in 6. 

An interesting reading for the light it throws on the develop- 
ment of the text is found in 5, 15. 6, A, the Lucianic cursives, 
etc., read €<^* ^ av etmjica? cir* avrov ayto9 iariv. B, with some 
cursives, omits cV avrov and has vvv in the place of av. F and 54 
have av vvv^ and the Hesychian cursives omit both words. The 
corruption started in the Hebrew or was due to a mistranslation 


of it. The Massoretic text has nriK = av, while pvp stands for the 
Hebrew nrij. B, with its followers, either represents a changed 
Hebrew text or is due to a misunderstanding of the regular form. 
That this mistake stood in the original Septuagint is not impos- 
sible, but it does not seem very probable, inasmuch as Cod. Lugd. 
of the Itala has iu. 

It remains to consider the subject of the names in Joshua. 
The striking differences in text between A and B are too well 
known to need description. 6 in the main sides with A, often 
showing a better text, sometimes a less accurate one. We are 
thus enabled to establish a new text of the names a generation or 
more older than either A or 6. These forms are in turn some- 
what supported by G, N, and a large list of cursives, although the 
latter are usually so corrupt that some imagination is necessary in 
order to discover the likenesses. It is possible that this agree- 
ment represents only the Hexaplaric correction of the names, 
though it would be surprising to find so consistent an accommo- 
dation to that text in 6 and especially in A, both of which mss 
otherwise show few certain Hexaplaric changes. B has regularly 
less support for its forms ; very rarely it agrees with G, more often 
with the Lucianic or Hesychian cursives. The real problem 
before us is to determine why 6 agrees with A nine times as 
often as it does with B in the forms of names, but less than twice 
as often in the rest of the text. This can be explained only on 
the basis of a systematic correction applying only to the names* in 
the one group or the other. If we place that correction in the 
6, A group, we must refer it directly or indirectly to Origen on 
account of the frequent agreement of G. This would force us to 
suppose a second correction of some of the forms in a common 
ancestor of 6 and A, or if there were but one correction, it must 
have been made under the influence of a combination of Hexa- 
plaric material and a second independent adaptation to the cur- 
rent Hebrew. It is certainly easier to suppose that the correction 
took place in an ancestor of B. Furthermore, the exaggerated 
and strange forms found in B and in many of the later cursives, 
just because of their wide range of disagreement, seem to imply 
that proper names could not be copied without serious errors. 
But this is true only of the cursive mss; in the uncials errors 
were less likely than in the Hebrew. To this we must add that 
the copying of mss of the Septuagint was in the hands of the 


Jews until well into the first century a.d. To such copyists the 
forms of Hebrew names would be familiar, even if they no longer 
understood the language. Under these circumstances it does not 
seem likely that the majority of the Greek mss of the Septuagint 
in Origen's time presented such excessive variations in the forms 
of proper names as are shown in the later cursives, especially as 
we cannot suppose monastic schools for copying from dictation to 
have existed until well down to that period. Judged by the exam- 
ple of the later mss, it seems quite evident that the wide diver- 
gence in the forms of names in B and A may well be explained 
on the basis of a cursive ancestor for the one or the other. Yet A 
cannot be the one because of its support by 6 and the Hexaplaric 
MSS. The evidence seems to point, therefore, to a cursive influence 
in B, though that cursive tendency may indicate nothing more than 
an editorial revision of the names in some ancestor. It would take 
me too far from my real subject, if I should take up here the proofs 
of a cursive ancestor to be derived from the errors in names found 
in B. The mere statement that such proofs are easily apparent 
must suffice. Neither are the forms in B defended by support from 
any of the older mss. Not even its nearest relative, F, supports it 
in the small number of names preser\'ed. The evidence follows. 

In II, 8 9 has M<urpc<^a»tf/xcufi ; A, M<urpc<^a»tf/xaei/i ; F, Mcurpc- 
ffHu^/iaiB; B, Maa-eptov. The evidence of A and F establishes B 
as correct for that group, and the same form except for the vowels 
is found in the Massoretic. The form in B has some connection 
with Mazeroth in Cod. Lugd. of the Itala. 

In Josh. II, i6 6 and A have Nayc/3 (« Massoretic 333); F, 
Ay./8; B, aSc^; Cod. Lugd. Achel. The Itala shows an error 
due to interchange of names, though the first letter had probably 
been lost in its parent. The loss of v initial was due to the pre* 
ceding vqv (y^v) and might occur in any Greek ms. The change 
of y to 8 in B is unsupported. It is interesting to note that B 
gives the same name in lo, 40 as Na/Scu, perhaps for Na^aty= 
Nafiey ; if so it is a sound error by transposition. A, F, 6, have 
Nayc^. In 12, 8 B and F spell the name correctly, while A and 
6 have lost the initial v owing to a preceding iv found also in F 
but omitted entirely by B. In 15, 19 all have the correct form. 

In Josh. II, 17 6, F have AoXok with the Massoretic p^Tlfl, 
including the article ; A, AXaic ; but B, the Hesychian cursives, 
and Cod. Lugd., 'A^cX. 



In Josh. II, 22 the variations are more numerous but easier 
to explain. Bhas AcScn^; F, AotjSoi^; B, Ao-eXSo); A, ASoi^; Cod. 
Lugd., Asdoth ; Massoretic, TI'TChiC. The original Septuagint was 
'Ao-eSci^. The similarity of o- and c in uncials caused omissions of 
either one or both. In B the X is due to dittography of 8, and the 
omission of was a piece of carelessness; cf. also Josh. 15, 46-47. 

In Josh. 12, 5 6 has S^pxa; F, SeX^a; A, Ao-cX^a; B, iScicxot; 
Massoretic, naSo. F has the correct form, and B is the one diffi- 

T I - 

cult to explain; cf. also Josh. 13, 11 ; Deut. 3, 10, 'EX^a; I Chron. 
5, II, *A(rxa. 

In Josh. 12, 12 6 and F have EyXoii/ with the Hebrew; A, 
EyXcofi; B, AtXa/x; Cod. Lugd., Aelam. The error in B and the 
Itala is due to the substitution of a more common name, AlXafi, 
king of Gezer. In 15, 39 A has again EyXoifi, while 6 reads 
AyXoii/, probably for AiyXcov, as the interchange of at for e is 


Later E 


44f 74 
106, 134 

ro8, 118 

rather common. B has iScaSaXco. The Lucianic cursives sup- 
port the form *Ey\(ov in both passages. In Josh. 10, 3-34 the 
Septuagint has *OSoXXa/i. 

There are besides a few names in which F agrees with B 
against A, but in all of these cases 6 supports B, F, showing that 
the error in A is purely individual. Although F breaks oflf just 


before the long lists of names begin, it seems clear that it would 
agree regularly with 8, A against B, but would show no tendency 
to support the individual errors of 6 or A. With these few hints 
as to the relative value of the older uncials in the matter of proper 
names, the subject must be left for the present. 

The evidence brought by our new ms, 8, to the question of the 
relationship of the older mss and groups of mss for Joshua is less 
complete and satisfactory than in Deuteronomy. The preceding 
diagram, without attempting to indicate minor influences, will 
show in a general way the interrelationships as they have been 
suggested by the preceding discussion. 


The following explanations will assist in understanding the 

Swete's text (Old Testament in Greek, Cambridge, 1901) has 
been made the basis of the collation. 

The paragraph sign (1) indicates a chapter or paragraph divi- 
sion in the ms. The collation is paragraphed to correspond, except 
that two or more paragraph signs maybe printed on the same line 
in case no text variants occur between them. In case paragraphs 
do not coincide with verse beginnings, the first words are given. 

Words or letters illegible or missing because of decay of the 
parchment are enclosed in square brackets. Letters only partly 
legible are distinguished by a dot placed below. 

Abbreviations, punctuations, and apostrophes are given in so 
far as they occur in the variants, but none besides. Spaced dots 
on the line indicate number of letters omitted or erased, with 
spaces now blank. 

Variants are printed as they occur in the ms, without accents 
or breathings. For ease of reference, word-division and capitaliza- 
tion of proper names have been introduced. 

The different hands are indicated by Arabic numerals on the line 
following man. Repeated occurrences of a word in the same para- 
graph are distinguished by a numeral placed above and to the right. 

Ordinary variations in the order of words, the addition of the 
article, and variations in spelling are shown by printing all the 
words involved as they occur in the ms. In the case of long or 
awkward transpositions the abbreviation tr is used. Changes in 
the position of the article between parallel or connected nouns are 
shown by printing all the nouns involved, or by giving also the 
equivalent in Swete's text. 

All erasures discovered were indicated, even when the passage 
in its final form was certainly written by the first hand. This was 
not intended to include the mere smoothing of rough spots in 
the parchment before writing, but may have done so in some 



The different variants in a section are separated from each 
other by a heavy black-faced upright line with spaces before and 
after. A light, unspaced perpendicular shows the ends of lines in 
the MS, in so far as they occur in the variants. 

Verse numbers are punctuated with a period before and after, 
to avoid confusion with other numerals used. The punctuation 
of the variants is usually the Greek colon. 

The plus sign ( + ) is used to mark inserted w^ords or phrases 
together with the word immediately preceding. In case the pre- 
ceding word or phrase contains a variant, it is printed but once and 
the two variants are separated by a comma preceding the plus sign. 

The Latin abbreviations in the collation are either those com- 
monly used or are easily intelligible. 

To assist in referring to the facsimile, the page, column, and 
line where each chapter begins is marked. 


Inscr Bevrepovofuop man 3. 

Caput I 

p. I, I, I 

1. Ourot ( -/- sup O man i (?) et 3, et in sup marg litura 3 lin ; in 
ult fortasse leg ./x.v..t....vX.v|.v= Mcdixtt) tov Sovkov \ "Kv) \ icat 
Twf>o\* proTcK^oX. 3-5. |[ica]i | ii7]vo^\ \ Mai[vcnj9]| | ir[a]»^a | ai/ra> 
Ifsl npo^ avTOv^' fiera\ to Trara^ai avTov\ ^ritov jScurtXca r(ov\ Afiop- 

• • • • • ■ • 

pauav TOV ica\TOUcri€ravTa e\y E(r€|)8ai]i/ kox [Xly ^ao-tXca]! rq^ Bao'a[i/ 
TOV icaT04]|iojo"ai/Ta \€v Aorapoi^]] ica[4 a/ £S/9a€4i/ ci/]| toi \7F€p(iu tov 
Iop8ai/ov]|. 5. Maxrf)^. 6. opt. 7. ciriOTpou^TC + oPJ | airapaTat | 
cunropcvco'dail | rov fieyaXov 7rora/xov| pro tov Trorafiov tov iieyaXov. 
8. ap;( add man 4 in marg, et ante iSctc - add -/- \ irapaScSoiical pro 
irapciSeScoicci/ | TropevffevTe^ pro €i<nrop€v9eyT€s \ tcd IcaoK^ \ t<o 
loKiofi^, 9. eiTTOp pro ciTra. 10. r)p;c3\ pro v/icni/ | eorat | <n)fi€.pov (p 
in marg man i aut 2). 15. tKaTomap^ov^- +icat| irGrn}KovTapxov^\. 
16. Kotpoil I \hiaKoverai \ \viJjav* \ KpLverai\ pro KpivaTe \ 8iicatai9 | 

• ■ • • • 

aScXf^ov* I |ai/a* | irpooT;|XvTov avrov. 17. c|irtyi/aKr€0'^at pro «r4- 

• • • • • • 

ypaxrr) \ KpuT€L'\ \ |['cat] KaTa tov ftcyaj [icpti/ct?] ov firj [viro|oT€4Xi; 
ir]/3oo"ci*[iroi/| SP9U oJti ij icpto-t^l [tov 0v earip ic]cw to| {^prjlia o €av 
Tf {rJKXtfpul I ^ = TcXos) add in marg man 4 | araurerou| | avTo - 1 pro 

la ^ I TOV5 irai/JTas pro irai^a? tov9 i 7roi\ria€TaL. 

19. ^ I ctSerat | |tov opov9. 20. ctiroi/ pro ctira | v/xa^j + €P toi K(upta 
€K€l\vo} XjeyoH/' | v/jia)i^ pro rj/icDv. 21. v/xoii/ pro 17/iaii/ bis | vpxop | 
avafiauT^^ \ icXijIpoi/ofictTC pro Kkripovofirja'aTe | 01/ | SiXicun^TC'l. 

• • • 

22. apayyaXalToxrap pro aTrayyciXaToia'ai/. 23. 3(o|8£ica pro ifi^. 
24. riXOov. 25. €Xa|)8oi^. 26. jijdcXcTcu pro rjdtKriaaTe \ tov om ante 
ft;. 27. huyoyyva'aTai\ pro Stcyoyyv^crc | iL^i\a'eiv \ Kai add ante 
c^oX€^pev|o-at. 28. rififov pro vficjv^ \ a<f> rj/Kavl pro v^l<i}v^ \ Kaphiav 
+ rjii<ov\ I iroXv + icat ur)(y\pop' \ rjfuop pro v/uov^ \ iroXt?! | copaicaj- 
ft€i/. 29. €iiro\ pro cMTo. 30. rificDv pro v/xcoi^^ | v/xti/ pro rj/iiv \ Ai|- 
yvTTTov pro AtyvTJTCi*. 31. €t|86Taf | 0801/ o/>ov9 TOV Kfioppaiov om | 



€Tp(yiro\<f>opri(r€p \ rponoifiopriatu \ €49 om ante rjv*. 32. v/icip pro 
rfiuav. 33. |7ro/>€verai pro Trpotropeverai \ ^inrpoaOei/ pro Trporepos | 
\Sucwo}p I 7rop€v\€<rOaA» 34. |ica4 ijicoucrei/. 35. tI^| yiji/ n}i/ ayaOrfp 
rav|T7}i/. 36. irpo<rici|(r^a4. 40. oSov 7^ in marg tamen man i. 
41. a/ap\Tiov pro e^ai^t | |iroX€/xi7(ra>/ici/ icoul 7roiria<oii€v pro iroXe/ii;- 
aofiei/ I |avrov ra iroXc/i4ica| | av^pprjr^ pro avefiaLver^. 42. C4ir€ pro 
eiTTOi/ I iroXc/iijcclrou*. 

43. ^. 44. |fraT€84a>^€i/ pro icar€846ifai^. 45. ica^€4<rai/r€9| eicXa4e 
rat I Tov ^€Ov rjiuav om. 46. €|€ica^(r^ai' | \€V€Ka0rfa0aL' ' | eic€4 om. 

Caput II , 

p. 6, I, 23 

1. ^ om. 2. f. 4. irapa|7ropci;€(H?a4 | vfiw* om | add o (par- 
tim scr) post aif>ohpa\ 5. Son; pro Sco | vi049 om | ScjScoica rta Ho-av 
pro vioi9 H(r|ai; SeSoiica. 6. apyvpicv om | ayopacarau \ <^ayc|* 
a0<u' I Xrj^lfeaOaA \ nieaOaA'. 7. iroXXiji^l pro /leyaXrip, 8. Tifuav 
pro vfio)!/ I A4SC01/ pro A4Xa>i/ | VaLMr€uav pro Tojruav. 

^ ante ica4^ | eir4<jT/>a^€Kr€9| pro etriarpei^avT^^ \ \trapnrjlkdanJL€v 
08^1 tpnrifiov. 9. ica4' om | c^^pa4i/erou| | \vfuv airo n}9 7^9| avroii^. 
10. ixryypz] pro 4(r;(i;oi^€9. 12. ro irpo\r€pov' \ 01 vioi\ \ cScojicci/ pro 
8€&uic€i^. 13. vfi€49 om | 7rapa7ro|/9€U€o^a4 | Fa^cp^ pro Zaper^ \ 
ZapcSI pro Zaper*. 

14. ^ I K€u om ante oicra> | 17 yci/ca* | atroOtrqo'KovT^^ om | |ic9' 
pro o ^€09. 15. ii€aov om | Stcirco'oi' - 1 . 

16. ^ I €irc48ij| pro €ir€4 | Si€n€<rov. 18. trapairoparq pro Trapawo- 
pevcni I yi}i/ ^rjeip^ pro ^rjeip. 19. |7rpo<ra^erai | JTcai/ V4a»i/ | exOpair 
verax \ iirjhe pro iccu /xi; | o-i;i/ai/n}|ra4. 20. Zo^o/x/xcti/ * pro Zo^o/xcti^. 
21. |€di^o9 + 'cai I ^vaTov\ pro Swarwrepop vfiwp \ ano pro irpo | €019 
n}9 rjiiepas ravrrj^ om. 22. 04 V404 pro ro49 V409 | l^^erpiAffev pro 

23. ^ I icarcoKo!?! pro 04 KaroiKowres \ AiryxaS^ pro Ao^Sco^ | 
|airo pro €k. 24. Ta9 x^^lp*^- 

25. 1[ I |a>8c4i/a9 pro a>84i'€9. 

26. ^ I iKeB/iioff* pro KcSa/uod. 27. ovk pro 01/^4 | 17 pro ovSc. 
28. SoKn^l pro airoSoKTi;. 29. €019 + 01^1. 30. ]Si;aii' om | 7rap€\0ip\. 

31. 1[ I €i/|ap^a4 + icXi;pai. 

32. ^ I fiauriXevs Ecrefiajv om | €49 add ante lao-jo-a'. 33. rifi{ii^ + 


|€t9 x^^P^^ r)iici}p\ I eirara^alfia/ pro errara^tv. 34. ica|reX€4ir€ifL€i' 
IfirYpi\oLV\ 35. lirpoei/o/xcvcofiSl pro ewpovofievcrafiei/, 37. ct9 T^v 
pro eyyvs \ lAfifiav^ pro Afi/Kop \ (rvy\KvpovvTa \ ;(t/xappai| pro ;(€i- 
liappov I lapfioK* pro lafioK \ TroXt^j | optm; | jij/iii' k? o 6^ i}fiZii-|. 

Caput III 

p. II, I, 2 

1. Tf I €7rtaTpa<^€i^€5| pro arptuf^evre^ \ ily* pro Foiy | nj9 Baaav 
I ''7/^1 Pi"^ ^M^^ I SSpacii'*. 3. icalToXctTTCti/. 

4. ^ I avuKvpowra oni | /ScurtXcta? pro fiaaiXeto^. 7. ira^ra om. 

8. ^. 9. cira>i'o|fi<urai' pro enopofia^ova-ip \ jSai^ctaip^. 10. |at 
iroXeig | ESpaeti/ | |)8a(rtXcia9 pro fiaaiXeiai \ n; om ante \Ba<rap\ 
u. airo pro vno \ Afilfiav pro Afificjp \ mj^cS] bis | cvpo?+avnj9. 
12. |€icXi;poi'o/xi}o'a/xi| pro eTrpopofi^xKra/i^p \ |7rapa to x^iAos pro €irt 
rov ;(€iXoi;9 | rov opoi;9| rov FoXaaS^ | Se8aiica| pro cSoiica. 13. jOy^ 
pro Tayy \ rrjp irepix^lpov \ Apyofi* 4- kcw | Jtiji' pro yriv \ XayMrfty|- 
aovrax* pro \oyurdr)aer€u. 

"• If I ^1 'fr^p^Xl^pov I Ia)8oic| pro ApfioK | Ta/jlyao-ct pro 
Tapraxr^i \ avro pro avra^ | Bcurai/ A/3a)^| pro Ba<ra€fia0 Avm0. 
16. cSoiica pro ScSoMca | Apva>v -\- ii€\aov rov xifiappov opto] \ lafioK] 
+ ICCW I xSiiappov^. 17. Maxa\vapah^ pro Maxavaptd \ ano pro 

VTTO I |t179 pro TTjV, 

M. 1[ I irpo|iro/)cv€<rtfat. 19. lOTjjny iroXXa| | ei/ add ante cw9. 
20. |vfiaii^ pro ripxov \ av|T049 (av in ras man 2 aut 3, v/il| rot9 
man l) | efra\vaarpau(f>ria'€<r0(u\. 

21. f I Iriaov pro Iijcot | jcopaicourii/ | o ^€09 rjpMv* om | Sta/Sou- 
i'ct9 cn;|. 22. <f>ofiri6ria€\<r0€ pro <^oj8i;ft70Tj, 4- air avroi'' | v/ioii/ av- 
ro9| iroXc/ii^cet virc/9 pro i^fuoi^ ai/ro9 iroX^et ircpi. 23. evavriov 
om. 24. 7c€ ic2-| pro Kvptc o ^€09 | €W04i7O'a9| + icara ra epya aov. 
25. opo9|+Tovro. 26. vircptSci/. 27. icopv|<^i7i/ pro Kopv(f>ri \ kou 
om ante tScj. 28. toi ItjJ o-ov- pro Irja-oi \ koll om ante Karurywrov \ 
KaTaKKripovo\fiyian pro Karakkripovofirjaei \ eopoKa^. 

Caput IV 

p. i4> 2, 17 

1. % om I icot iroXuTrXcuricwrftTTC om | rifKav pro vfiaii'. 2. irpo<r|^i;- 
(rerou pro Trpoadriata-de \ a|<^€X€trai | ^XdaaeaOoL | jij/juui/ pro vfuui^ 


I ocas pro oaa. 3. €opaKa\a'iv \ iravra om | 7}fuov\ pro vfitav* \ 
vfuov pro TjfKav*. 4. 7rpoa'K€iii€voL (<r sup man 2) | rjiuav pro u/xoii^. 
5. ctScrc I jiroiijcrai + vfias \ v/us] €L(nrop€V€<r0cu \ Kkripovo/iyfa'tul pro 
KkrjpovofULv. 6. <^t;Xa|^€<r^ai | iroiTfcelrai \ r<av edvcjp \ ra Sticcu- 
ai/xara| Tra^ra. 8. evavriov] vptov pro v/xti^. 

9. ^ I (f>v\a^€ pro <f>vka^op \ eopaKoxriv \ awo<mjo"aTaKra| pro airo- 
OTTiTaxrav. 10. |€icXT}(rtcu70i^ | o(ra9 pro a9 | |8t8a^aKrti/- pro 84- 
Sa^oxHTiP. 21. frpoclriXdare \ \€k pro €019 | ifxavT) fieyaX'q om. 12. r/u 
om I v/xt9| I 'qKov€Tcu' pro yfKov<raT€ \ €t8€rat. 13. ajyctXa pro avtff 
yctXei/ I Ta9 add ante 8vo. 

14. \ I €/xot I v|fia9 aura | €U7iro|pcve<rda4. 15. <f>v\aL^€<r0(u \ o/xot- 
oi/xa ovic| €t8aT€. 16. avrois pro €aurot9. 18. ocra pro a. 20. vfuts 
pro rjiias \ €K yt)% Aiyvmrov om | Ka\ii€wov \ €v\Kkripov pro euKXyfpov. 

21. ^ I vfi<av pro cov | vficop pro (rot. 22. Staj/Saii^crai + roi' lop- 
Sal 1^71/ * I KXyipovol/iTjO'erai. 

^^' If I \frpo<r€X€Tax \ v/iei^l pro vfuv \ €7nXa0ri<r0(u\ \ iroirfaerai, 
pro iroLrjayirc \ (rweraL^evho'oil. 

25. ^ I ci/avrt Kv pro evavriov Kvpiov, 26. a|iraiX€ta | airoXcur^aij 
I 8ta/3€Ui/erat| | KXrjpovoiiyfcai -{■ av\T7iv \ irokvxpolvteiTc man 3(?), 
nokvxpovioi Tfre man i | €KTpifiria'€<rd€u\, 27. icara|X4<^di70'€<rda4 | 
vfta9 >C9'. 28. Xar/xv(r€|rai | ovSc pro ovrc ter. 29. Kittt^o-ctcw | 
vfiaii/*| pro rjiJLtav \ evptiaerax | Icic^T/njo-crat pro eK^rfTTfayire \ dXtji^i.. 
30. evpou(rl| pro €vpnr\a-ov<nv \ ccrxaraii/| pro ccrxaro. 3i. ov|#f' (ic 
man 2 in marg) | €Krpi^. 32. rov\ axpov \ riKovare, 34. cirot- 
i;<7€i/ + IC9. 35. ctSci/ou pro ctSrjo-at. 37. v/ia9 + ira/9a Trajra ra 
edtrrf. 38. icat* om | €)(is\. 39. icat yvoHni arjfi^pov om. 40. <^v- 
Xa^ pro <f>v\a^oLa0€ \ as\ pro ocrag | y€ini\<rdai. 41. iroX€t9 in ras 
man i. 42. <f>v\y€Li/ \ €av pro av \ fieurtav \ airo pro npo \ |icat pro 
ovSc frpo T179. 43. FaS^ pro FaSSct | rrf fiaaalvmh pro fiao'av ro>. 

44. ^. 45. MoKTi;?! I lo'X+ei' rrfl ep^pw \ cfcX^orSJ. 46. eyyvs 
(€ in ras tamen man i ) | c^cX^ojrcoi/. 47. awcov • pro avrov | fly* 
pro Foiy I Kara pro Kar*. 48. |rov )(€ikovs pro ro ;(€iXo9. 49. icara| 
pro icar' | v7ro\ pro airo. 

Caput V « ^w w t-» 

p. 21, I, 13 

1. ^ post €* in €KaX€a€v \ Maxrrjs \ Kpip,ara oaa (a4> in ras man 
l) I XaXcii €v (Xa> €v in ras man i) | fia^<r€|a'^ai | <^vXa|^€<r^at. 


2. TjfKop pro viJLtov. 3. Iti/kov pro v/Lia)v | aXXa pro aXX' yf \ |<n7/Li€- 
pop l^(ovr€s\. 5. tonjliccti/. 6. cyoj + ct/xt | |oaTts pro o* | e^r/yayop 
pro e^ayaytop \ SovXcta^j- 7. TrX-iyi/j efiov pro tt/oo irpoa-omov /lov. 

8. yXv7rroi/| pro ctScaXoi/. 9. |oTt cyoj pro eyoj yap ctfit | vfi®| pro 

12. ^. 14. 8e om I o vto9 pro ot vioi | icat| add ante o TrpocnjXv- 
ro9 I fcatj add ante o irapoLKfov \ ep yap c^ ijiiepai^ . . . ra cv avroi9 
om I tjI ftaihuTKi) crov|' man i in ras, + icat to vTroJvytoi/ crov|. 
15. <^vXa(r(r€(rd(at)| + crc. 

16. ^ I €i/er€tXaro| + aoi \ post o ^€09 crov tva amissa sunt duo 
folia ad verba rqv yrfv nqv ayaffr/v, VI, 18. 

Caput VI 

p. 23, I, I 

ao. Tf I TL\va pro Tt. 21. yrf om | ic? + o ^s| | cicetdei/ om. 23. €ic€t- 
0€v-\-iva €ura\yayri jffia^' \ yi^v-fr^j ayadriv. 24. ic?| ly/xti^- | 'i^fiti' ly. 
25. TToietp om I €i/aKrt| pro ei/avrtov. 

Caput VII 

p. 23, 2, 22 

1. ^ I KOL carat orai^ pro eav 8c | IficyoXa + icai iroXXaj | top Tep- 
yccrai^l koa top A/Lioppatov| Kai top XapapaLOp\ {kcu ult in ras man 
I aut 2) I ifTxyporepa (o in ras man ?). 3. yafi/SpcvcnjIrcu | Soktci^ 
pro XijjLii/nj. 4. c^oXo^pcvjcrct. 

5. ^ I iroti7<r€rai| | ica^cXctratl | \(nnrrpvif$erai,' | €icico|ifferat* | jicara- 
Kavcrerat. 6. ere' om. 7. iro|Xv7rX7}d€trat | irpojetXaro 1^ vfia^ iccu| 
cfeXe in ras tamen man i. 

^ post e^eXe^aro vfiag. 8. StaTijpii/ pro hiaTifptop \ fcvpios om | 
icpaToxa 4- icat €v ^/)a|)(toi/t i^Xo)' | cXiirpoKraTo -i- <r€ /f?| | SovXeta^l. 

9. ypaxTTf pro ypoHreirde \ (rriiA€pop om | irwrro? o om | rot9 aya7ra>|- 
ortv avrov K(u €k^\ \ kcu' om. 10. €foXo^pev|crcu. u. avrov*'" 

om I ravlra pro avrov '. 

12. ^ I carat + iji/tica | <^v|Xa^TjTat + avra' | top ekouop Kada\ pro 

TO ekeo^ o. 13. Kvpios^ om | 7rXi;^vj/t| | €yyopa \ 7)^ pro a>s | k? 

Qi/xo|a'€i/, + 8ovi'at. 14. icat €i;Xoy»;a"ct| tre pro cvXoyTjro? corj. 15. fia- 

XaiC€tai/| I eopaxas \ \o(ras pro oa^a | e|7ra^€t pro emdjicei^ \ avras 

pro aura | irai^a9 om. 16. <^ta'€rat | icox ' om. 18. Traa'ti/. 19. tSoi^ 


pro ihoo'ap I r€para| + ra ficyaka €K€Lva\ | iracrt. 20. (r<^7}|ic€ta9 | 
icaraA€|X€i/Lific]/ot. 21. o ^9 o pro ^€09. 22. |ai;rov$ €^ai/aXaKrat|. 
23. aira)|X€ta | je^oXo^pcvo^s pro e^oXcdpcucn}. 24. |e^€ii/ov' pro 
€K€iP(op I ovdet^l pro ovSft? | €£oXo|dp€V(n}9 pro e^okcBpevoTi. 25. ica- 
rajicavcrerat pro icavcrere | cv om | ovSc pro kou \ \k(u add ante 01; 
\yi^. 26. iccu ovK eurourets ^SeXvy/xa cts roi/ ot^cov crov om | ai^a- 
0€fia pro apadriiia bis. 

Caput VIII 

p. 27, I, 30 

I. ^ om I <^vXa^€(rdai| | etcrcX^T/rcl icat pro cureX^oi/rc? | caj/Liocrev 
jc^ pro Kvpio<: o 0€o^ v/itop (ofiocev \ rnKov pro viitov '. 2. iraaav (cr 
corr ex t aut v man l) | av7j\yay€v pro ifyay^v \ onto^ pro a>9 | 7rct|- 
poun; pro ciciretpacn;. 3. t^Setcrai' pro etSyfa'av \ aXX 7} pro aXX' | 
r6> om post prrffiari. 4. ovk eiroXato)^ arro crov, ra vn'oSi^^ara crov 
om. 5. |aPuP pro aa^Opamo^ \ cov' om. 6. ci^ add ante rats oSotsj. 
7. eurayayei pro curayct | Jttji/ yi^i^ tt^i/ aya^?)| | )(t|fiappoi | kcu\ add 
ante m^ycu | |€uriropei;o/A€i^at| pro eiciropevo/Lici/cu. 8. (ruic(u-| + iccu. 
9. liTTcaxeias | ovS;| eir avry^s* | /EAcroXXevcrtsl. 10. eSck^icci' (roi + 7c?| o 
^s crov. 

II. ^ I Kpiiialra-havTov. 13. icai tgii' fiootp aov] tr post iccu| ra>p 
irpo/SaTfov cov] \ irkriOvpOepTfop * om | ir\7)0w0€VT(ov\* + a'OL' \ itXt;- 
0w0€v\r<av pro nXTjdvi/devTo^ \ |oo'a pro 00*011^ | crot eorii^ pro coroi 
o-ot. 14. icapSia + 0'oi; 'I | €^ayayo|ro9 | Soi;|Xcta9'- 19. ayayoTOs\ 
I T7;s ^ om I ov ' om | cf ayayo|ros | cr^t pro o-ot. 16. koll * om | ttoi- 
'i^crat pro trovvftrt] \ twp rj/ieptov om. 17. /lovlycLkriv pro tt^i/ fieyoKyfv. 
18. |rov e^ayayoro9 cr€| man 2 pro ore avro^ o^ot StSoKrt Ttfv ; om man 
I loc tamen xv fere litt relicto | icat' om | irnj|cnj pro <rn\<rri \ 8ta- 
Qr)K7iv\ + avrov. 

19. ^ I avroi9 + fcat irpoa'Kv\vri<nf^ avroi^' \ a7rai|Xcta | airoXeur^c 

+ airo| Tf)^ yrfs* 20. aire pro irpo | anokeo'dai' pro airoXeur^c | 


Caput IX 

p. 29, 2, 26 

1. ^ I TovTov om I €ureX^cl| + icat. 2. Ati/aic^ pro Ei^aic bis | \riada 

pro ourda^. 3. e^oXod/)ei;{(r€t | airoXct pro awokei^ \ avrov^ + a/ 

Ta)(ct. 4. Tov d^ov cov om | ravra om | |irpo pro arro \ irpwramov 


+ (rov| I Ta5 8t]iccuo<rwas pro tt^i/ Sticatoai/in}!/ | Tavrrfv+laikX rj 8ia 
nyv acre^ctjai/ tchp €0v(ov tov\t(ov' 7c? cfoXo^p€i;|(r€t avrov^ arro wpo- 
laamov aov. S. apoiu\av pro ourcjSaoi/ | c^oXo^pevjcrct | avrov om | 
oifiocrci/ + ic?| I TO! om ter. 7. €^X|d€ra& | cic yij? pro c^ | coj? pro 
iccu I 7iX0eraL\. 8. c^v/agi^ 4- ic?. 9. 17s pro as | rco opct (oi corr ex 

man i ). 10. cu add .ante rifiepa. 

11. Tf I 8ta add ante T€cr(rcpaico|Ta*. 12. iccu' om. 

13. ^ I Sets pro Sis I copoica. 14. icat ion/ om | icat €^o\\odp€va(o 
pro €i6k€0p€V(r€u. is. v7ro(7Tp€|i/fas pro emarpe^a^ \ cois rov ovpa- 
i^ov om. 

16. Tf I i;fiap|Ti7T€ pro riiJLapTere. 17. €piifra| | cn;v|crptifra+ai;ra9. 
18. yfixaprelrai' \ €paPTi, pro ci^aKrtoi/ | ffv + v/icov. 19. |toi/ Oviiop 
KOLL Trip\ opyrfv \ irapo^\0ri \ €(o\\odp€vacu \ €v om. 20. c^/xa>^ 
+ KS cr^o|8pa I €^oKodp€va'ai\ \ ev^a/A^j. 21. cXa|/8a pro ekafiov | ci^ 
om I €0)9 + OV I cycin;|ft7 pro ey^vero*. 22. E/xjirvpicr/xa) | |ntpa(rfia> - 

1 'Rp + rov dv\ v/Kop'. 23. an€\<rTeiX€P pro c^aircaretXc]/ | i7fia$| pro 
v/xa9 I ava/Sr/TaM | i77ri^0'a|r€. 24. |fcat add ante aireidoxnn'e^l. 
25. €i^ai/rt pro ci/ai/rtoi/ | Ic^oXotfpcvircu. 26. ctiroi^| pro ctTra | ic€ + 
Ki I €^6ko\0p€u<nis I cXvrpoKrai + Ici/ tt; mt^vi aov rrj\ /leyaXr/' \ nj 
/leyaXr) om. 27. ejirt add ante ra aa-efirffiara. 28. iieiceip pro 
liurfiaai | avrov? '+ jcf Atyvwrov | airoicr€i|i/cu €v ny €/9y;/xcu| | avrov? * 
om. 29. fccu €1^ tt; x^^P^ ^^^ ''^ fcparata om. 

Caput X 

p. 34i I. 14 

1. ^. 2. ypatjffo pro ypaifrct? | ocra pro a | |cu$ pro a? | avra? pro 

3. ^ I 8vo add ante irXaica?! ras Xi(?ti/a? | ep pro cirt. 4. irvpo^ + 
«/ tt; €/»7/li€d| n79 cicicXTycrtasl. 5. ai/€Xa|^oi/ pro €V€fiakov. 6. loia- 
ict/Lt^l pro Icuc€6/i I Mcta'a8ay^ | \o vto9. 7. airqpav om | raX|yaX*' 
pro ra8ya8* | TaXyaX'*! pro ra8ya8' man i in ras? | l&rafiaOa* 
pro TaxfiaOa. 

8. Tf I rryi/* om. 9. av\r<ov pro avrov | ica^a pro KaOort \ av|rot9* 
pro avrcu. 10. icat eyoi pro icaya> | cottj| pro umjKuv \ €t<njicov|<r€i/ 
pro ifKova-ev I fiov k^ pro icvpio? c/itov icox. 11. o^alrt pro evavriov \ 


12. f I Kcu' om. 13. avrov om. 14. apx ( = apx^) add in marg 


man 7 et in marg sup ct? ttji/ /ivrjiirjv t® ayici vrpci €t5 to kux^rjKo \ 
at;roi9*| pro aunj. 16. ireptre|/Li€to'dcu | CKXripwevre + en]. 17. o om 
ante <f>ol3€po^'\ \ ovSej pro ov8' ov. 19. ayam^crelTou | Xiyvirrov' 
pro Atyvnroi. 20. avroi + fAOi^cul. 21. €P om | €i8ov pro tSocrai/ | reX 
( s reXo^) add in marg man 7. 

Caput XI , ^ 

p. 36, 2, 15 

1. ^ om I aurov* + icat ra irpolaray/iaTa avrov | avrov'4-|ffat ra? 
€VTo\a^ av|Tov. 2. yv(oa'e(rdau\ \ ovre pro ovSc | ct|8oi/ pro tSocrai/. 
3. err /Liia|. 4. ri; Svi/a/i€t| pro n7i' Svi^afiti^' | kcu ttjv SvpafjLtp avrojv 
om I irpo(T(a\nov pro npotramov. 5. v/iti' pro ijfiti/ | TjX^elrcu. 6. ra> 
A/8&|p<tfv. 7. €(op<ov pro ecapaxav | itv + ra /AcyajXa | [ei^ add ante 

®- H I <f>v^o.^0La^o,i, pro <f>vkai€<r0€ \ IctorcX^T/rc ica& pro ctcrcX^oK- 
r€9 I K\ri\povoii7i<rriT€ pro KXyipovoiiTiaere \ jSta/Soui/crat. 10. 17 add 
ante yrj* \ acnolpevecBai pro eKireiropevcde \ avrtav om | Xa;(a|i/€&a9'. 
11. Se corr ex St man i | opivt) \ lircScun;. 12. €irurico7rt|€tr(u. 

13. ^ I aKov|<n7T€ pro turoKOvo'rjre \ ci^oXas + avrou | ocra^j pro 
a9. 14. {Soicrct? pro Soicrct | icara Kakpo\ irpwi/iop pro icad* oipai/ 
'trpoL/JLOv I ejXeoi/ pro cXouoi/. 15. Soxril. 16. €fi7rXi)crdt9| | \npoaKv- 
injoT7rcu|. 17. opyicffrj pro opyi; | cn;(rx>?| | o om ante vero? | ra 
€K(f>opLa\ pro roi/ Kapirov \ auok€i\a'dai \ v/alp ic?'| pro o KvpLOs v/jllp, 
18. CK/SaXctrc pro e/AjSoXcirc | a^a^erat. 19. StSa^erai | avra om | 
Xeyetvj pro XaXcti/ | at/ra pro €i/ avrot? | icadi;/Li6i^oi^$| pro Kadr^/i^pov 
aov I 7rop€v|ofia/ov9 pro iropevo/iafov aov \ fcotra^o/xcvovsj pro Kadev- 
8ovro^ aov \ hLaviora/iepovsl pro B^avurrafievov aov, 20. ypat|rerat | 
<^Xeta9 I |otic€caii/. 21. iro\v7)ii€p€varj\T€' pro iiaKpoTniepevarjTe \ koll 
+ 7rXij^yi/^o>|(rti/ | Tjfiepcu + v/Liai| Kat cu i^/ic/xit. 

22. ^ I vfiii/ pro (Tot I v/Kov pro ij/aoii/ | Kai' om | |Kat add ante 
npocTKo\\aa0ai\. 23. K\ri\povofirja€T<u \ ur)(ypo\r€pa pro ur^vpa. 

24. ^ I loi' pro ov I TTOTa/iov* om | |u/ia>i/' pro crov. 25. |toi/ <^o- 
/8oi/ vfia>i/| icat roi/ rpo/iop v/icl}] \ irpoaiOTTOV pro trpoafanov \ \av pro 
€ai/ I €XaX7j|crci/4-lc?. 26. ttjv*'* om | cuXoyta^l pro evkoyiav \ Kara* 
pa^' pro Karapav. 27. ra? €v|Xoyta9 pro T171/ cvXoytav | aKovaj)\Tai 
I ocra^l pro a9. 28. Ta9 Karapav pro at Karapai \ tiaaKOvaifT^ pro 
oKovarjre \ oaa^ pro o<ra | |ot9 pro ov9. 


29. ^ I €19* om I 7771^ cvlXoytai'. 31. ava\Pai,P€rou pro S&a/Sati^crc | 
rffAepa^ + \kcu icXijpoi/o/iijcrclrat avrrfp' \ icaTa>|ici7crerat pro icarotin^ 
crerc. 32. <^vXa^€(r^at| | rov om | avrov + icai ra Kpi/ialra avrov | 
€i/rcXXojLiatl pro 8iSa)/xt epomiop \ vfiip pro v/kop. 

Caput XII 

p. 41, I, I 

1. ^ om I Kara pro icat* | <^vXa^€(r^at pro <^i;Xa£ere | rov om | 
|€irt T7J9 yriS' 179 pro cv tt; yrj^ ri \ v/iwl pro thkov. 2. icat add ante 
aira>|X€ta | aTToXeiTat | €ic€t + ra eOvrj \ KaraicXi7/3oi/o|fictrai pro icXt;- 
poPoiJL€LT€ I l^^/jutfi' ' pro 0LPWP \ WTOKaTta -^ wavTO^ \ 8a(rca»9 pro Sa(r€09- 
3. fcarcurfca|ifr€T<u pro icarcurfcou^aTC | (n;i/rpi|i|0er(u | eKKO^ertu \ Kara* 
fcav(r€|rai pro icarcucavcrare. 4. woivfirercu. 5. |aXXa pro aXX' rf \ 
vyLtop pro cov | ^vktav pro iroXea>i^ | jcfc^iTn/crercu + icat €ur|eXevcrc(rdai. 
6. ourera^ + €ic€i | v/aoii/ ' + fcou ra 0va'iaaiia\Ta viuav icot ra9 airap| 
\a^ vfuav " I |ev;(a9 pro ofioXoyta9 | v/ia)i/ ' + icat ra| ^Kovtria vfiwp * 
fcai|. 7. i\>ay€€rdaL \ \tvavTi pro o^a^rtoi^ | cv^^pai^l^crecr^at | eav pro 
ai^ I ciri/SaXi/ratl ra9 x^ipa^ v/Lia>i^| pro ttjjv x^^P^ etnfiaXrjfr^ 8. iroti^ 
crercu | cirotov/iS pro Trotov/Lici/ | Ici^ai^toi/ pro evannop, 

10. ^ I hiafiyitrurOak \ fcarotlmjcrerat | vfiai | pro rui^v \ KarajcXrf- 
povofiTflireL pro KaraKkifpovoiiti. \ rwv om ante fcvicXa>' | \KaroiKri<r€r 
rat I cur<^aX€ta9*. 11. \vp,(av pro aov \ eirLKXriOrfvah -\- CKe^ \ our€\r€U | 
)(€^pa>v vficDi/ * + fcat ra Sofia|ra v/kop- \ \ein\&CTOP pro eicXcicroi/ | a| 
pro eap \ 0(o + v\fA<op\ 12. €v<f>pap\0ria'€a'dai, \ cyavrt| pro epaPTiop | 
Ovyarelpoi^ \ Aei;tr7}9. 

13. ^. 14. ai/ot0-ct9 pro ai'otcrerc I crou-| pro v/xo)!'. 15. Kp€a + 
Kara rqp CTrtldv/Lttai^ r7^9 ^^^^X!l^\ ^^^'' ^^- <f>a\y€(rd(U \ \avro €ic)(€Ct- 
rcu. 17. irov' + Kcul rcop irpo/Sarcop irouj | ra9 cv^^^l I v/xoii^* pro 
crov^ 18. €i/avrt pro ci^avrtoi^ bis | o'ov^ om | |avra' pro auro | ep 
add ante avroi*! | crov| pro v/icop \ \eaj/ pro ap'. 

19. ^ I eyicaraXctiny?!. 20. etin79| pro €pet9. 21. ftajicporcpoi^ pro 
fjLOJcpap I cirticXij^Tji^atl ro opofia avrov c|ic6t* | dvaia^ pro dv(ret9 | ct>9 
pro a>v I irotl o ^9. 22. €8crcu + av|ro'. 23. ro atfla|^ 24. <^ay€- 
0-^at. 25. ro| apearop icat ro ica|Xoi^ | cvavrt pro €Papr%op, 26. a 
add ante cav. 27. irov+ra Kpta apouru^ \ eni, ro Ov<riaxrrripi\op >ew 
rov 0v orov| ro he at/Lta roii^ 6v\(ri<ixp aov irpo<rx€|€t9 vpo9 rryi/ ^acrl 
rov 6va'iaaTripiov\ WO rov Bv aov. 


28. ^ I l/Liera ere pro 8t* aL(ovo<: \ €vavTi,\ pro €i^€umov. 

29. ^ I c^oXo^pcvcn;! | a pro oi;$ | av add ante eLoiropevrj \ Kara" 
KkripovolfiyiceL^ pro KaTajc\ripovoiiri<rri^ \ avrov? pro avrtfv \ |icaroi- 

30. ^ I cfoXotfpcvj^i/cu I crov + fAT;! oct^rjfnfinis rovs\ 0€ov^ avrtav \ 
|qi9 pro ira)9. 31. ovrta^ + ico) | Kvpiov om | eiiunfa'a/ + ic?| | eiroiTjaep 
pro eirovqo'av \ €v^ om. 32. (roi| pro v/xti/ | <^|Xafcu pro <^vXa^. 

Caput XIII r. .c . t, 

p. 45» 2, 13 

1. ^ I TO om I SoKTCil pro So) croi. 2. kcu Cijin} pro Xeycai^ | otSa- 
rat'. 3. a|fcov(r€(rdcu | crov* om | aya7rar€+\in> \ \viAxav' pro <roi;'. 

4. iro/9€vccrdat ' I | avrov pro rovrov \ <^o/8ijft7|crccrtfat', + KaA ras €i^|to- 
Xas atn'ov <^vXa|^€crdat | cticovcr€|cr^af | 7rpo(r\r^di)a€a'dai\ 5. €fa|- 
yayoro9 | SovXctasj | €k pro airo * | |iropcv€(rdat + ore | a<^ai/t€t|rc pro 

6. ^ I yvmj + crov | o <^t|Xo9 + orov o | tt; ^\xyi P^O tt;? ^jf^^S. 
8. icat' om I jcTT ai;roi/ pro eir avroi' (eir man 2 in marg) | ovSc pro 
ov8* ov. 9. icat add ante cu )(6tp€9' | leir avroi pro ctt avroi/ | 17 ;(€tp 
pro at x^tp€9* I €<rxar5)| pro ccrxaroj. 10. c^ajyayoro? | ISouXcta?*. 
11. Ilo-X (nota compendi add man 5 aut 6) | 7rpo<r|^7;crovcrtv pro 
npoaOrfcei \ irow)aai\ en, 

12. ^ I crou* om I crot om. 13. |c^X^oi/ pro ^^Xdoaav \ ij/xai| pro 
v/iQii/ I iroXti^ pro yi^i/ | ots pro ov5 | i;|8€trcu*. 14. epoinjcrei^ + icat 
cic(i)r7)(r€t9| I c^epeui/TjcrcisI pro epavKijcret^ | (ra^9 pro 0'a<^a)9 | 
IcrX" pro vfitv. 15. irai/ra9 om | |iroX€t pro yi; | ai/ade|/iart€iTat. 

16. ^7r/>i)(ret9| | ra cricuXa avTTj?] irai^a ' | |ci/ai^t pro evavriov. 

17. Kou' om I \ovdeif pro ouScv | tov\ dv/iov \ ekaiov pro eXco^ | |a>/io- 
<rci/+ic?. 18. \€urajcovirfiT€ pro cmcovctt;? | ^i;Xaa'cr€ti/ + 7ra|cra9 | a? 
pro <Kra9 | to Ka\ov\ Kat to apearov \ €i/11\tl pro G/amiop, 

Caput XIV o 

p. 48, I, 20 

1. ^ om I carat | ov <^ot|/87}a'erat Kat add ante ovk \ e|irid'>}(rerat. 
2. \y7j^ + naanj^ \ 3. <^a{y60'dat. 4. ra Krr)vri\ \ <^ayccr^at' | Kai 
a,ivo\ partim in ras partim in marg. tamen man i | \xei,iappov. 

5. SopicaSa * + Kou fiovfia\o\ Kai rpa.y€\a<l>ov '\ 6. |8t)(i7X€voi/ pro 


Bl^7]\ovv I l^ayccr^af. 7. <f>ay€a'0ai \ xotpoyvKkiop \ | carat* pro 
€<mv, 8. oirktfv om | ovv\)(a^ pro ovv^iorripa^ \ vfiiv-\-^\<TTaA' \ 
^aye\a'd(u + Kai \ a^aadai* pro atlfcade. 9. <f}ay€a'0ai bis | rot?] 
vSacTf pro TO) vSart | ci'" om. 10. oi;|8c pro Kat' | <^a|y€cr^at* | 
|rai;Ta ccrrcu v/Liti/| pro v/itv €<mv. 11. <^ayc<r^af|. 12. <^ayc|- 
(rdai I aXt|airoi/*. 13. avrta' + Kai to\ KopaKa* K€U ra ofiota| 
avroi*. 14. Toi' OTpov\dov, 16. ciroTra* pro vTroira. 18. [koi add 
ante travra \ ravra caratj v/xti/- pro v/iiv cartf | <f}ay€a'dax bis. 
20. ovK cSclcrdat* pro ou <f>ay€a'0€ \ jSp?| ai;Tov + 09 yap Trotctj rovro 
ci>9 ct diKrij aar<f}aXaKa' p/qvi/jLal €<mv rco 6(0 loKcofi], 22. av|ro + 
cvai/Tt TcDTovj 0v crov | ciccf cicct pro ckcc | oi(r€|Tat. 

23. ^. 24. Xtji/tij. 25. TO apyvpLop\ I cai/ om | ifri^x^ <roi; + |€irt 
fiovaLv Tf cirt| rrpofiaroLS' fi cttl ot|i/ai* -ly cirt (rtic€pa| 17 cirt Trai^os, 
(ov\ ewtOviiei 7f ^xv\ ^ov | |c]/av7t pro tvavriov \ olko^ pro vto9. 
26. Aevtry;?. 27. ciceii^ai + #cat. 28. Kat o op\<f}avo^ Kai o ir/KHrji;- 

Caput XV 

p. 5i» I. 25 

1. ^ om. 2. aj^<n,%\ \ o^Ckti \ aTrainjcrt^l + or 1 1 yap 17 om ante 
|a<^€crei9 | kO tov 0v\ pro Kvpto) roi ^€qi. 3. a| pro €ap \ 8c add ante 
a8€X<^ov. 4. ort'+8ta ro\ pTf/ia rovro \ \KaraK\rjpovofiri\a'ajL pro 
KarakkrjpovoiJLeip ere. 

5. ^ I |<^i;Xao-crti/ | a9 pro o(ra9. 6. apfcts|+oT;. 

7. ^ I eic add ante r(ov\ aScXf^v | i^v pro 7) \ ovBe\ pro ov8* ov | 
aw(r<l>iiri^, 8. r7)i/| X^^P^ P^^ ^^^ X^^P^^ I 8a|i^cioi^ | ai^ add ante 
eTTtSeerou | |ica^o(roi/ pro KaOori. 9. iroi^pevonTrcl | /8oi}|(rerat pro 
KarafioTjcerau, 10. avroi^ + jicat | KaOori epBeeirat om | €i/ add ante 
rq icap8ta| | iracrt ' | €pyoi^\ + irov - \ eav pro av. 11. rryi' X^^'P^I P^^ 
ras xctpa9. 

12. ^ I Tj pro icox' I \K<u'+r(o erct. 13. airoorcXt?! pro cfaTrocrTc- 
Xcis. 14. 7^9 Xtji/ov pro rov oivou | jicadort pro Kada. 15. €Kr€X|Xo- 
/xai crot. 

16. If I riyaini\a'€v, 17. iccu* om | Xi^li/n; | dvpav + em rov 
a-raOpio^ 18. c7rcTto| | rov om ante ptcrdojrov. 

19. ^ I nporroroKov] + apaeviKov \ T019 /Sovolj pro Tax9 fiovcriv \ ro 
irpwrolroKov pro ra irporroroKa \ npofiaro)] in ras man i . 20. icu + 
rov| ^v (TOV I ap\ pro cav. 21. eav Be pro icat eai/ | 1) 7ra9 fia)|/xo9 


irovrjpo^' pro luaiiov irovjjpov | \0%Hn<ur€L^ pro Ovcti^. 22. ^aye- 
rou 'I pro eScrcu. 23. ro cu/xa| | /At; <f}ayriTe pro <f}ay€a'0€ \ cic;(€Cire| pro 

Caput XVI ^ .>. . lii 

p. 54, I, i8 

1. ^. 2. ffvai^l I |oi; ai/ pro oi cav. 
3. ^1 avro pro avrov*. 4. [iroa-ti^ | av pro eew. 
s. ^. 6. a| pro eav \ €icct-| cicet pro cicet, | dvciaaei^ pro OvcrtL^ | 
8v(r/xat9 pro Svoyxa^. 7. o) ai^| pro ov eav \ aireXevcn; pro cXcvcn). 

9. €^Sofia8a9 + oXoicXT}|/x>v9 | c^apid/Li7}0'i9| | aiujrta pro a/LH/roi/. 

10. icr^vtl i; x^V ^^'^ I Soi-flirof KaOori cvXolyijcrcv crc. il. jcvain 
1^ pro €PavTi,oi/ I oi; add ante fcot' | Acwtt^^ + o cvj rcu9 TroXecr&i^ 
0-ov'l I ovcra om | av| pro eav | auroi/ add ante etriKkriffrivai. 
12. JT/or^a pro eyevov \ A^yvirrov '| pro Atyuirro) | iroti/crct? (iro prim 
scr 71$). 

13. ^ I r(op cKrjPcil I a7ro| t7}9 pro €k tov. 14. ovcra om. is. a^ 
pro cai^' I €p add ante avrai'|. 

^ ante cai/ Se | iraxrl] +roi9. 16. ap€C]/t| kov pro apaeviKOv \ eucLuri 
pro €rai^toi/ 1 av pro eav. 

^ ante ovk a^drjan. 18. fca|rour777<rct9 pro iroii^€i9 | iracrai9 add 
ante ran^ iroXccm^. 19. lovfc ddrXii/ovcrti/l Kpuriv add ante ovic eirt- 
ypoKrovToi | |Sa)pa* pro Soi/ooi/ 1 |€im;(^Xot pro airoru^Xot | o'o^ov* pro 
aoclxop I |€^atp€i pro e^apei,. 

21. ^ I lev add ante tov ^ | ov iroii70'€t9 o'cavroi om. 

22. %. 

Caput XVII 

p. 57» h 7 

1. ^ om. 2. cvpcj^iy + cv aot | |oaTt9 pro 09 | €vavn\ pro €t^av 
Tiov. 3. irpDcrjicvinjcrciKrti/ pro rrpoo'Kwrjaova'iv \ |i; add ante toi 
7}Xiai I o pro a \ 7rpo<r€ra|£a pro irpocrerafci/. 4. avrjyyeXrj pro 
ovayycXij. 5. e^a^6t9 pro €^ap€t9 | €Kcti^i/ + rov9| won70"aKra9 to 
pi/l/ia ro TTovripov rov\To trpo^ Ta9 7rvXa9| crov* | Xxdo^oX7}|(rerou. 
6. airojtfi^TjcrKct pro airodavevrai^. 7. x€'P' + ^«'^o9|. 8. pi)|fia pro 
priiJLOLTa I crov' + CTTtfcXTjI^Tji^at ro ovofiaj avrov. 9. cXcvot; + ir/)09 
ro V9| t€p€t9 rov9 Acv€t|ra9* tj | eav pro ai'. 10. irav irpoclrayiia pro 
TO wpay/ii I ai/ pro cai/ bis | crot' + ot | o-ov + lcTrticXijftji/ai to| ovofia 
avTov cfcci'|. 

% ante kou <^vXa^, + (r<^o8pa| | icara add ante iravlra. 11. ca 


pro OP I CKfcXti^i^l . 12. eap pro ap bis | \v7r€p7j<f>aP€ia \ tov\ pro cmttc 
I Tov Kv I (Tov om I v/AO)!/ avTtop I pro Icrpai^X. 

13. 1[ I curc^cnj|. 

14. ^ I irot-fcy K\rjp(o' I |#caraKXT}povofi7}|<n79 pro Kkyipovo/iriaTis | 
ica|rotfci}(r€i9 pro icarotinjcnjs | avrij?! pro aunji^'. 15. ^s + crow. 
16. TrXi/^vi^ctsI pro wXtjOvj/g. | auro) corr man 2 et 3 pro cauroi man i 
I 07ra)s-fai^ | €aura)| pro avTo> | 7rpo<r^|crcTat. 18. icat| * + carat | 
cavjra) pro avT<a. 19. icat^ om. 20. iJLaKpo\po\pi,o^ rf pro fiaKpor 
Xpopuni I aurov*+ l/ier avrov \ rots om. 

Caput XVIII „ a« r « 

p. 00, I, O 

1. ^ om I A€vt|. 2. avrov pro auroiv. 3. ra add ante irajpa rtop 
dvopTtop I SoKTct^l pro Scacrci. 5. K? + o ^9 o'ov I dv + <rov| I Tots om 
I IcrX 4- Trao-as ra?] rfiiepa^'. 

6. ^ I Acvinj? I TToXcoji/ + v/Lw5| I avTQi Tf ^vyrfl pro 17 t/n^X^ ai^rov | 
Toi' om ante rowop \ jcicXc^T^Tat + if?. 7. Xtrovplyijo'ct + cTrt | o|i/o- 
/iart man i aut 2 corr ex o ' ' ' oiftart | Acvtrat | jcrai^t pro €i/ai^ 
rtoi' I TOV deov aov om. 9. ci^l add ante 171^. 10. 17 pro Kat ' | €p\ 
nvpi + Kai I |<^a/»fiairo9 pro ^apfiaicot9. 11. ciraotSoil | ciraotSi; pro 
€7raotSi}i/. 12. c^olXodpevcrct avrov^j if?. 13. rcXto^l+Sc | epaPTi 
pro €i/ai^riov. 14. |fcX7}poi^o/ii7(r€t9| pro KaraKXripopofieis \ iiapTi!c3\ \ 
(Tot Scl pro Kat aoi. 

19. ^ I crot| 7^0 0^ aov \ \aKOva€(T0aL. 16. rificDP' pro crov*. 

17. f I irpo9 a-e om. u. Kat add ante o-cj | to /:n}/Aa| pro ra 
pvffiaTa. 19. SP5? pro o apOpomo^ \ ap pro cai^' | €K€ti^09 om. 
20. €01/ pro oi^ ' I pti/ia] em rai oi/o/iaTt| fiov | o(ra| pro 09 ' | cirt pro 
€1/ 1 aP9?| pro wpwfijfnis '. 22. ai^ pro €ai/ 1 €K€ti/o9 ' om | cirt add ante 
r« o|i^/AaTt I y€priTaL + TO p7iiia\ \ Kat* om | ftiy^ + Sc | avcfcjo-^at pro 

Caput XIX 

p. 62, 2, 4 

1. Tf om I hcie corr ex r/ man i) | wp\ k? pro a \ tf9* + o'ov| y^p-\- 
av\Twp' I KaraKXi;|poi'Oft'>}orcrai pro KaraK\rfpopop,y)irqr€ \ KaT0tK7;|- 
o-erat pro KaroiKrjayfre. 3. Icreavrctf pro crot' | cKct Kara^v|yy}. 
4. €ap pro ap bis | |aKov0-ta>9' pro ovk €tScu9 | \npo T179 add ante 
rpvn)^\ 5. 6Kir€(roi^o9| pro tKv^aop to. 6. ly pro r]p^ \ t^| ^Injxw 


+ icai a7ro0a\vri ' \ \avTov r)p \ Kat pro ovSe. 7. crot ei^cXXofiai|. 
8. €V7rkarvini \ Soxri} pro So) | Kvpto^' om. 9. jcuraicouo^s pro 
ojcovoTi^ I icat add ante iropeveadaL. 

T[ ante Kat wpoo'dria'eL^ \ (r€|avra>. lO. cxIx^^^JcrcTat | yi^ + a-ov | 
Jtjv pro 17. 

11. ^ I cv crot om I |/i€t(r€Di^. 12. |X7;^oi^at | rov ay;(t|oT€vov- 
T09 TO at/Lia| pro toji' ayx^^'^^voj^o)!/ rov ai/iaro^, 14. ficTaffct|inj- 
a*€t9 I 7rXi7<rtoi/ + crov | icX7}poi/ofita| +crov* | \riv pro 1;'. 15. ei^fi€i/ct| 
I icar pro Kara' | koll Kara irav afjLapTrnia om | cn'a07i\a'er€U pro 
0-7^7 crcTat. 

16. ^. 17. onj|<roKT<u pro yvanrovTai \ tcop^ (r corr ex ir man 
l). 19. KOI ' om I JTroi'i^a'erat | rov irot|i7crat. 20. irotcti/ pro iroti/crat 
I Kara om | |ro trovqpov rovTo\. 21. <^tcr€|rai. 

Caput XX , , 

p. 65, I, 26 

1. ^ I TrXtjova. 2. Xao* 4- Xeyoji/. 3. 

^ ante Aicovc | irpo\'nop€V€a'dai pro iropeveaOe \ rov om ante 
iroXc/AOi'l I 0po€ur0ai pro <f}ofi€ur0€ \ 0pav€a'0ax' \ ^KKkunfrt, pro 
dcicXti/ere. 4. jiccu add ante Stacroxrcu. 5. oticetav bis | ci^ciccu- 

^- If- ^- H- ®- IF I oticciai/| I StXt|acn} pro SctXtam;. 9. oTpa|- 

10. ^ I avTr)V'\ pro avrov?* | cuncaXecn; pro CKicaXecrcu. 11. tt^J 
TToXet pro avTi) \ (rot'| pro aov. 12. 7rot7;(ra)|(rti/ pro irouoaiv. 
13. icat pro €0)9 av | TrapaScolo-ct pro irapaSo) crot. 14. airoo'iccvi}? + 
icou 7rs|ra ra icn^m}* | 7fs\ra add ante ocra | |7rpoi/o/Li€U(rt9. 15. a^ro 
<rov| at ov^t ctiro pro aov (r<f}oBpa ovxl eK. 16. y>jv avrtav • + t8ov| 8ij 
aTFO roil/ iroXecaj tcdv €0p(op Toura>| wv k^ o 0s crov St|8aKrti/ crot 
icXT^poji/o/iTjcrat ttji^ yrji/j avra)i/'| | {(wy/M;|crcTcu + air avrcDi^ | |c/iiri/€oi^'. 
17. aXXa pro aXX' 17 | ai/ad€fiaTt{€trat | rov Afioppaio] \ le^SoiKratoi/j 
+ KOI T€pyea'aiov\ . 18. aiLapTr)a'€<T0ai\ . 

19. ^ I ircpticadettTij^l | fitai^ om | Kara\\7f^iv \ ovk pro ovxf. \ 
aX|Xa pro aXX' ij | ^Xoi/+|o corti/ icapiro^pai|Toi/ | letcreX^o)!/ pro 
ctcrcX^cti/, + €/cicoi/n7| | x^P^'^^P pnmo scr man i, litt rrjp eras 
\apaKa' aXXaj eadem man scr. 20. |^Xoi/4-ro ev toi aypa)| | 
c^oXo^pcucrt^l pro oXc^pevo-et? | jirapcSo^ * pro frapaBo0rj. 


Caput XXI ^o 

p. 68, I, 27 

^' If I V^\ P^^ ri \ o 6s + o 6^, 3. ei/yt(ov(ra| | cXjicvo-c man i, 
ciXfcvcre man 2 (t supra). 4. rrjv Sa/Lia|Xti/\ 5. d^ + aov \ waper 
(rTa\va^ pro irapeanjKepaL. 7. co/)aKa|crti/ + avro*. 8. cXi;Tpaia'co + 
€k\ yq^ Aiyvirrov \ icvpie om | rov pro <r<w*. 9. kou €v cot e|aTat 
add ante eap \ \to apearop kou to ica|Xoi/. 

10. ^ I €^€kdrf^ pro e^eXOav \ avrovs pro crot | ks pro Kvpt09 | 
irpovo/x€V(n)9| pro npovoiievcei,^. 11. ctSij? pro tStj? | (re|ai;ra). 
12. avTT^i/' om. 13. at;(/iraXaMrt|a9 + avT7}9 | |otic€ta | Wpa + avTr)s\. 
15. aya\ir(oii€vri' pro yfyajrqiiarq^ \ rrf iiurov\ii€trq ' pro ttj? /uaovfier 
vrjq. 16. n7| Tifiepa rj av icaTaicX7}|po8oT7) pro t; ai^ rj/iepa KaroucXi^ 

18. ^ I oupcl^uTTT}? I tfxovr) pro tfxovrjv bis | TrculSeuckKrti^ pro TrcuScu- 
coKTiP. 19. Kcu^ om I a^ovcTil pro e^a^ovinv \ \avT(ov pro avrov^ | 
Toirovl + auTtop'. 20. avraii' + Xc|yoKrc5' | |cp€^€t{ci | ovic^ €ura|Koi;€t 
pro ovx vTrcucovet | cn;i//8oXo|ico7ra)i'. 21. avrov om | ai/roi/| pro avrov 
I ira^l IcrX pro ot ciriXotirot | cucov(ra9 ^o/Si/j^i^o'crcu* pro oKovaavr^^ 
^ofiridri aovrai. 

22. ^ I icp€fiaa'crcu| pro Kpeiia<nfr€. 23. |ovic^ cirticotfi7}^|(rcrat 
pro ov KOLfiridria'erax \ ^ou^crou | ai;ro| pro avro | o| Kpe/jLa/jLepo^ | /ua|- 
i^ctrat I vjuap pro crov | v/xii/ pro crot. 

Caput XXII 

P- 7i» i» 25 

1. ^ om I avTOv om | o|Sai pro tt; o8a> | [irj * om | vTrepctSi}^ | avra 
pro avTft), +Ta> aS€X<^a) crou*|. 2. avraj pro avroi/'. 3. \.ov (<r 
eras ante ov) pro avrov, + icat ovrco9 wotlTjcrct? ro i/LiaTtoi/| ai;rov' | 
aTTcaXciai^ I a| pro €av \ V7rc/)t8€ti' + at/ra|. 4. trenrmKora pro TreirTdy- 
Kora^, 5. KOL add ante ovk. 

6. ^ I |i/€<Kr(rta opv€ov\ pro vocraia opvetov \ Sci/Spoi pro Sei^Spct | 
17 add ante pwro'oi,^ *| | omS (o)' corr ex v man i) | Xi^i/aj. 7. Xtti/o; 
I €<n7 • pro yenj. 

8. ^ I loucctai' I iroiTjari^ pro iroi77cr€i9 ' | joifccia | ir€<rt (?) pro irccny. 

9. ^ I \an€Lp7)^ pro air^iprq, 

10. ^. 11. €irt To| avTo • pro ci^ r« avroi. 12. a| pro cav. 

13. ^. 14. ciTi^T/lTe pro CTTt^ I avTTj Trap^ci^ctal pro avny? ra 
vapOevia. 15. irapl^cvcta | yvi^at|fco9 pro ttcuSos. 16. fi^iaiqaa^. 


17. avro9 pro ovto^ \ icat ravra ra vap0€vi,a om | \evavTi, pro evav 
nop. 18. Xi^^erat. 19. IcrSpaTjXiTti/'l | iravra pro airavra. 

20. ^ I lyeytvyfrai pro yonjrcu. 21. Xt^ot? + oi avSp€^\ T7J9 iroXcw? 
avT7}9|. 22. awcMcuriievrisl | roi/ re ai/Spa| pro top apSpa | vfuai^ 
av|raiv pro IcrpaTjX. 24. |c^a£crat | €K€ipr)s\ pro avroii^' | Xt^o^oXr;- 
0'oiKr{| afu^oT€/}ov9 pro XiJBofioKifQyfa'ovrai \ tj i/cai^ts pro ttji^ veavti/ | 

avo?| pro TOP apdpamop \ Sior* pro ore '. 

25. ^ I anoKT€\p€LT€ + rop avUP. 26. i/cavt8t + ov irotli^crcrat ovScf" 

1 €<rTtp + Tri i/6ai/i8t| | |an add ante a)$ | cirai/a|aTatT} pro en-aparrri \ 
<f}OP€v\a'a^ pro ^optvair), 27. |o fioriOwv avrr) ovk 7j\ pro ouic f}i/ o 
fiorjOria'aiP avrr), 

28. ^. 29. StS/3ayfia| | auroij pro avrov. 

30. ^ I Xrj^eraL \ apajca\\tAJt€i pro a7roicaXu|r€t. 

Caput XXIII ^ .. , « 

1. ^ om I ovK^l eurcXcvo-erot aP5?| cic Tropveta^ et^j cfcicXijauu' icu'l 
add ante ovk^ \ curcXcvcrcroul pro eurcX^i/o-oi^at | Kat pro ov8c« 
3. K€U pro ouSc. 4. fcajrapacraa^at crc- pro Karapaardai. 6. ai;rot9 
etpi;ia|ica { crov + eoK. 

7. ^ I aiirrcM/: pro avrav, 8. yc]/in}^aMrii^|. 9. trope/A^aXcti^ + €t$ 
7ro|Xe/Lioi/. 10. icat om | c£€|X€i;<rerai + €^«B» rr)^\ irapc/x^SoXijs * icac 
ovif^l ctorcXcucrcTat. li. rov 7jXtou|. 12. traptiifiokriP' + Kai ro\iro^ 
carat crot €^a>| rtf^ irap€p,^oky)^'\ kojl e^ekevari cic€t| c^oi. 13. iracro- 
Xaos| pro iroo-craXo^ | |£a>i^9 (i' supra man 2) \ eirayay6)| pro eiraytap 
I crou* -+-€!/ av|rai*. 14. cupc^T/crclrat pro ot^dr^cerai. 15. napaSoy- 
o't?! I fcvpiai + av| rou' | ov pro 09 | 7r/)ooT€tfiy|<rcTai pro npoareBei/roLL. 
16. icarotinylcrct' + ci^ 7ra»^t T<Mra)| | apecKrj pro ap€(nj, 18. cvx'JI "^ 
<rov I coTij ?ca> rw 0€a crov. 19. ov9 pro ov \ IcicSai/cunj^ + Tft) a|8€X<^c» 
(rov. 20. Toi Se a8eX<^a) crov ovk acroKLei^ om | ttcutiI | icXi7po|i/ofii^ 
aat pro Kkripovofieip. 

21. ^. 22. cjoTat pro eartp. 23. Ii^vfo) icS rto $m o'ov pro cu^w rm 

24. ^ I arvtni\$€L^ pro truXXcfct? | ora^va? | eirt top a/irjrol pro ctt* 

25. ^ I ooTji'l pro oa-op \ ayyo^\ (yo9 in ras? man i). 


Caput XXIV p ^^^ ^^ ,^ 

^* H I yP^W^ P^^ ypou^et I oi|iceia9. 3. |otiC€ta9 | 17 pro icat^ | 
cavroi pro avrco, 4. |o c^airooretXa^ | |€i/av7t pro ei^ai^toi/ | v/ioiv 
pro crov' I |ufiti/ pro col. 

5. ^ I coTot + icat ical^ijcrcTcu. 7. icXe/ra9 pro icX«m/9 | cfopt?]. 

8. ^ I Xcirpa^l +'cat | ^u|Xaff<r^at pro ^uXa^curdc. 

9. ^. 10. cav + Ss I (M^tXTjfia bis | |anoui/4-Ti' | ouic^ pro icat | ot|- 
Kctai' I avTov' om. 11. 8a|v€ioi/ | ov pro crov | croi otn. 12. €i/e 
)(vpa» + avrov. 13. a7ro|SiSou9 pro aTroSocrct | airoScucri^l | JTrcpt 
8u(r/ia9 pro npos Svcrfiat? | at/rov' + icat eXcijcrei^l avrop \ cX€ij/xo|- 
<rui/ij carat col \ €\pavrL pro evavTLOv. 14. ck' om. 15. |at/rai' pro 
avTov I €ir pro cv' | ov| add ante KaTaficffcerai. 16. ci^ om. 

17. xrjpa^' -hKOL ovK^ \ep€)(ypoLC€L^ (fia|rtoi/ X^pa?" fot /Lwnjlcr^ijiny. 

18. Aiyvirrov'l pro Atyvxrroi. 19. Bpa)(/ia | €iri|aT/>a^T}cn; pro ai^a- 
crpw^ricri \ ai/ro + roi 7rra>XAi| fcat | irai/|rt cpyca pro iracri roi9 ^oyot?. 
w 21-22 tr ante 20. 21. roi o/><^ai^ai| fcat ra> Trrai^oi'l icai ro) wpocrj- 
XtToil pro roi wpocrjXvTO) Kai rai op^avta. 

20. ^ I cXeoXoi/cnjsl man i, eXcoXoyy^s man 2 ? pro ^koAoXoyri^ \ 
r<o\ irT(o)(([0' Kai add ante ro) ir/)ocr|7jXvra* • | Atyurrroul pro Atyvwroi. 

Caput XXV p 80, 2, 16 

I. ^ I KpurLv\ + KOL KpLvtacLv \ T'^ Zlkoaov pro ro Sifcatoi/. 2. a(rc- 
/8t;9| pro ace/ifov \ €\vavTL rcav Kpifia\T(av Kat /xacmyai|crot;cnv aurov 
ev9|rtov aurcdi/ icaraj n^i^ ace/Seiav avTov\ pro epavTLOP avrtop. 3. icat 
om I ir/:>oa'd€tMrt| pro rrpoadf)^ \ iJLacrLymcaL + avTov\ \ ra^ om ante 
irXi;|ya9. 5. cf add ante av\riav \ 'q\ pro 171/ 1 avny? om | Xt^ilrelrat. 
6. KOJL CT€iBy)\c€TaL pro Karacradrfcerai \ e|^aXi<^^(rercu. 7. /at; 
om. 8. €K€LP7j^ pro aiiTov. 9. €fi| irruo'ct ct? ro pro efiirrvcerai Kara 
I €1^ IcrpaT/X om. 

II. ^. 12. ;(ct/)a-faunjs | f^tjcrcTcu. 13. crot om | /lapcLirlirto + 
cov. 15. eoTai <roi* + #cat fi€\rpop aXij^cti^oi/l Kai Slkoxop €(rrai| crot' | 
ycmj ' + icat €i;| carat a"ot | r/v pro -lys. 16. kXtj^w + ort /SSeXvy/Ltal ico) 
rai ^01 o'ov ira^l irotoii^ ravra ira^\ noLcov aStica*|. 

17. ^ I eiciro|p€vo/Lt€i/aii/ vfioi| cf pro €K7rop€vofi€POv cov €K YYf^. 
18. \rqv ovpayLav cov\ \ \€VLva<:. 19. av pro eai^j ji^i^ pro tj \ €u K\7)p<a\ 
KaraK\ripopofi7)\caL pro KkripovofirjcaL \ c^aXu/rct^ | rov A/xaXi;fc|. 


Caput XXVI 

p. 83, I, II 

1. % om I ota| pro cai/ | aov om | €v kXt/Jpoi • pro KXrjpopoiuia'aL \ 

aunj9 • pro avrrjp ". 2. ^rplnfl \ rtav airapyla\ pro n;? atrapxH^ I ^^1 

add ante ica/oraXXoi/ | €av pro ai/. 3. €av 17 pro corcu | ai/ayyeXa>. 

4. X7}i/f€Tat I €|i/aKrt pro aTTCi^aj^t. 5. airoicpt^i/cnj k<u| pro arroKpir 

0€is I cpct? pro c/)ct I ^pa;(t|. 7. dv-hrotv trptav \ ctSci/ | -ly/xaii/^-f 

ica&l Toi' iLo^dov 'f)fiB\. 8. avrov tt; om | x^^P^ Kparaia icat om. 

9. €&(oKav\ pro c8a>ic€i/. 10. jxr;? pcovoTj? pro yi^v p^ovaav \ irpocrj 

ia;i^<rct9 + CKct. 12. yci/ij/jiaTcoi/ + ttj?] yiy? | en\ pro crct | €fi|7rX7;- 

(rdriaom-aL pro €Vff>pavdn(rovTajL. 13. |c/)t5 | €vavTi pro ci^ai/rtoi/. 

14. icou om I fiov om | tco om ante Itc^i^koti • | v7nj|icovcra pro 

^nrjKovo'a \ p,ov pro i^/lio)!' | €7roi\'qa'a Kada €i/er€t|Xaro pro emjKova'a 

KoBoTk €v€TeiX(o. 15. icaTtSc| pro ica^tSc | covl rov ayiov. 16. jei/e 

rciXaro crot ks\ o 0^ aov \ Siicauiii/ia|ra + ravra | ^vXa^c|(rdat | irot- 

i}(rcrat|. 17. tXov| | ircurat9 om | S&K{ua»/xara+avrov| icou ra? ci^o- 

Xa9 avJTOv ' | K/}t/Liara| + ai;rov - | e3rcucov|€ti/ pro wrajcove^p. 18. <^i/- 

Xao'Civ -f <rc| irocras. 19. So^aoroi/I + kcu. 

Caput XXVII 
p. 85, 2, 24 

1. ^ I |l(rX Xcyoires * pro laparfXei/rtav \ <f}v\\<ura'€a'0ai-\-froL€ip\, 
2. \iafirfr€ pro Sta^i/rc | Svo add ante Xi^ov^j. 3. Tovrtop om | ai/| pro 
cai^ I Ciircv + (rot| | crot* om. 4. onjcrerail | crot €i^€X|Xofiat. 5. avra 
pro auro. 6. ev avro om. 7. ^vcnj^pro tfvcrct? | crcor»7ptov + Kai| t« 
^01 aov I cfwrXij<r^7j|{n7 + cicct • | evavrt pro epaPTLOP. 9. |MaKn;9 | tepi^l 
+ icat I AcvtTat. 10. \avT(op pro at;rov' | a pro oaa. 11. Mowajj^ 
(v man 2 sup). 12. evkoyl] \ \lov8as \ BepLapX'l. 15. oaPo?| |rc;(- 
i/tTov pro T€XPLT(op I ^i7crt| | 7ras| add ante o Xao? | yepoiro + yepoiro]. 

16. 1[. 17. ^. 18. ^. 19. 1[. 20. ^ I rovWp^l pro €IC 7raTp09 I 

21. ^ I €7rifcaraparo9 + ira9. 

22. 1[ I €ic Wp^ av\rov pro irarpog | cic add ante jEEp?. 

23. ^ I |a8eX<^9 /tip? pro pvii<fyr)<: \ emKaraparo^ o KOifKofiepo^ fiera 
aSekifyrfs yvpouKos avTov . kcu epovaip ira9 o Xao$ yci^otro om v 25 tr 
ante 24. 

25. ^. 24. 1[ I avrov om. 

26. ^ I ooTt? pro OS I Tov irotTjcrat. 


Caput XXVIII „ «« , , 

p. 88, 2, 2 

1. ^ I €aT(u + aHjav Bia\l3riT€ rov \ophav^\ €t9 vqv ytfv riv k^\ o 0s 
vfuap SiSoKTtl vfJLiP' I €av €LK07i cucov<77)9 TTf^ ffnovrj^ Kvplov rov deov 
aov om I K€LL <f>v\ai€\a'0€u pro <^vXcur(r€ii/ icat | avrovj pro ravras \ 
wras pro as | ore om | 7raKraii/| ra)i/ ^dptav pro cirt ^ravra ra cA^. 
2. oKoi; om. 

3. ^. 4. cylyoi/a | irov' 4- |icat ra ycmj/xara nys] y7;9 o'ov. 

5. ^ I IcyicaroXififiara. 

^' % 7' 1 I ^ ^^d ^^^6 ^^'i^ I ^po P^O airo. 

8. ^ I ra/Liioi9 I €1/ Tracrti^ pro etri iravra \ &l\ pro av. 9. curajfcov- 
0779 pro dKovayfs \ iracrcu? om. 11. cirt pro €i/ 1 jcyyoi^ot?* | javrot? • 
pro <rot. 12. BowoLL + croij | ttj? 7179! pro ttj 707. 

% ante cuXoyiyirat | iravra om | irov] ' + iravra \ Savt'i} * + kcu| ap^ei<: 
av €dv(av\ iroWwv cov 8c ovk**! ap^ovaiv. 13. ouj(^ pro ouic ccnj | 
rai| cvroXo)!/ pro vqs <f><ovris \ ocas pro oaa | <^vXa<r0'e(rd(u{ pro ^vXao*- 
aew^ + Kcu wouiV. 14. irai^a| rajip Xoycop pro iraatav rtov evroXtop \ \ri 
pro ouSc. 15. aKov<rrfr€\ pro curcucovcn79 | v/Afov pro crov | ^vXao-crtj 
pro <f>vXaa'a'€a'daLy -¥• k€U voieiv \ evptiaovinv pro Karakrui^lfovrax. 

16. ^. 18. eylyoi^a. 19. CMTTTolpeuccr^cu pro cfciro/ocvco-^cu | ciciro- 
p€U€(r^at| pro ^lairopevetrOai,, 20. €ira7roaTeiXat| pro airooreiXat | 
<rot pro cirt o'c | cfcXct/uitai^l | €ai/| pro av^ \ X^^poL <rov + ocra tav 
irot|7j{n79' I ort pro Stort | €yKar€|X€iir€9. 21. €t9 y}v + a'v\. 22. kv- 
P&09 €1/ om I aTTopctal | cpe^ur/Aoil +fccu <f}ov<a\ 24. o ^€09 cov om | 

jcicr l/Si/crcTcu pro €k rov ovpavov Karafirjaerai, (ov ovpavov 

Kara om loco tamen his litteris relicto), + ein crc | aTroXecri pro arro- 
Xccri} I €P ra\€k om. 2S. |c)(^/>aii^ + crov' | €v add ante Stcur7ropa| | 
Tat9 /8a(rt|X€tat9. 26. arroa'o\^iiiv' pro ck^ojSoii/. 27. |€i/ add ante 
cX^ci I \af rat9 €Spai9' pro Ci9 Tqv eSpav \ Kvri\<f>€t' pro Kvri<f}ri \ Svi^a- 
aOiivai pro Svi^acr^ai. 28. Kvpios om | Kat aopacrta* pro 00^00*109. 
29. Tt9 om I o ru|^Xo9 I cvoSoxreij +rore | €|aTat + crot. 30. |icat add 
ante yvvaiKa \ X7f^ri\ \ c^t | |otic€tai^. 31. €)(dpoi^ crou +|#ca& ovk 
€<Trax crotl o fioTfdwp' ol vtot| crov Kot at ^i;yare|p(U9 <rov ScSo/icji^at 
€0v€L er€p(o\, 32. o^ovrai pro ^kv^ovrai \ avra' + icat | |7/ )(cip crov. 
34. oi^- pro fikofrq. 35. cv om. 36. |crc ic? | €19 pro en. 37. cv 
add ante wapafio\7j'\ \ av add ante airayayri\. 38. crura fct9 pro 



39. ^ I ^vrcvcri?]. 40. aot om | rrcuru/. 

41. % I |ccroi/Tcu + crof | yap + crot. 42. ^Xa pro ^Xti/a | |€^ai/a- 
Xanrri pro e^avoXoKrei. 43. |o(m9 pro o' | (rot + €aTftv| | apofiriaeraL 

+ €m a€\. 44. Soi'fcet (rot| in ras man 2 (oi/ro man i) | ovk €k\ 

Savur€t9* pro ov Savt€t9. 45. le^oXo^pevcn} | Siiccuail/mara + avrov. 
46. #cat add ante €i^ ro). 47. ci^ aya^| KapSta pro ayadif Stavota. 

48. ^ I Xt/ta> + K(U 8a|rt'| icat €v yviLVOTqTi\ \ €icXa|r€t | e^oXodpcvlcnj. 
49. €7r pro air' | a>9 pro oKrct | |ov pro o. 51. eyyoji^a | KaraX€t7r€iv|. 
52. OTj pro crc' I CI' ' + |ira(rat9 | <rou'' + cu? cSa>#c2| crot ks o ^5 crov | #ca- 
0€up€0ri pro Kadaipedaxri^ \ T€L\)(rf + aov \ €K0\iAff€i\ pro ^Xofrec | ci^^-H 
Tracrcu^ | crot + ic? o| ^s crov. 53. eyyova \ |crot + ]c9 o ^9 crov | OXiAJfi 
I Ici' add ante i}. 54. o' om | ^Salo-Kai^tct pro fiaa-Kave^ \ €v roi 
icoXttcuI avTov' pro ev koXttcu | icaralXcXct/t/ici/a. 55. icar€|(rdi7/- pro 
Karecdrj | ica|raX€i^^i/at | j/iT^Sci^ pro ovSei^ | crov''' om | eav pro av*, 
56. ^ati'tl I y>}9 + Sta r^| airaXon/ra Kat | l^acricai/tct pro fiaaKav€L \ 
(Hl>0aX\fuo {Oak man 2 in marg) | |ra> icoXiro). 57. €cu/| pro ai/ | |7ra/> 
pro yap \ \8€i.ap pro euheiap \ €u 777 arei/oxtopia crov om | dXtt|rt| | r/p 
pro 17. 58. ctcroKovcnjIre pro eicaKovaj)^ \ €vtlijC5\ +#cat. 59. irucpa^\ 
pro Trtcrra?. 60. eiriarpe^eL + €in\ crc | (ov pro i/v. 61. c^oXo^p€v|<n;. 
62. KaTaXeL\<f>0rf(T€(T0ai, \ \fipa)(€i,^' pro Ppa)(€i \ €i(rq\Kova'ar€ pro 
€icrY}Koi;(ra9 | i^/toii^'l pro crov. 63. v/ta^' + l^anrXi^^i^ou v/uia^l | e^a/> 
^i^crecr^atl | €v ra^^t om | i^i^l + v/t€t9 | etcnro/oevclcr^cu pro eiinropevrf 
I /cXi^poi'ol/iiT/crcu pro K\ripovofi€Lv, 64. crc om | T179' om | ewurrcj pro 
i]7ricrra). 65. ovSc pro ovS' ov | crcpai/ om | a^/iovjcrav pro airci^ov- 
crai' I cicXciTroi'Ira?. 67. ov pro a. 68. 7rXotot9'| + ^<u | ctliroi^ pro 
ctira I Trpocr^crcjcrdat pro ir/xicr^i^crct | Trpa^i^crccr^atl. 

Caput XXIX « .. . . 

1. f I ocra pro ov^ \ t(o 1A(a<n}\. 2. |Ma»cn;9 | jcopcucarc | K9 + 
0^\ vfi(ou I AtyvTTTovl pro Atyvirrcu. 3. copa#ca|crtv. 5. vfia^ + ici \ 
T€a'a'€paK7i\Ta errj e/ ttj cpTj/tcoj | |a7ro reap ttoScjv v/x5>| ou icarc- 
rpifiyf. 6. c^ayeraf -l-icai | clirtcrat' | otl + ovto^ €<mv \ eyio om, 
7. 7jjk0€v pro €$ri\0€v I 7779] fiaaav \ yjfiip pro v/xti'. 8. FaS^ pro 
FaSSct. 9. <f>v\a^ea0aL \ |ci/ iraaiv ot? pro Trai^ra ocra, + cav | 
irot|7}CTcrai. 10. jci'am pro evavriov. 11. refo/a pro eKyova \ /cai^ 
om. 12. iTrapcXdcti' + cTc | jcrov pro vyjav. 15. |ovcrti/ | v/xcdi^I pro 


rificDV I cyai/Tt| pro epairriov \ fied^ vfuav (rtf\iupov\ 16. a>9 pro irai9 | 
Kar(aicf)\(raiL€v \ kcu add ante 019' | ira/n/Xl^/tev. 17. avroiv'* om. 
18. Tj add ante rLPOs\ \ c^€/cXct|i^€i/ | 7rop€V€a6{au)\ pro iropcvtf ci/rc?, + 


19. ^. 20. cvlciXarcvcrou | {ai^d/icoircu € om loco tamen 4 litt relic to 
(owos litt fere eras, man i) | rov\ vofijov tovtov pro tovtco | Ic^aXii/rci. 
21. Tftii' utoii' I hta0riKri^-{-Tav\Trf^. 22. vficjp' pro v/ia? | €ai/| pro 
oi' I avrq pro aunyv (fortasse avn;? sed <r eras et loc i litt relict), 
23. avrv}?! pro aurqv. 25. icareXairoi/ (prim scr. KareXeiirep) pro 
KarcXtiroo'ai/. 26. er€/>oi9 + #c(u irpoo'leicvm^crai/ avrotsj | 019 pro ov9. 
27. icara/oa^l in ras man i (apa^ ra9 prim scr). 

Caput XXX 

p. 100, 2, 7 

1. ^ om I Biaa-Koplirurri crc. 2. leiraKovayi pro eura^coiKn;. 3. ta- 
(Tclrat pro uurriTcu. 4. avrov pro tcv ovpavov* \ \\'rp^rai. 5. cr€|' + 
Jc? I eK€i0€u om I K\rip(a^ofiria'Ls\. 6. Ji]5 crv + icat to (r7r€p|/ia crou'. 
7. fi€L€rowTa^. 8. €7rt Kvpiov om. 9. 7ro|Xvai/07/cr€t pro cvXoyvjo-ci | 
eyyoi/ot^l* | ycin;/xacrl| (y man i aut 2 sup) | eyyovot?" | crc pro crot | 
€19 om I €v<f>pai/07f. 10. l^vXacro'ccrdai + #cat 7roi|€ii/ Trocra^. 11. ovScI 
fiaKpap eoTLP. 12. ai^o) om | Xi^ilrcrat | 17/tti^l avrrjv' \ ayrrqv pro avro. 
13. Xi^i/reratl pro Xa^i] | JTroiT/cra pro TTotTjcn}. 14. ort| add ante eorti^ 
I cyyu? crov | 7roi|€ii^ avro'. 16. jcuraicovaTyTC pro cwra/cotwn;? | <tov* 
om I Stfcata>/ta|ra avrov' + icat ra^j €VTo\a^ avrov \ (7/cr€0'd(u| | cere- 
(rdai\ I KXi^/ooi^olfLi^aat pro K\yfpopofi€LP. 17. irpocrfcvin^crt^l pro 
irpo<rKvvn<rq^> 18. ai^ayyeXoi | a7ra>|X€ta aTroXetcrdat * | | y€in)(rdai»\ 
v/u^l Sia^oui^erot | K\y)po\vofiyf<r€U pro KXrfpopofieiv. 

19. Tf I <n; ■ om. 20. icaroiict| pro to icaroticetv. 

Caput XXXI 

p. 103, 2, 3 

1. ^ I |MaKn79. 3. avro9 pro ovro9 | €^o\\o0p€va€L. 4. o ^€09 
crov om I roi9 om ante 8v(Tt | ^SacrtXcvlct. 5. iron^cerai. 6. 8cXia'| 
pro SeiXtao-i^^ | |ov pro ovre* \ ovBe] pro ovt€' \ €yKarakeiirri\. 

7. f I ci^amol pro ^vavri \ letcrcXevaij 7r/9o irpo| in ras man 2 | 
avTcop pro TfiJMXP, 8. avr/m \ ae €yKara|X€tin7 | SctXeta *|. 

9. ^ I tepcvcro^ + vtow A€ut| | T179 om ante hiaffrftcrj^l \ rmv om. 
10. MoKTi}?. 11. aov pro vfLoav \ ov pro a> | 1C9 + ^9 crov' | ava\yi/(/y 


ceadau. 12. eyyopa - \ \aKov<rov pro aKovaovrax. 13. vfuav pro crov 
I ISta^ati^ercu | K\7f\povofi7fa'<u pro KXrjpovofietv. 

14. ^ I vfiLv *| pro avro). 

^ ante k<u eiropeudTj \ tcrov9 pro irjaov^, 15. €irt tt}? pro irapa 
ra9^ I o'lci]!^;^ * + rov /jiap|n;/>tov * . 16. KoifidO'ai pro KOifia \ €K7rop- 
i/6i;crt| I erelpaa^ pro aXXorptoii^ | eiciropeverau+leKeL K\rjpopofi7i\a'at 
aurqi/ - \ €yica|raX€ii|rov(rtv pro KaTak€i\lfOv<ru/. 17. avrot9 pro €t9 
avrov? I €(r5|r(u pro eorcu | 0Xt|i|rt9 * | €poval\ pro epet | \evpov pro 
evpoaav, 18. €ir€OTpefrai/| pro atr^frrpe^av, 19. i/vi^ add ante ypa| 
i|rar€ I jStSa^arc pro StSa^ere | iva-^- firi man i, om /uii; man 2 et 3 .^ | 
yci/iTrat /toi| | icara irpwroiirop om | €19 /tap|n;ptoi^ pro fiapTvpovaau 
20. Sovi^at avrot^ om | e/tirXi^lcr^croi/rcu Kat pro cfbTrXi^crdcire^ | aX- 
Xorptov^l + Kot XarpoKrovorti^l avroi^. 21. /xi^ om | eiriXi/cr^crclrcu 
pro eniXTjO'dTi \ ano + rov \ fie €t(raya|ycti^. 

22. % I MftKTIJ?!. 

23. Tf I €i/erctXaTo + Ma)|vcn7s | to) Itjctov vtoij Nauv; pro Iiycrot. 

24. ^. 26. Aa)8or€9| I 07i(re\r<u. 27. atp€|dur/jioi^ | /lov pro aov \ 
tamen sup /a scr a- man i aut 2. 

28. ^ I v/ioii^' + icat rov9 irpetrl/Surepov^ vfi€ov'\ \ BiaiiapTvpa)\fi(u 
pro BiafiaprvpofKu, 29. ai/o/ti^crelrai ' | eicicXtin7r(u| man i, €kk\ip€i- 
rat man 2 | e/ic pro airo | v/tl| + icat ai;>^ai^(rerai| v/iti^ | eir €|(T;(a- 
Tow' pro ccr^^arov* | iroti^crclrou | ro ttoi/y^/ooi/I epavri, pro ra novrfpa 

30. ^ I CKicXiycrta^ + IcrXl. 

Caput XXX 1 1 ^ 

p. 108, I, 19 

1. ^ I ij om. 

2. ^ I f ante oktci ofifipo^:. 3. to om | fi€yakoavvfl\+WB, 
4. ^ I aXrideLva \ #cpt(rt9{. 

^ ante 0^ ttioto? | aSi#cia + €i^ au|ra)*. 5. 
^ ante yci^ea aicoXta. 6. 

T[ ante ovk auro9 | o-c'+ |#cat c#crto-ci^ <r€|. 7. avperel -{- Bri \ y€P€a^ 
y€\p€(ap pro yepecop ycpeai,^, 

^ ante err^pojryja'op, 8. |ov5 pro o)?. 
^ ante ^anqa-^p. 
10. 1[ I 71? om. 



^ ante cKVKXcucrev | KOf)7iv\. 
11. % I i^€oa-\(roLq. 
^ ante 8t€t9. 

12. n 

13. t 

14. 1 

^ ante 

16. t 

17. t 

18. t 

19. t 

ao. H 
^ ante 

21. 1 

KOLL add ante ovk yjv. 

€d7i\a<ri\ pro c^ijXacrai/, + avrov? | {(rrepaui^. 

^ ante icat atfia | |e7rtoi^ pro einev. 15. 

iki/iravdrj \ cyicaTcXctirci'l | toi^ om ante \0v. 

le^eiriKpavav pro Traperrucpavav. 

Kcpoi, -{- Kcu I 7ra|r€pat9. 

eyicarcXetirasI pro cv/carcXtTrc?. 

etSci' I 7ra/>o|^w^7} | avrtoi/ pro avrov. 

|ra)i/ 7ffi€p<ov, 

ori yevta. 

0(0 man i, corr 0€oi^\ man 2 | irapcopyiaap pro irapta^yvav. 

^ ante icayeo | e^i^tj. 

22. ^ I Karon'arovl pro icaroi. 
^ ante Kara^ayercu. 

23. f I crvi/TcXccra)! pro avv7ro\efiyf(r(o, 

24. If I 1 ante oSoi/ra? | leiraTrocrreXa) pro airocrreXo) | yij^j pro yrfv. 

25. ^ I ra/ucti|. 

^ ante i/caioo-ico?. 

26. ^ I ctiroi/ pro €t7ra. 

27. ^ I K<u add ante LPa\* \ rravra TavTa\. 

28. If I ort add ante €0vo^, 

29. If. 30. If I t ante ct firj. 

31. If. 32. If I 1 ante 1; ara<f>v\r] pro ora^i/Xi] '. 
33. If. 34. f . 35. f I €v KaLp€o add ante orai^. 
% ante ort cyyu? | |a7ra)X€ta9 | avrcoi'l pro avrot9. 

36. If I If ante ctSci/ yap \ avrov? iralpaXcXv/ici'ovs. 

37. ^. 38. ^ I ij<r^t|erat | cirw^crat. 
^ ante avaarrfrwrcLV, 

3®- If I If *^'^te cyfti* I aiTOKT€P(o pro airoKrevpo}, 

^ ante #fat ovk ' | 7779 x^^lP®^ P^^ '^^^ x^V^"- 
40. If oikouyLOx TTi Sc^ta ftov • in ras man i (rrj 8c|^tapro Trfv Se^iap). 
*!• If I If ^^^^ '^***' I cLyranohcDO-fol pro airoBonrfo. 
**• If I ^ otftaro? • + Kcu ij| fiaxaipa /lov if>aye\raL Kpca ' ci^ 


^ ante a^ aifiaro^' \ Tpaviia\rLa)Vf -^avrop \ [exOpan^ (^^P ^^'^ ^ 
aut 2 in ras; €0v(ov? man i). 

43. ^ I 7ravT€^ ayyekoL pro vtot. 

T[ ante €v<l>pavdriTe' \ avrov^ pro avro)^ | jvtot pro ayycXot. | 
^ ante ort to aifia \ e#c8t#c€trat| pro eicSiKarcu | €)(0poL^+avTOv\, 
^ ante Kai eKKadapiei, 

44. Tf I M(ijva'r]^\, 

45. ^ I oT/i'ercXccrci'l pro e^ereXeaev \ Moiotj?. 46. irpocr€j(€|r(u | 
Sta/x|rt;pofiai pro Biafiaprvpofiai \ ov^ pro a | evrelXeKrOtu, 47. /ta- 
#cpoT}/te{/0€i;(r6rat | Sta^atji^erai | KXrjpovofirila'aL + avTriv', 

48. ^ I €K€iviq pro Tavrrj. 49. Afiap€Lfi^ \ MaHtfi^ pro Xai^aai^*| 
IcrX^ + ct^l /caracrxco"t»''. 51. Stort pro otl \ |r7j9 Ai/rtXoyta?' | roif; 
om ante vtot?'. 

Caput XXXIII n tr. t t^ 

p. 114, I, 17 

I. 1 I TjvXoyijcrci'l | oFo? tov ^u| man i in ras? et in marg (oir... 
prim scr). 2. 

^ ante ic^ \ Sti^at pro Seti^a | erre^avri pro eirc^ai/ci^, + €i/ | T/jftti^ 
CK 27/€tp I elpov? pro cf opov9. 3. c^icraTo + ic^l | javrov pro 
(TOV. 4. yffiiv pro vfiti/ | Moktij^I. 5. ap\ovT(av om | ^Xi^^j pro 

6. 1[. 7. lovSa' + ic(u eiTTCi'l. 

^ ante etcrafcovaoi^ | ry)%\ ffxovrj^ | leX^otcv* pro eXOoi^ av \ kox^ om 

I €)(0p^\ + aVTOV. 

8. ^ I nt|/9a\ 9. o Xc|yoii/ | WpL + avTov\ \ Jipl + avTOv'\. 10. tov| 
OvataaTTjpiov pro to Ovciaarrfpiov, 

II. ^ I €7rai'€|aTi7#coT(w»' €)^0p'B\ I avrov pro avro). 

12. 1 I CTT om. 

13. ^. 15. aTTO Kopwfyq^ op€<ap ^PXV^ ^^- ^' ''r'X'^\p(oa'ea}^ -{• 
avrrf^l \ ScKara pro Seicra | cX^ot pro cXOoia-ap | So^acr^t^l | €v 
pro €ir. 

18. ^ I avT€oi/\ pro avrov. 19. e^okodpevla-ova-iv \ en'iKa\\€a'OP' 
rax pro cirucaXecrecrde | l^vcrovcrti^ pro ffvarere \ irapaXtav pro 

20. ^ 1 7rXa|rvi/a»^ FaS^ €vXo)n^|/t€i/09' pro evXoyi^/jici'os €/ywrXaTwcui/ 
FaS. 21. €t|S€i/ I !>} y7'. 

22. t. 23. 1[ I Ncc^tfaXct pro Ncf^tfaXctft ' | Ncf^tfaXct/jt ' om. 


24. T[. 25. a)9+fcat. 26. javrovpro aov \ OT€pai|a)/iaro9. 27. ap- 
;(ijs pro apx^ \ aci^acui' -I- Katj | aTroXof pro airokoLO. 28. ctti yij9 + 
€7rt| yij9 I yjj?! crtrov kol oivov\ pro ctitoj icat olp(o. 

29. H. 

Caput XXXIV 

p. 117. 2, 2 

1. ^. 2. n79 om ante 0a\aa<xri^\. 

4. ^ I cSctf a -h <rot| aurrji/, 

5. ^ I iMoxn;?. 

7. ^ I |M(i)a7;9 I \€<l>daf}r) pro €<f}0ap'ija'aVy + TO irpocra)|7roi/ avrov. 

8. ^ I roi' Mowcr^l | |ci/ to) irepav pro ctti | lepix^l- 

1[ ante #cat a'vv€Tek€a'07f\a'av, 9. JMcucn]?. 11. Troo'ti^ | avrov om 
I AtyvTrrov pro avrov." 12. Kparaiav • + ic<u| roi' Ppa\iova rov\ vi/ny 
Xoi/* I MaKn}9. 

Subscr SevrepovofiLov man i. 


Inscr ii}<rov9 man 3 atrament rubr et in litura quoque . ncov? (?) 
atrament fuse. 

Caput I r^ tt^ » t 

p. 119, I, I 

1. 1[ om I fiera (c man 3) | MonHni + 8ovXov| lev man 3, + kol man i 
I Ii^lcrov pro 1170*01 I \\€vrovpy{a pro vnovpyto. 

2. ^. 3. ai' sup in ras man i (?). 4. t^| pro top. 6. lairoStaore 
X€t9 pro SteXet^. 

7. 1[ I 7j pro ovSc. 

8. ^ I av|ra) pro avrq \ ovptj^ pro €18179 | €voSft»|o-€ft9 pro cvoSoKret. 
9. ei/reXXofiail pro evrera^iuu, 

10- H I y/>a/iifia|r€vo't. 11. eroifia{€|a'dat | rpi^ \ k<u^ om | Sta- 
firflaeo'dai pro Biafiaivere \ icaTao^l|. 

12. ^. 13. p7i\fia + Ku, 14. |8ta)8'»jo'€0"^at | v/jiaii^| ^ + icat | avfi- 
liaxTfcertul. 15. |v/ta>v pro r)fi<ov* \ ^Xi^lpoi^o/iii^o'ovo'ivl pro kXtjpopo- 
laicruKTiv I €av|rov pro avrov | €hfaKep\ pro ScSoikci' | 'qpxv vpo vfuv \ 
€v\ TO) pro €19 TO I aTTo pro €7r*. 

16. ^ I Iijorov pro Iijo'oi. 17. oicojao/xc^a. 18. ap pro eap \ 09 
pro ooTt9 I €p\T€ik'q avra». 


Caput II 

p. 121, I, 30 

1. ^ I etSelrat pro tSerc. 

^ ante kcu nopevdevre^ \ |ot 8uo i/€ai/tcrKOi| rikdov pro eunfXffoo'ai^ 
OL 8. p. I €UT7j\0op pro ctcrijX^ocrav" | \oi,K€Lap, 

2. ^ I jtSou avBpe^ pro Xeyo^rc^ | avBpeq om. 3. roi/| oucov pro 
rrip ouciav. 

4. T[ I 8vo om. 5. €icXt|ero | licaraXi^/ju^ecr^atl. 

7. ^. 8. e^ijXdovl I icara8ta)#coi^€9| pro huaKovT€^ \ 8c' om | |icat 
avTTi pro avrrj he \ \7rpo^ avrov^ €in\ ro 8a>/ta*. 9. €h(o\K€P pro 8€8a»- 
Kep I ic? v/xtt^. 10. ^aXacrcrai^ T7^| epvOpap \ \e^€irop€V€a'0€u\ \ |cf pro 
€K yrjs I fiaa-ikevci \ roi fly^. 11. rffKop* om | |^5 pro 09 | r*j9 om. 
12. I KCU add ante novqaare. 13. /yioi;' + |icat | \k(u ras a8€X^a9 /iiov| 
pro KCU TTai^a rov oucoi^ fiov, 

^^' If I H «Lnte n^ av I 7rapa8cu pro 7ra/>a8ot | Irr/p vo\lp vfup'\ \ 
wotTjcrarc pro noLrjcerc. 16. o/^tjin^i^ | airtKdaTe pro aircXdere | ai/a|- 
arpeilfOHriP pro ai/ airoarpojfaHrip \ aTrcXeucrela^cu. 

17. ^ I Ciirov 7rpo9 avlr^ji' ot ai'8p€9'. 18. ^crt^l | €P avrrf' pro 8t* 
aun;9, + Kcu| I 8c om | ira|Ta| in marg man i ? (ir in ras, ra sub) | 
y. TTcu^a in extrem marg man 2. 

19. ^ I dvpap rq^ om | ouci]ap pro otKia^ | ^fu^j. 20. ri om | 
ja^oiot c(ro/yi6^a|. 21. ovra)9| add ante coro). 

^ ante Kat c^atrcorctXcir. 22. r/kdap] \ optin/i^j | rpt9 | €vpop\ 

28. ^. 24. ^ I ciiroi^ I €1/ x^^/'^ rjlfKap iraxrap rqp y^\ \ Kar€wrri^€p\. 

Caput III 

p. 124, 2, 19 

1. ^ I ainyp^l pro airqpep \ i^Xl^oi^. 

2- H I ^^vrfdrj pro eyepero, 3. post ro) Xao) Xe/oi^c9 amissa sunt 
duo folia ad litteras Xaro k?, IV, 10. 

Caput IV r^ r^r t t 

p. 125, I, I 

10. lci + r(a Irjo'ovl . 

% ante kcu ea-weva-ep \ hi€/3ri\ pro Biefirja'ap. 

11. ^. 12. T[ I i;/ti|(r€i pro rjfiKrei^. 13. [cvaKTi pro ci/ai^toi/. 
14. ^ I 7rarro9 tov| pro rov irapro^ \ \axr7rep + €<l>o/3ovp\ro. 


15. ^ I JItjctoi; pro Irjaot. 16. i6pcv|(n | axpawri. 16—18. Vffv kl- 

fitoTov rrj^ 8ixL0rj07fs rov fiaprvpuiv ot t€/9€t9 ot atpovre^ om. 

18. 7779 om ante BiaOrjlKri^ \ fi€(rov\ add ante rov lophavov. 

^ ante kcu eOrfKap \ ^pa^l pro 7^9, + icat | ica^aj + icat. 

19. ^. 20. leXa^ov pro ekoi/Sep. 21. ot vtot| vfuov Vfia^. 22. avay- 
y€|X€ir€ pro OLVnyy^CKar^ \ tovtov om. 23. v/tcui^ pro r^/ioii^ ' | ro\ eK 
Tcv pro eK T(ov. 24. |roi/ i?p dv \ vfi(oi/\ pro 17/xaii^ | XP^^^l P^^ cpyoi. 

Caput V , 

p. 1 26, 2, 3 

1. H I Bui\/3r)vai, pro Sta^(ui/€ti^ | {icareraia^crai/ pro eraKijaav \ 
at| 8tai/otat avrcuvj | ir/9o|o-Q»irov rcui/ via»i^ IcrX| in ras man i. 

2. ^ I Iiycrov pro Iijcrot | ica^ctcra? | IcrX^ + cK Scvrc/Jov]. 
3^1 7rer/>«'a5+ jcavrco | 7rc/3i€T€/A€. 

4. T[ I TreptlcKa^at/sci'. 5. '/• tov? pro tovtov? ('/• man 2) | Tr^te- 
T€|fjiev (1^ sup man 2) | MaS)8a/>tTtSt|. 6. Stort pro Sto | ot' om | 
huapuj&+J^ av|rot9 | eiSeti^ | avTa>v| pro upLfav \ |8ovi^at + '>}/yttv. 

^- If I Iwcpterqxci' Iiyo-ov^l | yeyelmjcdai. 

9. ^ I It/Ictov pro Iiyo-ot | vto* Navi; om. 10. a^ ejcnrepov em pro 
airo eamepa^ airo \ ev ra> trepav rov lophavov om. 11. €<f>ayop. 

12. ^ I IcfcXctTrov pro c^cXittci' | vmfpxop] pro vrnip^ev \ eKapnoh 
o'aKrol pro eKaptn^aavro \ \(opav pro Kovpav. 

13. ^ I |o<^daX/iiot9 + avTou| | etSci^. 
^ ante icat Trpoo-cX^oil. 14. 

T[ ante Kat Irjcov^, 

15. ^ I (TV pro vw I ccm7|ica5 + CTT avrov. 

Caput VI ^ 

p. 128, 2, 21 

1. ^ I <rvyic€|icX€to'/xcKy7 | ov|8€t9 pro ovffets. 

2. ^1 viro|;(€tptoi^ o"ot Trfv\ lepct^^oi pro rrip l€p€i)(to \mo\eipiav \ 
ovTa% om. 3. avn7 + 7f3|Ta9 | p>0L^(ifTa^\ pro /jtaxt/tov^. 4. ava#cpa|- 
yeraxrav pro ai/aKpayero) \ a/ta om. 5. avaicpayo|Ta)i/. 

6. T[ I |vto9 pro o rov. 7. jcva^rt pro evavriov, ' 9. |ira/>airop€V€- 
fT0(a\(rav efiTrpoadev] \ icv + 7ro/3€v|o/jL€i/ot icat. 

^* H I M'v^Sct^ pro 11710 ei^ I T7}i^j <f>(ovrip vpmv \ 8t|ayyetXi} avro9 
man i (avro? corr avTot9 man 2) | |ai/a^i}(rerat'|. 


11. % I Ov + TTll nokip. 

12. ^ I 77}9 Sta^i7ia}9 om. 13. ot tc/oct^l ot eirra pro ot eirra tepct^ 
I (upopT€^\ pro <f>€popT€^ \ Ttt? exTTa craXTrtyya^l pro ra? craXirtyya? 
ra5 eirra. 

^ ante icat fiera ravra. 13-14. icot /xera ravra Sta^ioj?! 

W tr post €19 TTji/ Trapefifiokrjv ' \ onurOev \ 7775 om ante Stad7/K7}$| | 
craXTrty^ti'* | TrcptcicuKXftKrc ttjv iroXti/ eyyvdev Kai om | laTTYjXdoi^ pro 
awrfKO^v, 15. 7r€pi7)X0o| | «rTa|#ct9* pro e^cua^. 16. 

^ ante icat ctTrci/ | It/ctov?! pro o Itjctou?. 17. t(o\ k® rcui' Sui^a- 
fu^ pro Kw ca/SaciiB \ 7r€piirot7jcra|rc pro ir^piiroitia'aja'd^ \ irav\ra 
add ante ocra'. 18. ^vXacrcrelo'dc pro ^v\a^ajcr0€ \ tr^hpa om | 
avTot om. 

19. ^ I icat pro ^ *• ^ I icat Tra?] pro 17 '. 

20. T[ I tcpt^l I TTji^ ^(ovlji\ add ante roji^ craXTrtyyaii' | a/ta om ('/• 
sup man 2) | airay om | jirape/ijSoXTji^* pro iroXti^. 21. |av€0€fjiart- 
crai/ pro apedefiariaev \ Itjctov? om | irp€cr)8vTc|pou • pro irpetrfivrov | 
/yio|o7(ov- +Kat €a>9 7rpo\fiaTOV\ 

22. ^ I Si;o pro Sva-Lv \ icat e^ayayere avrqv €K€i0€v koll ocra ccrrti^ 
avrri om. 23. icat €iaif)\dov ot Svo veaviaKoi ot KarcurKoireva'avTe^ 
Ttjv irokw €t5 TTji' otictav r7j9 yui/atico5 om | cfijyays| ttji/ Paa)8 | iravra 
oca Tji'l avnj* Kat iraucrap r^\ arvyyeveiav avnj?] pro t^i' crvyycj'tai' 
Tji/ avnj?. 

24. ^ I €vt'!rv\pi(r07i €v irvpi pro €verrpi){rdi) epirvpiarfuo \ \naaL. 

25. % I Trai/ra om | #carcit>|ic7)crai^ pro KarcjKTjO'ei/ \ ra> om ante lo'X 
I |icaracr/co7n7crat pro icaracricoTrcucrat. 26. ei/avriov Kvpiov Xeyaxp om 
I |o9+ai^acm7(r€t icat| | dc/jtcXtoxTtl. 

^ ante icat ovrcu? | lOaJai^ pro Ojai' | Stao'a>^|rt cXa;(taTcu | a7rc|- 
aTq<r€i/ pro en^oTqaeu. 

Caput VII 

p. 132, I, 22 

1. ^ I 7rX7)/ii/yi€|X€tai^' | fieyaXriv om | A;(ai^ pro A.)(ap | Xa/^l/iit | 

2. ^ I Bi]dar| pro Box^TjX | icara(r#ce|ia|crdat | yriv'\ pro Fat. 

3. ^ I Fat 'I (at in ras man 2 aut i) | ai/a/Saii/ercjl pro ava/Srira) \ 
|a7rai^ra pro ira^ra. 

4. % I ai^c^iycrai' + cicct] | cu? pro (wo-ct | tcui' om. 5. ct? om | [ecus 
pro Kat* I CTTt pro airo' | #ca|rcu<^€pov9'. 


6. T[ I e\avTov' pro avrov \ Ici'am pro epavriov \ eire/Sakop to\ xovv 
pro eirefiaXoPTo \ovv \ rqv Ke\^aKr)v pro ra? K€<^aXa9. 

7. ^. 8. \air€vavTi (r sup man 2). 

10. ^ I cri7|7r€7rra>ica9 pro av newrojKa^. 11. \BLa07fKrii/ + fiov] |8te 
0€/ji7}i^ (c* corr ex t man i) | koa add ante KXci/rajre^. 12. cttictt/jcI- 
^ovaip €va>7rt?$| pro vTrooTpe^ovcLV eifavri. 

13- H I H ^i^te raSc Xeyet | €OTt| ci^ v/xtv. 14. 

^ ante #cat eorou | evhei^t) pro Sct^ * | npoaa^erai ter | ai^ pro eav 
bis I €1^1 Sct^ pro Set^' | oikov^I in ras man i pro oikop \ ci/Set^iTrcl 
pro Sct^'. 15. cai'l pro ai/. 

16. T[. 17. \o Zapat | icot irpo€n)\dT) ' om | #car avhpas\ pro Kara 
avSpa, 18. Zafifipi, 

19. ^. 20. ^ I Ii;(Tov pro Iijcrot | [a/avTioi/ + rov \ kv\ man 2 in 
extrem lin. 21. \€l8ov \ 'n'OLKL\^\+ KaXrjp' \ 8i8payfia \ €y/c€|fcpv7rTat 
+ €P rrj yri\ \ cy |fC€fcpi/77Tat pro KeKpvTrrai. 

22. ^ I ice/cpu/t/jbclt^a pro ei/KeKpvfiiieva \ €v tt) CKriyril pro €19 tt}!/ 

23. ^. ^ ante icat rfveyKov \ irpo^ add ante tov^\ irpea-fivTepov^. 

24. If I \api/cDV pro Axoip | I(tX pro o Xao9. 

25. ^ I Tto A^ap om I TTas IcrX €v \l\0ol^' pro Xt^ot? wa? IcrpaiyX. 

Caput VIII ^ .a x 

p. 136. I, 9 

1. T[ I crc| avrov pro crov* | Train^as tov?] ai/Spa?. 2. [ttj l€p€i\(a 
pro tt;!^ lepeLX^ \ rai| fioLaiXei pro roi/ fiaxrikea \ ei^eSpaj pro 

3. ^ I |icat CTreXe^e^ pro CTrcXc^ci/ Se | |;(tXiaS€9. 4. je^eSpcvcrcrat 
pro ci'cSpcvcrarc | fiif fiaKpav yivearOe ano ttjs iroXeco? om. 5. ira? 
o Xao9 o pro iraj^c? ot | ttvXtji^'I pro ttoXii'. 

^ ante icat corat cu5. 6. loupovcrti^* pro cpovcru', + icai. 7. c^ai^a- 
crn7cr€cr^(at)| | 7rop€vcr€(rd(u|. a ironjcrarc • pro iron^aerc. 

®- H I jci^cica^ctcrai'. 

10. ^ I avro^l pro avrot | 7rp€<T^vTcpoi| + IcrX. 11. a7ro| oi/aroXoiv*. 

14. ^ I €t|8ci/ o )8a<nX6V9 n;?] Fat | o /xcr' om. 

15. ^ I ctScv I 7ra5 add ante I<rX. 17. ovSetsj pro ovOet^ \ Kare- 


18. Tf I ort €ts TTyv] X^^P^ P*"^ ^^^ y^P '^^^ x^P^^' 


^ ante icat e^ereiv^p \ top yaia-op\ kox tt/v X^^P^ avTov\. 19. cfijX- 
0OV I €t(rri\0op\ €15 pro r/XOoaav ctti. 

20. ^ I icat* om I \€(op<op pro €0€<opovp \ apafiaLPT5\Ta top Kairpop 
I €K om. 

ZL. ^. 22. |€^Xdoi^ I €irarafai/+av|Tov9. 

24. T[ I aTTOffTCtlvon-c? I |€#c TT)^ Tox pro ev rq Tcu \ ctti om | KaTc|- 
Stto^ep pro KareSixo^av \ |€a)9 pro air* avrrj^. 

T[ ante #ccu^ | €7r€arpoffep\ pro aTreaTpeifftp. 27. jicnyi'a)!/ Kat tcui^| 
(T/cvXait/ pro aicvXcui^ | irapTa a om | eavrot? om | Ii;crou'| pro Ir/aoi. 

28. ^. 29. ^ I ^ ante k€u einSvpopTos \ icajdeiXoi/ | to aco/ial 
aurov I €ppufrav|. 

Caput IX r^ t..^ ^ ^^ 

p. 140, 2, 23 

i-e. w 1, 2 tr post V 8 ut ordo Hebr. 

1. 1[ I §€ TfKovo'ap -^ iTa\T€^ I opwTf \ ot A/yio/3/0(uot| icat ot Tepye- 
acuotl Kat ot Xai/avatot| kox ot 4>€p€{axot| kox ot Evatot| kou ot le^ov- 
aatotl. 2. aiwrjXOop. 

3. ^ I ailCoSo/XT^Cil I TO) IcSa ^O) pro KVpUO TO) ^£61. 4. TO) KOJ, + ICCU. 

5. T[ I HAoivcrtri + op\ eypoifiep, 6. Stica|oTat + avTiap' \ fcat' om | tfa'ap* 
ot i}/ytt|(T€t9 pro ot i^o'ai^ riiuav^ \ ot T7fit|o'ov9 avroM^ pro ot rja-ap TffiKrv' \ 
\ao\ + €v lak^ (€p in marg man 2). 

7. ^ I ovrai9 om | Ii^o'ov? om. 8. I'>}|(tov pro Ii^o'ot | vixap om | 

9. ^ I Ii^aou^ pro Kvpt09. 10. \\a/3oT€^ \ \op(op pro (afitop \ airo- 
ScSoficli^ov?; 11. KaraircircXroil/tci^a | ctt pro €nap(o \ ot aprot pro o 
apTo^ I rov €irt|a'trta'/jiov avroii^j | ^rfpot pro $7ipo^ \ evponiop Ktu om | 
/3€3p(Ofi€\poi,' pro fiefipcafiepo^. 12. i^X^oi^ | JTr/oo? trai^a add ante 
lo'X^ * I 7f\0€LiiJi\ pro 7f Kafiep \ hLa0ea0aL\, 

13. ^ I eiTTOP I IStadoi/tat o-ot. 14. €tii^|. 15. eLTTov + npo^ av|roy. 
16. Svcrt add ante ^acrtXevo'tl | Eceftiopl pro twp A^fioppauaiP, 

17. ^ I aicovaain'c? om | eiirop \ Xa^erat | vficjp pro aov. 19. ircj- 
iraXatoM^at pro TTCTraXouoirat. 

20. ^ I Tov^ eirto'trt|o'/jiov9 pro tov emo'iTurpov \ \jn^ + avT€op | circj- 

21. ^ I 8t€| 0€ro pro 8t€^€ITO. 

22. ^ I rpt^l I jctcrti^ avTCDP'. 

»• H I €^V^0op pro lyXtfoi/ I X€<^€tl/>a- | Bt;/>«^'' pro B€ip<ap \ la- 


p^ifL*. 24. 7775 awayayyri^l add ante rov lOf ^i' pro Kvpiov top dtov \ 
hi€\yQyyv{r€v pro huyoyyvaav. 
25. ^ I ^i'rrav + 7ravT€s\ \ i7ftt9|. 

27. ^ I icat ctirai^ avrot9 ot| ap^ovre^ add ante {ij<rov]Tat I au|- 
aytarfrfy + IcrX. 

^ ante #cat eiroti^crav Tracraj 1; awayatyri add ante Ka^a|7r€p | cittoi/ 
pro €t7rai^. 

28. ^ I ea/JLep airo\ crou | eyxnapiOL. 29. cKXeiTn; | ovSe om. 

30. ^ I Iiycrov pro Irftroi \ amTyycXi/j pro ainjyycXiy | toi' om | 

^' H I '7/^^^| I l^oii^crat pro iroti^crarc. 32. cj^iXaro | It/o-ov^ av|rov9 
I |ai^€iXou/ pro aveikov. 

33. ^ I 8ta TOVTO eya^ovTO ol KaTotKovvre^ Tafiawv ^XoKonoi kol 
v&po^poi Tov OwnaoTqpiov rov 0€ov om | a| pro €ap. 

Caput X 

p. 144, 2, 19 

I. 1 I iXiffi^ (nota compend man 2) | CTrocji^crci/ pro CTroti/crai/ bis | 
TjVTOiiohjl&ai. 2. €v €|aurot9 pro air' avrtav \ 't)\heia'av pro i^Set 1 1^ iro|- 
Xi9 fieyaXri \ |a)(r€t+^at. 

3. ^ I E|Xa/ji I ^epaafil pro 4>6tSa»^ | UpifiovOl \ la^te pro l€<^0a | 
Aafi€ip pro Aa^6ti/. 4. €ic7ro|X€/jii7(ro/yi€i^ pro €Kiro\eiiri<rQ}fi€v \ rp/To- 
§jLokri&a\, 5. l€/>t/yu>vd| | 08oXa/ji| | vepLelKadeta-av, 

6. ^ I opLirqp'\. 

^- H- ®- If I virocmjcrerat| pro viroXcw^ftjcrcrat | ovSet^l pro ovOei^ \ 
Tip^v'l pro vpxav. 

®- H I w^po9 pro €TT I €7ro/Kv|^i7 pro eureiropevOt), 10. tcui^ vtcuir 
om I \(Tvmpvi\nv p,€ya\ky}v pro arwrpi^ei p^eyakif \ \Brj0Q}p(av' pro 

II. ^ I ev $€ ra> | roii/ om ante mtov \ \B<u0a>p(av ' pro Upaa^iv, 
^ ante icai eyevovro \ ano0avoT€^\. 

12. T[ I lirapcScufcciz + ic? | vtoii/ om ante ItjX | IaXa)| pro AiXoii/. 
13. e|;^0pov? avrcdi^* + ov\l tovto y€ypap,\p,€vop cirt ^t^Xtovj rov €0ov^' 
I |/x€croi; pro p.ecrov \ npoeiropevoplTO pro npoeiropevero. 14. 7c? crD| in 
ras man 2. is. I<rX' + /ccu €7r€<rrp€|i|FCv Iijcrov? icai ira^j o Xao? IcrX 
fier av\rov ct5 ttji/ irap€/i|)8oXi]i^ cts raXyoXaj. 

18. ^ I Xt^ov^l + /it€yaXov9 | KaToanjcralTC + cir avrov. 


20. % I iraKTC? ot vtot| pro Tra^ vio9. 21. Xa|o9 + €C9 np Trapefi' 
^o|X^| I vyiTjs* I ovSet^l pro ovdet? | avT(ov'\ pro avrou. 

22. ^. 23. Kou e^Yiyayoaav tov^ nevT€ ^curiXet^ ck tov ctiti/Xguov 
om I lepilfiovO* \ 24. (n;/ii7ro/>cvo|fi€vov9 | irpoa'\'n'op€V€a'0€ pro irpono^ 

^ ante kcw irpocr€Xtforc9|. 

25. ^ I SiXtaaT/rel. 

26. ^. 27. Svcr/ia^l + Kat | jicaTC^vyoi' | €ir€in;Xtcrai/| pro etcvkurav 

I Xttfou9-l-fteyaXov9|. 

28. T[ I Mafo^Sa I €\a\fiov \ ^i^ov^ pro fiaxatpa^j + |fcat roi' fiaxriKea 
av|n79' I €f(wX€tf/0€v|<rav + avrov9 #cat | IcftTTvcov-l-o rfv | ovSe ct9| ci/ 
avTTi pro ci/ avn; ovSct?. 

^ ante #c(u CTroiT/crcu/ | Main;8a|. 

29. Tf. 30. €1^ X^^P^ P^^ ^^^ X^V^^ I €^^^cy pro ekafiop \ €fiiTP€op\ | 
CI' av|TTy' + ov8c cw I ewoirjceu pro cironjcrai^* | €7rot7jcr€| pro ^trovqcav^ . 
31. |o Xao5 o pro IcrpaijX | Aaxt^j. 32. ci^* om | ec^oi/evcrei^l pro €<^o- 
vevaav \ ^^w\\€6p€vaev pro e^coikeOpeva-av \ €noL\ria'€p pro errovqa'av \ 

33. T[ I Fa^cp pro ra^Tjs | avTcu| pro avrtav, 

34. ^ I c7roXto/>#c€i pro eiroKiopicriatv. 35. ic? sup man 2 | €fjLin/€ov, 
36. T[ I irepL€Ka0Laai/\ pro irepveKaOiaev. 37. CTraral^ai^ pro CTra- 

ra^ev \ na\ra efiirpeovra pro irai^ €V7rv€au \ ov rponov tTTOvqcrav rtjv 
OSoXXa/i, e^foXeOpevtrav avrqv Kai oaa tjp €p avrri om.. 

38. ^ I 7r€/oi|/ca0€tcrai^€9. 39. iracra? add ante KO}\fia^ \ €fiirP€\ov \ 
JKareXetTroi' | avrq * om | tt) pro ttjv | kol toi ^ajcrikei PLvrq^ * om | )8a| 
(TtXet avrti^ • * + icatfa|ir€p cTTOti/crai' r7j| Xefiva kol tcu ^ocrtlXet avT7;5*|. 

*®- If I |optinj5* I |Nay€)8^ pro NajSat | icarcXi/iTrai^cl pro icarcXi- 
iroi/ I |avn} pro avrcuv | SiacrecrctKr/jicli'oi' pro aeaoxTfiepop \ €iinp€\ap | 
€^ avTTjs pro {an;9 | c^culXc^/ocvcrai' pro cfaiXc^/ocwrci^. 

41. ^ ante #cai aTrcicreii'ei/ av|rov9 Iijcrov? add ante airo| KaS?;? 
BapvTf I lyiji' add ante Toa-ofi^ \ yiysj pro T179. 42. javrov pro ai^ 
Tcov', -f TOV? I #caTa| pro iccu' | jcXajSci/ pro eirara^ep. 

Caput XI o 

p. 151, I, 28 

1. ^ I lla^eti' pro lajSet? | JMaSaii'' pro Mappcjv \ Xo/i,€/oa>i/*| pro 
Xvfiocjp I Axt<^| pro A^CK^. 2. 0/911/171' '| | Pa)3a0a| pro PajSa | Xci^e- 


p€0\ pro Ka^epwd \ iia<f>€0h(op\ pro 4>€i/a€88aip. 3. rov^ Xerrouou^l 
Kat Tov^ ^€p€^au}v^\ icat le/SovaoLovsl rov^ €v ro) opei' |icat rov^ Evotov^j 
|A€p|/icuv pro eprjiiop \ Macrjcnj^a' pro Macevfiav, 

4. Tf I a/t/UlOs| + 1J €7rt TO ;(€iXo9. 

^- H I ovjrot* pro avrot | icou rrapevefiaXov om | M€/opa)| pro 

^* 11 I l^'^ oipoi^ ravn^i^l | |ai;rov9 Terpo7r(o\ii€POv^ \ \vl^v IcrX* pro 
Tov laparjX, 

7. f I Mapl/Mki^ pro Mappanf \ leircirecrci/ man i, a sup e^ scr man 2 
I avrot^l pro eir avrov^ \ opivrf, 8. Ma<rp€<f><o0\fiaLii' pro Mcureptov \ 

Macr|(n7<^a' pro Mocrcrctix I '^^^^a I ^<^^^ om. 

9. ^ I ica0ori| pro ov Trpowov. 

10. ^ I €7r€OTpe/rei/ pro airearrpa^ \ \otl Acroip '>}>^ pro 171^ $€ Acroip. 
11. €/x77r€ov I oTO/i,art| ^i,<f)ovs' pro ^t<^€t. 12. ^acrtX€i|a>i^' pro fiao'c 
\€a}v I Ic^aiXe^pcvcrci/ pro e^toXeOpevaap. 13. /jloi^^| + avrrjv \ IItjctoi;? 
pro Icr/oai;X. 14. aircAeaap pro aTToiXccrci/ | icareXetTroi^ | e^ om | 
e/i|iri/€ov. 15. IC9 pro Kvpto^. 

^ ante /cat Moiucn;? | Itjctov pro IrfaoL \ \ov0€v pro ovScv | crvi^c- 
ra^cj'-f 7c?| | toi Man;(n}| pro avrco Mon/cn;?. 

16. 1[ I |opti^i^* I 7ra<fa| rrjp^ + yrfp \ Hayefi pro ASc^S. 17. airo 
opov9 om I AaXaic pro A^^eX | Sijetpa | to ire\Bioi/ pro ra treSta | rovs 
^a|crtX€t9 avToiv 7rai/|ra9 | ai^€i|X€v + avrov9. 

18. ^ I Tjiiepa^ n\€Lov^\, 19. Kot add ante ovk' | tjti^ ov pro 171^ 
ouK I 7rap€|8a)/c€v pro cXa^ci', + rot? vtot^l | navra^ €Xa)8e| pro irai/ra 
eXafioaav, 20. t^i^ Kaphiav av|rcit>i^ | ottoi? fii] So^i] avrot? cXeo? aXX* 
ti/a e^oXedpevdoKriv om. 

21. ^ I opivTi^ I Ai/a>)8| pro Ava/StoO \ opov^j pro yepov^. 22. viro 
pro OTTO I ro^ij + Kot €1^ r€0\ \ AtStoff pro AcrcXScd | icar€|X€t<^ft7a-ai/ - 
pro icarcXct^ft]. 

23. ^ I ^ ante Kot eSoiicev. 

Caput XII 

p. 154, 2, 21 

1. ^ I ai^ctlXei' pro cu'ctXoi', + Mcuvotj? #cat| | |airo pro a<f>* | 7071/* om 
I airo pro air*. 2. rcui' om | ov pro os | A\po7jp ^ pro Apptap. 3. Xci^- 
vepe^l I icara | Kalratcrt/iiaid^ pro icara AceifKod \ jmo pro atro' | 
Aarj\8<i}d pro MrjScjO, 


4. Tf I Ba|(rav pro Bacra. 5. Scpl^a* pro ^ic^ai | [rccrovpt pro 
Fc/oyccrct | Ma|xaTf pro Maxct. 6. KXi]/9a>| pro Kkrjpopofiia. 

7. ^ I BaaX|yaS^ | ro) TreStoil | rov Aifiavov pro At^cu/o) | |o/90v9 
Tov pro rou opov9 | AXoic*"] pro XcX^a | \t€€ipa' pro ^rjeip \ \avTrip 
pro avroi' | K\ripo\poii,Lap pro KXripovofiew. 8. €^ay€)8| pro Nayc^. 
9. icai' om. 11. l€pt/iioi;0|. 12. EyXoii^l pro AtXa/ji. 13. TaSc/^l pro 
Ao-ct. 14. Epiia\ pro Epfiad \ ASepj pro AipciO \ fiaaiXea Apad om. 
16. Bcu^i^Xj pro HXaS. 17. MamjSal pro Ara^ovr, + ^acriXca Ba^ 
^oi;|. 18. A^€k| pro O^cic, + ^acriXca Aewapci \ 1-179 Apoiic om. 
19. Acroi/^l pro Ao'ofi. ao. 2a/iipa)| pro %vfio<op \ MaSiSJ pro Ma/i- 
poid. ao-24. jSacrtXea Mappa>| jSacriXca A^craf^l ^aatXea Bai^a^l 
fiaucrikea May€Ss| jSocrtXca KcSe?! fiaucrikea \€Kovap\ rov X€/9/ii€X| 
jSacrtXea Aoipj rov Na<^6S8a)/>| fiaaiXea ToKip] 7779 FeXycXj fiatriXea 
Sepaa'l pro ^. A^ei^, ^. KaS>}9, )8. Za#cax> ^. Ma/^eScod kou fi. lexofi 
rov Xepfieky fi, EXSoi/i tov 4>€i^i^€8Sa»p, )9. Feci n}9 FaXctXota^i ^. 
Ba/xra. 24. ^ ante irai^e^ | €tK(Krt + Kat|. 

Caput XIII 

p. 156, 2, 15 

1. ^ I ^ ante kou ctirei/ 1 cn/om. 2. ^Xt|rc€tfi^ | Fccrovpi*! man i, 
TcpcrovpL' man 2 (p sup) pro Feaetpei, 3. (rarpaTretcu? | A^on'o)] 
man i, A^oinoi man 2 (i sup) pro A^oircuu | AcrKaXcoi^tn^l | AKKapta- 
PLT7j\. 4. |r7j yi; I Fajij? om | A^cicica'| pro Ta<f>€K, 5. Fo^8Xt| pro 
TaXiaO I At^ai/QJ man i, '/• scr man 2, eras et corr Aifiavov add 
airo (in marg) man i | FoiXyaX^ pro FaXyaa | etcroSov (etcr sup man i 
in ras). 6. \opivriv \ Maajcre/se^ai^/xai/ii^l pro Ma<r€p€0fi€iJL<l>(aviiaLfi \ 
IcfoXo^pevcroi | e^ereiXafi^l croc *. 7. 

^ ante ly ^aXoo-cra. 8. Suo add ante <^v|Xai9 | Mavacr<n;|+Tot5 
Iter avrovl | Fa8^ -hrjp | tov lopSapov\ pro rcu lopBaprf \ |icaTa | avri^l 
pro avTco, 9. |Murai/9 | Mai8a^a| pro ^aiBafiap. 10. |ra)i^ Afiop- 
paubp\ I roii^ via>v|. 11. |FaXaa8irtv' pro FoXaaSetrcSa | Fecrov/^t* pro 
Fcorctpct I Maxa^f pro Maxarct | Baa-avtrtl | EX^a" pro A^a. 
12. Boo-av* pro Bao-ai/ctrtSt | cp AaTa\p(od kou €p ESpa\€LP', 13. Fc- 
covpi'l pro Fco-ctpct' | Ma^a^t ' pro Maxaret bis | Tetraovpi, pro 
TeceipeL* \ (rqfiepop om | |i]ficpa9 + rai;r»j?*|. 14. rrj ^vXrj ttjI pro rrf^ 
ffntXri^ I Ka\T€iJL€pur€, 

15. Tf I roi9 V105 pro 71/ f^vXi/. 16. Kat' om | Mto-oip. 17. Mio-oip^ 


I BafitoO pro Baifut>r | oucov^ pro oucov \ Baiekfic^l pro MccX^Soi^. 
18. Icurcra* pro Bcurai/ | Kat|Si}fi€t>^^ pro BaKeh/uoO \ Maa^| pro 
Mat^a^. 19. %apaLa6\ pro ScpaSa | Suup^ pro Sctoii/ | opt| | Ei^aic^ 
proEi/a^. 20. Bai0<f>aya}p\ \ BrjOiniiovO^l pro BaiOOaaeivoiO, 21. iro- 
Xi^l I Murovp^ pro Mcurcop | Pofcoft** pro FofioK \ Ovp\ (v sup man 2 ?) 
I Fofio' pro PojSc I apx^k^^ P^^ apxovra \ a^apa om | Suur' | icat' 
om I rqv yiji/| pro Scuui/'. 

23. ^ I eycifOVTo pro cyci/cro | o lopScunj^j | ai/nj9 pro avrq \ avrcor* 
om. 25. €y€vo|ro pro cyci/ero | avrwv ra optaj | ro om ante t^/ucrvl | 
Apoffp^ pro Apa^a| |Pa^j3a* pro A/>a8. 26. Pa/xa>d| pro apaficjQ \ 
Macr^a'l pro Maaari^a \ Bora/uv* pro Borai/ct| Ba|i/ai^^ pro Baai/ 
I |Aa^€i/>^ pro Acu/Swp. 27. Ei^cj3€ic| BijOapafi^ pro Ei/aSoi/t icat 
OOapyau \ Bq$pal5\pa' pro BaivOavafipa \ Sa>;(a>* pro Sofc;(a>^a | 
Saj^r* pro Sa^ar | icat' om | Xei^cpco^j pro Xei^cpcd | |airo pro air*. 
28. avT<ov^ + Kai\ Kara iroXct^ avra>| | av^ei^a etnarp^ovo'iv €vajrnjov 
TOiP e\Op<ov avTwp' on cycm^^ fcara Si^^ov? avrtop ax iroXct^ avroii^ 

29. ^. 30. Maa|i/cufi^ pro Maai^a | fiaaikua^ om | Ba|c7ai/* pro 
Boo'ai^ct I iBoo'ai^iriSt. 31. AaOaptaOl pro Aarapwd \ ev* om | rcoi^ 
pro fly I rq Baxravirihi \ + fccu| choOrfa'aa^ \ viov\ pro vtot9 ' | Ma^cip 
vioi9 ^ om. 

32. ^ I icarefcX'i}|pofi'i}(r€i^ pro KarackupovofLtja'Qf \ rov^ om | air 
pro €ir*. 

Caput XIV ^ 

p. i6o, 2, 7 

1- IF I ^ om ante yij. 2. ^^vXt^^ + Malrcuron;. 3. 

^ ante kcu rot? Acvcirat?. 4. €v rq yii om | avrcu9 pro avroir*. 
5. cftclpuravro pro cfiepurav. 

6. ^ I irpotrrikdov \ raXya|Xot9' pro ToXyaX | cittcv {v sup man 2) 
I Xa^cX^ pro XaXc^ | Kati^€|£co9* | cXaXi^crcl* 7. |ai/o9 pro o 7rai9 | 
cfc Ka8i79 BapvT) om | aTTCicpi^cral pro aveKpiOrjv. 8. 8c' om | Sta- 
i/oiai/ pro KapSiav \ irpoa\er€6rfp pro ir/Mxrc^i/ | roi om. 10. cittc | 
cXoXt/ctc I jrovro ro pJi/ia. u. c^cXl^ctr pro curcXdcti/ | cto-cX^dj pro 
c^cXdeti/. 12. crc man i aut 3 in ras '/• et 3 litt, '/• crc in extrem 
marg man 2 | ep add ante rq rificpa bis | €icct| man 2 in marg | 

^3* 11 I ^i^ Xcj3pa>| I Xafiek^ pro XaXefi \ roi Kei^eul^cuo) pro vtoi 


K€i/c^. 14. 1} om ante X€l3pwp \ Xa^ScX] pro XaXcjS | <r7ifi€po\ rjficpa^ 
pro Tfficpa^ Tavnj9 | \tov 0v. 15. nj9 om ante Xefipayp \ ApjSo pro 
Apyo/S I /xiTTpoTTolXci?. 

Caput XV . 

p. 102, 2, 12 

1. ^ om I l8ov|fiata9 pro lovSata? | Str | votop ' | pro XtjSa. 

2. ^ I ey&rqOi) {-qOrj in ras man i) | votov\ pro Xtj3o9 | r»79* om | 
i^olror* pro Xt)8a. 3. \AKpafifieiv \ %i\va' pro Eri^aic | |a7ro i^orov 
pro €7rt Xtj3o9 I Ecrpoll pro Aafopoiu \ ASSapa* pro SapaSa | 7ro|p€v- 
dr/o'erai, pro cicTropcvcrai *. 4. vopeverai pro cKTropcverat | | Acrefiioua 
pro XeX/Dioii/ai/ | Si€fc|j3aXX€t | fcai^ om | |ravra pro rovro | |ra opta | 

I'OTOvl pro Xl^09. 

5. ^. 6. Batj^ayXa' pro BcuOaykaajM \ V-iro pro airo (ctto man i, 
€ eras, */• add sup man 2). 7. TaXyaX^ pro TaayaS | A8o/A/i.ct| pro 
A88a/ACii/ I poTd\ pro XtjSa | 8t|€fc^aXX€t | rrj^ irr)yrj^\. 8. K€u ai/a- 
^ati/€t| (fcai ai/a bis scr) | \Evofi^ pro Ovofi \ va)Tov\ pro i/orov | tov 
om I aTTo Xt)8o9 om | Stcic)8aX|X€t pro €fcj3aXXct | Ei/|ro/Di^ pro Orofi | 
Ifioppoj^' pro fioppa, 9. |rov v8aro9 | Na<^da>| pro Ma^dta \ opovs\ 
pro €19 TO opo9 I cl^afctl pro a^ci | €19 BaaX^| pro Ic^aaX. 10. |€t9 
o/M>9 Si^ctp^ fcatj TrapeXci/crerai €i^ai{rov pro kcu TrapeXciKTcrat ct9 opo9 
Aacap €7rt parrov | Iapct/i.| | XacraXoii^' | |i/oroi^* pro XtjSa. 11. \^o,)c 
\apiova' pro XokxwO \ opo^\ yrjs BaaX^ pro opia eirt Xi^a | Stcfcj^aX- 
Xci I lajSTjX^I pro Ac/Dii/a. 

13. ^ I jcScofcc bis I 8ia pro avo \ |ra9 7roX€t9* pro rrfv irokip \ Ap- 
l5oK om. 14. Tpt9| I Apok^ pro Ei^aic | Sov|<ri' | roi^ 6oXp,ai*| pro 
Boa\fi€i I A;(t/Diay*| pro A^^ct/xa. 15. |k(u to pro ro 8c | \ro nporer 

pop 7jV, 

16. ^ I o[| pro €ap I fcai cKKtAJrrj om | Kai| add ante hcxro) \ Axcaj 
pro Tiji' Ao^cti'. 

17. ^ I |a8€X<^9 XajScX^ o i/c|aircpo9' pro a8cX<^ov XaX€j3| Axlo-a/S 
pro A<rxct»' I avrovj + avroi €19. 

18. ^ I eyeirqdr) pro cycvcro | IctcrTropcvccrdat pro ^Kirop^vea-dai \ 
airo\ pro cic | XajScX^ pro XaXcjS. 19. icat ciTrcy avr^ om | TcoXa^ 
/Acuft| pro Tr]v Bo00ap€LS \ avrrfl +Xa^€X'* | FoiXa^ pro rop€u0kap bis. 

20. ^. 21. ai| 7roXct9' I ^o|Xt9'|'n'pctfry7pro7rpo9n7| <^vXi79|pro^vXi7 
I CTri pro c^* I KajS^crei^Xj pro KatjScucrcXeijX | E8pai' pro Apa | 
layovp pro Acroip. 22-28. jiccu Ktra icat Aiftcoi/al Kai A8a8a kcu 


KcSe^l Kcu Sva^Lif}* kcu TcX^j icat BaXoi/x^ icat iroXt^l Aaeptov avTTj 
AaoilpajMafi* icat Xafiaa| koll MaXcoSa] /cat Aa€pya8ha\ Kai Bai^<^a- 

\€0\ K(u Acra/xrovXal pro Kat Iica/m XoXoo'ccuXa. 28. at om ante 

eiravXci9. 29-32. |BaaXa icat Av€t/Di| icai Acre/i icat EXda)8a8| icat 
XccrciX Kat £/)/jia| icat SctKcXcyl fcat MeScjSiji^al /cat Xai^(rai/i/a| Kat 

AajSoi^l Kat ScXcct/il Kat Pc/x/tojr pro BaXa EpcD/icDd, 32. jctKocrt 

evpea pro k^ | at om ante Kco/utcu. 33. iTrcSetin^-. 33—36. EcT^aoXj Kat 
Sapaa Kat Ac7pa| Kat Naftcv kcu Zav(o\ kcu AhiaOcufi^ Kat HvZ] kcu 
leptiMOvd^l Kat OSoXXa/A| Kat Ne/xpa Kat Scit>;(Cit>| Kat A^ijKa' Kat 2ap|- 

yapeLfi^ pro AcrracuX ^aKapetp,. 37—41. ASacra* Kat MayjSaX- 

SaS* Kat AaXaa| Kat Macrt^a- Kat lelxdar/X^ Kat Aa;(€t9| Kat Ba^- 
Ka6^ Kat AyXeUl Kat Xa^^a Kat Aa/Dta^j Kat Xa^Xco^* Kat Ta\^p<i}0* 

KCU BrfOhalyoiW Kat Na»/Aa| Kat MaKi^Siy/Dta * pro Ahcurav MaiCT}- 

8ar. 42-44. |Aa^i/a Kat laOep] kcu l€<f>da Kat A(rci^i/a| Kat Nccrcrct^l 

Kat K€€tXa Kat A^^etjSj Kat Mapr/aa kcu AtXa>| pro Aefiva 

AiK(op. 44. €vv€a pro ScKa. 45. avrrj^l pro avra>i/. 46. JKat add 
ante aTro | \lefivaL pro Tefiva \ |Ac78ft>8^ pro Aair/ScaO, 47. AcreuScod 
Kat at Ktoficu avrrjs om. 48. |optin7 | A^up^ pro Sa/xctp | 2a>;(oi'| 
pro ScDX^t. 49. l€i^i/a' pro Pci^i'a | kox* om | iroXct^l | ai/nj| -Hcorti/. 
50-51. |Ai/a»j3^ Kat E(rd€/Aa>| Kat Arct/t^ kox Focto/aI kox XtXovoii^l kcu 

Ft/Xo)!^ pro A 1/0)1^ Xai/i/a. 52—54. £/>€j3| kcu Ecrai/* kou Pov/xa| 

Kat lai^ov/t^l KCU Bcu^daTr^^ovcj Kat A^aKa' kcu Xa/t|/tara* pro Atpc/Dt 

Ev^a. 54. TToXct^l I Stoipl pro %(opd \ Ktoficu pro ciravXct?. 55— 

57. JMaoir Kat Xcp/teXj Kat Zeuf}^ kcu IoTara| Kat Ic^pacX^| Kat Ek- 

Safia' Kat Zaji^coacKCi/t^ kou Fa|^aa' kcu Safipa* pro Maxop 

Sa/ipaOa. 58-59. JAovX^ Kat BcuOaovpl Kat FcScop Kat Ma/>a>S| Kat 

Bat^ai^oidj Kat EX^ckci^ pro AXova BeKovfi. 59 a. 6cKa>€| pro 

BcKoi I By/dXcc/LLJ pro Bat^Xcc/t | Atra/t| pro Airap \ Ta|ra/u* pro 
Tara/t | Xoipi^sj pro Ecofirjs \ Ka/0€t/Dt^ pro Ka/0€/t | FaX|Xct/t' pro 
FctXe/i I Bat^tjpl pro B€ffr}p \ Mopoxo) • pro Maro^ai. 60. |7roX€t9 pro 
1} 7roXt9 I I ApcjSjSa pro ^oOrjfia \ hvo\ + kcu at Kcjfiai avra>|. 61. kcu' 
om. 61-62. Bcu0apaPa'\ kou MaScoi/* Kat So|xoxa* t^^A Nc^crai^* 

icat at iroXet? aXa>| Kat Hi/ya8St pro Sapafiaafi AkpcStj^, 63. 

^ ante kcu KaroiKt^crai^. 


Caput XVI , r. 

p. 107, 2, 10 

1. ^ I airo| pro air* | |cu/aToXaii/ + nji^ €\p7iiiov' \ opiv^] \ Aov^a om. 

2. ^ I |a7ro pro €15 | Bat^iyX^ + Aov^aj | A/>x^|ara/>a>^^ pro Xara- 
p(o0€i. 3. \tov leifxtkOt' pro ATrraXctfi | nj9 pro rrfp', 

4. ^. 5. Ira opia \ Arapoid^ pro AaraptaO \ A|8a/>^ pro EpoK \ 
|nj9 pro Tiji'. 6. SicXevcrclrcu pro cXcvcrcrai | ti/[ax\Oo)0^ pro Iica- 
apMv I Sepfia om | |icat add ante TrcptcXciKrereul | |€7r pro €19' | 
|OT}i/adcn}Xa>* pro Or^i^acra icat SeXXT^cra | €ir pro an \ Iai/\p{o pro 
lai/fioica. 7. icai' otn | Arapoi^^j kol HaapaOa pro Ma;(oi icat Aora- 
pcjd I Stc\ci;cr€rai| pro eXci/crerat. 8. |Ba^<^oi;c pro Ta<^ov | irapcXev- 
|(rercu pro vop€va'€T€u \ xeilfiappovp Kou^a* pro XeXicou^a | avrov pro 

^ ante avrq 17 | ^^vXi/^ + vtcurl. 9. a^/>tc7^€t|(r(u. 

10. ^ I (rriliiepov 7fii€pa^*\ pro Ji/icpa^ ravnj? | riyv iro|Xti/ pro 
avnyi' * | cf €iccvn7<7i| pro cf occvn/cray. 

Caput XVII . 

p. 169, I, 15 

1* ^ I raXaaStrtSt | Boo'ai^irtSi * |. 

2. ^ I Tot9 viot9' om I JAxtcCcp** pro Ic^ci | XcXcic**! pro KcXc^ | 
Epi7f\\ pro Ic^ctijX I Efit/>ac| pro ^vfiap€i,iM \ E^/>| pro 0<^€p | ot om. 

3. ^ I SaX<^aad^ pro SaX7ra<i8 bis | 6vya\r€pcLLS' \ AtyXaj pro 

4. ^ I Ir/cov-^ vLOv\ Navi;' | icXt7|/m>9 8ta wpoarayfialTos ifv. 

5. ^ I avTop airo om | Mai^curcri]! pro Avaaaa \ iccu' om | yi)^ 
FaXaoS^ icat| n}9 Boirar pro FaXaaS. 7. airo A<njp\ MaxOtoO pro 
At^Xai/ad I jSvx^M^* P^^ ^''^'^ Ai/a^ | eirt' om | €19 Icun/)8| pro laa- 
aeiS. 8. TO) Mavao'cni corou, iccu S<Kf>€0 om | roi9 viOi9 E<f>pcufi om. 
9. icoi KOTafirfO'eraL ra opia om | Kai^at ' pro Kapai^a | n^i^ ^^apayjya 
I laeip ^' 77 rcp€j3ii/|do9 pro laptijX, r^p^pxpOo^ \ l3op\pa pro ror ^o/>- 
pai/. 10. TO! Ma|i/aa'cn)* | Acn)p| pro Icurrj/S, li. icat Bcu^crai^l pro 
Kat^oar I ai/n)9'+|iccu rov9 icaroiico9|ra9 Tai^a;(^ K€u ra^\ Ktop^as 
avTTf^'l I |Na<^€^a pro Madera. 

^' If I '^p^^'^To pro Tjpx^To, 

13. ^ I icat' om I \o\o0p€vo)P pro ^^okeO ptvaax, 

14. ^ I avrctTTOi^ I ci/a| (c corr ex t man i) | €ipx om | /mc €vXoyi}|c7€i/*. 


15. ^ I en; add ante avafiriOi,] \ cKKadapiaovl pro eKKadapov \ 
to' om. 

16. ^ I ctTTor -H oi vtoi| Ifoariff)^ \ apKei] pro apecKei \ to 
E<l>paifi om I €1/ auro) om | Bai^(ra| pro BaiOai^a-av \ U^paek^l 
pro lapaTjX. 

17. ^ I loKTYj^l + Xcycor- I (TV pro ct". 18. 

^ ante /cat orar | €^o\o0p€tf\(T7)^ \ avroi ccrrwl | |avToi/'| pro avrov. 

Caput XVIII 

p. 171, 2, 28 

1- If I cfdcXTjcrtacr^TjI. 2. ov KaT€K\'qpo\vofirja'av pro ouic eKXripo- 
voiMT/a'av, 3. ctTTCi^ + av|Toi9 I T019 vtoi9 IcrparjX om | €{S(i>K€i/ + v/Atr 
I 0s + Ta)v npo)v. 4. c/xov pro fiov\ 7ik\6ov pro hiriXdocap. 5. 8i€i- 
kov avTovs\ pro StcXer avrot9 | IovSa9 om | avroLS^ om. 7. Aevt | 
OTi Tf upoTLa] pro tcparcta yap | avra>i/| pro airrov | <f>vk7i^\ + vtoir | 
jcXa^oi/ I avrov pro avra>r | araroXa? pro avaToXrf^, 

8. ^ I ai/|S/oa<n | iropcv^rcl pro vop€vea0€ \ cuSc* icai. 

9. ^ I et8o| pro iSocrar | TroXt?] + aurrj? | |Ii7<rovi/-l-€t9 St^Xai]. 
11. kXtjpo9 -H <^vXiy9| I Beveiafieiv \ twv om. 12. cyci'crol pro eyetnjOri 
I €7rt pro aTTO^ | [ij Ma)8Sa/3trt9 | Bat|^avi'' pro Bcudcor. 13. avrrj^ 
om I 17 Bai|ft7X^ | a7ro| Arapai^aSSa/o^* pro MaaTapcoOope)^ | opLvrjv. 
14. TTcptclXcvcrcrat pro TrapcXcvcrcrat | /x€|po9 pro opo^ \ vpo^ pro 7ra/>a 
I Ka\pLad^ j8aaX^ | Ka/otadta/0£t/ji^| | iroXct?. 15. Ka/otad^ j8a|aX^ | 
|ra opta | Fati/ pro €19 Ta(r€Lv. 16. fiepovs-^ \tov opovs \ o pro tovto 
I utov Ai/i/o/a| pro Sovvafi \ em ratoi/i/o/ji| pro Tai€vva \ vorrov pro 
voTov I Ic^ovsj pro l€)8ov(rat | /cat add ante /cara|^i}<rerat ^ 17. |2a/Di€ 
pro Bat^cra/Divs | FaXtXai^j pro FaXtacod | |ESa)/ji€ti^* pro At^a/ieti^ | 
JBaar vLov pro Baton/ vtcui/. 18. Batdapa|^aa. 19. cirt Ta opia om 
I Bat^ayXa'l pro Oakaaa-ap \ awo fioppa\ pro €7rt fioppaa/ \ €(ttiv 
om. 20. 

^ ante avrrj tj Kkyjpouofiia \ S-rj/Dtou?] -^avT(ov\\ 

21. 1 I nj? yr;?! pro tcdi'. 21-24. Bi/^ayXa] /cat A/jt€/c/ca(r€t9| /ecu 
Batdapa^aj /cat 2€/xpt/i| /cat Batdi^Xj /cat Av€t/t| /cat A<^ap| /cat A(^pa| 

/cat At/capei^l /cat Xa^pa/Di/x€t| pro Bc^cyaico Morct. 24. |8«o- 

Sc/ca* pro 8c/ca 8vo, 25-27. BT^poidj /cat Mao-<^a'| /cat Kc^tpa| /cat 
A/Dia»a-a| /cat P€/C6fi| /cat Icpc^ai^Xj /cat BapaXaj /cat Oi7XaXc<^| pro Bei}- 
p ^a 8apci;Xa. 


28. l\rffi+\Kai Faa^l | Apc/i pro kou TafiaxodLap€ifi | Scica rpeis] 
pro rpeis kol heKa. 
^ ante aunj 17. 

Caput XIX 

1. ^ I o K\ri\pos o Scvrcpo? | rcoj pro rtav vkov \ Kkrfpov pro Khrfptov, 
2--6. SajScel #cai McuXaSa] icat AcrcpcTovaXl icai Ba^ovXj kol Ba>Xa| icat 
Acro/ji| KOi EX0ovXaS| /cat Ep/Dia| icat S€K€Xa| kox ^aidap\ Map\afia)d\ 

KOU Aacpaovcifil Kai Bat0Xa^a| pro Xajxaa BaOapwO, 7. Ati/| 

icat P€/Di/Aa>i/| /cat E^€p| pro ^p€iiiiwp leOep. 8. jcu Trepi add ante 

KvicXai I rovroii^l pro avraw^ \ 'RaaK€.6ppr)pap\iL<a6^ pro Bapeic | \\afud^ 
pro BafJLcO, 9. Irov louSa*. 

^ ante Kat €K\ripovofi7ia'a\ \ c/A/xecrail man 2 aut i in marg. 10. /cat 
add ante corat | €a>9 SapSi^^j pro EkrcScKycuXa | ra opta. u. MapaXa- 
pro MapayeXSa | Aaj^acrdat pro Bcu^apajSa | l€|ici^afi^* pro leKficof. 
12. aro^rrpel^ci pro aa^earpe^^v \ ^api^^ pro ScSSov/c | axro pro air* \ 
Sa/Dic' pro BtuOa'afiv^ \ XacaXwOlOafioip^ pro XocrcXoidcu^ | Aaj3pad| 
pro ^afieipcaO \ Ia<^af| pro *ayyat. 13. €m pro en \ VeOda pro 
Te/Sepe \ KaacLfi^ pro Karaaefi \ P€/ji|fuora/A/jia^apti/a|rot;a* pro Pep** 
/icova AfiaOap Ao^a. 14. cirt ra| opta fioppa pro opta CTrt fioppav \ E^|- 
vaOfop pro Afifod, 14-15. Fat Ici^dai^X^I /ecu Karrad^| icat NaaXa>X| icat 
S€ftpa>i/| icat laSi^Xaj /ecu BcudXccpl pro Fat^^aijX BaxOfiav. 

16. If I I at iroXet? avrat pro iroXcts. 

17. ^. 18-21. I^acXj /cat A^cureXcu^l /cat Sowap^| /ecu A<^cpatp^| 
icat Sctarj icat P€i/ad| icat Apai^€^| /cat Pa^j3cu^| /cat K£cr€tcit»i^| /cat 
Aepcl iccu Pa/Dtad| icat Hpycu/ifi\ icat Hi^aSSa| /ecu Bed^^acn/^l pro la^T^X 

Bi7pc7a<^i}9. 22. €7rt add ante ra| opta | Safioi)0^\ pro Tcudficap \ 

Sacrtp^a pro SaXctp | JBat^o-ape* pro Bat^crapv9 | avrov om | \opio}v-\- 
avrtav, 23. e|7ravX£t9 pro iccupat. 

24. ^ I |A<njp*'4-icaTa Sijpov^l avrcoi/-. 25-26. jXeX/cad iccu OoX€i| 
OoXct icat Bari^cj icat X^aa^ /cat Apa8| /cat MacraX^ pro cf EXc/cc^ 
Maacra. 26. ]2ctci>o| pro tevcav, 

27. 1 I aTTo] pro an \ kol* om | |Bi7^Say(iii^* pro Bat^cycre^- | «/ 
pro c/c I /cat 5 om | l€(f>0a7i\\ pro 4>^ati7X. 

Tf ante icat ctcrcXcvcreratl | ra opta. 27-28. Sa<^^aj87j|^acpc/c^ /cat 
Tropevjerat to pedoptoi^l Ai/tTjX*" icat ?tcXcv|crerat €t9 XajScwX^j aTro 
aptcrrepcoi/| /cat AxpoDu] /cat Poa>i/ icat Apa»| icat Kai^a pro Sa<^^at- 


fiaidfie KapOav, 29. ttoXcoi^I o^fvpcafiaros pro irqyff^ Maa'<f>aa' 

aar Kai \ |fl<ra' pro laa-eLif}. 29-30. tov a'xoivi\a'iiaro^ A\(,ei(f>^ /catj 
Afifia* Kai A<^ck| icat Paoi^S^ TroXei^j ^iko(tl 8vo-| pro Ac^ Paav. 

31. ^ I iroXcts 4- av|T<or. 

32. ^. 33. JMccXc^^ fcai Mayt\voiv Kai, B€a€i/a\v€Lfi^ Kai, A/)/Dtaf| 

Kai Na^cic Kat lajSmfX] €0)9 AaKov - pro MooXa/x AcuSa/x | avrioy 

pro avrov | o om. 34. c7rurT/>€|i/r€t pro €nurTp€<f>€i, \ A(,av(a0\ pro Evad 
I ct^l laicoiK^ pro laicara | ra)| A<rrjp. 35. at om. 35-37. Aftadj /cat 
PcKicad| fcat X€i^€/[)€^| icat A8a/At| /cat Pa/Jia| /cat A(rai/>| icat KcSe^j /cat 

E8pat| pro SifiaOa Ac7<rap€t. 38. |/c(u Apta)i'| /cat May8aXti}X| 

Aoipa/jt| /cat Batdai/a^| /cat Bacr/xov? iroXct^j 8c/ca ei/i/€a'| pro icat 

KcpcOC ©€C7<7a/XV9. 

40. ^. 41—45. Sapaaj /cat EkrdaoX^ /cat 7ro|X€t9 Sa/Jtcs*| /cat SaXa- 
^eti}| icat AaXaii/| /cat Ic^Xa] icat AtXa>i/| /cat Ba/Dti^a| /cat A/c/ca/>a>r| /cat 
EXd€ica»| icat ra^ada»i/| /cat BaaXa>^| icat Iov^| /cat Bain}j3apa/c| pro 
%apaO BavaL^aKar. 48. avrcoi/ ' om. 

48 a. ^ I icara^ati^€ti^| pro Karafiyfvai \ ^d\ifiov pro edXiiffav. 

47. ^ I Aav pro lovSa | |A€<rcfi^ pro Aa^ct? | Acc7cv8a| pro Aa- 
o'cia^8aK. 47 a. AtXa>/t| pro EXoi/x | SaXafict/Dt| | xip\ \ \€n add ante 
avrot9. 49. 

^ ante /cat eStoKav \ Itjcrovl pro Itjo'ot. 50. 7cv' pro rov Oeov \ fta|- 
fjLvadaapa pro Safiapxapr)^. 

51. Tf I avTat-l-8€ I icar€icXi}poi^o|/DiT7<rar * pro KareKXripovoiirfaev \ 
TOV I<rX I |ei/avrt 7^; pro ei^avriov rov KvpLov. 

Caput XX ,^ ,q^ t t*. 

p. loO, I, 17 

1. Tf I |li7o*ov pro Ii7o*ot. 3. aTro pro vrro, 7. 8tcoT€t|Xai/ pro 
StcoTCtXci/ I K€8€9 pro Kahrjs \ joptoi pro opct' | Ap/So pro ApfioK. 
8. Io/o8ai'ov+Ic|pct;(Ci> aTro ai^aro|Xa>i/ | chcDKav pro ehcjKCP \ rrfp\ 
Boaop^ I AayLQiO^ pro AprffKaO \ rct>|Xai^ pro TavXtav \ Ba(rai/t|rt8t. 

9. If I at' om (*/• add sup man 2) | Tfi)| waiovTL \ cic x^^\p^^ P^^ ^^ 

Caput XXI ^ 

p. 181, I, II 

1- If I irpocnyX^oi/] | Aci;t| | npo^ add ante Iiyjcrovj^ | <f>vka)v\ + tojv 
vuop, 2. 


^ ante crerctXaro | |7rcpunropia + avroi|. 3. \KaTaK\7jpovofiel\ + 

*• If I tepevaL \ rrj^ <^vXi}9| Bcrta/utcti/ 1 K\7]\po)Tax \ Scjica rpci? pro ty'. 
5. Tf I \K\7ipayraL, 6. |ri7p<rftii/ pro FcScroir | nj Ba|<rai/, + KkqpoiTax. 

7. Tf I €r om I rijs <f>vkris ter | Khripayn. 

8. Tf I |7r€pur7rop€ta | l/cXTj/ocurtl. 

9. f I lovSa' in ras man 2 | ravra? om. 10. |Aci;i- | rovTOLs\ pro 

11. Tf I ehcoKav pro cSoifcci/ | KapiaO^ apfioK\ \ fi7]rpo7roXi,^ pro /itj- 
TpoiroXLv I ra add ante icvfcXa»|. 12. ra» Xa|Xc^^ vtoi pro rot9 vtot9 
XaXc^ vtov. 13. Aapoii/| +rov tcpca»9 | cSoiicci/ om | 7rpo9 in ras 3 litt 
man 2 pro <rw (o-vi/ man i ) | icat nji/ A€fiva icat ra eu^co/sto'/Diei^a ra 
irpo? aun; om. 14. icat rqv AiXtofi icat ra a<l>(opuTfi€pa ai/ri), icat nji^ 
Tc/jia #cat ra a^capurfieua outtj om. 15. icat rrji^ FcXXa /cat ra aifxiy 
pia'fi€pa avrri om. 15—19. ra irpo^ arm) - pro avrrj octies. 16. Ati^ 
pro Acra | Triv\ lenra - pro Tain; | B(u0<ra\fi€s • pro Bai0aafiv^, 17. Bc- 
piafii] I Faj^CK pro Faded. 18. rr^l AX/moii/ pro Fa/maXa. 19. TroXctsj 
add ante Seica | rpei^-^Kcu ra| nepianopta airroi|. 20. \vuop pro vu>t9 
I Aci;|trai9 | fcaraX€|X€t/Di/Dici^ot9 | opiaip pro icpeoir. 21. <^oi/cvoi/ro9| 
pro ^ov€wravro^ \ ra| 7rpo9 auri;' pro aim;* | Tiy| Fa^cp icat ra a<^a>|- 
purii€Pa ra irpo^l ai/nj* pro Fa£a/3a icat ra irpos avrrjp icat ra 
cufxopiafiepa ai/nj. 22—25. ra 7r/)09 avrrf pro avn; septies, 22. rqp 
Kaj3|c7atfi icat ra a<^a»/>t|(r/i€i^a ra irpo^ av|rv}* Kat n;i^ ap<a\ add ante 

23. 1 I EXdcicoi| pro EXicoidat/jt | T€0oip\ pro FcdcSai/. 24. jlaXcui/ 
pro AtXcDi/ I n^i/ Feldpcft/Jtcoi/. 25. ©ai'alax^ pro Tara;( | Batdcra* 
pro UfiaOa, 

26. ^ I |ai Tracrat | axmi om | v\no\€k€Lp.iM€POLS '\. 

27. ^ I Fi}/>|c7a>r pro FcScrftw/ | Aevtrat^l | <l>o\p€va'aa'iP \ FoijXar 
pro TavXcDv \ Bacrai/trt|St* | BeecOapa] pro Boaopap, 27—32. ra 
npos avrq' pro aim? terdecies. 

28. ^ I ano pro e^c | Kta-iaJ| pro K€ur<op \ ttip Aa/Spad^ pro Aefifia. 
29. \l€pLfiwd^ pro Pc/Dt/jtad. 

30. 1 I MacraaXj pro BacrcXXar | T171/ AjfiScui/'j pro Aafificjp. 
31. XeXicad pro XcX/car | rfjl Poco^** pro Paaj8. 

32. f I K€8c9 pro KaS£9 | Mad8a»/o| pro Ne/ifiad | |n}i/ Nocft/jtcji^ 
pro Be/i/AO)!/. 33. F'Tj/XTftii'l pro FcSo'cui'. 

JOSUE loi 

34. ^ I \MepapL I Aevtrat^l | ^^vXi;? + vioii/ | l€Kvafi\ pro Maap | 
Kapoaj pro rrjv KaSrj^. 35. A€fiva pro /cat SeXXa | j/cat tt^i^ Naa- 
XftiX*"! /cat ra Tre/OKnTopiaj ai/nj5 add ante TroXct? | T€<7|<7a/)C9' pro 
Tp€t9. 36. l€pct;(oi I r779 om I Milawp pro tt^i/ Mcicroi. 37. KeSecoi/j 
pro AcK/Dio)!/ I Ma\a'(f>a pro Ma<^a. 

38. Tf I icat* om I I /cat rrju Maai/ai/Di^| pro nyi' Ka/tcti^. 39. Ecr€|- 
ficnv pro Eafiiov \ |7ra(rcu at pro at iracrat. 

40. Tf cu TroXct?* I Mepapi \ A€vt| | cu om ante TroXct?" | 8co8cica-| 
pro Scica Svo. 41. JTracrcu at TroXcts pro iraaa 7roXt9 | |Aevtra>i/ | €/ji 
/Accroij. 42. TToXct? pro 7roXt9. 

42 a. ^1 \Trfv in ras man 2 | aunj9* pro aurcoi'. 42 b. Ii^a-ov] pro 
iTjcTot I 6>a/Dti'acra;(ap| pro Oa/xracrapa^f, -H /cat. 42 d. Ba/jti/acrap ^.| 
pro Safivacra)(apa0. 

43, ^. 44. icf avrot^l pro avrov^ Kvpio^ \ rot? ira|T/oacrti/ (rots Tra 
in ras man i, Tcsto • • ? primo scr) | avr^ory) \ ovSct^l pro ov^cts | 
ic§* + avrots. 45. |St€irc(r€i^ + pi7fia| | irap€yci/9|To| pro irapcyci/cro. 

Caput XXII p. 187, i, i 

1. ^ I Pov|^7yi/tTa9 pro vtov9 fov/Sriv. 2. ci/er€tXa/jt^| pro ci^erct- 
Xaro*. 3. cy/cara|XcXot7rar€ | |/cat add ante irXetovs | €<f>v\a^aT€ pro 
€<l}vXa^aa0€. 4. v/Dtcoi^ pro 17^011/ '. 

^ ante lo^^ ovi/ 1 Ma>|vcr>j9+ SovXos /cv']. 5. <^v|Xa^a(r6^at | a'<f>ohpa\ 
irotcti' I v/u| pro 17/Dtti/ 1 Trotcti/' om | jer add ante 7ra<rats | ^vkaao'^a^ 
dat| pro (f>v\a^aa'0ax \ |ras| ante cvroXa? in marg man 2 | ica/>8t|a9 
pro Stai^ota?. 

6. ^ I evkoyrjo'cv. ^ 

7. ^ I rot9 rf/iiaeo'i pro roi i/zutto'ct' | Boo'ai^* pro Bacrai/ctrtSt | rot^l 
ffynaeo'iv pro roi ijfttcrct' | avra>| pro avrov. 

^ ante icat i^i/i/ca. 8. |Xeya»i/ pro /cat' | am^Xj^or | icat (ri^pov 
om I iTToXvi' + cTi^oSpa | /cat' om | €)(^/)a>| +avTCi>i/. 

9. 1 I vtoii/* om I €/c pro cr* | |c/c yiys pro ci^ yr) \ Tfj\ yqp rov 
FaXaaS*"! pro rrfv FaXaaS. 

10. ^ I raXi\\€o0 pro FaXyaXa | ot vtot "PovHSriv' kox ot vtot FaSj | 
eirt om. 11. |ot vtot Fovftrju /cat| ot vtot FaS^ | €<f> o\pLO}p pro eirt tcjv 
optoiv I FaXtXai^l pro FaXaaS. 

12. Tf . 13. Tf I TO 7iiMiav\ pro TOV9 vtovs i/fttcTv | 4>ti/€€9. 14. '/• add 
sup p>ost aplxovTCJV I rail/ <^v|Xa>i/. 


15. ^ I |irpo9 Tovs vtovs| fovfirfv kcll npo^\ rov^ viov^ TaB^\ \ to 
7flii.av\ pro rov^ T/fiiaeisl \ yf)v pro rrfv. 

16. ^ I 7rXi}/Di/Di€X€ia| I vyLiv otn | 7ct;| pro rov Kvpiov. 17. vfiii/ pro 
HfLiv I 6v K€ica|dapuT/icda pro ovk CKadapio'drifia^, 18. aTrolorpa^^i;- 
a-eaOel pro anearpaifrqTe. 

^ ante icai cotcu | [opyy;- pro tj opyrj. 19. /Ji7j| pro ci | vfiii' i; yr;! 
pro 7j yij v/Dio)!/ I \KaTaLK\r}povofi7i\a'aT€ pro KaTaKXripovofirfO'ere \ avo 
lev a7rooTa|rai pro anoararcu ano deov \ \ano rj/Kov add ante firf 
airo\(m)T€' \ ano Kvpiov om. 20. TrXT^/ij/DieXcta | rqv awa\y€irfr)v \ 
fioi/o^+Tjv fi7i\ fiopos I ovTos pro avro9 | €P rq avrov] pro rq eavrov. 

21. ^. 22. O ^5 ICf COTtl^'l pro ^C09 €OTir KVpiO^ | O 09 ICS prO 

^€09^ I ocSci^* in ras? man i | avosTacci] pro aTrooracria | irenkifp,- 
fi€X7}ica|/jici/ pro eirkyififieXria-aiiej/ \ rov om ante TcD'l | rv} rjfiepa add 
ante Tavriyj. 23. eavrois pro avrot? | |iy add ante cwotc^ | 7cs| + avro9. 
24. avpiov €i|iraKrtv | |i}^oii/+Xeyovr€9|. 25. |v/jia>| pro t^ftoii/* | t^/AOii/ 
pro vfJLwv^. 26. ctirofi€i/|. 27. fiaprvpiov tov\to \ v/Dia>| iceu T^/ioir | 
Tefci/a>| pro y€if€€ov \ \a\rp€iav \ 1^ pro Kvpio) \ aarrrilpKov + rifitou'. 
28. rj\ add ante kol^ \ \ovk add ante epovai^u \ ava fiecou* om | r€ici/a>| 
vfifov pro vtoir tfiuav. 29. airojcrri^i^at pro airo<rTpa(i>'qvax \ \Tq 
irrifi€pop 7iii€pa\ pro rat? cnj/xcpoi/ 7)p,€pax^ \ airoaTr^vai pro anoarq' 
cat I Ta>i/ (ra»|r?7pta)i/' pro rov aoynipLov J IcD^I -Hrov 0v ripwp. 

30. ^ I aicov(rai/r€9 pro aicovcra? | 4>i|i/€C9 | la-par/X om | ot r}fu\<r€i^ 
pro TO np^uro. 3i. |4>ii/€€9 I ij/ito-ci? pro rj/uaei. 

^ ante '%r)fi€pov \ 7rX'i}/Di/Di€|X€iai^ + /A€yaXi}i/| | cpv(raa0ai|. 

^- II I l^ti'cc? I apxovT€s\ + varpuav \ yrj^ roXaaS*" pro rrfs FaXaaS. 
33. evXolyi/crar rov 0v vta>| IcrX* icai cXoXijcral vpo^ rovy viovs lo-X 
tr I ciTToi/-. 34. ran Fov/S^] pro twv Fov/Stjp \ t(o FaS^ pro tcjp TaS | 
T<a\ riiii,a€i pro rov rjfiurov^ \ 0s + ^9. 

Caput XXIII 

p. 193. ^ 4 

1. ^ I av|rov pro atrcor. 

2. ^ I KaL Tovs\ St/caoTa? airrcor'l icat rovs ypafifia\T€is auroii/*. 

^ ante cyoi. 3. 7ravra| add ante oo-a | iraa-i| | c^i^ccri | vficoi^ pro 
yifiwp''^ I |at;ro9 pro o ante cic7roX€/Ai}|c7a9 | vfiiP' pro 7I[ilp\ 4. |c7r€- 
pti/ia pro oircp ctira | ra| pro icat\ 

*• If I €foXo0pcv|<ra | v;xa»i^ pro tj/uop* | fcara/cXT^poi/ol/xTjoT^rc | cXa|- 

JOSUE 103 

Xrfae \ |i7fiti'* pro v/up, 6. ckicXii/tj|t€4- aTr avrov \ 8c|£ta pro he^iav \ 
€is add ante €U(ow\fia\ 1. #caraX€X€t/ji/i€{i/a | ravra-j-fieO yifi€i\ | owe 
fiTj Xalrpeucn/rcu avrots {avrot,^ in ras man i) [ovre imtj 7rpo(rKv\p7j<rriT€ 
avroi9*| pro ov firf irpocKVPTjO'eTe avrots ovSc fiTf XarpevcrcTC airrot9. 
8. |aXX 17 pro aXXa. 9. e^oiXeffpevla-ev pro evoked petxrei, | icf avrov? | 
ic<u^ + vftti/| I ovSci? pro ov^€i9 I v/xa)| pro 17/10)1/. 10. |ovt pro ort 
(v partim eras et '/• super scr man 2) | v/luui/| pro ij/ioir, + ovro? | e^e- 
iroXc/jiil I KaOavep evirev 7)fLLv om. U. <^vXa^€|<7dc pro ^vKa^aaOe, 
12. 7r/>oc7|T€^>jT€ pro vpoadria-0e \ rot?' om | rfl/Mop' pro v/mcor | ovy- 
Ka\rafuy7jT€, 13. lyi/oxrci add ante yiPOHTKelre \ c^oXej^pevcrcu + cri | 
7/9 pro Tfp, 14. a7roT/)€)(a>| -H (rrifiepop \ ypcxreaOau \ ttj] irapSta (nj 
fcap in ras man i, fortasse 8ta|ota prim scr) | ov Sieireaep pro ovk 
eveaep \ Xo|yo9 ct9 | vfiiop\ pro i^/xcor | irpo^ + vfia^ | ji/icct v/tii/* €i/, 
ov| Sta7r€<^a>in7K€i/| pro ra aprjKOpra tfixip ov hL€(f>wprja'€P, 

15. ^ I €<^^ v/ia9 pro 7r/>o9 rifia^ | 7c^'| + o ^s vfia>i/ | €<^^ v/iasl pro 
ir/>09 t}/ia9 I o ^€09 om | Ivfitp 7c?, + 0^9 v/Aa>|. 16. napafiaup^] pro 
irapafirfpaL \ v/mopI pro tj/aoii/ | v/jit| pro rffiip \ avroi9+ jiceu opyurOy)- 
ccrat] ^/ioi 7c§ €i/ v/Diii/'| kox airoXcurdc to| ra^o? airo ttj? yi/?] ttjs 
ayaOrf^' rj^ cSa>|fC€i/ v/jiti/*|. 

Caput XXIV 

p. 195, 2. 14 

1. 1 I Ta9 <^vXa9 T1J9 7179 in ras et in marg man 3 pro <^Xa9 IcrpaijX 
(<^vXa9 lo-X? primum scr man i, deinde */• sup if> man 2) | oi^jcica- 
Xccrci/ + irai/ra9| | [icrX^ Kai rov9 ap)(^op\Tas add ante avroii/*- | €<rnj- 
|<7ai/ pro earrjaep \ avrov9 om | evaPTLOp pro aTrci/avrt. 2. |Xaor4- 

^ ante raSc Xcyct | vapo}K7jau\ pro Karancqa'ap. 3. Xaraai/ pro 
nj ante 7oj*| scr man i, tr post y^j man 2 | to\ (nrepfia avrov. 4. icat 
add ante eScolfca | K\yjpopo\fiL€LP pro Kkrfpopofiiqa'aL. 5. cTrara^e] pro 
CTraraf ai/, + IC9 | |€i' + <r»?/ut€iot9 | IcTToiijcrfi/ pro cTToiTjcrar | 0/ add ante 
avrot9|. 6. Vfia9 /caij e^yayev* add ante toi;9 7ra|rcpa9 | vpxop pro 
i/fiair bis I €MnjX|^€r€ pro cun/X^aTc. 

7. ^ I eir add ante avrov9 ' | tSoi/ pro ciSocar | i7fia»/| pro vficap \ 
Ic?! + o tis, 8. JTra/acrafai/To v/xlj icat add ante 7rap€ha)K€p\ pro Trapa- 
8cSa)K€i/ I v/xcoi/ pro 17/10)1' | \KaT€K\7ipopofi7}\a-aT€ (c ult corr ex t man 
2) I v/AO)| in ras.^ man i. 

9. ^ I eKoKea-e \ |BaXaa/A^ -\-vlop B€(op\ \ vfup\ pro rf/iip. 10. v/Aa9 


pro Tffias bis | \t(ov \€ip€ov \ Kai napeSwKei/ avrov^ om. U. vjMa^ 
pro riiia^ \ o ^epe^aios] icai o Xai^arato?] Kai o Xerrouo^l /cat o Fcp- 
yccraio^l /cat o Evato^j kol o le^ovcroto^l. 12. c^cfiakcu pro e^aire 
OTCtXci/* I V/J16II/ pro TjfKov*, 13. avTTjP' pro ai/njs | otifo|8o/ji'i7<raTc pro 
aiicoSoftT/Karc | ctt pro €i/ 1 e^vrewrar^. corr ex €<f>vT€vaao man i. 

14. ^ I roi^ Jcp I Kat^l in ras man 2 | irepLek^iade | v/jiai| pro ij/acdi^ | 
XaT/)ei;|erai. 15. eXejo'dc pro cicXc^a<r^c | at/rot^l pro €avroi9 | o oticos| 
pro 17 otKta. 

16. ^ I icaTa|X€t7r€a^. 17. Jc^ + yap \ o d^\ (o 9up man 2) | cic yiy?! 
pro cf I irocrt. 

i&. ^ I aXXa |icat in ras man i aut 2 | o add ante 09. 

19. ^ I avro^l pro ovro^ \ ra a/maplrT^/xara vftaii/. 20. ai/ pro cai/ | 
eyKaralXctmjTC | toi/ icp] | aXXorptot^l pro erepots | v/xti/'| pro v/ias^. 

21. ^ I \t(o Kft>. 22. jroi' TfF pro Kvpio). 

24. ^ I ka\rp€vaofi€i/ + TO} 0w\ rip.o}v\ 

25. ^ I avrrj pro avroi. 26. |cypai/f€. 
^ ante fcat eXa^c. 

27. If I €1^' om I oi;ro9 pro avro? | avro) om | ocra pro ort' | vfia^l 
pro i/fia? I ov|ro9 cotcu | ai^j pro cai/ | v/kou - \ pro fiov. 

28. If I cfaircoTctX€j/| pro aTreoreiXci^ | icat enopevdrfo'av om | |cifa- 
OToi/ pro €ifa<rro9. 31. |ct8o<rai/. 

29. ^ I €Karop K(u\ Scfca. 30. Bafii^a(ra;(ap| pro Sa/ipaOaa'axapa \ 
TO)' om I Tov^ om. 30 a. Kai add ante cicci' | fitrrifieLov pro ro fivrffia 
I e|i^ 01 pro 6t9 o I avrot9 om. 32. KaToapv^av + av\ra \ [eKaTov' + Kai 
cSa>|ic6i/ avrqv IaKn}<^| ei^ /DicpiSt*|. 

^< If I |o v^o^ I icjpcvs pro apxjLepevs \ FajSaaj pro Tafiaap \ 
4>ti/c€9 (c' man 2 sup) | 

33 a. If I Xaj8oT€9 I ift^o)Tor| + nj9 SiadrjKTj^ \ kv\ pro tov 0€Ov | 
ir€pL€if>€pov I 4>ti/€|€9 | Fa^aaj yi; avrovj pro Tafiaap rq cavroii/. 

33 b. ^ I av|rov pro avT<ou, 

^ ante Kai cae/Sopro \ rr}v PiaTa\p<od^ \ 7rap[€8]oifC€r | Ka\r€Kvpi€v 
aev pro €Kvpi€va-€p. 

Subscriptio, fortasse in lac, deest. 







The Washington Manuscript of the Psalms (Greek ms II in 
the Freer Collection, Detroit, Michigan) will eventually be trans- 
ferred to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D. C, where 
it will be placed with his other collections in the gallery to be 
erected by Mr. Charles L. Freer. 

I have chosen the letter A to designate it, with the variation 
A' for the later quires added at the end of the ms. This symbol 
has been accepted by Professor McLean and will be used in the 
Cambridge edition of the Old Testament in Greek. I distinguish- 
the two parts of the ms by these signs in the following pages. 
Manuscript A is one of the four Biblical mss purchased by Mr. 
Freer in 1906 of the Arab dealer Ali in Gizeh near Cairo. The 
story of the purchase and attempts to reconstruct some portion of 
the earlier history of the find have been given on page i f. of this 
volume and in volume IX, p. i fif., of the University of Michigan 
Studies, Humanistic Series. I have nothing to add to the facts 
as there related except that I have visited the supposed place of 
discovery and find it not inconsistent with the story told. 

The MS was in a badly decayed condition at the time of dis- 
covery. Worms of some sort had worked on it and many had 
died there. Either from this or from some unknown cause the 
parchment began to decay on the back ot binding edge of the 
leaves. This deterioration had progressed so far that over half of 
each leaf was afiPected, and at the beginning of the codex the 
decay covered some entire leaves. The damage was regularly 
more serious at the corners than in the middle of the binding 
edge of the volume. In decay the parchment became a hard, 
glue-like substance, which kept approximately the original shape 
of the MS, but with the exception of a few leaves at the back all 
had joined into a solid mass. The original appearance of the ms 
as seen from this better preserved side is shown in Plate IV. 

Inquiry directed to various scholars and libraries brought no 
information as to the best way of separating the leaves, so I was 



forced to experiment. The first attempts were, however, made on 
a still worse decayed fragment containing portions of the Epistles 
of Paul. The recovery of any considerable portion of this frag- 
ment seemed so hopeless that no great damage could result, if the 
first experiments did not succeed. However, the method first 
attempted, the application of moisture, proved, with slight modi- 
fications, entirely successful. 

It was found best to apply the moisture through the medium 
of a thick but soft woolen cloth. This was dipped in water, 
pressed reasonably dry, and then spread closely over the decayed 
portion of the top leaf. Care had to be taken to prevent the 
moisture reaching those parts of the parchment which still pre- 
served something of the original strength and color. The cloth 
had to touch every portion of the decayed surface and yet not be 
pressed sufficiently to make an excess of moisture stand on any 
part of the parchment. After lying there until the moisture had 
penetrated to the thickness of a single leaf, that is, about a minute, 
the cloth was removed and the surface dried rapidly, usually by 

Then with the aid of a long, thin-bladed dinner knife the 
separation of the top leaf from the mass was begun. The start 
was made on the edge having firm parchment, and the better 
portion usually separated with ease. The presence of moisture 
had a tendency to make the leaves separate in the decayed part, 
while the drying of the surface restored sufficient strength to the 
top leaf so that with care it could be removed without tearing. 

The work was necessarily very slow, as it was not possible to 
push the knife blade between the leaves, owing to the soft and 
yielding nature of the decayed parchment when moist. Neither 
could the stronger part of the leaf be bent back as it was sepa- 
rated from the mass, for it was so stiff and hard that it would 
have torn loose at once from the tender decayed portion. It was, 
however, found that the separation progressed safely, if slowly, 
when the knife blade, placed under the top leaf and close against 
the point of union with the mass, was slightly lifted. By working 
back and forth across the page on this line of union the top leaf 
was peeled well back into or even through the decayed part. 

It was not usually possible to peel entirely around the larger 
holes eaten by the worms ; this was due partly to the refuse left 


from the worms and to the more damaged state of the parchment, 
and partly to the nearness of such holes to the binding edge of 
the leaf. If the moisture all dried out before the leaf was entirely 
separated, it was necessary again to moisten the leaf and dry as 
before. The parchment of the top leaf would begin to tear, rather 
than to separate, as soon as it became too dry. 

In order to insure as far as possible against damage during 
this process or after, a careful and repeated collation of the upper 
side of each leaf was made before starting to separate it. Then 
the under side was likewise collated as soon as removed, for fear 
that the thin decayed edge of the parchment might shrivel or 
crumble when dry. This proved to be a wise precaution, for 
more of the decayed edge has usually been lost both during and 
since separation. My collation therefore generally shows one or 
two more letters to the line than can now be read. All of these 
precautions made the work extremely slow, so that it was seldom 
possible to remove more than two leaves in a day. 

But little has been discovered which bears on the history of 
the MS. Some time not earlier than the tenth century the ms, 
having lost some leaves at the end, was completed by adding two 
quires or part quires from another old and probably fragmentary 
MS. The dirty condition of the outside of the last leaf of the 
original ms shows that it had lost its last leaves some time before 
the repair. This older part of the ms ends with Psalm 142, 8a, 
while the added part begins with 142, 5c. There is therefore a 
repetition of eight lines. The description of the added fragment, 
when given later, will furnish further evidence that it could not 
have been written to complete this ms, but is a survival of another 
MS, less old, to be sure, than this one, but already of respectable 
antiquity when its last quires were used for repairing the more 
valuable ms. 


I. Parchment, Leaves, Quires, Ink, Ruling, Writing 

We take up first the major portion of the MS, which we have 
styled A. The parchment of this is a mixture of goatskin and 
sheepskin. The goatskin is both whiter and thinner, while the 
sheepskin is not only comparatively thick but decidedly yellow on 
the hair side. All the leaves are so dirty and discolored or 
decayed that the branching veins distinctive of goatskin cannot 
often be seen, yet with the aid of other criteria the assumption 
can be made that goatskin predominates. It is quite transparent 
where not too dirty or discolored. The sheepskin parchment 
seems on the whole less well prepared, and thus resembles the 
parchment of the first quire of John in ms W of the Gospels. 

In thickness the parchment varies from .13 mm. to .34 mm. 
The majority of the leaves are over .20 mm. thick. The thinnest 
leaves are of goatskin and the thickest of sheepskin, but this test 
cannot be used for leaves of medium thickness (.20 to .30 mm.). 

The size of the leaves varies a good deal, but only a part of 
this variation can have been original. At present the longest 
leaves measure 13^ inches (34.2 cm.) and none of the leaves fall 
below 13 inches (33 cm.) on the undecayed edge. As all have 
wrinkled and shrunk Somewhat with age and decay, the original 
length must have been about 14 inches (35.5 cm.). The original 
width is still harder to determine. In the present state the widest 
leaves measure 9f inches (24.7 cm.), but as the binding edge has 
suffered almost complete decay, accompanied by wrinkling and 
shrinking, which extends over about half of the leaf, it seems that 
the original width must have been at least 11 inches (28 cm.). 

There are 107 leaves or fragments of leaves; of these the 
first is a tiny fragment, which preceded the first Psalm and may 
have belonged to an introductory statement, but more likely came 
from the binding, though the writing seems similar. 

No quire numbers were discovered, but threads were found 
between leaves 39 and 40, 52 and 53, 60 and 61, 69 and 70, 78 



and 79, 87 and 88, 95 and 96, 102 and 103,^ thus determining 
the middle points of eight quires. No attempt could be made to 
divide into quires the first thirty-six leaves, though they must 
have constituted four or five quires. The numbers of leaves in 
the remaining quires varied as follows: 6, 6, 8, 8, 10, 8, 10, 6, 8. 
The eight-leaf quire early became the rule for both Greek and 
Latin mss, but six-, ten-, or even twelve-leaf quires occur in the 
earliest period. Yet I know of no ms that combines as irregularly 
as above. Six- and even four-leaf quires are found at the ends of mss 
or at the ends of books within mss, and a smaller quire occasionally 
occurs at the beginning of old mss, but only rarely do we find 
variations in the body of the ms. The old ms of the Gospels in 
the Freer Collection has three six-leaf quires thus placed, and this 
occurrence has been considered a mark of age. Two other very 
ancient mss. Codex Vaticanus of the Bible and the Bembine 
Terence, are made up of ten-leaf quires. This variation in size of 
quires in A may therefore be considered a sure mark of age. 

The sheets for the quires were put together in the customary 
fashion, hair side facing hair side, and flesh side facing flesh side. 

The ink is of a dark brown color, and has faded but little in 
the undecayed portions. On the other hand, where the parch- 
ment has decayed so much as to be almost black, the ink has 
become white. The edge of the decayed parts, where the parch- 
ment has become brown and the ink has not changed, is often 
very hard to read. The titles and numbers of the Psalms are in 
red, as also the word Buu^aXiia and its abbreviations. In the de- 
cayed portions the red ink has become very faint and is at times 
quite illegible. 

The writing is in one column with 30 lines to the page. A 
few extra words are sometimes written on a thirty-first line with- 
out ruling. 

The ruling was done on the flesh side of the parchment, and 
two lines about 4 mm. apart were ruled for each line of writing. 
The writing stands on the base line, and the upper line deter- 
mines the height of the average letter. The space between the 
lines of writing, or better between the pairs of ruled lines, varies 

^ In two cases the exact location of the thread was not certain, but as the position 
was fixed within narrow limits, the necessity of having an even number of leaves to the 
quire gave the decision. 


between 4J and 5 mm., while the average space is 4^ mm. The 
ruled lines usually extend beyond the perpendiculars an irregular 
amount, which may run as high as one inch but is generally 
somewhat less. Perpendicular rulings limit the length of the 
written line, while a parallel set of lines from 15 to 20 mm. inside 
mark the amount of inset of the part lines used in preserving 
the verse arrangement. Prickings made with a sharp blade or 
point in the outer perpendiculars determine the position of the 
lines on which the writing stands. There were none to locate 
the upper horizontal lines. These prickings were regularly made 
with a blade of some width ; the marks which are of appreciable 
length come at right angles to the lines, which they are intended 
to locate, thus leaving a certain chance for variation in placing 
the lines. The result was the variation in the distance between 
the written lines above noted. 

The distance between the outer perpendiculars determining 
the length of the lines is 7 J inches (18.5 cm.), but the writing 
sometimes overruns, more often falls short of the limiting line ; the 
writing is not however allowed to overrun more than two or three 
letters and these are made smaller. Many part lines resulted 
from the verses or cola being longer than one ms line but less 
than two. There are from 25 to 30 letters in a full uncrowded 
line. If only a single word ^ or part of a word were left from the 
verse, it was written just above the end of the line or, in case it 
was the last line on a page, just below. Some extreme cases of 
crowding resulted from the unwillingness to waste the space of a 
whole line for a single word. Some crowding also resulted from 
the desire to divide the words into syllables correctly. The rule 
for division was regular: as many consonants as can be pro- 
nounced together went with the following vowel, except that <r is 
never joined to a following consonant (ten cases). Naturally 
nasals and liquids are also never so joined. The general rule is 
violated twelve times in the case of prepositional compounds, 
which follow the rule but twice. Ovk is considered part of the 
following word and division made accordingly; cf. ov/Ktariv (two 
cases) and ov/Krfhn^aadriv (39, 13). To the rules thus established 
I noted five exceptions: €K/dp<ov (67, 22); aix/ l^oXwriav (95, i); 
ctr/Xarvi^a? (118, 32); €K€Kpa^/a (iig, i); €vj>p/ avdrfaerai {6^^ ll). 

1 A Doun and its preposition or a noun and pronoun passed as a single word. 


The writing is a large square uncial. A broad-pointed pen 
and plenty of ink were used ; p and v extend below the line and ^ 
and i/i both above and below. There is a tendency to make all 
letters slightly larger than the space between the lines. The cir- 
cle of the ^ is often enlarged, but less frequently in height than 
in width. The letters yh^K^irrvx ^nd i/i sometimes have 
ornamental dots at the ends of some of the strokes. This is most 
noticeable in the case of r, 8, and 7r. All these forms are illus- 
trated in Plates V to VIII. 

The titles regularly have slightly smaller letters and the round 
ones are a little narrower at times, though generally upright.^ I 
noted infrequently single letters slightly sloped elsewhere in the 
MS, but not often enough to constitute a tendency. Both the nar- 
rower letters and the slight tendency to slope are more noticeable at 
the ends of lines, where the letters are small and crowded.^ One 
feels that here the natural handwriting of the scribe appears and 
that the ms as a whole is written in imitation of some older or 
more formal hand. The few traces of the undisguised hand may 
be compared with the writing of ms W of the Gospels and other 
specimens of a slightly sloping hand particularly on papyrus, 
which are in general dated from the fourth to the sixth century. 
This characteristic therefore in A, together with the decidedly old, 
broad shapes of most of the letters, precludes a late date. The 
MS certainly belongs to the fifth century, but there may well be 
difference of opinion as to the part of the century to which it is to 
be assigned. I am inclined to refer it to the first half. 

The usual church abbreviations occur: ic?, 6^ (in the singular 
only), oPo?, 8a8, Wffp^ Jijfp {iirfrpa^ 57, 4), with like forms for the 
oblique cases, cnjp occurs only in the nominative singular ; ^v, x^, 
Xpy a few times ; Svo, Wv^, nvi, regularly, yet perhaps irvlevfiara] in 
103, 4; LTjX is generally used, but ur/>i}X in 67, 36, and three times 
not abbreviated ; tXij/x is found always except four times not ab- 
breviated in Psalms 1 34 and 1 36 ; for ovpavo^ the regular abbre- 
viation is opoi, opovy etc., yet ovpov (67, 34), wpH (134, 6), ovpw 
(i33» 3; 138, 8); mjpovi (135, 5). vi occurs in 115, 7 and w in 
85, 16; elsewhere vto? is not abbrevi ated. 8iai/faXfia is sometimes 
shortened to Stoi/iaX and even to 8tai/9 ; i/ioX' occurs once for 

» Compare Plate VI. * Compare Plate VII, 1. 11. 


Because of the crowding at the ends of lines many ligatures are 
used. Most common are V=ou; iyi=/xov; yfr = avrov (y also 
in other combinations) ; 1^ = icat (also in combinations as 8iic(at)o9) ; 

IK =Tat. 

Such ligatures occur most frequently at the ends of lines, but 
also rarely within the lines. 

2. Punctuation, Verses, Capitals, Paragraphs 

The MS is almost entirely without punctuation. I noted but 
35 sure cases of the single dot in high position, three cases of the 
double dot or colon, and one of the triple dot. These marks of 
punctuation come generally at the ends of lines, but there are eight 

The text is written in verses corresponding to the Hebrew 
parallelisms, but as these are regularly too long for one line of 
text, the portion remaining is written on a second line, which is 
indented from 15 to 20 mm., as mentioned above. This must 
not be confused with the system of indentation used in the edi- 
tions to mark the stanzas. There is no stanza division in the ms, 
but the verses above described correspond very closely to the 
single lines (artxot) of Codex Vaticanus, as shown in the Swete 
edition. There are, in fact, only about 250 variations, if we leave 
out of the count changes due to differences in text. Many of 
these variations in line division are paralleled in other old mss. 
The most of the others can be accounted for on the basis of some 
scribe's economy of parchment or desire for symmetry, as many of 
the changes involve only the division of exceptionally long lines 
or the union of very short lines into longer ones. To be sure, 
there is little economy shown in the ms, yet that is due to the 
verse system, which was rigidly followed. The scribe of A or 
some predecessor may have felt that the uniting of two very short 
lines, or vice versa^ was not a very serious violation. All together 
the variations are neither numerous nor important, and certainly 
do not represent even the rudiments of a different system ; all will 
be shown in the printed text. 

Each Psalm is introduced by its number in large capital letters 
set out somewhat in the left-hand margin and having an ornament 

• •' 


above and below resembling the paragraph mark to be described 
later. There is also the customary title in letters somewhat 
smaller, and in the case of long titles often crowded. In these 
the line division bears no relation to any found elsewhere, space 
being the sole consideration. 

A letter of varying degrees of enlargement is sometimes used 
to begin a Psalm. It does not as a rule project perceptibly into 
the left-hand margin ; the few instances noted may be purely acci- 
dental, or due to awkwardness of the scribe using a larger letter. 
These enlarged letters are more frequent in the first half of the ms, 
but by no means regular even there. The beginnings of 82 of the 
Psalms are preserved in A, and the first letter is a capital in only 
39 cases. 

AiatjiaXiia occurs 11 times only out of 25 possible cases. The 
fact that one edge of the parchment is everywhere lost through 
decay and that Stai|faXfi(i, where it occurs, is written on the right- 
hand margin, accounts for the large number of cases where we 
have no evidence. It may be noted, however, that the paragraph 
mark "X*^ occurs 15 times (once in the form ^ at 93, 16) in the 

left-hand margin, where Stai^aXfia should appear on the right, were 
it preserved. It might seem, therefore, that this mark was a substi- 
tute, and that the 14 cases, where Stcu|raXfia was surely omitted, were 
to be supplied by this in the left-hand margin. Yet we must note 
that "X* occurs 10 extra times: at the ends of Psalms 44, 62, 84, 

99, and 102, four times in Psalm 118, corresponding to the Hebrew 
letters of ms R, and at 21, 19. Also there are 21 cases where Sia- 
tj^akfia should occur and the *T* does not appear, though the left- 
hand margin is preserved. Of course these places may have been 
represented by hiaAJtaXiia in the right margin, which is now lost. 
The paragraph mark cannot be considered as entirely parallel to 
Stcu|raX/Aa, though it is plainly similar and probably helps to repro- 
duce, perhaps inaccurately, some lost system of the Hebrew " Selah," 
which is the regular equivalent of Sta^aX/Ao, but occurs also at 
the ends of two Psalms (3 and 23) in the Massoretic tradition. 

^ A few paragraph marks of this shape were found in ms W of the Gospels, as well as 
in the fifth- or sixth-century Coptic Psalter in the Freer Collection ; there is also one ex- 
ample in Coptic Frag, i of the Freer Collection. This dates from the fourth century and 
contains part of Psalm 44 ; cf. UmversUy of Michigan Studies^ Humanistic Series, vol. IX, 
p. 16. 


Ms A has lacunae at both of these places and no other Greek ms 
seems to have 8tai^aX/Lia at the end of a Psalm. The four cases 
of *^ in Psalm ii8 mark the paragraphs for a portion of the 
center of the Psalm. There are nine paragraphs unmarked and 
nine others fall in lacunae. Furthermore, the four marks which 
occur are in lighter ink and seem from a later hand. If, as seems 
likely, the first scribe of the ms used the sign as in some part 
equivalent to Siai/ioXfia or the Hebrew Selah, the later scribe 
either did not know it or chose not to imitate. 

3. Diacritical and Other Marks 

Strokes or dots are frequently found over vowels. In shape 
these vary from a short grave accent (rarely acute) to a mere dot. 
Often there is a slight curve in the stroke, and in one case, 17 (30, 
20), it might pass for a rough breathing. In certain cases two 
dots or strokes are used. Though similar strokes have been found 
in the Codex Alexandrinus and in a papyrus of 595 a.d. {Pal. Soc. 
II, 124), no other ms presents any such number or variety of use 
as this. In the legible portion I counted 1922 instances, of which 
1083 are single strokes and 839 double strokes. The rule of use 
seems at first to have been as follows: two strokes were placed 
over V and i and one over each other vowel, when initial or following 
another vowel with which it did not form a diphthong. Yet even 
from the beginning many initial vowels (most often <i, c, 01) were 
unmarked, especially when the preceding word ended in a conso- 
nant. The vowel v frequently received a single stroke, especially 
in vto9, and this tendency increased, so that for the whole ms there 
are 108 cases of the single dot to 114 of the double. The double 
dot, or diaeresis, was used consistently for t; I noted but two 
exceptions out of 180 cases. 

The distribution of strokes between the other vowels is very 
unequal, but at first the single stroke is regular. Yet the scribe 
was careless or faultily instructed, so that errors occur from the 
very beginning. Near Psalm 60 these increase in number rapidly, 
so that in some Psalms, as 61, 67, 68, 93, 94, 118, and 131 to 140 
inclusive, two dots are quite regularly used. Thus we find 103 
cases of 17 to 423 of 1) ; 126 of o to 336 of o; 74 of (u to 80 of a>; 
1 33 of c to 95 of € ; I ID of a to 39 of a. 


The fact that there are more instances of double than single 
strokes over the vowels a and € is largely due to the circumstance 
that the scribe began to distribute the dots more freely at about 
the time that he began to confuse the use of the two. In the first 
fifty Psalms there are no cases of a or c, only two each of of and o, 
and six of i}. In the second fifty there are 13 cases of a, 10 of c, 
33 of o, 6 of oJ, and 22 oi rj. In the last fifty there are 97 cases of 
a, 123 of €, 91 of o, 66 of of, and 75 of 17. There is no such varia- 
tion in the use of the single dot. The increased use of the double 
dot did not extend to the article as fully as to other words; the 
definite article 17 is marked with a single dot 1 28 times and with a 
double dot only 35 times; and 6 with a single dot occurs 134 
times to 33 cases of the double dot. This circumstance, together 
with the fact that tj, o, v, and t were much more regularly marked 
in the earlier Psalms than a, c, and oi, fully explains the discrepancy 
in numbers. The scribe not only left many vowels unmarked, 
which according to the system should have been marked, but he 
also marked a few quite unnecessarily. Several of these, as ctcr^- 
Kova-ev (five times), can be explained as due to the separation of 
the compound into two words. A very few have not even this 
excuse, such as tjX'Xvcu^^ (108, 24); irpoaKwqato (137, 2); y\cixra'ri 
(138, 4); avro9 (43, 5); c^cXc^aro (134, 4); eirl (130, 3); kmjlkinaa 
(118, 74); yevrfdriri} (ll8, 80); roif (ll8, 65); Sticaia>/Liara (ll8, 26); 
/Lt€(l38, 5); wvt(43, 10); ayv8/oa>(77,4o; 105,14; 106, 35); 8wcaio9 
(10, 3); aXXoTpiiiiv (18, 14) ; dyado^ (134, 3); riyyiaev (87, 4); oiiK 
(118, 109). 

The apostrophe is used quite frequently and consistently 
throughout the ms, though the shape varies between an angular 
hook, an acute accent, a curved stroke, and a dot. I found over 
380 cases in all. We can classify the uses under three heads: 
(i) after final consonants (J3y6KkiivT<l>) mostly of foreign 
proper names ; yet the use is by no means regular ; lajctofi' with 
twelve cases fares best. Of regular Greek words only €k is note- 
worthy with 49 cases. The noun and preposition were probably 
felt as a compound expression; (2) between double consonants, 
XX yy KK pp fi/i crcr irir (once), vv (once) ; (3) between unlike con- 
sonants, viz., after k y \ /i p and x when followed by any other 
consonant except p or a (the only common combinations are kO 
33 times, yK 14, yi 7, kC 8, ftV 10, ft'<^ 6, kW 6). 


Interesting but probably to be classed under the head of dou- 
ble consonants are the 20 cases, where a word ending in cr is sep- 
arated from the following word, which begins with cr, as Xoyov^Vov 
(118, 74) etc. Sc^iaVov (138, 10) seems a mere error, as also 
daXaxra-aKai (94, 5), )8cx<rtXca*TTj9 (i35i 20). There are three or four 
cases where an apostrophe-shaped mark after a vowel has been 
classed as punctuation. 

4. Spelling ^ 

Itacisms and similar errors are most frequent; yet even in 
this there is a certain amount of regularity. I counted 144 cases 
of <u for € but only 1 1 of € for ai ; 65 cases of ot for v but only 8 
of V for ot ; 480 cases of i for ei and 94 of ct for t. The few cases 
of o for 01 and oi for o are about equal in number ; there are two 
cases of ov for a>, e^eifyyaaov (30, 20) and €fiirtfi7rXovi/Ta (102, 5); r/ 
for ct once, ifkifprq^ (72; lo); perhaps tjcaoHrri^ (79, 19), also in T, 
and KaraTrpawTf^ (88, 10); 17 for i twice, eaiiriKpwa^ (88,46), and 
irekeKavrj (lOl, 7); otfor €t once, ri/jLuroL (lOl, 25). 

A few of the cases above classified represent real variant 
spellings, such as SucatoKnim} three times, but the great majority 
are mere itacisms, which find only sporadic support elsewhere. 

Cases of ct for t are particularly common in the third person 
plural primary active ending of the verb, as <l>v\a^ova-€Lv ; I noted 
over 20 cases. Even more frequent is the same error in the 
dative plural ending of the third declension, with over 30 cases. 

A few irregularities occur in assimilation ; in six cases v is not 
assimilated before a following tt, <^, y, ic, as ci/TrXtjcr^ctTj (62, 6)*; 
yet the tendency is toward assimilation ; thus before a following 
X €K becomes ey in some eight cases, as eykmeroKrav (70, 13)*; 
this peculiarity appears infrequently in mss A, R, and S ; ey occurs 
once also before 8, eySticoii/ (98, 8) ; other assimilations are irpafi- 
fiarta9 (70, 15); cyycXacrcrat (36, 13).* 

Incorrect doubling of consonants, as oruVXcu (98, 7) and 

^ I enumerate only those spellings which find practically no other ms support for the 
passages in question. 

* Cf. Thackeray, p. 133 ; Robertson, Gram, of the N.T., p. 217. 
' Cf. Robertson, p. 215. 

* Errors similar to these are common in older mss and papyri ; they probably have 
their origin in writing from dictation. 


vTia-aoi^ (71, 10), occurs some fourteen times, while the opposite 
mistake is rare; I noted only the following: airayydi,ovT€<; (77, 4); 
€19 T7f\oypa(l>Lap (57, l); Xoyov? ov (118, Id) ; Svi^a/Lieai? ov (109, 3); 
Se^ta? ov (79, 18) (ov for crov); apcixmq, (40, 4). 

When we consider the number of cases where the Psalter 
tradition varies from the older mss on this point, these few mis- 
spellings of A seem less remarkable. 

Of individual noteworthy misspellings the most consistent is 
ac0po^\ this is found 56 times, while exdpo^ occurs but 7 times 
(118,98; 118, 139; 131, 18; 137,7; 138,21-22; 142,3). Other 
cases of loss of aspiration are very rare, but occur ; cf. ovk vtto- 

aK€kurO (36, 31). False aspiration is also rarely found; we 

may compare €<l>urT(o0rja'av (77, 37); €<^t8€i/=A T (91, 12); ovx 
o^€T(u (93, 7; 118, 13); €^XirMra9= A T (118, 49); ovOa^ (38, 6) 
has the support of most other mss.* 

Other peculiar spellings are cora^ovo-cu for ara^ovcrcu (71, 
6) ; cf cicvftj for e^exyOii (72, 2) ; rfowreOriKa for nawdenfKa (72, 
15)'; Kara/oiirfaaro (79, 14)*; tXtft? for cXtfci? (loi, 27); x^t- 
/>oyoXtot9 (103, 18); aap tor aap^ (108, 24); KadyjXojiKoaop (118, 
120); irpaoTfjTo^ for irp^purrfro^ (=T) (131, i); cS^ for ESoi/x 

(136, 7). 

To these we may add a few errors, probably scribal, involving 

the omission of a single letter: efoiri^o/ (77, 71); fiam^ (or ftartf) 

man. i (90, 10); oucnpajn/ (iii, 5); rcu for rat? (136, 2); wpo<f>€Lai 

(58, 11); xpvcrot (44, 14). 

In the case of the temporal augment there is a slight tendency 
to omit. I have noted 1 1 cases of such omission in A against all 
good MSs, and only 6 where it was added, for most of which there 
is some other ms authority. 

Four cases of €Lirov for ctira all find support in other Psalters, 
but not so €<l>ayav for €<f>ayov in 105, 28. Other unusual verb 

forms are aiaxw^Vf^^'^^^ (34» 2^)» trapio^wav (105, 32); icarcu- 
axwdanretf (33, 6); icaro^Xcx^crercu (17, 9). The strange form 
Kandovro (40, 9) might be passed by as a mere scribal error, were 
it not supported by eiredovro in 58, 4. 

Peculiar case forms are rare: x^^P^^ (120, 5), wktov (91, 3), 
though they find no other ms support in these passages, represent 

1 Cf. B* in Ezech. 26, 18. • Cf. ms T. 

* Cf. Robertson, p. 233 ; Thackeray, p. 125. ^ Cf. ms R. 


a known Egyptian peculiarity; cf. Thackeray, p. 146; fiovoyarqv 
(34, 17) is supported by mss K**A R 185. 

The few cases of indicative for subjunctive, and vice versa, may 
be only errors in spelling; cf. Karairava-oiiev (73, 8); ^iXa^ovo'iv 
(104, 45); Xoywrcrat (31, 2); irapoiict)a'(MTiv (55, 7); ci/Svcraji/rat 
(131, 9); yevtavToi (134, l8) ; aa-cafiev and i/iaXco/Liei/ (20, 14). 

Two cases of infinitive for indicative give a more interesting 
syntactical change; cf. Kpiviv for Kpiv^i (71, 4) and Kpivai for Kpw€i 
(97» 9)- Also optative for indicative once: cfovScvoxrai? (58, 9); 
cf. T 188. 

There are a few instances of special variation in the use of 
cases: dative for accusative ; roi tcr(paij)X (13, 7) ; yvcj/iri (82, 4) ; roi 
Xoyoi (118, 49); iroXto (122, 3); accusative for dative; to Sofacr^tj- 

vax (36, 20); efiireirvpuj fievrjVj aveaKafiiievrfp (79, 17); avrov^ 

Tov (na-apa (82, 10); iie (li8, 104); Swafttv iroXXtji/ ( = MSS 167 (?), 

185) (67, 12); genitive for dative ; tov K{vpio)v avrov (129, 7) ; 

accusative for genitive ; tov 0{€o)v for t(ov detov (135, 2) ; tov K{vpio)v 
for To}v Kvpuav (135, 3); [Kovairiv (76, 21) ; dative for genitive: [roi] 
iroTafioD (136, l). 

The addition of prepositions to help define the use of cases is 
characteristic of Hellenistic Greek, cf. Robertson, p. 452; yet I 
noted but two instances in A where no other mss support: cv 
avroi9 (118, 165); irpo^ crc (118, 146). The influence of the 
Hebrew may have had some effect in these cases, as well as in 
the following examples of repetition: cpycov cpyoDv (76, 12); tj/Lta? 
Tfiia^ (97, i) ; t(<rpa)i7X i((r/oa)'»}X (104, 23); Secr/xov? Sccr/xov? (106, 
14); <^vXat <f>v\ai (121, 4); i(€/oovcra)Xi7/Li i{^pov(Ta)\mi (124, i). 
These may also be explained as pure scribal errors ; cf . davdaviia- 
crta (135, 4) ; ov ovK (i 18, 109). 

Many of the above enumerated grammatical peculiarities and 
errors are known in Hellenistic Greek and especially in Egyptian 
papyri ; scattered ms support is also found for the same or similar 
forms in the Psalms, and this too points in most cases toward 
Eg)^t, which seems to be the natural home of the Psalter tradi- 
tion. As A is a Psalter written in Egypt, the number of these 
peculiarities is certainly not remarkable, a condition which speaks 
well for the accuracy of the text tradition and the intelligence of 
the scribe. 



5. The Fragment A» 

There remain the seven fragmentary leaves at the end of the 
MS, covering incompletely from Psalm 142, 5 c to 146, 9 a and 
from 149, 2 b to Ode i, 6 a, including Psalm 151. The gap from 
146, 9 to 149, 2 would cover four pages of the ms. Therefore two 
leaves have been lost at this point. As these last few leaves were 
loose when the ms was bought, it is not impossible that the two 
leaves were lost or stolen since its discovery. Leaf seven had 
become separated from the ms and was found by me in some 
papyrus fragments and bits of binding bought with the mss by 
Mr. Freer and said to be a part of the original find. 

It is noteworthy that the ms has the subscription i/iaXfio? pv 
after Psalm 150, but goes on with Psalm 151 and the first Ode. 
It may once have contained the whole fourteen Odes, but in this 
size of MS that would have required some three quires more. As 
this side of the ms has decayed much less than the other, it is 
hardly likely that so many leaves have been lost through that 
cause. The part of Ode i preserved was kept because it is the 
other side of the leaf containing Psalm 151. Doubtless these 
leaves came from a ms old and fragmentary at the time when they 
were taken to complete the older Psalter. The condition of leaf 
2, from the bottom of which a strip has been cut out nearly two 
inches wide and reaching half across the leaf, shows that the ms 
was being robbed and mutilated for other uses even before these 
seven leaves were taken from it. That the end of the Psalms was 
still preserved in spite of the fragmentary condition was due to 
the presence of the Odes at the end. 

The first and last quires of a ms usually suffer worst. The 
rest of the Odes may, to be sure, have been omitted in the com- 
bined MS, because the repairer did not wish to preserve them, but 
it is more likely that they had already disappeared in part and 
that he did not care to add a mere fragment. We cannot be sure 
that the seven leaves preserved formed a single quire, for at the 
end of leaf 3 there is a peculiar, indistinct mark, which may have 
been a quire number. Yet it seems necessary to read it ^i which 
would not agree with any possible number of quires. On the 
other hand, the Copts sometimes numbered every page, and as 
this mark is found opposite Psalm 144, 14, text to the amount of 


194 printed pages of the Swete edition had preceded. Though the 
MS pages are a half smaller, this would give less than 400 pages, 
where 600 are called for. I can suggest but one possible explana- 
tion. If one counts the Greek letters in alphabetical order, x is the 
twenty-second letter, and at sixteen pages to the quire, this would 
give 352 pages, which is approximately the number required. 

The parchment seems to be sheepskin, rather yellow, but with 
a well-prepared surface. The hair side,, as usual, is the yellower 
and the leaves are matched, so that hair side is opposite to hair 
side and flesh side opposite flesh side. 

The leaves vary in thickness from .13 mm. to .27 mm., though 
all except two incline to the thinner limit. The size of the leaf is 
somewhat smaller than in the older part of the ms. The largest 
one at present measures loj inches (27^ cm.) in length and 8^ 
inches (2 if cm.) in width. There is little wrinkling in this por- 
tion, so the original length of the leaf cannot have exceeded eleven 
inches. In width there has been considerable loss on the binding 
edge ; yet the leaf certainly did not exceed ten inches and was 
probably about nine- and one half inches wide. 

The ink is of a medium brown color, but has faded somewhat. 
Psalm numbers and titles are in red. The writing is in one col- 
umn with twenty-four lines to the page. The ruling is once for 
each line and extends clear across the leaf. The writing stands 
on the ruled line. The position of the ruled lines, 6 mm. apart, 
is determined by pin or compass pricks in the very edge of the 
parchment, some of which can still be seen. Perpendiculars 
15 cm. apart determine the width of the space devoted to writing. 
Parallel perpendiculars 8 or 9 mm. inside the others serve to mark 
the amount of inset for part lines. Ruling was done on the flesh 
side of the parchment. 

The number of letters varies greatly even in the full lines, 
owing to the great difference in width of the letters, but most 
lines have between 18 and 22. There are many part lines so as 
to conform to the Hebrew verse system. The syllable division at 
the ends of the lines seems to conform to the general practice. 
In so short a passage there is little evidence available, but we may 
note that cr is not joined to a following consonant ; cf. SiSacr/icaiv 
(143, i) and pva/TT)^ (143, 2). 

The writing is in a large, sloping hand, known as the Slavonic 


uncial. The average letter is about 4 mm. in height ; <^ and i/i 
extend both above and below the line and p below the line, so 
much that they encroach on the neighboring lines; f and v 
extend below the line slightly. The letters are rather heavily 
shaded but not otherwise over-adorned. The letters € o a are 
much narrower than the others, being decidedly oval in shape. 
The general character, shape, and size can be seen in Plate IX. 

The closest parallel I have found in style of writing is B* (fac- 
simile in TischendorfiTs Monumenta Sacra Inedita, PI. I), a four- 
leaf New Testament fragment brought from Sinai. On the basis 
of this resemblance, as well as the general characteristics of the 
hand, I date this portion of the ms tentatively in the eighth cen- 
tury and assume that it was written near Mount Sinai, but later 
taken to Egypt, where it was finally used in repairing the older ms.* 

The regular church abbreviations occur: ic$ 6^ 8a8 avo? WFa 
oui/o^ lKtiii icrX wp^ {narqp does not occur in the brief section 
preserved); similar abbreviations are found or may be assumed 
for oblique cases of the above ; vto9 is not abbreviated and iirfnip 
does not occur. 

Ligatures are infrequent; I noted only fS/ciM-^^)^ '^ (^<*0» 
yr^, and ^tov; v may be indicated by a stroke over a preceding 
vowel at end of lines only. 

Punctuation is infrequent; I found only nine cases of single 
dot, one of double dot or colon, and one of triple dot, thus : • 

The verse system, which is approximately that of Codex Vati- 
canus, as shown in Swete s edition, is carefully followed, though it 
involves a great waste of space. I noted but three variations. As 
the MS lines are generally too short to take a whole verse, the 
remainder follows on a second or even a third line, indented to 
show that it belongs to the preceding. 

There are no paragraph marks or capitals. A slight stroke, 
not a breathing, occurs over the article 17 in 144, 13 and over the 
initial letter of e^okodpeva^iy 144, 20; compare a similar use in A 
and in the Codex Alexandrinus. Initial v may have two dots 
over it as also t (in two cases it seems rather a single long 
stroke), when preceded by another vowel with which it does not 
form a diphthong. 

1 Cf. Biblical World, vol. XXXIII (1909), p. 343. 


The apostrophe is used three times after a final consonant: 
yokiaff (143, I ; 151, i); cf (143, 7). 

In spelling the following itacisms were found : at for € three 
times ; € for at, eight ; €t for t, three ; t for ct, seven ; o for a», four ; 
t for 17, twice, v movable is always inserted after the primary end- 
ing of the third person singular and plural of verbs and after the 
dative plural of the third declension of substantives. 

But one unique spelling occurs : tov for tov% before dkLfiovra^ 
(142, 12). A few other peculiar forms find support in but one 
other Psalter: efUkerow = MS 276 (142, 5); Karepay/ievov^ = T 
(144, 14; 145, 8); genitive for accusative: tov iroi'qa'avro^ = R 
(145, 6); dative for genitive: aXaXay/xa» = T (150, 5). 

6. Corrections by Later Hands 

In MS A there seem to be only six cases of correction by a 
second hand. These are written in slightly smaller letters and 
paler ink. I see no reason for referring them to an appreciably 
later date. The cases are: 8tai/raX(/xa) (65, 15; 67, 8); €P efnuuo 
(77., 52); ic(u/)to)5 o 0{€o)^ (hi, 4); ^Tnarpe^aTfoa-av (a? in an era- 
sure) (118, 79) ; enLkadoifiai corr. from €m\a0ofiai (i 36, 5) ; and per- 
haps hiKaLoxrwriv (oxn; corn from oav) (118, 1 38). To these we may 
add four cases of added ""^ in Psalm 118. In addition, there are 
21 instances where the scribe has discovered his mistake and cor- 
rected it himself. In one case (85, 14) this caused the erasure 
of two lines, and in another (125, 2), of a single line. In 138, 12 
there is a very interesting erasure, as it covers the first line of a 
noteworthy omission of B* (supported in part by mss A 1 73) and one 
preceding line. Enough of the first writing can be read to make 
it certain that the scribe started to make this insertion one line 
too soon. It seems likely that in the parent ms the addition stood 
in the margin, and this fact at first confused the scribe as to its 
proper place. The other corrections by first hand seem unimpor- 
tant. The only later mark in the ms is a square cross made with 
lead at the top of page 124 (= Psalm 81, 7). 

In MS A* there are but three corrections; all are in a smaller 
hand and paler ink and seem to be from the Sio/o^oinj^. In each 
case omitted letters are added above. No other mss show similar 
omissions and the errors of the original scribe would be plain to 
every reader. 


I. The Text Problem in A 

In considering the character of the text the two parts of the 
MS are taken separately, though both were Psalters and so had 
considerable similarity in text. 

In spite of its greater age A shows a most remarkable general 
agreement with the great mass of later Psalters,^ />. with the com- 
mon Greek text styled G^"^« by Rahlfs. Out of 1896 readings 
considered, it is supported by all or nearly all of the Psalters in 
1289 cases or 68%; compared with the two oldest Psalters we 
find 969 agreements with R out of 1896 readings or 50%, and 
966 agreements with T out of 1520 cases ^ or 63%. 

The agreements in text with the uncial mss of complete Bibles 
is less close. With K there are 725 agreements in 1896 readings 
or 38% ; with B, 613 agreements in 1396 readings or 44%; with 
A, 8i6 agreements in 1625 readings or 50%. The same general 
relationship prevails toward the old fragments U and L. With 
U there are 92 agreements in 232 cases, 39% ; with L, 166 agree- 
ments in 327 cases, 50%. A somewhat closer relationship to the 
early correctors of some mss seems probable ; with B*^ there are 
8i agreements in 138 cases, 58% ; with K^ 496 agreements in 656 
cases, 75%. 

The general tendency of A to agree with the Psalter text 
against the Complete Bible text, especially as shown in ms B, is 
also clearly seen from a comparison with Rahlfs' 1 29 characteristic 
readings. Of these fifteen fall in decayed parts of A, which are 
not capable of even approximate restoration. Of the remaining 
only twenty-five certainly agree with the B text and nine more 
agreements can be inferred from space, though they fall in lacunae. 
Against this there are eighty cases which agree, or are assumed 
to agree, with the Psalter text. Thus it agrees with the B text in 

^ These include nearly all of the minuscule mss given in the Holmes and Parsons 

* Lacunae in T cover 376 cases. 



only 30% of the instances, and so is farther removed from it than 
is MS A, though it presents somewhat the same mixed character 
of text. The characteristic agreements with B text are found in 
small groups, while the most of the Psalms are quite free from 
them; six of them occur in Psalms 13 to 21, four in Psalms 49 to 
56, four in Psalms 66 to 71, three in Psalms 103 to 109, three in 
Psalm u8, three in Psalms 137 to 139, and only eight in all the 

While it must be admitted that A on the whole gives the 
Psalter text, of which it thus becomes the oldest representative, it 
is nevertheless interesting both on account of its isolated agree- 
ments with accepted B readings and still more because of its 
many unique readings as well as those which have little support 

Of the readings unique in Greek mss there are 83 which may 
be considered as important variants, not having been previously 
discussed under the head of changes in spelling or language. Of 
these only the following two find support in the Massoretic text : 
-avTov (58, i) ; -{lovff (135, 7). Four others can claim support of 
Old Latin : hpvfiov for KoXa/iov (67, 31) ; aX " ' " " (perhaps aXea-eof^ 
or aX€a-€a»i/) for apa-tcav (80, 7);^ (ica/oSta^) + ftou (ii8, 7); (crov^) + 
Kvpu (118,41); once Origen alone supports: (rwdXaa-L ior avpe- 
dXaa-ev (109, 5); once Chrysostom, koyo^ for vo/io^ (118, 105); 
once Cyril of Alexandria, Tj/tct? 8c for Kai Tj/xets (94, 7) ; once Cyril 
and Theodoret, {6eo^)+T<ov hwafLe<ov (79, 4) ; once Eusebius, add 
Xeytop before /xij (104, 15). 

The others are : airoKpvi\^oi% for airoKpxHf><j}{g, 30) ; add kol before 
davfiaaTfaa-ov (i6, 7) ; add nj5 /xia? a-afifiarov after SavctS (22, i) ; 

K for ras afiapna^ fiov (24, 18) ; add [vTrofieivov top 

Kvpiov] before vnoiuvov (26, 14) ; add icvpie after Kara^vyq (31, 7) ;* 
tavTov for avrov (36, 31); oiSi; rta 8av€i8 €t9 avaiiP7f<riv irepi 
(rafifiarov for €15 ro reko^ rtp ISlOow (p&r) rtp AavctS (38, i);' — nj5 
(38, 11); TToXXcoi/for ttoXXtjs (39, n) ; add <rot after e^oiioXoyrfaofieda 
(43, 9) ; roil/ Kaphitav for rr;? icapSta? (43, 22) ; repeat avriXruiirrcop 
Tf/uov o 0€o^ taiccojS (45, 8) ; transpose rcn jSacrtXct i/raXarat (46, 7) ; 
omit K(u or ovk (54, 12); — o deo^ (58, 6) ; add fiov after tfcoi * 
(61, 8); add Kvpie after vpoaekafiov (64, 5); aafaAJw^iP for 

avoAJnJxn^ (65, 12); va> <rov for Scvre aKovaart (65, i6); 

1 Cf. OL ad operilms eorum. * Cf. MS 184. * Cf. mss 140, 173. 


add o before icvpto? (65, 18); -wtr efiov (65, 20); add cv v/xi/ot? 
after reXo^ (67, i); add <u Sc i/e^cXou after ovpavoi (67,9); eXa/8cv 
for ekafte^ (67, 19); -cycu Sc irTai;(o? Kat Trciny? o ^€05 fiorfiyia-ov 
fioi (69, 6) ; add /xov before fiTj (69, 6) ; avrov for crov^ (73, 7) ; 
op€a>p epnrffjjMf for tprqyjav (74, 7) ; avwjfOL for vi^ot (74, 8) ; add a 
(o<ra?) €iroii7(rcv after avrov ^ (77, 11); add /xij after cwSc (80, lo); 
add eiprqvTi^ after 0801/ (84, 14)^; add /xe after ^o/Seto-^cu (85, 11); 
roi/ ^coi' for crc (85, 14) ; itJ^patfKvn) for IcrpaijXctrj; (88, i) ; — kcu €v 
riQ huccuoawjj aov xAlKodqaovrax (88, 1 7) ; aderqo'to for aStici^cro) 
(88, 34) ; add ot before expfiei^oL (93, 15) ; a<rriT€ for cucovon^Tc (94, 
8) ; KaroiKurOyi tj yij for 17 yij avrov KaBiararaA (96, i) ; 7}fias i}/xas 
for avry (97, i) ; tfcoi ijftaii^ for icvpt^ (97, 5) ^ ; 0*5 for a>o"€i (loi, 12); 
^i/a9 for ^v7)v (103, 12) ; kifiavoL (103, 16) ; add icou before etfero 
(104, 32); Kapiroy for xo/>roi/ (104, 35); -a? (104, 39); add icot 
after icapSta avrov (l 1 1, 8) ; —ev rip ovpav<p Kat (112, 6) ; rov evape- 
orria'aL /x€ for ^vapeoTqa'fa (114, 9)'; —01 (116, l) ; add et^rarco [Sij 
o]tico9 Xcv€i^ ort ayatfo^ | ort et^ [roi/ <u]a)i/a ro eXeo^ avrov after eXeo? 
avrov (117, 3)*; add ii/a before cicrcX^cui/ (117, 19); transpose o 
Xoyo9 o-ov icvpte (i 18, 89) ; transpose cycu €i/jii (118, 125) ; add Kvpu 
after a-ov (n8, 129); add icai before ci? (ii8, 147); o"ov for /xov 
(12 1, 8) ; ftov for cov (127, 5) ; add roii/ before 6ri(ravpa>v (134, 7) ; 
rov9 atoii^as for roi/ cuwva qutnguies (i35i 6-10); aTrayoi/re^ for 
wnayayovTt^ (136, 3) ; Trai^a for Trai/ (i37i 2) ; euraicovo'oi/ for €ira- 
Kovaov (137, 3) ; — €7r (138, 5); —crv (138, 8) ; dyjpeuaa,^ for di)p€oa€L 
(139, 12) ; add icvpte after crov* (139, 14) ; —/lov^ (141, 4) ; c/xcXen^- 
<rai/ for efteXcn^o'a (142, 5). 

Even more interesting is the still larger set of variants, which 
find little other ms support. Of these I give only a small selection 

^ 7» 3 ^/^ov after croinjpias = B. 

18, 13 airo for €ic= 184 210 273 Or. Theod. 

19,4 (jiini<rd€iri)'\-Kvpio^^S5 184 2io 286 Theod. Arm. 

21, 1 6 Karrfyaytv for Karqyaye^^ 194 293. 

26» 10 aPT€[\afiero /xov] for npoaekafiero fie— 283. 

27> 3 aSuctai/ for avoiuap^ B K^. 

9 (o-ftKToi/) + fcvpt€ = R* 21 171 272 274 Const. Apost 
30, 1 7 + icai before aoKrov = 1 88. 

^ Cf. Luke I, 79. > Cf. tfeitf MS 55. * Cf. MS 55. ^ Cf. 134, 20. 


30, 19 yanfdrfTQHrav for yeirrfOTfTfa^ B Massoretic. 

31, 5 (cyi/oi/owra) + croi = 184 Massoretic. 

33, 15 icaraStcu^oi/ for hua^ov^ 188. 

34, 24 -Kai=55 66 188 263. 

r [fcai anepiAJfav /x€ roi/ ayairiTroi/] ftxrci 1 _ p# j 
1 [1/6K/901/ €/88€Xvy/x€i^oi/] J 

23 {KVpL€) + 0€O^= 156 OL. 

48, 8 (Xvrpovrai) + ov = L. 

1 5 (evicts) + nj Kaphia = 1 84, 
55» 3 VH-^P^^ for ij/icpa5= 55. 
58, 13 Xayou5 for Xoyoi/= 180 l88 213. 
67,9 —Tov2 = 21 283*. 

9 a-ti/ai for %iva= 140 156 Massoretic. 

68, 21 vTn)p\€v for vtttj/o^ci^ = K^ 55. 

69, 6 transpose on; €i= R. 

70, 2 — icat c^cXou ft€= K* 27. 
7 (<ru) 4- Kvpie =27 204. 

71, 17 (avTov ^) -f Kttt TT/oo nj5 crcXijKij? ycvea^ y€P€<av/o dpovo^ 

avrov =Didym. 55 (exc. o ffpovo^ avrov) i88 (exc. 
y€i/€as yevecDv) ; cf. OL. 

72, I —i/faX/xo? ry Acra^= 154 167. 
73» 5 €uro8oi/ for e^ohov (0801/) = B R*. 

7 Tov ^cov for (Tov ^ = 269 273. 

23 transpose wpo^ [ae 8ta 7ravTos:]== 269. 
78, I orvi/ccrco)^ for ijfaXfio^— 165 187 213 264. 
82, 13 Gvo'iaxrrqpiov for ayiaoTrjpiov = B R. 

88, 49 o (apdpamo^) = B. 

50 ccmi/ for €uni/ = B K*. 
53 --7€i/otTo= 141. 

89, I [ttTTO yci^cas] cts y€P€av for ci/ yes^eq, Kai yei/eq, = R*. 
94, 4 +7ra»^a before ra 7rc/)ara=K* 287. 

97, 5 0€CD for Kupty = 55. 

98, 8 avrov for avTa>i/^= 143 280. 
loi, 12 (TKiou for crKta=K** T. 

104, 28 wapeiTLKpapep for vapenLKpavav^^* ^77* 
35 'TTj^ yT?s for «/ 177 yp = R 55. 

105, 4 +KCW before €7rurKe/^(u= R 193 278. 
39 (efiiavdyi) + ri yij= R 55 Euseb. 

106, 24 TOV (icvpiov) = R*. 


1 07* I oXXi^Xovta for QSt; i/faX/xov ro) AavctS = 1 74. 
1 08, 2 1 (crou ^) + icvpie = 269. 
23 0*5 for cocrct^ 269. 

113, n +0 KvpLo^ before cTrotTjcrci/ = 203 277 286. 
19 en- airroy for em Kv/>u>i/ = K 269. 

1 1 4, 2 ewacakea-afiev for CTrucaXecro/xat = K* 2 76. 

8 — icat=223. 

1 15* 3 — 'wai/Tcui/ = K*- 

117, 21 (croi) + icuptc = R* 213, 
28 (crot *) + KvpL€ = R*. 

118, 52 (crew) -f To)i/ =211. 
105 (crou) -f Kvpt6 = 1 56. 
HI €1 (Tu for €urLv= 55 277. 

142 Xoyo5 for j/ofto5=K* 211 Cyril Alex. 

143 (fiov) -h €<mi/ = 67 142. 

120, 3 Kai ov for ftijSc = 106 Greg. Nys. (Did.) 

128, 6 e^avdyiaaL for €K(rrraa'0'r)vax= HI 190 271 (294). 

129, 7 rov Kvpiov for ro) Kvpio) = 106 190**. 
1 34, 1 6 XaXovcrii^ for XoXijcrovcni/ = K. 

1 36» 9 transpose ra mfma aov /cat eSa^ict «= 269. 
1 39, II (kcu) + €v irvpi = 269 Massoretic. 

These examples must suffice to show the character of the 
unusual readings in A. An idea as to the relationship may be 
obtained by noting the number of agreements with individual mss. 
Thus A agrees with B, without other support, fourteen times; 
with T, eighteen times ; with K, ten times ; with R, twelve times ; 
with A, five times; with ms 55, seven times; with ms 269, seven 
times; with H, 184 and 185, three times each; with D and 142, 
twice each. 

The above enumeration is hardly fair to the relationship with 
the Psalters, very many of whose rare readings appear also in A • 
yet because of the number of the Psalters and the decided ten- 
dency of a few towards the same rare readings, one usually finds 
two or three Psalters agreeing even in those readings which seem 
most exceptional. If we count the agreements of A with the vary- 
ing members of this small group, including no readings supported 


by more than three or four mss, we find that it agrees with ms 55 
thirty-five times, with ms 210, twenty-four times; with ms 269, 
sixteen times ; with E, eighteen times ; with D, seventeen times ; 
with H, fifteen times; with ms 184, eight times; with ms 142, seven 

The tendency of A is decidedly towards the older Psalters, 
though it does not present as erratic a text as R or even T. So 
far as preserved it gives a very good picture of the early Christian 
Psalter, even its rare readings finding some support in the early 
Christian Fathers, as shown above. More careful study and bet- 
ter texts of the Fathers will undoubtedly add to these agreements. 

2. The Text Problem in A* 

The fragment A* also has a Psalter text in its few pages, 
though less interesting than the major portion of the ms. In the 
following comparisons 89 readings have been considered, all of 
some importance and supported by more than one ms. In this 
list A» agrees with K but twenty-four times ; with B, thirty times ; 
with A, thirty-seven times ; with R, fifty times ; with T, sixty-four 
times; with the majority of the later Psalters, fifty-two times. 
The closest relationship is thus with T, if we except K**, which 
agrees twenty-six out of twenty-nine times; plain errors of K*, 
not found elsewhere, are omitted from the calculation. 

There are but two unsupported readings of any importance : 
irXaroi? for enavkeaiv^ (^439 ^4)i c/xafcapurcv for e/xeucapurai/ (143, 1 5). 

A* agrees with T alone four times : fLaraxmyfra^ for ikarajLonrfra 
(143, 8); the others have been given above, p. 23; with K* alone 
once : crov for ov (145, 5) ; with B alone, once : — ro* before Xapuy 
yet (149, 6); with ms 206 once: eyponrdri for eyvwaffri^ (i43» 3) J 
with MSS 269 and 273, once: airoorpe^t for tirurrpe^i (i45« 4)- 

Of Rahlfs' characteristic readings but five occur in the portion 
covered by A*, 142, 5-151,6. In all of these A* opposes the B 
text. . 

^ irAariois in ||« R T. 

< ^ ;.jv s "< J- » 

i-^^ t V < J^ V -^ 


s ^ s 




-- V 

k ^ ^ "^ i^ r^ • 




In the following pages the text is reprinted in accordance with 
the line division of the ms, including the indentation of the 
shorter lines used to complete the verses according to the original 
Hebrew system of division. For the sake of clearness ligatures, 
small letters, and superscribed letters at the ends of lines are not 
distinguished from the body of the text. The sole object of these 
devices was to save space and the system has been fully described 
in the introduction, pp. 112- 114. 

In the case of abbreviations the words are printed in full but 
the omitted or curtailed letters are inclosed in parentheses, thus : 

The single stroke over vowels, though it differs much in 
shape, is regularly reproduced by a grave accent; the mark of 
dieresis reproduces the double stroke. The apostrophe is also 
given, wherever it occurs, but without regard to its varying forms. 

A dot below a letter indicates that it was not fully preserved 
in the ms, but could be read with practical certainty. 

All illegible letters and the parts of lines entirely lost by 
decay have beeii inclosed in square brackets. In these lacunae I 
have printed the Swete text, except where space demanded a 
variant. In case there was space which no known variant or 
plausible addition would fill, I have indicated, so far as possible, 
the number of letters demanded by the space. In the lacunae 
thus supplied I have omitted capitals, accents, and breathings, as 
in the ms, but have retained iota subscript for the sake of 

As a substitute for a collation I have given at the bottom of 
the pages all the variations of the Swete text from the ms as 
printed. In this collation capitals and iota subscript are given, 
but accents and breathings are omitted. Statements in regard to 
erasures and corrections of A are given in the footnotes, but brack- 
eted to distinguish them from the Swete collation. The cus- 
tomary Latin abbreviations are used both in notes and collation. 




Yet the reader is requested to note that tr means " transpose so as 
to read." Stat^aX/ia is to be added at the end of the verse, when 
the collation gives merely " add 8iou|raX/Aa." 

I have assumed that the small parchment fragment, which pre- 
cedes page I (Psalm i) of the ms once formed a portion of the 
binding, since there seems to be an even number of leaves so 
as to make complete quires without it Of the writing only the 
following letters could be read with any degree of certainty : 












atovo . . 

fl€l/OV . • 
oov .... 

de . . Ka , 
oxjTtcr : d 

m m • i^ m • % 

. LKoX . . 

p. 1 

[aXX 7} <a^ o vfovs ov acpiTrra. o avle/to? I 

[airo npoaamov nj5 y]i75. 

5 [8ia TOVTO ovK avaaTq(rovrai oi a](r€[/8€t9 €v icpurct] 
[ovSe a/JLatnaAoi ev fiovkn Sticatjoii^ 

6 [ori yt^voHrKet Kvpio^ ohov 8LKax<ov] 
[icat 0809 aaefifov aTroXctrat] 

[B] I [ti/a rt €(f>pva^av edvrj Kat] Xaoi cfi[cXc] II 

2 [napeoTTfa'av ot jSacrtXct?] nj5 ^[175] 

[icat ot apxovT€^ avprjx^V^O'V ^[Trt to avro] 

[icara rov Kvptov kgu Kara to]v x{purTo)v a[vrov StoulraX/ia] 

p. 2 

11 [ic]at ayaX[Xtourdc avT(fi €v rpoiitf\ 

m m 

12 [hpa^aade TrouSeia? firf ttotc opyurdj/ KvpLOs] 
[icat aTToXctcrdc c^ oSov SiKata?] 

[orav eKKavdu ev raxei o dvfio^ avrov] 
[/laKaptOL 'iravre^ ot 'ireirotdore^ err avT(f] 

[rl I [y^aXfio^] Tw Ba(v€i)S o[iroT€ aireBiSpacKev airo] III 

[wpo<r]onrov afileffaaKoufi rov viov avrov] 

2 [tcvpu tl] €7r\7i[dwd7)(rav ot ^XtjSoi^c? /ic] 
[TToXXjot €na[vLaTavraL eir €/Ltc] 

3 [7roXX]ot \ey{ova'Lv rg ^XV f^^^] 




5 [ofyyil^eo'de icat /irf oLfiapravleTai, IV 

[a Xcy^^re ci/ rot? Kaphuu^ v]/i(oi/ 

[eirt rat9 icotrot? vfifov KaTav]oiyri7[e] 


7 [a7r]oXc[t9 travra^ rov^ XaXovi/ra? to ifrcvSo?] V 

[ai'jSpa €uii[aT<ov k<u BoKlov fihekinro'erax Kvpio^] 

8 [cyjoi Sc €v [r^ TrXi^^ct rov cXcov cov eur] 

eka^a'Dfiat €i9 roi^ oucov (rov] 
[ir/>]o(ric[i;in}(r(o 7r/>09 i^aoi^ ayiov aov ev ^ofitf crov] 


12 [kol Kav)(7ia'OVT€u em (rot] wavrles] 

[oi ayair<avTe% to ovofi]a cov 

13 [art av cvXoyct? hiKai]ov 

[icvpie a>9 on\<f cvSoicta^ e&jfreifHivaKra^ i7/ia9 

[S"] I [€i9 TO TeXo9 cv t;/iMM9 UTTC/j) T179 07&>i;9 •^Xfl(09) TW &i(u6t)[£] VI 

2 [icvpu iiTj T<fi Oviiif (rov eX€y^9 /i]c 
[fbi^Sc rp opyj; <rov 7ra48cv]<r[2J5 /tc] 

3 [cXci^croi' /t€ in;pi€ ore ckt^ci^]'!}? c[tfii] 
[tcurcu /i€ ore erapa\Gi) r]a oora [/aov] 

4 [icat 77 i/n;x^ /iov erapa;(^] (r^o8[pa] 
{koul (TV Kvpie €019 irorc] 

5 [eirurTp€ij/ov icvpu pwrau T]rfv ^(nj^O^ [f^ov] 
[(roKrov lie ev€K€i/ rov e]\€ov^ (r[ov] 

6 [ort ovK €(mv ci/ r^ ^ai^a]ro> o /ii'[i7fu>i'€vo>i' (rov] 

p. 6 

II aurxw0^f*'^<rav (rff>oSpa 8ta raxov^] 

Z I '^X|i09 T0» &l(tl6i)[fi 01^ 9;0'€l^ T^ KVpi^ UTTC/) TItfl'] VII 

\o7o»i^ j(pwr[ei viov ufievei] 
2 K(vpt)c o d(€o)^ fiov cirt [(rot i^Xirura (ranrov /tc] 

IV 6 ofuipravcrc | cv jcop&gi pro cv ratf wa^nit v/miv | mmwyifrc 


€K travr<av [ron^ 8ta»icoi^aii/ /ic] 

Kox pwj\ax /ic] 

• • • 

[/i]i7 oi/ro9 [Xvr/>ov/ici^ov /it/Sc (roal^ovTo^] 

4 [icvptc] o d{€o)^ fiov [ct e7roii7cra rovro] 
[€t] eoTLv a8t[icta €v ^apciv /iov] 

5 [ct a]Kra7r€8(o[ica roi9 aKraTroSiSovcrti/ /iot icaica] 
[air]o7r€(n;/it [apa airo roii/ €)(dp(ov /iov] 


6 [icar]a8tai^[{u apa o exBpo^ rtiv t/n/X^i^] 


11 [rov (ra>£oKro9 rov?] ev^t? n; icapSta 

12 [o dco9 KpLTTf^ 8ticai09 Kcu tjo^po? icat 

[/LLi; opyjfv eiray<av Kad CKJoumji^ rjficptu^ 

13 [cai/ /ii7 €7naTp€ufyrfr€ rrfp pofi<l>(ua]v 


[ro TO^ov avTov epercLpei^ ica]t i/roi/i[a(rci/ avro] 

14 [icat €P avT(fi rjToipxurep (riccjin; dapa[Tov] 

[ra jScXi} avrov roi9 Kcuo/ici^jot? €^ct[/>youraro] 

15 [tSov ai8ti^(rci/ ai/o/xtjai' 
[avpekafiep tropop Kai ^€K€p a8iK[tai'] 

16 \kaKKOP wpv^ep KOL ape]a'Ka}jfep ai^rop] 
[k<u €Pir€a'€LTaL et9 fiodpop] op €i/>v[ouraro] 

17 [cirtorpci/rct o nopo^ avrov a]? K€[if><ik7jp avrov] 

• • • 

p. 8 

4 [<r]6Xi}i'[i^ Kou ooTcpas a av c^eueXiaxras] VIII 

5 rt coTti/ [ai/dpaiiro9 ort fUfiprja'K'jii avrov] 
17 V109 ai^dpamov ort eirurKejrrjf avroi^] 

6 i7Xa7TaKra[9 avrop jSpa^^v n nap ayycXov?) 
80^ ica[t rtfi2} tareif^aPQHra^ avrop] 

7 Kat [icar€(rn}(ra9 avroi^ eirt ra €/>ya x€ip(OP aov] 

VII 6 avoircaocfu | 11 cvAac 



5 [opyiieaOe kcu fi7] aiiapTav]er(u IV 

[a Xcycrc ci/ rot? Ka/>St<u9 v\fJuov 

[eirt rat9 icotrcu? v/ioiv icarai^jotyi^c] 

p. 4 

7 [a9r]oXc[t9 navra^ rov^ \a\ovvras to i^cvSo?] V 

8 [€y]ai 8c cp [r^ TrXT/tfct rov ekeov (rov €ur\ 

cXei;[(ro/iat €t9 rov oucoi^ (rov] 
[irp]o(ric[inn}(r(o vpo^ vaov ayiov (rov cv ^ofiif ktov^ 


12 [icflu Kavyyicovrax eni (rot] irai^c?] 

[ot ayanoavre^ to opoii]a (rov 

13 [oTi av cvXoyct9 8ticat]ov 

[icv/>tc w^ ov\<p cvSoicta9 ea^Teif^avoKras yj/iw 

[S"] I [€i9 TO T6X09 €P vfivoi^ VTTcp] T179 07&>i;9 '^aXfi(o9) TW &i(v6i)[£] VI 

2 [icv/>t€ /iT} r^ ^/i^ (rov ekey^jp /i]c 
[/ii78c 17} opyj; cov n(uS€v]<r[ii^ fic] 

3 [cXei}(rov /t€ icvpi€ ore (urtfci^}!}? cft/u] 
[uuroL ii€ OTI erapayOi) r]a oora l/tov] 

4 [icat n ^I^JXn H*^^ erapax^] <rif>oS[pa] 
[k<u av Kvpu 6(09 vor€\ 

5 [etnarpe^v icvpu pvarcu T]y]v ^jnjxv^ [ftov] 

[(rOKTOV /i€ €V€K€V TOV c]XcOV9 a[ov] 

6 [ort ovic c(rTtv cp r^ d(u^a}rw o iiv[7ifiov€v<av cov] 

p. 6 

II €Lur)(wd^iria'av (r<^o8/>a Sta Toxpv^] 

Z I ^aXfio^ To» &i(ti6i)[£ 01^ 2^€l^ T^ Kvpi^ VTTep iwv] VII 

Xo7o»i^ j(pv<r[€i mov ufieva.] 

2 k(v/h)c o 9(co)9 fu>v cirt [(rot i^Xirto'a (roxrov fic] 

IV 6 afmpravm | cv jcop&gi pro cv ratf mp&aiy vfMiv | Karawytfrt 


€K navT<ov [rau^ hiaucoyT€ov fie] 

K<u pwj[<u fie] 

• • • 

3 [/iTf '!roT]€ a[prrafrg a>9 Xcoiv rrfv ^XV^ M^^] 

[/l]7l OPTO^ [\vTpOVIJL€VOV flTfhe (TwI^OVTO^] 

4 [icvptc] o 0{€o)^ fiov [ct eiroii}cra tovto] 
[ei] €(mv a8t[icta €v \€p<nv /iov] 

5 [ct a]Kra7r€8ai[ica rot9 ai^a7roSt8ov(rti/ fiot Koica] 
[air]o7r€(n;fit [apa aTro roii^ exOpwv fiov] 


6 [icar]a8t(o^[(u apa o e^dpo^ rrfv ^jnJXH^] 


11 [rov (rai£oKro9 rov^] eudt^ 77/ Kaphia 

12 [o ^€09 Kpvrq^ 8uc(uo9 Kcu t]cr;(vp09 icat 

[/ii7 opy7)v eiraytav Kad cicjournjv rfp,€pca^ 

13 [cai' /i77 einaTpcufyrfre njv popj^axa\v 

[avrov 0TtX)8aKrc]t 
[ro ro^ov avrov evertLvep ica]t i/rot/i[a(r€v avro] 

14 [k<u €v avTff rproLfKurep cnccjin; dava[Tov] 


[ra jScXi} avrov rot? Kcuo/ici/]ot9 c^€t[/>ya(raro] 

15 [t8ov {oSivTicep avoiu]av 


[awekafiev trovov k<u e}r€K€v a8tic[tav] 

16 [XoKKov wpv^ev K€U av€]o'KaAlf€v av[roi/] 
[k€U evneo'eirai €t9 fiodpov\ ov ci/>v[a(raro] 

17 [e7rtoTp€i/r€t o 7roi/09 avrov ct]9 icc[<^aXi}v avrov] 

p. 8 

4 [cjcXi/j/fiyv K€u aarepa^ a av ctfc/JtcXtoKra?] Vlll 

5 rt coTtv [ai^dp(oiro9 ort p^ifipriCKji avrov] 
17 vto9 ai^[dpa>7rov ort CTrunccuT]} avroi^] 

6 i7Xa7TaKra[9 avrov fipO'Xy 'rt irap ayycXov?] 
So^ Ka[i Tip/(f coT€^avaKra9 avrov] 

7 Kat ficar€OTq<ra9 avrov cirt ra epya xeiptov <rov] 

VII 6 aj TOiT f ao t fu | 11 cv0o« 


vavra i^irera^ai viroKaTtu raiv iroSatv avrov] 

8 irpofiara [kox jSoa? TrcKrad 

[cjrt 8c ica[t ra icrqvri tov ttcSiov] 

9 [r]a TTcrii/a [rov ovpavov kol tov^ tx^^^l 

[r]a 8ta7ropc[vo/i€i/a rpifiov^ daXao'a'wv] 

• • • 

lo [icvptc] o ic(vpto)9 i7fi(o[i/ (09 ^av/icurroi'] 

• • • 

TO op[oiia aov €P itcuctq tq yq\ 

8 [koX O KVpLO^ Ct9 tov] at(OI/a /Jl[€|/€t] IX 

[yfToificurev €v Kpuret top dpovov ajvrov 
9 [icat avro9 Kpiv^i ttiv olkovii€P7jp ev 8]iKaiocrvin} 
[Kptvet Xaov9 €v evdvrriTi] 

10 [icat €y€i/€To KvpLO^ KaTaff>vy7f Ttf TTCVTyrt] 
Ifiorfdos ^v €VKaipiai^ €v\ dXu/rct 

11 [icat kktna'aT<aa'av etn ae ot yL]v(oaKov 

[r€9 to ovop»a ktov] 
[oTt ovK €i/icar€Xt7rc9 rov? CKjJiTTOvvTa? crc ic(vpt)c 

12 [t/roXarc 74^ Kvpi<f T<f KaToiKovvTi\ €v cetfov 
[avayy€fXaT€ €v rot? edveaiv] ra «rt 

[n}8€v/iara avrov] 

p. lO 

i8 iravTa ra €^[1^ ra €in\avdavofitva tov d€ov\ 

19 art OVK Ci5 r[cXo5 cirtXijcr^i/crcrat] 

o irrcox[o5] 
71 v7ro/jtoi/[i7 roiv nevrfrwv ovk ano] 
Xirai ct[9 ro)/ atcoi^a] 

20 ai/aoTT^^i icvptc /JI17 KpaTatovo'doD avdpamo^] 
Kpi0ifr(i^<rav cdvq evamLOV crov] 

21 Karaon^fcro)/ icvptc vop^oderqv etr avrov?] 
yv<in(i)a{av edvrj otl ol avOpamoi cicriv 8ta;i|raX/ia] 

VIII ircrciva 

IX IS (Tioiv 1 19 avovoActroi 


22 wa Ti ic(v/)t)€ a[^€(rn}Ka9 fioKpoOev] 
imepoplfj.^ €P evKaipiai^ tv dXtt/r€i] 

23 €v ra> im€[pri<l>av€V€a'd(u top acefirj] 

ev7rvp[L^erai, o tttkoxo^] 
<rwXafi[fiavovT(u ev StajSovXtot?] 

ot9 8[taXoyi£oKr(u] 

24 [o]rt e7rai[i/€trai o afiaprcoko^ ei/ rat?] 

[€7rtdv/itat9 n;? ^Inixyi^ avrov] 

p. II 

29 [ci^Ka^iTrat €i/€8pa] fiera 7rXot;[crt(oi/] 
[ci/ airoKpxHfiOi^ air]o#CTii/at ad[aK>i/] 
[ot o^dakfJLOi avrov] €t9 rov iT€vr)\ra\ 


30 [ci/cSpevci ci^ a7roic/[>]v<^ot9 ca? Xccoi/ ^{y) 

[rg fiavhpq. avrov] 
[€»^€8/)ev€t Tov apTracrat] tttwxop 
[apnaaaL imniXov tv rw] cXioKrat avro(i/) 

31 [0/ ri; TraytSt avrov ra7r€]ti/aKrt avro(j') 
[icvi|r€i Kat 7r€cr€irat €i/ ro)] avrov Kara 


[icvpievcrat rcov 7r€P7J]r(ov 

32 [ctTTCj' yap €v rj) Kaphiq, avro]v CTrtXcXijoTat o ^(co)? 
[a7rcoT/)e/>€i/ ro irpo(ram]ov avrov rov 

[firj pKeireiv ct? rcXo?] 

33 {avaarqdi Kvpte o deo^ v^]<o07It<o 17 x^P ^^^ 
[firj €m\ad'g rcjv ir€vrj\ra}v (rov €15 reko^ 

34 [€V€K€i/ nvo^ irapa)^v€]v o axrefirj^ ro[v deov] 
[ctTTCv yap €v KapSiq, avrov o]vk €K[jfr[yf(r€i] 

35 [/SXcTTCt? ort av irov\ov Kat [dvfiov KaravorfaeL^] 


p. 12 

38 [etai7]icovcrci/ ic[v/:>t09] 

[ttip] eroLfia^i[av rq^ KapBia^ avroii^] 

■ • 

89 ainMcrcivoi | 80 awoKpw^ \ 81 ravtiywau | 88 x<^> I ^^ <^ov cis rcXos | 84 ov 
CTnTO-ci pro cvk tKfyfniau 


irpoa€(rxi^v to ov5 aov] 
39 Kpivai opif>ai^[<j> KOJL ratrtivif[ 

Lva fiTj npoaldii en /jicyaXau^ctv] 
av{dp(im)o^ CTTt [nj5 y»j5] 

I €i9 TO r€Xo[9 r^ Savetfi ^aX/i09] X 

1 Eirt TO) ic(vpi)ai 7r[e7rotda ttoi? €peiT€ rjj ^In^xo H'^^] 
lieTavaa[T€VOv ein ra oprj a>9 OTpovdLOv] 

2 ort tSov ot [a/jia/>raiXot ever^ivav ro^ov] 

rov icarar[o^cv(rat ev CKOTOfirjvu] 
rov9 ci;[d€t9 rg Kaphuf] 

3 ort a coi KaT[ripTura} Kad€iXov] 


o 8c 8ticato[9 TL eiroti7(rci/] 

4 k(v/)io)9 €i^ i^aoi [ayi^ aurov] 
K{vpLo)^ €P o{v)p{av)<o [o dpovo^ avrov] 

[o]t o<^9a[X/iU>t avrov €t9 rov iremfra aTrojSXcirovcrti/] 

P- 13 

5 [tov^ eiTTOvra^ rtiv y\<$KTa\av muav /i€vaXv[vov/iCi/] XI 
[ra x^^^T ''7/^<^*' ^<*P Tj/icov cclrtv rt? riiiai{v) 

[icv/)to9 €<rrti/] 

6 [airo TTj^ raXatiroipia? rcuj' 7rr]coxcoi' 
[icai aTTO Tov arevayiiov T(ov ir]€vr)TOiiV 
vw apaarrja'OfiaL Xcyct] ic(vpio)9 

[dijcro/Liat ci^ CfOTTjpLq, 7ra/3i}(rt]ouro/iat ci^ avrco 

7 [ra Xoyta Kvpiov Xoyta ayva] 

[apyvpiov nenvpcjfievov So]kliiov rvj yrj 
[KeKaOapuTfiei^ov cirrair]Xa(nai9 

8 [<rv Kvpi€ <^vXa^€t9 rffia^ koa BLa]T7ip7){n^ i7/ia9 

[aTTO n}9 yci/ca9 ravn;? KJat ct? rov axtava 

9 [icvfcXij^ ot a(r€)8ct9 7r€/>t7r]arovo'€ti/ 

[icara ro tn/ro? cov CTroXvjoipT/cra? 

X 8 om oxM 

XI 7 fioKifuor I 8 StanipiTcrcit | 9 ««pi«aroiNnr 


p. 14 


[ttotJc vTrvwla-o) ci? davarov] XII 

[/iTj TTJoTC €tinj [o exOpo^ fiov urxyaa wpo^ avrov] 
01 dXifiovre^ [fu ayaXXtacroi/rat] 

eycj §€ €7rt roi [cXect aov T/XTrura] 
ayaXXtacrera[t 77 icapSta fiov ev r^ aamipKfi aov] 
accj Tea ic(vpt)a) r[^ €V€pyen)(ravri fie] 
icat t/raXo) roi o[vo/jiart Kvptov rov vi|rtOT0v] 

ir ei9 TO r€X[o9.^aX/A09 ry SavciS] XIII 

I EiTTCi' €UJ>p(ov €[v KapStqi avrou ovk cotci^ ^€09] 
8i€(f>dapri[a'av kol cjSScXu^^crai' cv] 

ovK ecrnv [Trotoiv xpfiOTortfra ovk ea] 
riv ca>[9 CU09] 
a K(ypvo)^ €K Tov o[vpavov Stcinnfpci/ eirt rov^ vtov9 roii^ avdpamwv] 

rov iZlv €l cfoTtv awixav 77 ck^ittoii/ roi/ tfcoi^] 
3 7rapr€9 c^cicXti/av a/jia i7;(p€<o^(rai/] 
ovic €<rrtv [irotoii' yfnfaraniTa ov] 

IC COTtV [C(09 CV09] 

Taj(f>o^ ai{c^yfi€vo9 o \apvy^ avT(av\ 
[ra]t9 yX<o[(r(r(U9 avrwp cSoXtovcrav] 

p. 15 

3 [awTpiiifia K€u raXatircopta ci/ r(U9 o8o]t9 auno(i') 

[kcu oSov ctpijKij? OVIC cyi^oKrajv 

[ovic coTii' if>ofio^ deov anei^avri rwv o^9a]Xfuo(v) avrai(i/) 

4 [ov^t yvoKToi^at iravrt^ 01 €/9ya{o/jicvo]t 

[n/v a8uci(&y] 
[ot Karta'dovT€% ro[v Xao[v /iov jSjpoHrt [ap]rov 
[rov Kvpiov OVK €n€Ka]k€(rairr[o] 

5 [cicct cSciXioirav <^o])8ai ov ovfc ijv <^o/3o9 

XIII 1 SM^tfcipav pro Su^AipiTatty | 2 tScty | 4 jSpcMrci 


6 [fiovXrfv mtaxov Ka\n)€r)(yvaTax 
[ort Kvpto^ ekm^ avrov] eartv 

7 [ri9 SoKTCt €K CLcjv r]o aoyrrfpiov roi i^crpajriX 

[ev ra> C7rurrpe/fcu Kvpta]»/ n}i^ cuY/iaXai 

• • • • 

[(Tiav Tov Xaov avrov] 
[ayaXkuureroLL toxoijS iccu] ev^pavdrjceroLL L(p'pa)7j\ 

[I A] [-^aX/Lio? T9> SavciS] XIV 

1 [icvpt€ rt9 irapoucqaei ev T<p (rJKiji^ai/xari (rov 
[icat rt9 Karocrm/i/axrejt ci/ ro) opt roi ayuo cav 

2 [7rop€vo/jici/09 afia>/io]9 kcu epya^ofie 

[vo^ htKaLoawTiv] 
[Xakfov aXTjdeiav ev icap8]ta avrov 

3 [o9 ovK cSoXoKTCv €v yXjoKrcTv; avrov 
[ovSc enoLTjca^ r^ TrJXijcrtoj' avrov icaKo(v) 

[iCat OVuhuTfJLOV OVK €ka]fi€V CTTt rov9 

[eyyurra avrov] 

4 [c^ovSci/o^rcu o^cDTTtoi^] avrov ira? 


p. i6 XV 

2 [ctira] ro) [icvpt^ Kvpio^ fiov ci oar] 
[on] Ta}[v ay]ad(ov [/lov ov XP^^^ ^^^^] 

3 rot5 aytOL^ rot? €[p rg yy avrov] 

OTi Tra^ra ra dcfXT^/Liara avrov €v avrot?] 

4 e!fkj)dvvdy)(rav [at axrdev^iai avroii^] 
/iera ravra er[aYv>'a>'] 

ov p/q awa\yay<i} ra? awaywya^\ 
avTCJV [e^ aiparoDv] 


6 &icai^ pro Suouoiv | 6 KaTrf(r\vyaT€ \ 7 rov hrpatfK \ ayaXXuurOw pro ayaXkuurerai \ 
ewfipavdrfrm pro cvt^pavft^o-crcu 

XIV 1 opa I 4 om ims 

XV 2 om oTi ro>v .cx^^ I ^ ^"^ <^^ 


ovoc ivq iLt^yjadm tcov ovo/iaTatv] 
avTiov [8ta xeiKecnv fiov] 

5 K(ypLo)^ fiepL^ r[i79 Kkifpopofua^ fiov icat] 

Tov 7ror[i7/)tov fiov] 
(rot €L o wTTOKladurrtov rrfv K\j)povofiiav /iov €/jiot] 

6 <rj(otvta CTTcfTTCcraj' /Jtot cj' rot? K/jartarot?] 

Kat yap 17 KXi7/)[o»^o/jiia /jiov Kpartarri fiot €<mv] 

7 cvXoyijcrco t[ov Kvptov tov avverucravra /jtc] 
en 8c Kat €[(U9 ia;#cro9 enaihevcav] 

lie OL v€[<l>poL [lov] 


npoopfofiTjlv TOV KvpLOv evomtov iiov Sta navTO^] 
ort €K he^L[a}v fiov €(mv iva iirj (raXev^oi] 
9 [Sta t]ovto rjv[<bpav07f 77 KapSta fiov] 
p. 17 

[kcu T^yaXXtacraro 77 yXoKrcra /iov] 
[ert §€ Kat 17 (rap£ fiov Karao'in7i/axr€]t 
[en cXTTtSt 17 cap^ fiov KaTaaKrHvaHTL 

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[roi^ oo'toi^ cov tScti/ Stac^dopaji' 
II [eyvfoptara^ fioi o8ou9 £01179] 

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[irpoa'amov cov] 

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[IS"] [w/>o<r€i;;fi7 tov] &i(vet)S XVI 

1 [ctaaKovo'oi^ icvpt€ T]rf^ hLKaioawrj^ fiov 
[7rpoo^€5 rju ScTjcrct] /iov 

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[ev ;(€tX€(rti/ 8oX]iot9 

2 [cfc irpoccjTTov crov] ro Kpifia fiov c^cX^ot 
[ot o(f>0aKfJLOL fiov tScJroKrav evOvrqTa^ 

5 add 17 ante /icptf | av pro croc | 9 om 17 oop^ /xov KaraaKrpmai? 
XVI 1 Ti;9 Trpoo-cvxiTS 


3 [c8oKt/i(ura9 771V Kolphiav iiov €7r€cr 

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[ra ^fyya 7<ov avdpamcav] 

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[ii/a firi aaXevdn r]a StajSi/fiara /jiov 

6 [cyoi €K€Kpaia ort cmjicjovcra? /xov o ^(co)? 
[icXti/oi/ ro OV9 (Tov cfu>]t Kat curaicov 

[crov 7tav pTffiarcjv /i]ov 
p. i8 

7 icat [davp^cLOTdKrov ra eXei} crou o (roi^oii/] 

7[ov^ cXirtJoi^a? cirt <rc] 
€K [r<ov avd€<r77\K(ynav rjj Scftqi crov] 

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9 [arro irpoaianov oatfiKov ron^] 

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ot eic9|/>cH /iov n^v ^jf^fX'l^ 1^^^ nepieaxov] 

10 ro OTcap avrfoii' crvi^cicXcicrai^] 

• • • • 

TO OTopxL avr<av [cXaXijo'cv vircpi^ai^tai^] 

11 cic^aXXoi^rc9 fic [lo/vt ircptcicv] 

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13 avoLOTqOi i^vpi)t 7t\po^daxrov avrov^ icat] 

vnoa'Kekia\ov avrov^] 
pvaax 77IP ^jn^riv pxjv ano aaefiov^] 

4 )((aX€W¥ I 7 om mu | 9 c^^poc 


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ic(v/)t)€ ano oXtyiov [ano yrj^] 
hiafieptaov [avrov9 €i/ rg J^wji avraui] 
K€U rwv K€K[pvfiiJL€V(ov (Tov e7rXi}(r] 

071 17 ya<mi[p avrtov] 
€)(opraj(r9'r)(Ta\y v€i(ov Kai a^ifKav ra] 

icaraXot7r[a rot? vrprijoi^ avrcov] 

15 cyoi 8c €1/ 8t[icato<n;i^ (m^^t/cto/jku] 

TO) irpoa\<im(fi a'ov\ 
Xoprao'drjO'loiKU €v T(fi o^Orfvax] 
rriv So^ai' crow] 

p. 19 XVII 

[iZl I [c^ TO T€\o9 r^ iTcuBi Kvpiov T^ hav€ih a €\aKria€u r^ Kvpi,^] 

[rov^ Xo^ov^ Tff^ fj^hftpi lavTT)^ ep rffiepa tf epvaaro aurov Kvpio^ ek] 
\X^P^ iravTfov rwv ^xfipviv avrov xcu €K x^^P^ caovX tcai tiwev] 

2 [ayarniaoii (re Kvpie urx^^ H*^^] 

3 [icvpto? OTCpc(o/ia /iov icat icara^uyi} fu>v kol] pvar[r7i]^ /lov 
[o 0609 fiov PoTfdo^] Kat ekmw €[7r avrov] 

[vnepaanumi^ p»ov kol iccp]a9 (rmrqpia^ 

• • • • • • 

[aKnXi7/iirr]ci>p /iov 

4 [ati^oii^ C7riicaX€cro]/jiat rov K{ypio)v kojl €k 

[roiiv €x0p^v] /iov (raidi7(ro/i(u 

5 [irc/)t€cr^oi/ /AC ci>]Sti/(U9 Oavarov 

[kou \tipLappoi avo\p.ia^ e^erapa^av /ic 

6 [aiSii/c9 aSov 7r€p]LeKVK\<oa'av fic 
[npo€<l>daa'caf /jic 7r]ayiSc9 Oavarov 

7 [kcu cv rc(> dXijSccr^at fic eTreKoXecap/qv ro{v) K{ypio)v 
[icat irpo9 roi/ d€ov p\ov CKCicpa^a 

[i7fcovcrci/ cic] vaov ayiov avrov Kfxovrj^ pov 

• • • • 

[icat 77 Kpavyrj po]v evamtov avrov eta* 
[cXaxrerat ct? r]a cora avrov 

8 [koa eadkevdrf icat €]i^rpo/i09 ^yevridy] rf yrj 

14 a7roA.v«[>v pro airo oAiyoiv 
XVII 4 om roK I 6 ai&m 





p. 20 

Kou ra Oefiekia raiji/ opoMov erapa)(dyj<ra{y) 

Kat tcaXevdyfa'a^] ori wpyKrdyj aurot9 o d{^o)^ 

apefir/ Kairvo^ €u opjyiy avrov 

Kai TTvp €pavTiov\ avTov KaTaj^\€)(dyja'er{ai) 

avOpajces au7i(f>0ria'av] an avrov 

K€u €Kku/af ovpavov Kot] Kar^fiyf 

Kai yvo(f>os viro rovs 7r]oSa9 avrov 

Kai enefiyi ctti x€povfie]i,v Kai CTrercur^ 

eneracffr] em 7rr€pvy(o]p oj^efKOP 

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kvkX<p avrov 7/ cricqvi) avrov] 

CKOTWOV v8(0p €P V€<f>€\€U^ a€p<Ov] 

13 [ano rtjs rrjXavyrjO'eo)^ €v<ainov avrov] 

[at i/c^eXat hiyf\dov\ 
[vaXa]£a Kai [avdpaK€^ irvpo^] 

14 [kcu] cfipoirrlrjcep e^ ovpavov fcvpto?] 
Kai o vifri[(rro9 thwKCP (fxavr/v avrov] 

15 cfaTrcoTtXcv [jScXi? kcli ecKopiriirep avrov?] 

• • • • 

Kai axTTpanas C7rXTj[ft;i/ci/ Kai awera] 
pa^€P avrov9 

16 Kai to^difa'av at Trfi/yat rtov v8ara>i/] 

Kai av€Ka\v<f}07i [ra defitkia Tt\^ oiKOVfiemi^] 

ano enirifiTio'ecol^ <rov Kvpte] 

aTTO €i^i/eva'6a>[9 nvevfiaro^ opyrj^ crov] 

17 e^aneoTiXep e^ [vi/fOV9 Kai ekafiev fit] 
npocekafiero fie [e^ vSaran/ noWcov] 

18 pvcrerai fic €^ €K[0p(op fiov hvvarcDv] 
Kai €K r(ov iiiaov[vro)v fie ori core] 

p€!(ad7i<rav vn\€p Cftc] 

19 npo€(f>0aaav fie [ev f)ii€pq, KaKoxreo)^ fiov] 
Kai eyei/ero K(ypio)^ [avriarripiyiia fiov] 

8 ofKwv I 9 icarc^Xoyurcv pro Karai^Kex&qaeT a t \ 16 add nai ante cfdircorciXcv | 
17 e6xir«rrciXcv | 'irpotrtXaP€ pro irpocrcAa/Scro fu \ 18 tyOptav 



20 Kat e^Tfyayev [/x€ €t9 nkarvcfiop pwrerou /x€ ort tj^cXtjctcv /xc] 

21 pvaeraL fie e^ [exOptov fiov SvvarcDV kou €k tcdp /ucovptcop fie] 
K€u ai/ra7roSa)[a'6i fioi Kvpio^ Kara rqv Sticat] 

oavvriv /x[ov] 
icat icara rrfv [KadapiOTTjTa T(ov xeipcDv] 
fiov avralTTohcxrei /xot] 

22 OTL e(f>vka^[a ra^ oSov9 Kvpiov] 

KOU ovK TfO'ellSyiO'a airo tov deov /xov] 

23 \p\ri iravra [ra KpLfiara avrov ei^aymov fiov] 

p. 21 

[Kat ra StKatCD/xara aurov ovk aTrtOTqaav air €ilov[ 

24 [icat ecofiai a/xa>fto9 /icr aurov] 

[icat ^vka^ofiai airo rq^ avofiia^ fiov] 

25 [Kai ai/ra7roSa)(r€i ftot Kvpio^ icara] 

[n;i/ Sticatooi/mji/ fiov] 

[iccu Kara rqv Kadapiorrfra] T(ov V€tp[a>i/ /xo]v' 

• ••••• • 

[ei/aiTTtoi/ TO)!/ o]<f>0a\iio}v avrov 

• • • 

26 [/lera ociov octCD^crji} 

[Kat ftera ai/Spo9 ad^]ot; affcDO^ €(rq 

27 [icat /xcra ckXcktov] €icXe#cro9 ccn) 
[icat ftera arpefikov] Staarpci/fct?' 

28 [oTt (TV Xaoi/ TaTTCti/Joi/ (ra>(r€t9 

[icat o<f>0akfiov^ \me]p7i(f>ap(ov Tampaxrei^' 

29 [ort (rv ifxtmei^ Xv)(\pop fiov ic(vpt)c 
[o ^€09 fiov ^a>ri€t9 ro] <ricoro9 /xov 

30 [ort €v crot pvcr0r]a'o]fi€u airo tnpartfpwv 
[icat «/ r^] ^(€)ft> /xov vnepfirjcrofiaL rt;(09* 

31 [o ^€09 /xov afta>ft]o9 7/ 0S09 avrov 
[ra Xoyta Kvpiov ire^irvpwfiepa 
[v7rcpaorirt<mj9 cjorti/ navT(ov row/ 

[cXTTtJoi/roii/ €ir a]vroi/ 

32 [ort rt9 ^co9 ttXtji/ tov ic](vpto)v 
[icat rt9 ^€09 nXrfv tov 0€ov] rfficDP 

2D-21 fortasse pleiaque verba om | 28 raweiywru^ \ 80 irtiparrfpiov | rcixog 


33 [o 6eo^ o trtpil^iavvimv ft]€ Svi/afttv 
Ifcax €0€TO a/JLto/JLOv rrj\v oSov fiov 

34 [o KaTapTi^oficvo^ rov]^ TroSa? /aov oxrct cXcu^ov 
[icat eirt ra vi/njXa tara)]!/ fi€ 

35 [St8a<rica)i/ ;(€tpa9 /xov €19] TroXcftoi/ 

[ic(u e^ov To^ov \aXKOvv to\v^ fipa\iova^ /lov 

36 [icat cScDica? ftot rmepaxT'nurliiov (ro^pta? fiov 

p. 22 

icat [t; Se^ta crov aarrekafiero /aov] 

icat [t} TTOtSta (Tov avoipdoxrei/ fi€ €19 rcXo?] 

iccu [t; TTouSta crov avrrf fL€. StSo^et] 

37 €[7rXan;i/a9 ra Sta^T^ftara /iov vTroicara) /xov] 
[icot o]vic T^fo'demjcrai/ ra tX'^ M*^^] 

38 [ica]TaSia>^a> to[v^ evOpov^ /lov koa] 

icaraX77/ju/^[o/xat aurov^] 
ic(u ovic anoaTp[aif>7ja'Ofi€u €019 ou/ cicXiTraKrti^] 

39 tK0\vt^(a aurov[9 icou ov /xt; Svi/coi/rot <rD7i^at] 
irccrovwai vtto to[v9 7roSa9 /xov] 

40 Kcu Trepte^oMra? /x€ [Sin/a/xu^ €49 TroXcftoi/] 
(rvi/€7roSt(ra9 ira\vra^ tov9 €iravL&\ 

raft€l/OV9 CTT €[/!.€ WOKaTO) fiov] 

41 icat rov9 €ic'dpo[v9 ftov 6SciE>Ka9 /xot i/o^oi/] 
KOA rov9 /xt(rovi/[ra9 fte €^a)X€dp€vcra9] 

42 €K€Kpa^av KaL ovk 7i[v O CfO^tOP] 

7rpo9 K{vpio)v Kai OVK €L<rri[KOva'ev avrcui/] 

43 icat X«rrvi/ai aurov[9 019 xvovv Ka\ 

ra npoatoTrov ai/[€jxov] 
0)9 TnjXoi/ TrXarto)!/ [Xeai/o) aurov9] 

44 pvaai, fie e^ avriXoytlfov Xaov] 
icara(m}a't9 /x€ €49 K[€<f>aXr]v eOptov] 

. Xao9 ov OVK eypfov [€SovX€i;a'€i^ fioi] 

45 €t9 aKOTfp ojTLOv [xmriKovaep fioi] 
viot aX'Xorpiot €i/f[€i;(raKro ftot] 

84 0)9 pro axy€i | 40 ciravurravoficyov? | 41 cx^pov? | 48 irAaT€iaiv | 44 icaraom^orcts 


46 vuu aX'Xorpi[oi eira\auodri<rav] 

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47 tf) fc{vpi^)^ fco^ c[vXoyi7ro9 o Oeo^ fiov] 
K€u {nlfCDGrjlro) o deo^ rv}9 caynipia^ /lov] 

48 o ^(€0)9 o StSo[v9 €icStin7<r€t9 CftOt] 

P- 23 

[icat vnoTo^a^ Xaov9 w cfie] 

49 [o puan/^ /lov €^ €)(0pwv opyiktov] 

[ano T€ov €iravi(T7avoiLev(av err €fLt in/f]aKrt9 ft€ 
[aTTO ai/Spo9 ahiKov pwrg /xe] 

50 [Sta TovTO e^oftoXoyija'oJ/xat crot 0/ €,dv€a'i{y) K{vpi)€ 
[kou T(fi ovo/ian aov] ifroAo) 

51 [a€yaXvi/a>i/ ra? a]ayr7)pi,as rov ^acrtXca)? avrov 
[Kat noiCDV €X€]o9 roi ;((/:>iaT)oi aurov 

[r^ Sav€iS ic(u T(f] oirepiiaTi avrov €019 cua)i/09 

flH] I [«^ TO T€Xo9 Ty S]a(i;ct)8 '^aX/io? XVIII 

2 [ot ovpapoi Sii/yoin/Jrcu So^ou/ 0{€o)v 

[TroiTfciP Sc ;(€tp]oii/ aurov ai/ay'ycXXt to ar€p€0)iJLa 

3 [T}/x€pa T|7 >7/i€p^] epevyertu prjfia 
[kou w^ WKTi aJi/ayycX'Xt yvoKTiv 

4 [ovic €1(711/ XaXt]cu ovSe Xoyot 011/ ovvt 

[aicovoi/Tai] at (f>(0P€u aurcui/ 

5 [ci9 Tracrai/ ttjJi/ yiji; €^\0ev o <f>0(yyyo^ avTO){v) 
[kou €19 ra 7r€\paTa rv}9 0iKOvii€vri<; 

[Ta pi^ftaTa] axrrwv 

6 [€V TftI T^Xt^] €^€T0 TO cicqvwfJLa avTov 

■ • • • 

[icou ai;ro]9 0)9 pv/kj^los CKiropevofie 

• • • • 

[1/09 €ic 7raoT]ov aurov 
[ayaXXiao'CTat] a>9 ytya9 hpafiiv ohov avrov 

7 \air aKpov rov ovpav]ov rj €^oSo9 aurou 

• • • 

[koj, ro Karavrrifia] avrov €019 aKpov rov o{v)p{av)ov 


XVIII 1 tr tlfaXfW9 r^ AavciS | 2 ayayycAAci | 8 avayy€XXa \ 6 ipofui^ 


[koi ovk etmv os airo]Kpv^<rerai Ttjv 

• • • 

[ffep/JLTiv avTov] 

8 [o vofio^ Tov Kvpiov afuofio^ €nL]<rTp€<l>(i}v ^xa^ 
[tj fiapTvpLa Kvpiov irixm) (rot^jt^ovcra vyyina 

9 [ra SucoucD/xara Kvpiov ev^eta] €v^paxvovTa Kap^uLv\ 

• • • 

p. 24 

Tj c[j^oXtj Kvpiov TijXavy»j9 ifxuTL^ovaa wf>0a\iiovs] 

10 o <f>[o/3o^ Kvpiov ayvo^ Siaiievop €t9 atoii^a aioii/09] 
ra [Kpt/xara Kvpiov aKifdiva SeSucato)] 

[ft€i/a CTTt TO auro] 

11 etndvtifjfra \yntp \pwnov Kai \l0ov tl/uov iroXw] 
KOI y\vKVT€[pa vnep p,eKi icat tcrfpLOv] 

• • • 

12 KOI yap o SovXo[9 <rov ^vXacrcrci aura] 

61/ TO) (f^vXaacTLV av[ra ai/raTroSocrt? ttoXXt}] 

13 napaTTTWfiara Tt9 [<nn/Tj<r€t] 

aTTo Twv KpxHJ^Lwv fi[ov KadapUTOv fic] 

14 Kcu aTTO o^X'Xorpioii; [^etcrat rov SouXov <rov] 
cai/ (171 fiov KaTaK[vpi€V(rova'Lv rore] 

afifofio^ ecofilai] 
K(u Ka6apia'07fa'[oiiou airo afiapna^ /jLeyaXrj^] 

15 Kat ecrovraL €19 €v[Soiciai/ ra Xoyia] 

TOV OTOfiaTO^ iAp^] 
icat 17 fiekerq n}9 ic[apSia9 fiov cpomi] 

01/ <rov 8ta 7rai/T[o9] 
K(vpt)€ fioijOe fiov Kai [Xyrparra fiov] 

10 I €t9 TO T€Xo9 '^aX[/LK>9 T^D £auetS] XIX 

2 ETToucovcrai aov ic(vpto)9 [ei/ 7llJi»€pq, dXu^€a>9] 
VTrepao'Trtcrat crov t[o ovoaa tov 0€Ov laKto/S] 

• ••••• 

3 cfaTrooTiXat crot P\o7)deiav c^ aytov] 

• • • • 

KOA cic' (Tti(av ai/rt[Xa^otro <rov] 

• • • • 

4 iLvria'dvq K^vpio)^ 7r[cun;9 ^v<rta9 crov] 

icat TO oXo[Kaura)/xa (rov Trtai/aro) Sicu/raXjxa] 

12 ^vAootrciv I 18 ck pro airo 

XIX 8 c^irooTciAoi | ^oiv | 4 fivi/(r$€irf | om Kvpux 


5 harfi COL K[aTa rqv KapSiav aov] 

icat nao'av [rriv fiovkrjv aov irkqptoa'ai] 


6 ayaX\iaa'\<oii€0a €v r^ aiurqpKf aov] 

ic((u) €1^ ov\pftLari deov tjikov iieydkm/Oria'OfieOa] 

p- 25 

[irXifptiHrax Kvpi,os navra ra ain^ftara] <rov' 

7 [vw eyvcDV ori efraxrev Kvpio^ tov 'x\{piOTo)v axrrov 

[cTraicovo'erat axrrov e^ ovpavov a]yiov avrov 

• • • • • 

[€v hwaareiai^ 7/ acDTijpLa nj]? Se^ta? avrov 

8 [ovTOL tv apfiaa-ip kou ovt]oi ci/ iirTrot? 

[T}/X€t9 Se €1/ OVOfLaTl KVpiOv\ 0{€o)v TlflCDV 


9 [axrroi ovveirohL&ldrjcrav koa eirecav 
[T}/xct9 Se ai/e<rD7]ftci/ icat avopd(o0i)ii€.{v) 

10 [icvpie croHTOv tov ^jacrtXea icat €7raicoi;a'o(i/) 
[T}/uuk»/ €v |;« a]i/ Tjiicpa einKakcaoiicda (re 

2 [icvpte €1/ rji 8vya/x€t] (rov €v^paiSnaerai 

[o ^(urtXev9] 
[Kat €7rt r^ (ro^JT^pto) crov ayaA'Xtao'erai a'<f>ohpa 

3 [r»ji/ emOvfiiap t]tj9 icapSta? avrov 

[eSoiica? avr]a) 
[icat 77}!/ deXi^o't]!/ TO)!/ ^tXatcDi' avrov 
[ovic coTcpJiycra? avroi/ 

4 [ort 'n'po€(f>0aa'a^] avrov ev evXoyt 

[ax9 xp7/aTon7]ro9 
[e^T^ica? €7rt nji' icJcf^oXiji/ avrov 

[aT€<f>aV0P €K Xt^OV TlfllOV 

5 [4^*' jtrrfcraro ce ic]at eScoica^ avrai 
[/xoicporiTra rjfieptov] €t9 atoii^a ata)i/09 

6 [/JLeyakri rf So^a avrov €]i/ ro) aomfpita (rov 

9 avtapO^jBriiuv \ 10 add <rov post PamXta \ etrucaXwuifitlOa 

XX 8 ^rux^ P^ icap&as | Sci^criv pro OtXtfriy \ xc^aik | add Sca^toAfui 


[So^oi/ KOL iuyaX(mpe!r€]Lav erridyf 
[(r€t9 €7r avTOv\ 

7 [ort SoKret? aur^ evXoytai/] €49 cua»/a (uaii/09 

\€v^pav€L^ avTov €v x^P^ ft]era rov irpoaamov aov 
p. 26 

8 art [o fiaaiKev^ eXir^^L ein fcvptoi/] 

icat €[1/ r^ eXeet rov in/ftarot; ov /xi} craXev^}}] 

9 evp€d[6t7} 77 ;(etp cov iraxriv rot? €)(0pois crov] 
t; Se^ta crov [evpot Trai^a? tovs^ 

fiurow\ja^ <rc] 

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€19 Koipov Tov 7i\poa'(imov a'ov[ 
K{vpi)€ €v opyj) cov av[vTapa^€i^ avrov^] 

KOL KaToxf^ayerax av[rou9 nvp] 

■ • 

11 TOV KapTTOv avTwv [ano yi)^ a7roX€t9] 

Kat TO anepfia axrr[a}v ano vuop ap0p(tm(ov] 

12 art eKkipap €19 (re [icaica] 
Si€Xoyi(rai/ro ^ov[Xt}i/ tjp ov iitf hvpwp\ 

rat OTqpoi' 

13 ori dtfai^ aurov9 [i^a»roi/] 

€1/ roi9 7repiXot7rot[9 crov erot/xa] 
0*49 ro npoaamop [avroip] 

» m 

14 vr^wdyfTL K{vpi)€ €P rrf S[vi/a/xei crov] 
aatofiep icat ifr<iXciE>[/ACi/ ra9 Si;i/aaTeia9 crov] 

KA I ei9 TO T€\o9 U7r€[/> Ti;9 airrt\i7/i'^o>9] XXI 

Ti;9 aioidiVTf^ y^alXfJUS rtp BaveiB] 

• • 

2 O ^(€0)9 o ^(€0)9 fiov iTpo<r)(e^ [/mot ti/a Tt cy] 

icar€Xt7re9 ft€ 

• • • • 

/laKpap ano t7}9 [(ra)r7}pta9 fiov 01] 
Xoyoi Ttop [napaimofiaTfop fiov] 

3 o d(eo)9 /xov Kcf^pa^oftat rffiepa^ npo^] 

ce icat [ovK eicraKovoT;] 

10 0i;(rei$ I 12 on^ooi pro ottvcu | 18 Brfru^ \ croLfmau^ \ 14 gLtrofiev i ^jfoXovfuv 
XXI 1 coi^inTC 



p. 27 









icat wkt[o^ KaL ovk €19 avoiav €fioi] 
croi §€ Of a[yiot9 icaroiicci? o eirat] 
1/09 t((rpa)77X 

[em (Tot T}X7rt(rai^ ot irarepe^ 7ifi](ov 

[T^XTTKrai/ icat epvco) avrov^] 

[npo^ GTC €K€Kpa^av K€u €a'(o07i(rav] 

[em COL rfkiTLirap K€u ov] Karrj(rxvv07fa'a{v) 

• • • • 

[eya> Se etftt CKojkrf^ icat o]vk ap{0pom)o^ 
[oi/€tSo9 avOpomov icat e^ovjSci/ai/xa Xaov 

[ekaXTfo-av cv X6t\]€(ni/ aatrrjirap K€<f>aX7i{v) 

{qXirKrei/ etn tcvpiov] pvaajcrdfa avrov 

[(roKraro) avTov\ ori dtki avrov 

[oTt crv Ci o CK(nra]<ra9 /xc cic* yaucrrpo^ 

\rf eXirt? /xov airo] fiaartov n}9 /x(i7r)p(o)9 ftov 

[cTTt <rc eirepL^v €]k firfrpas 

[vc icoiXta9 fti7rpo9] ftov ^(€0)9 /xov €t <roi 

[/it; airo<rT|79 a^r] efiov art dXtifri9 tyyv^ 

[ort OVK eoTtv o] fiorjOwv /jlol 

[Tr€pL€KVKkaKr]av fit iio<r\oi iroX'Xoc 

[ravpoi 7rtoi/c]9 Tr€pi€a'\ov fic 

[rfvoi^av err] efic ro arofia avroiiv 

[019 XecDi/ o a/[>ira]£a>p icat {opvo/jLevo^ 

[axret vSoip c^c^J^t^i^ kou BteaKop 

[ffurdyi iravra ra] oara fiov 
[e/eirqOii r) icapSta /x]ov oxret Kjfpo^ 

[n}ico/xcvo9 cv /x€]<ra> 7779 icoiXta9 pjov 
{e^pavdri a>9 o<rrpaic]oi/ 17 Itryy^ fiov 
[k<u 71 yXoKro'a /ton KCicoXJXi^rai roi 

[Xapuyyt /lou] 

4 crv pro opcm | 7 cfovScnffui 
pro «« 


[icoi €19 x[wv davaTov icanjjyayci/ /xe 
17 [ori cicvKXaKrai/ /xe icwe?] ttoXXoi 

p. 28 

av[vaywyri irovrfpevofiei/wv ir^piea^ov /xe] 
a)p[v^ou/ ^ctpa9 /xov icat TroSa?] 
.8 €ir,{pt0ii7,<rav itavra ra o<rra /nov] 
ai;r[ot Se KarevoTjcav icat CTTCtSoi/ /xc] 

19 Si€/x€pur[auTo ra t/xarta fiov eaurot?] 

jcot CTTt roi/ [ifiaruTfiov /lov efiaXov kXtjoov] 

• • • 

20 (rot Se K(vpi)6 fiTf iiaKp[wji^ rqv fiorjOaav] 

crov an €fiov 
€19 rrjv aKnXT}/xifr[ti/ /tov irpoo^c?] 

21 pvaax ano pop! ^aia^ \Tt)v ^ln/)(riv /xov] 
icat €K ^€ipo9 ici;i/09 [n}!/ /xoi/oycnj /iov] 

22 (roKTov /x€ €ic aTo[fiaro9 Xcokto?] 
icou aTTO Kepartov [iiovoKcpayrwp] 

rqv rairivfalfTiv /xov] 

23 Sn^yyjo'o/xat ro o[i/o/xa (rov rot9 aScX^ot9 /xov] 
€1/ /xco'CD €KKKyia\ia^ v/xmjo'oi (re] 

24 ot (f>ofiovp,€POL TOP [icvpLOv aiP€(rar€ avrov] 


airav ro cnrep/xa taic[a)^ So^ourare aurov] 

• • • 

<f>oPrr)d7fT(a Brf an [avrov anav to] 
anepfia i(o'pa)TjX 

25 ort ovic 6^ovS€i/a)[a'6i/ ovSe npoaw] 

xOlccv rrf h[eqa'€i, tov imoxov] 
ovSc aTrearpefifrei/ to npoawnov] 

avrov aTT 6[/xov] 
Kai €1/ TO) k€K[payepaL /xc npo^ avTOp] 

eurfiKOvlcev fiov] 

26 Trapa aov o €n[aivo^ /xov] 

ra9 €vxa[^ fiov anohoHro) €vq)] 
nLo[p TCDV (f>ofiovii€if(av avTov] 

16 Karriyay€s pro xan^yaycv | 20 (rv pro aoc | fiov pro aw air Cfiov | 22 rairciKOKriv | 
24 om Tw I ^pyfirfTwrav avrov pro ^pyfirjrvi htf air avrov 


p. 29 

27 [<f>ayovTaL ttci^c? kcu €fiirk7ia07faop]T€u 

[k(u (upecrovaiv Kvpwv 01 €K^riTovvT€^ a]vTo{p) 
[^TjcovTai ou Kaphiax avrcov €t9 au(ova ai](OPO^ 

28 [/ivticdrjcroPTou k(u €7rtaTpa<^<roi/T](u 
[7rpo9 Kvpiov travra ra irepara ttj? yij?] 

[kox trpoo'Kvirqa'ova'iv epomiov a]vTOv ita 

• • • ■ • 

[(rat at traTpiax t(ov e]0PQ}v 

29 [ort Tov Kvpiov n ficurikeia K]at avro9 SccTTro^t ran/ €^i/ai(i/) 
50 [e^ayoi^ icat npoae]Kvpria'ap irapre^ oi m 

[oi/€9 TTj^ y]TJ9 

[ei/oiirtoi/ avrov] npon^crowrre iravrt^ 
[ot icara^ati/oi/]r€9 ct9 7771/ 
[icot 71 ^Imxn H'Ov av]T(o £77 

31 [k€u to airepfia fiov] SovXevcrt avroi 
[avayycXijcrcTat] tcw k{vpl)(o yci^ca -i) €p\oii€vri 

32 [icat ai/ayyeXot;(r]ti/ rv}i/ Sticatocrvi^i/ aurov 
[\a^ r^ r€xdT}<ro]/i€i/oi ov eiroLrjcev o K{vpLo)s 

[KB] [y^XfJus T^ Sau€i£ n;]? /ua9 aafifiarov XXII 

1 [icvpios iroLfiaxpei fie k]cu ovhep p,€ va-repTicei 

2 [ct9 Toirov X^^]^ ^^^^ /^^ KaTC(r#07i/6><r€(i/) 
[cTTi i;8aro9 ai/]a7ravo'€ciE>9 e^eOpe^tv fie 

3 [rrjv ^XV^ /^^^ €7rc]aTp€i/»€i/ 
[cohriyria'ep /xe eiri rp]t^ov9 Sticato(n;i^9 
[€V€K€P TOV oi/o/xaT]o9 aUTOV 

4 [eav yap icat iropcu^o)] ev fieco) (XKia^ OavaTOv 
\ov {f^ofirjdrjO'oiiai KdK]a on, coi fier efiov ei 

[t] pa)8So9 crov kou tj PaKt\i)pia aov auroi fie 

5 [77roi/xa(ra9 evwinov /iov] Tpane^av 

[e^ epaPTia^ twp 0\ifio]vT(ap /le 


29 8c<nro{ci | 80 irpocnrco-ovrroi | add n/v ante yi/v | 81 SovAcvo-ci 
XXII I om nfs fua$ aap/Sarov | 4 crv pro croi 


P- 30 

€ki,ira[vas ev eKaup rrfv KetftaXTjv fiov] 

ica[i TO noTTjpiov cov /icBvaKov a>9] 


• • • 

6 Kou TO €k€o[^ COV KaTaj6iCi}^€Tax /le iraca^] 
Ta9 7fii€p[a^ T7f^ £01179 fiov] 

K€U TO KaTOiK[eiV ll€ €P OlK(fi KVpiOV €19 fta] 

Kporrpra 7ifi[ep(Mi\ 

KF ^aXfJM^ no Sa(y€i)B [rrys yuafi aafifiaT€»v] XXIII 

1 Tov K{vpio)v 7j yj) KOI TO 7r[\7ip(oiia avrrf^] 
Tj oiKovfieuTf K€u 7r[ai^c9 oi kutol] 

KOWTC^ €v avrq 

2 avTos €m daXaao'top {edcfieKuoaei/ avrrfv] 

» • 

K(u eirt irora/juuv T}[rot/xa<r€y avrrip] 

• • 

3 rt9 avoBrfcertu Ci9 to [0009 tov Kvpiov] 

• ■ 

K(u n9 arqirerau €P To^ttip aytoi aurov] 

• • • • • 

4 adaK>9 X€p<rtiv kox Ka6{apo^ Tjf itapSt^] 

09 ovK cXajScv eir[i /xaroi^ njv ^jn^y/^ aurov] 
Kcu ovic (ofiocev eiri [8oX^ r^ ttXt;] 
aiov avTQv 

5 ouro9 \7fpAlfenu €v\[oyLap irapa Kvpiov] 

K(u ektriiioawriv fr[apa deou camipo^ avrov] 

6 avTJi Yf y€P€a ^T^rovfi^oii^ aurov] 

CyiTOinrranv to irpo[<r6>irop tov Oeov ULKfafi Sto^oX^a] 

•ir* 7 aporoi in;Xa9 ot [ap;(oiTC9 v/uuw] 
icot eiroLpOrfTt [irvXoi cuoii^tot] 
icot curcXcvcrcfrai o ^a(riX€V9 n;? 80^9] 

8 rt9 coTtv ovr[o9 o ficunkev^ 7179 80^9] 
K(vpu>)9 icpaTa409 [itot Svi'aro9] 
ic(vpio)9 8vyaro[9 €v iroX^^] 

9 aparoi in;X[a9 ot ap\ovT€^ vfitav] 

XXIII 4 XH^^ I ^ oparc | 9 aparc 


P- 31 

[km enap0f]T€ irvXou aiMvi]oi 
[k<u cureXcvcrerou o fiaaiXevs rji;? So^$ 
10 [rt9 toTiv ovro9 o ^curtXcus] ri}? So^9 
[icvpto^ rail/ 8vya/ica»i/ avr]o9 earw o fia 
[<riXei;9 tt)^ So^s] 

[KA] [^X/409 ry Sav€iS] XXIV 

1 [irpo? <r€ Kvpi€ Tfpa rrjlv ^^vyyfv /lov 

2 [o d^o^ fiov cirt GTot irjeiroi^a /xi} jcarcua^^vi^ 

[^€1171/ €19 top] oicui/a* 
[fiT^Sc KarayeXloLaarcxrav fiov ol acffpoL /jlov 

3 [kou yap iravre^] ot uiro/xcvoKr€9 ere ov 

[fiT} Karaury\wd<iKr€i,v 
\ai,fr)(wdy}fr(oaai\v ot apo/iovvrc^ Sta ^01^79 

4 [ra9 oSov9 (Tov] K(vpt)€ yvtopiaov /jlol 
[kcu Ta9 Tpt)8o]v9 crov StSa^oi/ /i€ 

5 [o^yrfiTOv /xc] €7rt nji' oAij^tav crov 

[icat SiSa^o]i/ /x€ ort col ei o 0{eo)^ o aiwyqp /lov 

• • • 

[k€u (T€ vir^pxva okifv t7)v rjfiepai^ 

• • • • 

6 [fivria'driT]!, rtau oucnpfJL(av (rov ic(vpt)c 

• ■ • • • 

[koll ra eXei;] cov art wro tov oMavo^ €,uri(v) 

7 [afia/orta9 v]€on;ro9 i^ov kou ayi/ot 

[a9 ftij] iiv7i<r67js 

[icara to 6X609] crov fLvif<rdyfrL fiov crot 

• • 

[ei/CKa nj9 xp]''?^'^^^^^®^ ^^^ ic(vpt)€ 

8 [x/w;<rro9 icat a;^]9 o ic(vpto)9 

[8ta TovTO pofio0€]rria'i a/JLapravovras €P ootii 

9 [oSiTyiyo"*" irpq,€i^ €P Kpi]ai 
[StSo^et irp^€t9 0S0V9 a]vrov 

10 [nao'cu at oSot Kvpiov €X€09 K]at aXtj^ta 

[TOt9 CK^IJTOWrtl/ TTJI' StaJtf'lJICT)!/ aUTOV 

10 add ovrof post tartv^ . 

XXIV 2 om €15 Tw ata»va | cx^pot | 8 KarauncnSwrw \ 5 oXiy^aav | <rv pro <roi \ 
/uicim I 6 ocxrcipfuttv | om xvpu | 7 om <roi | 8 vo/iio^cn7crci \ 9 Kpur€i \ 10 aX-ffOcia 


P- 32 

[kcu ra iiaprvpia aurov] 

11 €V€ic[a Tov opofiaro^ aov Kvpu] 

icat i\[axr[i ry afiapriq, fiov ttoWtj yap eanv] 

12 Tt9 eoTLv [av0 pernor o <f>ofiovii€PO^ top KvpLOp] 
i/o/xoder[T}a'Ci avT<p €v 08^ jj j^pericraro] 

13 i) ^X7I ttv^^w €v [ayaOoL^ avXicrftjcrcTcu] 
Kat TO cnrepfia av\rov KXrfpovofiria'ei yr/p] 

14 KpaT€U€oiia K{ypio)^ T(a\p (f>ofiovfi€P(op avrop] 
Kai 7f hiadriKri avTOv [tov SvjXoxrou avroi^] 

15 oi o<^daX/xot /xov Sta [irai/ro9 irpo9 roi/ m/pcov] 
art auro9 eico'Trcurfct €ic 7raytSo9 tovs] 

7roSa9 /xov 

16 eir^PKo^op eir €[/a€ icat eXeijcroi/ /xe] 
ort fiopoycpT)^ [icat 7rra)^09 ct/xt eyoi] 

17 ou dXtifrct? 7179 ica[pSta9 ftov eirXi^^vi/^T^Grai/] 
6IC TO)!/ apayKcofp /x[ov e^ayaye /xe] 

18 iSc rv}i/ TaTrvp(a[aip /lov kcu top kottop /xov] 
icat a<^69 iraxfa^ k\ ] 

19 tSe Tov^ €Kdpov\^ /lov ort enXridvvOriaap] 
icat /it<ro9 aStKov elfufrrja'ap /xc] 

20 <^vXa^oi/ ri}!/ i|n;x[''7'^ /^^^ '^^^ pvaai /x€] 
/xTj icaTato^(i;i'[^ctTji; ort T^XTTtcra cirt crc] 

21 aicaicot icat evd6[t9 €icoXXaii/ro /xot ort] 

vncfiLpa (re [icvptc] 

22 Xurpoxrat o 0{€o)^ [top urparfX eK iraawp tq}p] 

OXv^lfauwp [aurov] 

Ke^ TO) Ba{v€i)B XXV 


1 KpLPOP fi€ K{vpi)€ [ort eyo) €P aicaict^ /xov eiropcu^i/] 
icai em T(o ic(vpt)[a) eXTrt^o)!/ ov firj caXevOo)] 

2 Soict/xa(ro[i/ fie Kvpu icat ireipaxrop fte] 

14 add KOi TO ovofta Kvpwv rnw ^povfuyiov avrov post avrov | 18 rawtivwaw | ras 
ofiofyna^ funj pro ic * ' * * | 19 tySpons \ 81 tnrcficiKi | 22 dXajftany 
XXV 1 rou pro roi ante AavoS 



p. 33 

[mpeMrov rovs veApov^ /lov] kcu ttji' Kap8i,[av uov] 

3 [art TO cX€09 crov Karevavn r]oii/ o<l>0ak 

[kou evrfpeoTficra €i/ rg aX]7i0ia crov 

4 [ovK cKadica fiera avv€]hpu}v /laTfuorriToq 
[icat fiera napapo]iiovvT€ov ov firf €ur€k0o} 

5 [efiunia'a eKKXTflaap 7rovripevoii€Pa}{v) 
[icai fiera aa'€/3o}]v ov pji Kadurto' 

6 [i/u^oftat €v a]doiot9 ra? \€Lpa^ fiov 

[icat JcvicXoxTJo) TO dva'iaxrrqpiov cov K(ypi)€ 

7 [rov aicovcrcu <^]aiin7v aii/€(r€ci>9 crov 

[k<u hiriyri<raa'6]€u iravra ra' dav/iao'La trov 

8 [icvpu Tfyamjcra evjirpcirtai/ oucov (rov 
[kox Tonov CKlriPOD/iaro^ So^9 crov 

9 [fiTj avpaTrok€]a7i^ fiera acefifov rqv ^Inixyii^) H^^ 

[koi /lera av8p](ov ai/iartov rqy Can/v /lov 


10 [(OV €1/ X^P^^^ ^^ avoiiiai 

\rf Sc^ta avT(av\ eirKyf(rOyi h(ap(av 

11 [eyoi Se tv aitaKi]a fiov enopevdrjp 

[Xvrpaxrai /xc] K(ypi)€ itat eXe^croi/ /ic 

•• • 

12 [o yap 7rov9 /xov cotJtj €v evOvrrfn 

• • • 

[cv cftJcXT^o'tat? evXjoyijo'ai (re K(vpi)€ 

[K5"] [tow Savei£ w/io t]ov xP^^'H XXVI 

1 \Kvpio^ (f>ajTL(riios /xov] kol (r{ajT)7fp fiov riva (f>ofiri0ri(roii(u 
[icvpto^ wepaxmurrri^ tJt^s C^^ /^^v ano 

[tlvo^ SetXicuro)] 

2 [ep T(p eyyil^eiv ctt efie ic]aicovvra9 rov 

[<^ay€ii/ ra9 aapKa^] fiov 

[Oi 0\l^OVT€^ fl€ KOU Ol €]K0pOl flOV aVTOL 

[Tl(r0€urf(rap icat en€(r]ap 

8 aXri$€uf. \ 6 om jcvpcc | 7 om crov^ | 10 om at | 11 om Kvpu 
XXVI 1 xp^ffBvjvai pro XP^ffBri \ 2 cx^pot 


P- 34 

3 eav vapalTofifrai etr tfu ira.p«fifiokii\ 

ov <t>o^Tq0ri<rer<u ii icapSia uov] 
€av €irav[aarjf cir cfi^ iroX^os cp rav] 
T7f eyo) [cXirt^oi] 

4 /uai/ avnfaaLfi[riv napa Kvpiov ravrqv €it£i^<rai] 
rov KaroLKw /x[c cv otit^ Kvpwv iroaas] 

ra9 rifupa^ t[i}$ £aii)9 /xov] 
rov d^iapiv /le rrfp [rtpmHynfra rov icv/xov] 
icoi emxTKearta^a^L rov vojov avrov] 

5 ofr% ^Kpv^of /xc «/ (r[Ki/i/{; cv] 

rifiepa kokwv p\ov] 
WKeirautrtP /xc «/ air[oic/9iM^^ 7779] 

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€P nerpa v^oxrcv /x[c] 

6 icoi vw tSov v^oKTcy Tri[v jcc^oAi^i/ /xov cir exj^povs pxjv] 
acvKXanra iccu c^ixr[a «/ rg (ricrivji] 

avrov dv<nav (ui/ca'€[a>s iccu oXoXay/AOv] 
ocroi icat ifroAo) roi ic(vpt)oi 

7 euraicoixrov ic(vpt)c vq^ <f>ia[wi^ {lov 179 eiceicpa^a] 

8 eXe^croi/ fic icat cicroucofixrov /xov] 
<rot Ciirei/ jf Kaphia /jlov 

e^eJ^rirriirev ro vpoalamop <rov] 

• • • • 

ro irpoaromov (rov ic(vpt)€ [i'lTnycro)] , 

9 /ii} aTToorpci^s TO iT[po<r(imop aov art ^ov] 
icat /xi} 6ic*icXxin7[9 €v opyj? ^'"'^ '''^'^ SovXov o'ov] 
fiofjdo^ p,ov y€v{ov firi cyicaraXtn^s /xe] 

icot /XT} cvicara[Xtin;9 /xe o 0eo^ o CQirrip /xov] 

10 ort o 7r(ar)i}p /aov [kou tj fiyfrrfp /xov eyicareXtirop fic] 
o Sc ic(vpio)9 ai^€[Xa/3ero ftov] 

11 po/xo^erfi^aoi/ ftc fcvptc rj; oS^ aov] 

4 jfTfitrafir/y \ #caroucctv | 0c«0pciy | 6 cm oiyccrcMf lou | ocro/iat pro airw | 8 c^c^iTnyoa 
pro c^iTn^crcv | 9 om kou^ \ tnrtpA/s pro cvKaraAimT^* | 10 irpocrcAa/3cro /ic pro cu^xAa- 
j9cTo /uuw 


P- 35 

[kou oSr)yri<rov fu & rpifi^ cv^etf.] 
[cvcKa Tov evOpoiv jiov fir}] trapaSois 
13 \ji€ €t9 tln/xP'^ 0\i/3ovTa}v] /X€ 

[ort €!rav€aT7\iTav /xot /ta]/9n;/>€9 aSticot 
[icat e^emraro fj aSticta cajvn; 

13 [irurreva'fa rov tSeti/ ra] ayoBa K{ypi6)v ev yi} (aiiTai(i/) 

14 [virofieipov rov Kvpiov v\irofuvov rov K{ypi6)v 
[avhpiJ(flv Kox Kp\arauova'6<o tj Kaphia 

[crov KOX vno\iuvov rov K{ypuo)v 

[KZ] [Tou] ha{yu)h XXVII 

1 [irpo^ ere Kvptc Ke]Kpa^o/xcu 

[o 0€O9 /xov /at; 7ra]/>a(riann}<n;9 air ^ov 
[/at; irore Tra/>a]cna)in;<n;9 air e/tov 
[icat o/ioutftfT;cr]o/AaA rots Karc^Sdt 
[i^ov(rti/ et]9 XaicVoi/ 

2 [turaKovaov r]T;9 ^(ovris rrj^ Se^creois ftov 

[cv r^ 8eecr]0at /te ir/>o9 ere 

• • • 

[tv r(f aMp€iv] fie xet/>a9 /tov ir/>o9 i^aoi/ ayio(i/) crov 

3 [/at; (n;i^eXic]v(rT;9 fie /Acra a/Aa/:>ra>Xai(i/) 
[icat /Acra e/>]ya4o/Aevaii/ aStictai/ /at; 

[(n;i/airo]Xe<n;9 /Ae 
[r(ov \aXow]raiv eiprivriv fitra rwv n\riaio{v) avrQ}{v) 
[icaica Se €v r€u]^ KapBtai^ avrwv 

4 [809 avroi?] Kara ra €pya avrwv 
[koa Kara rqv nolvripLav rtav eirtrT;8cv 

[/Aarcoi/ ay/Ti^v 
[icara ra ^pya ra>i/] x€ip(ov avrcov hos avrot^ 
[airoSo9 ro airairoSo/AJa avrwv avroi^ 

5 [ort ov avvfiKav et9 ra e/)]ya K(i;/)to)v 
[icat et9 ra e/>ya rwv \eipwv\ awov 

14 cm inrofMCFOK ror Kupun^ \ vwofjuuif0¥ bis 

XXVII 1 ciccicpa^ pro K€Kpa{ofMai \ cir c/uum pro air c/iov bis | 2 tr fu cupciv | a$ pro 
v/x^s* I 8 om fu^ I add nyv ^ffvx^ f^"^ post ofuiffrtikuv 





Ka0€[\€i^ avrov9 icat ov fir) oiKoSofiriaeis avrov^] 
€u\oy[riTO^ Kvpio^ on €i<rqKova'€v T179] 

K{vpLo)^ fio7i6o[^ fiov Kai xm^ptunfKTTq^ fJuov\ 
eir avroi r/lXiTLaev r/ icapSta fiov Kai] 

efioTjOrildriv kox av€0aX€v rf aap^ fiov] 
Kai €K 0€\riiiaT[o^ fiov e^ofioXo] 

yrjcofKu auro) 
K{vpio)^ KpaTauoDfia rov \a[ov avrov] 
Kai w^ptKnnaTr)^ i{<av aanripuov] 

rov \{piaTo)v avrov €a\riv\ 
aoKTov K(ypi)€ rov \a[ov aov] • 

Kox evkoyj/aov t[t;v KKripovoiiiav crov] 
Kox noifiavov av[rov^ kox eirapov] 

avrov9 €019 to[v auovo^] 

KH '^Xfi09 T0» &i(u6i)8 e[^o&oi/ cKrfvri^] 

1 Evey Karat ra> 'c(v/>t)[^ vtot 0eov] 
cveyicarat roi K{ypi)ta [viov? Kptoii/] 
eveyKaroM rw ic(vpc)ai So[£ai/ icai Ttfii}!/] 

2 ci^eyVarcu roi ic(v/9i)ai [So^ai/ ovofiari avrov] 
npoaKVpria'ar€ rw K{vpi)(o [ev avXji; ayu/, avrov] 

3 ifxopri K{vpio)v €7n r(ov [vSarcov] 
o 0{€o)^ T179 8of>79 [c/SpovTTjcrei/] 
ic(v/9io)9 CTTt vSaroiv 7r[oXXaii^] 

4 ^011^ K(vpio)v €v tcr^vfi] 

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P- 37 

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• ■ • • • • 

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• • • 

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• • • 

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• • • 

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XXX 1 add cif ro rcAoc ante ^iaAfu>s | 4 Kfiarau^fui pro KparmaHnf | 08177170^9 | 
5 c^io^cic I ov pro <roi 


P- 39 

[raion;ra9 8ta k€]»^9 

• • • 

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[ori €irei8€9 n}i^ ra\inv<MTiv fiov 

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[ecmjcra^ €i/ cji/pv^oipoi rov9 iroSa? uov 

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[tTapax^ri ci/] ^/toi 6 wf^daXfio^ fiov 

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[icot ra cr»7 fiov] g^ arei^ayiioi^ 
[iycr^€i^o"€v cv] irra>xta ^ tcr^vs fww 
[iccu ra oora /xov] erapaxOna'av 

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[icat ^oj8o]9 rot9 yi^oKFTOi? fiov 

• • • • • 

[ot deoipovi^c]? fic €^01 e^vyov air tfiov 

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• • • 

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• • • 

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[eiTra 01; ei o d€o^ iiov] 

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p. 40 

pvaoLL \fi€ €K x^^P^^ ex^pf^v P'OV] 

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ra XaXovira Kara r\pv Sticatov^ai^o/iiay] 
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• • • 

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p. 41 

[ort aXT;0€ta9 eic^ijrci K](v/>io)9 

17 om Koi I 18 aixTxyvOtitivav \ add oi ante axrtPtvi \ tcarayOwiivay \ 30 iroXv pro 
voAoc I €(€ipyaaio pro c^c^yyocrov | 21 KaraKpynffUi \ 23 ciTra pro ctirov | air€ppififuu \ add 
apa ante airo | 24 [avTmroSuSaKTiv videtur longius quam spatium in A ; fortasse oKrairoSaNn 


[KaL aKraTToSiSoMrcy 7019 7r€pt]o'0'ai9 
[iroiovo'LV v7r€p7iif>]avLav 
25 [avSpL^ecde kcu icparaio]v(rdai rj Kapbia vfia)(y) 
[iravre^ ol cXttc^oi^c^] ciri K{ypio)v 

[A A] [t^) 8ai/€iS <n;v€o-]€W XXXI 

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[icat 011^ CTTCKaXvl^^dT/crav at aiiapTLai 

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[ovBe €<mv CI/] rai OTOfiaTL avrov 80X09 

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[airo Tov Kpal^€L]tf fie oKrfp rqv rffiepav 

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[irayyji^at a]icai^dai^ 8icu/raX/xa 

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[icai 77}!/ ai^o/4,ta]i^ /xov ovic cicaXm/fa 
[ciTra €^ayo/>€U(rai] Kar €fiov rrfv avo 

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[7ra9 o<rio9 €i/ Ka]t/>ai evderw 
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[y wopevoTi] 

p. 42 

€7riaTi7p[iai ciri o'c 70V9 oibdaXfiov^ fiov] 

m » m 

XXXI 1 tr 2vve(rca>9 ry Aavci8 | 2 ov pro a> | Xoyun/nu | 5 om ooc | ofmpruiv pro 
avo/iiav I ocrc/Sciav | add &a^naAfux | 6 tr ira$ ocrtos irpo? <re | cyytouacy | 7 om Kvpu 


9 firi'yfiv^<r6f (U9 iinrov tot niuoyos] 

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iroX'Xat cu ft^ourrtT^c^ roi; d/iafyrcaXov] 

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iccu Kavxpucrdax iravres [ot cv^ct? 17; Ka/>8u|i] 

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roi9 cvOeaiv irpcfirct ati/€o't9] 

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€v ^akrrjpuo S€Kaxpp[B(p ^oXarc avr^] 

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icaXai9 ^oXarat avrov [ev aXaXavfici] 

• • • 

4 ori cv^t;? o Xoyo9 rov [icvpcov] 

• • • • 

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icat 701 7ri/(ei;/jtar)i rov (rro[/Liaro9 avroi; ira] 

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9 ytvccr^ | 11 tv^paiSrfrt \ ayoAAiaotfc | fcav^^airfle 

XXXII 1 om ^foX^JMi I ayoAAiaotfc | cv^<n | 2 c^/AoAoycurtfc | 8 ^<mrc | ^loAarc | 
om avrov | 6 add rov ante xvpiov | wura 1; fivra/uf pro traxrai oi 8vKtfMi9 | 7 tSu% 

















avro9 cverciXaro icat €itna'^cr]ai/ 

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eirefiXetftep €irt] navra^ rov^ icarot 

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o (n;i^i]€i9 irai/ra ra €/9ya avroiv 

• • • 

ov croi^crat] fiaxriXev^ Sia iroX'Xi;i/ Swaiu{v) 
KOL ytya? ov o"]coftjo"CT<u €v irktidi i'o^vo? avrov 

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icat €K iracrtav twv [irapoiKuav /lov €pv(Taro /xc] 

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Kai ra irpoaama v/x<o[y ov iir/ icarcua'] 


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ocy I 8 vopcfi/SaXci | om o | 9 ytwnurOt \ 10 ^PffSfjrt 


14 [iravcov rqv yXa^aaav cov a]iro KaKov 

15 [ekkXivov airo koxov] Kai noLria'ov ayado{v) 

• • • 

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[icai ana avrov] €19 BeffCLv avrwv 

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[rov cfoX€^/o]€ucrai €k ^175 to iivtj 

[fioavpov] avT(ov 

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[k(u €k TTCUToiy xjoiy dXt^otcoy avroiy 

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[kcu to]v^ ra[7r€Lvo]v^ rai iry(cv/4,ar)t croKrei 

• • • • 

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• • • • 

[koa] €k 7r[€U7aiy av]raiy pvaerax avrov^ K(vpio)9 

• • • • 

21 [Kvpio^ <f>v\aa]a'€L navra ra oara avrwv 
[cy cf avrjoiy ov awrpi^tfo'erai 

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• • • • 

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[kox ov /xt; irXT;/x/x€]XT;o'ova'ty irayrc^ 

[ot cXTTi^oyre?] ctt avrov 

[AA] [t9> SavctS] XXXIV 

1 [Sucacroy icvptc rov9 aSiic]ovyra9 fic 
[iroX€/tT;o"oy rov9 TroXc/tJovyra? fie 

p. 46 

2 €iri[Xa/8ov ottXov icat 0vp€ov] 
Kot afyaonjdi €19 jSorjdctay fioi] 

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icat 7/ drfpa rfv ocpvi^v (r[vXXa^era> avrovs] 
Kot 61^ 77} TraytSt irccrovfi^rai ci^ ai;r|}] 

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T€pif>0ria'€TaL eirt r[^ camipKf avrov] 

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• • • 

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ira^oirfaii^ avrov] 


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[Kai areKviav rg ^n^xg fu>]v 

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p. 48 

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p. 49 

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• • • 

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Xw^Cii; pro ikfyaXwdrfTin ' 

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[ra Kpifiara aov] afivacro^ nokkri 
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[e^axrdriaav koll ov /x]i; Svi^cuitcu (rn7v(at) 


P- 50 


[Arl [tov S]a{v€i)S XXXVI 

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ICCU Ka[ra(rKi}i/ov njy yrfv Kai Troc/xay] 

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atvqfiaTa rfij? fcapSta^ crov] 

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Kai cXTTtcroy ctt avro[y kcu avro9 irovqcrei] 

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KOA, TO KpLfia aov 019 ii[t<rrfiiPpiav\ 

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p.!) napa^rfkov oiorc 7r[ovrip€V€a'0ai] 

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• • • 

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• • • 

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ic(u fipv^i en' avTo[v rov^ oSovra^ avrov] 

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everivaif ro[^oi/ avroii/] 

rov Karafiakelip irroiYOi/ icou nevtira] 

• • • • 

P- 51 

[rov (T^a^aL rov9 €v$€l^ rg KapBi]a 

15 [1; pop^axa avroii/ curcXdot €49 n}i/ icajpSiai/ avrai(i/) 
[iccu ra ro^a avroii/ arvvrpifievria'aj/] 

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[rov apapT(i>k(ov noXw] 

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[vTroanjpi^et 8c ro]v9 8iicaiov9 o ic(vpio)9 

18 [yivoKricci Kvpio^ r]a9 o8ov9 rcuv apmptaiy) 
[kol Tf Kkripovo]pxa axmov Ci9 atoii/a carat 

XXXVI 6. c^o-ci I 7 l^mi pro oScd | 9 KXtfpovofiyfovwnv \ 12 /Spv^ci | 18 cxycAaorc- 
Toi I irpojSXcTTct I 14 cvercivav | 17 om o | 18 add rov ante ata>i/a 












P- 52 

[ov KaTaiaxwlOyiaovTai ev Kaipta iroirqpfa 
[icai €P T}/ui€pa]i9 Xi/xov xopTaadTjaoproLL 


[oTi Oi a/iaproiXoi] airoXovi^at 

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[8ai/i(er(u o a/uiap]ra>Xo9 tat ovic airorurt 
[o 8c 8ticai09 oiKTcJipt icat 848cu<rcti/ 
[on Oi €vkoyovv\r€^ avrov kkripovo 

[liTfO'ova'i ylrfv 
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[napa Kvpiov ra 8Lafirip]aTa av{dpw7r)ov KaT€v0w€r{€u) 


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[ort Kvpio^ avTiaT7ipLi^€L xl^Lpa avrov 
[vecjrepo^ eya/ofi7J]p k(u yap cyi^pcura 
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ct9 roi/ a[4a>i/a <^vXa;(dT}O'0i^at] 
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icat anepiia a<r[c)8a)v c^oXodpcvdi^aerat] 

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20 T<p pro TO I 21 oirorio-ci | oucrcipci | &8ot pro SiScixrciv I 22 tioXoOpcvBrfaovrai \ 
28 ^cXiTcra | om atfM&pa \ 24 KaTapa^($rf<r€Tai | 26 Savcfct | om o &icaio« | 28 a/Mi>/Aoipro 
avof/LM I om Sc 


fcat Tj ykoHraa avrov [XoXi^crct Kpurip] 

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K(u ovK vnoa'K€ki,a'0[ria'ercu ra Bia/Syj] 

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icat vt/fOKTi ae rov Kar[aKk7ipovoiiyia'(u rqv yf)v] 

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icat e^Tfrrfa'a [avrov K€U ov\ evpcdyj] 

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[ra ei/fcaraXt/m/xara rtav aa'c)8]aii/ c^oXc 


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P- 56 

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■ • 

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pro yoip I 13 haKpwuv 


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icat 1) aXyi}So)i/ /xov evw[nLov fiov ea] 
TIP Sta irai^of?] 

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21 ot ain'airoSt[Soi^€9 icaica ai^t ayadoii/] 

P- 55 

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[icat anepiAJfav /ic roi/ aya7n7r]oi/ oxrct 

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• • • 

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[ah] I [ipSrj T<p Ba]{y€i)S ci9 avafivqaiv irepi aafifiarov XXXVIII 

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[edefiriif] t<o oro/xart fiov <l>v\aKr)v 


16 om Tw I 16 at pro o-ot ^ | tr rfXin<Ta icvpu \ cm pro o-oi ' | 18 om coriv | 20 ex^poc | 
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XXXVIII 1 add ci9 ro rtko^ r<i» l3i^ow ante ^{i&; | om cts ava/LiKi7<rtv itc/h cm^jSarou 



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[icat t; vTroorao't? /xov irapa] (rov corii/ 

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P- 56 

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fia /x[ov ort cru ct o TrotT^cra? /tc] 

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pro yoip I 13 ^Kpwuv 


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div KOL ovKcn ov [firi vnap^o)] 

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icai eiarlKovaa/ rq[^ Scijcrcw? /xov] 

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icai aTTo 7n}Xov vXcfcu^] 

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fcat /x[ai/ta9 i/revScts] 

P- 57 

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• • • 

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[rriv Buc(uoaw7i]p aov ovk eKpiAJta ev 

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[ovk eKpiAJta TO €k]€0^ aov icat rriv aXrf 

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[kcu 7f Kaphia fiov a^KaT€ki]v€P fi€ 

14 [evSoKTiaov Kvpte tov pvaaa0]aL /xc 

p. 58 

ic(vpt)€ €t9 [to /SoTjdriaaL /xot irpocrxc?] 

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icat ctiraroKToi^ 8ta navro^ /^[eyakvv] 

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15 Karaur^^wOiirjmiv pro oMrxm^ai^oay | awoarpa^ur/frav \ cvrpaircii^orav pro f(aTai47^(VK- 
fti^y I 17 ayoAAuurcuvTO pro ayoAAiao^oioay 


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<f>poin'L€L /lOV 
fioriOo^ fiov KCU vircpa[cnrum79 fiov av] 

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_ • • 

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TTorc airodai/[ctrat icat aTroXctrai to ovo/ia avrov] 

P- 59 

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[ri Kaphia avrov (nnnjyayep a]i/o/xiai/ cavroi 

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• • ■ • • ■ 

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[Kar c/xov cXoyt^Joi^ro icaKa /tot 

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[fjiTf o ic]ot/xcu/x€i/09 ov^t itpoo'O'qa'i rov 

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[o ea]0L<t}v aprov^ /lov eiieyakwev 
[cjir e/ie irrtpviaiLOv 

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6 tvBpoi I 9 Kar€$€VTo \ irpotfOriidti 


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[fie icat] avranoSaxrci} avrot? 

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[ort ov firjl ein\aprq o €Kdpo^ fiov €ir cfie 

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[icat e/Sefiauoo'a]^ fie a/amiov aov 

[€49 TOi/ aia>]i/a 

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[kcu ct9 roi/ a]taii/a yevoiTO yevoi/ro' 

[ma] » [€«9 TO T€X09 €i9 OT;i']€cril' T0i9 W0i9 ilCO/>€ XL I 

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[rillCpa^ KOA WKTO^] 

p. 60 

€v roi [keyeadoLi fioi koJB CKoarriv 7f] 
fielpav 7TOV €<mv o 0€o^ aov] 

5 ravra efilvrjcOyiv icat e^€)(€a en €ii€] 

• • • • 
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XLI 3 om Tov iXTxvpw \ 4 om c/mk | 5 fix^an) pro i/x**^ I ® ircpiAtnroc | om /xov^ | 


acjTTjpiov Tov vpoaomov [fiov o deo^ /jlov] 

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8ia TOVTO lurqad'qa'oiiai, {(rov oc 7079] 

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KVfiaTa aov ctt c/x[€ hiriXdov] 

9 TJ/iepa^ €VT€kLT<u K{vpLo)^ [to ekeo^ avTOv] 
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npoaevxri toi ^(€)ai t[tj9 (oinfg /xov] 

10 epo) roi ^(€)a> ai/riXT;[/xirraip /lov ct Sta rt] 

fiov c7rcXado[v] 
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€1/ roi Xcyti/ a[i/rov9 /xot KaO €Ka<rrqv] 
Tjfiepav [ttov €<mv o deo^ cov] 
p. 61 

12 [ii/a ri ir€piXviro9 €4 rf i|n;]^ ica4 41/a 

[r4 awrapaao'ti^ /xjc 
[cXir4(roi/ €7r4 roi/ d^ov on €^o]iio\oy7)a'oii{ai,) auroi 
[1; aayrqpia tov 7rpoa'<t}7rov\ fiov k<u o d{€o)^ fiov 

[MB] [rtp hav€ih -^iraXiiif^ XL 1 1 

1 [Kpivov fie o $€0^ K]aL BiKaaop rrfp 84107(1/) 

[fjLOv €^ €dvo]v^ ov)( o(nov 
[ano avOpwTTOv a84]KOv Kai 80X40V pvarai fie 

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[Kai iva n <TK\vdpomat,<jiiV TTopevofiai 

9 CKTcXctrou I Si^Xoxrct pro oAf) avro) | 10 om koi \ 11 cDvct&o'av pro ovei&{[ov | Ae- 
yciv I 12 om km ^ 

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[ep rcfi e]K$\ifiiP rov cKdpop /jlov 

3 [c^airooTCiJXoi/ to <^a>9 aov Kai vqv aXifdiaiy) aov 
[avra /ic (oS\riy7ia'av Kai ifyayov ii€ €19 

[opo^ ayiov] aov Kai €19 ra (TKTfvcDfiaTa aov 

4 [icai curcXcvcrlo/xat 7rpo9 to dvaiaarripi 

\pv rov\ d{eo)v 
[ir/)09 Toi/ d€ov\ rov €Vi\>paxvovra rrfv peoTrpra /jlov 
[c^o/ioXoyi^cro/iJat cot €v Ki6apa o 0(€o)^ o 0{€o)^ fiov 

5 [iva Ti ireptXvTrjog ct rj i/n^>7 /^ov icat IVa 

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[cXTTicroi/ eiri top] 6{€o)v ori e^oiiokoyrjo'oii^ax) avT(o 
[aaynipiov rov irpjocraiirov /lov kox o 0{€o)^ fiov 

[MFJ I [€t9 TO TeXo9 T0i9 t;i]ot9 iro/9€ et9 avpeaiv XLIII 

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[oL warepe^ tjikov av7fyy€]ikav ruieiv 
[epyov o cipyacroi €v Ta]i^ rfficpat^ avT(av 


[ev rip^pai^ ap^aLCUs] 

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[^vrevaa^ avrov?] 
[€icaica><7a9 Xaov9 Kai €^€])8aXa9 avrov? 
p. 62 

4 ov yap c[i/ rg poii<f>aL(f avrtov eKhrj] 

popolfirfaap yriv] 
Kat o fipa[)(L(ov avTwv ovk ea(oa€v avrov?] 
aX\ 7f B€^[ia aov Kai o fipa\io}v aov\ 
Kai o ffxDTiafio^ Tov [npoaamov aov] 
OTL €vhoKr)aa^ €v afvrot?] 

5 aoi €i airro? o fiaaiXelv^ iiov Kai o 0€o^ /iov] 
O €l/T€XXo/i€l^09 Ta9 \a(oT7)pia^ laKcofi] 

6 €1/ aoi Tov^ €K0pov^ [rifKov Keparioviiev] 

2 €kBXlP€Iv I tyOpw I 8 aXi;^ciav | 4 Kvpic o dcog /xov cv KiOcLptf, pro cv KiBapa o 
^(<o)« o ^(eo)s /AOV I 6 om rf \ om /aov ^ | om koi ^ 

XLIII 1 add ipaXfjLo^ post awtaiv \ 2 vf/uv \ 3 tiefiaXt^ \ 6 ovpro o-ot | 6 t^ponj^ 


icat €v T(a ovofiaTL (rov el^ovOevoHTo] 
li€v Tov^ €naPUJTafi€[vov^ VH^^] 

7 ov yap cirt rw to^w /jlov cX[iruo] 
icat 17 pofu^ata fiov ov (roifo'Ci fie] 

8 eacxra^ yap tjiia^ €k 7[(ov dXLJSovrwv rfiia^] 
icat Tov^ fiurovvra^ rfliia^ Karqcyyv^^] 

9 €v roi 0(e) (0 cvaivea'dyila'oiieda oXrfv] 

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Kou €v TO) opoiiari [cov cfo/moXoyi^cro] 
fieda (TOL €49 Tov [aL(ava Siou/faX/ta] 

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liecLv rffKop 

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icat 04 iiLCOvvre^ [rf/ia^ hiripira^op cavrot?] 
c8caica9 i7fta9 ai[9 npofiara fipoHreoa^] 
icat €1/ roi9 edvleaiv Stcairetpa? T^/ta^] 

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Kai OVK TIP 7rX[i;do9 €p ro49 aXaXa] 

yfiao'tw [avroii/] 

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[fivKTripiarfiop Kai Karayekayra r]o49 icvicXco 17/101(1/) 

15 [c^ov rifia^ €49 irapa^SoXi^i/] €i/ ro49 €6p€a€L{p) 

[KLPTfCLP K€<^aX779] €P ro49 Xao49 

• • • 

16 [oXt^i/ rr)p 7ifi€p]ap Tf eprporrq /lov Kare 

[paPTLOP iio]v eoTip 
[ica4 Tf ax<r)(\nrq r\ov vpoaamov fiov eKaktAJfep /ic 

17 [airo <f>Q}p]ri^ 01^484^01/709 Ka4 icaraXaXovi/ro9 
[airo 7rp]oa(imov €Kdpov kox €kBl(okopto^ 

18 [raura ir]ai/ra ijkdep c<^ i7/ia9 
[Ka4 ouic] eirekadofieda aov 

6 ciraviOTavofxevovs | 8 om ecraxrac • • • KarvfO^xwa^ \ 9 om o-oc | 11 c;(0pov9 | 18 oAa- 
Xayfjuunv \ 16 e6H'eo'ii' | 17 ovci&{oFroc | irapaAaAowro? pro icaraAaAovKrof | €yBpov 



K<u ovk] r,8iK7^atiep o, ti, Staft,*,, aov 

[ano TT75 o]Sov <roi> 
[tot e,re«aXM^Je„ ^^a? <r«a ^ai^orow 

[w/)os Biov oXXJorpiov 
f"*^°^ yap yi,/a,]<r«s ra icpw^ia to,!. 

[eXoyto-fty^o, «s ir]po/8aTa cr^y^j 
«4 [efeyepftTTt wa n wr]i/ots K(upt)e 

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[emkavdavj, T17S irTa)];^tas ^/[i«i/ 

[KOI TTl^ 0kuji€<a^ Tifuajv 

p. 64 

ocoXfXiyfty ets y,;v Tj ytumfp rf,iaw] 
27 auaara K{vp,)e [fian^aou r}^,u kcu \vrpoi\ 
<rax i}fia^ tv[eK€v row opo/jtaro^ aov] 

' e« TO TeXo5 wep «.[„ a\\om0r,<rontvoi,p roit] XL IV 

.i«>i9 *o^ «9 <n«««r[iy y&, virep tow a^a^^Tow] 

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A«yfi) eyo, Ta ^pya /tou to. CSoo-iXel] 
17 yXftKTo-o /*ow <faXo/*05 [ypa/LifiaT€ 




3 wpcuo^ icaX'Xt wapa rov^ vu>v[^ rwv avdpamtov] 

e^exydri x^P^^ ^ x^^^^^^^ [cov] 

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firfpov aov 8vi/arc 
TT} (opaioTtyri. <rov icat [r^ icoXXct aov] 

5 Kat ampov Kai KaT€v[oBov icat )8a(rtX€vc] 
€P€Kep oXi^dtag icat [irpavTTrog icou] 

Kai hhrfyrfo'i ae ^av/xa[(rra>9 r) Sc^ta crov] 

6 ra fiekrf aov rfKovrjiielva hware] 
\aoL vnoKaro} <rov nelaouprax] 

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7 o dpovo^ aov o 0{€o)^ [€i9 oLuova auoi/09] 
pa)3So9 €i;^vr7r[o9 t; pafiBo^ njg ^SacrtXctag (rov] 

8 i7yain7(ra9 8tic[ato(n;v7}i/ icat cfuoi;] 

(ra9 ai/o/xt[ai/] 

8ta rovro c^lp^^^^ ^^ ^ ^^^^ ^ ^^^^ ^^^ cXatoi/] 
ayaX'Xta(r€ai[9 irapa rov^ fieroxov^ aov] 

9 afivppap KOLL [aratcrri icat iceurta ano r<ov ifiarifinf am] 


[aTTO /3ap€Ci»p €\€<f>aPTLP(ov cf ] oil' 7fv<f>papap a€ 

10 [^vyarcpcg /SauaiXeoiP €P rg n]/uwj crov 
[irapconj t; fiaaikiaaa cic S]c^ta)i/ croi; 
[ci/ t/xarKT/xai Staxpujcroi vepifiefiXrifie 

[mj irc7rotictX]/ion7 

11 [aicovcroi' ^uyarcjp icai iBe icat KXti/oi/ ro ov9 &ov 
[Kat cirtXadov r]ov Xaov aov Kat rov otKov 

[tov irarpo?] crov 

12 [ort CTTtdvJ/xTjcrt o ^SacrtXev^ rov KaX'Xou? aov 


[ort auro?] corti/ o K(vpto)9 crov 

13 [Kat Trpocrjicvvrjo't? avroi 
[^vyarcpc?] rvpov ep 8a>pot9 

8 KoXXci I add 17 ante x<^pcs | xuXxiriv \ 5 cvrctrov | aXrfituK \ oSif/i^orci | 6 txjiftfav \ 
9 irfJLvpva I 12 en'€0viirfa'€y pro €wi^firi(ri \ 18 irpoo'icwiTO'oucriv pro irpoa-KwrfO'i/s 


[to irpoa'toiT]ov trav Xirat'cuo'ovcru/ 01 
[irXovcrioi t]ov \aov 


14 [iracra 17 So^a atfrji}? Ovyarpo^ tov jSacriXccu^ €a'(o0€(y) 
[ev KpoaajToi]^ xpvaoL irepL/Se/SXynieirq 


15 [airci/cxdi7a'oi^]r(u T(o jScuriXci irapdevoi 

[oTTKro) aunj?] 
[<u irXi7<noi^ avrrj^] airevexOricroPTou, <rot 

16 [air€V€;(di}<roi/ra]t €i^ ev^poavvT) koa 

[a;(^(roi/rat C19 i^a]oi/ )3a<nX€a)9' 

17 [cu/ri TCtfi^ iraTcptov <rov] ey€irridyi<rav inok <rav 
[KardOTTjO'ei^ avrov^ a]p\ovTa^ em 

[iraxrav rtiv yyjiv\ 

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[vaxTQ yei^eq, icat y€v]€a 
[8ta TOVTO Xaoi c^o/ioXojyi^o'oi/rou <rot 
[ct9 roi^ ojLfava koa ct9 roi^ (u]a)i/a rov at6ii^o9 ^' 

p. 66 

M£ I ei9 [to Te\o9 t;7r€/> roii/ vmvi/ Kope virep r<op] XLV 

2 O ^^(co)9 i7[/ia)i^ KaTa^vyrj Kai St/i^a/it?] 

jSorfdo^ €v dXi[i|r€<ni/ rot? cvpovcreu^] 

• • • ■ 

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/cat p.erarid^a'daA opnr) tv icap[8iai9 ^aXacrcrcui^] 

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erapaxdrj ra o/n; 61/ n; icparaio[r77ri atfrov 8iai|raX/jia] 

5 rov irorafiov ra opp/qfiaTa cv[<^paii^ov] 

ceLv Ttiv irokiv rov d{€o)v 

18 add n;c yi^ post Xaov \ 14 om rov | 'EatPtav pro co'oiAev | "xpwrovi pro xpvo-oc | 
17 €y€vvri$vfaav \ aoi vcoc pro vcoc <rov 

XLV 4 €rapaj($rifrav pro CTiapa;(A; | 6 tv^paivownv 


rjyiaa€P to aicrivtofia avr[ov o i^urro?] 

6 o d{€o)^ €v fie<r<o avrrj^ Kot [ov caXevBricercu] 
fioTidrici avrrj o 0{€o)^ tw [wpoaamtf] 

7 erapa'xP'qaav €dvri €K\i[vav fiaxriXeuu] 

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avTikyjiinrtop ijiiwv o [d€o^ taicai)3] 
oMnXyiimrtop yffjuuv [o 0€o^ Ia«cai)3 Stou/^oA/ia] 

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a idero repara ein, tij[5 7079] 

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icou Bvpaiav^ Ka[raicai;<r€t €i/ irvpt] 

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p. 67 

[ai^iXi7fiirra>p r\p€av o deo^ LaK]w^ 

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• ■ 

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6 om fcoi I PorfirfTti \ 7 om o x^ffurrcii \ 8 SvKificoiv | om avriAiyfiirroip i}fM»y o 0co9 
LucM/9 semel | 9 om jcoi | i^crc | 10 avrawufMtfv | ^pcovs | 11 (rxpkaxrart 
XLVI 2 Kpvnfrart \ 4 ijfuy | 6 iji/uuv | avrov pro cavru | add Sco^noA^ 



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[orcLV ai^tXa/LijSain^rou] avrrj^ 

p. 68 

5 oTi iSov oi jSao'fiXci? <rvin7;(di7a'ai^] 
SufX^ocreu/ €ir[i, to avro] 

6 avroi i8oi/re[9 otfra>9 c^av/icurai^] 
erapa'xPrfO'av [co'aXcvdija'ai^] 

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efcct a»8ii/at9 019 [rticrov(n}9] 

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Xi TOV d(€o)v yjiiwv 

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XLVII 2 om cv^ I opcc | 6 fiXBoaav pro &7\^o(rav | 7 idScvcs | 9 iroAct bis 


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croi Tov Xaov aov 

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8cicaio(n;i/i)9 irXij/wj? [17 Sc^ia o"ov] 

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ev€Ka rtav Kpi,fia[T(ov cov icvpic] 

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p. 69 

[evajTiccurdt irai/rc9 ot icaroijicovi/ 
[r€9 TTfv OLKOVfievriv] 

3 [01 re yriyevei^ icat ot vtoi r(o]v av{0pam)(ov 
[em ro avro ^Xov(no9 icjai irevrj^ 

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[icai 17 /icXen;] n79 icap8ia9 /lov ai/i^caii^ 

• • ■ 

5 [kXlvo) €19 irapa])3oXi7i/ ro ov9 fiov 
[ai/ot^oi €1/ i|raX]n7ptai ro TrpofiXyifia fiov 

6 [iva rt <f>ofiov]iiaL ev yi/iepa novrfpa 

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XLVIII 2 OKOvaart 



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[icat ciri riji] irXij^i tov ttXovtov avrti^v 

8 [aScXi^o? ov Xjtfrpovrcu ov XtfrpoKrerat av(0pam)o^ 
[ov SoKTCt roi dc]^) c^iXao/ia catfrov 

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10 [icai €Koma(r€v] €19 roi^ ata»/a icai (i7(rerai €19 r€Xo9 

11 [om ovK (n/i6rai KaT]a<f}dopav orav 1S17 0*0 

[<^ov9 a7ro^K»j]o"icoi^a9 
[c^i TO avro a^poiji/ icai avov^ airoXovKr((u) 
[icai icaroXcu^ovo'ti/] aXXorpiot9 roi/ irXov 

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[(rin}i/ai/Liara avnav] €19 yeveav Kai y€if€a{v) 
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p. 70 

14 avrq [17 0809 avT(ov CKaa^Sakov avroi^] 
/cat /jier[a ravra €1/ r^ arofiaTi, axrrtav] 

evkiyyl'qa'ova'iv Siou/^aX/ia] 

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6 KVKXoKrcc I 7 SvFOftct I irAij^a | 8 Oin ov' | avrov pro cavrov | 11 tr ayovs Kxua^pm^ | 
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€K \€ipo^ aSov ctrav X[a/i)3ai^ /le Stai/foX/ta] 

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cai9 <ua>i/09 ovic [oi/ierat (fna^] 

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irap€avv€fi\ri0[ri roi5 KTf)V€a'iv rot?] 

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M6 ^\|i09 n» [oo-o^] XLIX 

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airo ai^aroXa)[i^ 17X10V icai ftc^^pi 8v(r/xa)i/] 

p. 71 

2 [cic (TUMiv 7] evTrpeiTLa ri;? a>p(uor]i7ro9 atfrov 

3 [o dco9 €ii<f>av<o^ rf^ei o] d{€o)^ 

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[irvp €i/ai^ioi/ avrov icav^Jo'erai 
[k(u KVKhp avrov icaraiyt]? a^ohpa 

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[kox TTfv y^rfv BiaKpwai rov \aov avrov 


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18 om rov oucov | 21 om mu | impaxnjvtpXtfiri 


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[ra 8c oXoicav]ra>fiara crov €V6^to(i^) 

[/tov €<rrti^ 8t]a irai^09 

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[oi;8e cic T<op iro]ifivuav aov \Liiappov^ 

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[icnjvTi ep rot9 op€\<rLP k(u jSoe^ 

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[k(u fopaxcrq^ aypov] /ier e/xov ccrrti^ 

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[icat airo8o9 r^ vi^icrr^ ra]9 cv^a? cov 
p. 72 

15 KOA €ir[iicaXc<r(u /ie ci/ rnupij, dXii|pea»9] 

icat e[f€X(n;/iai <rc icat 8o^(urct9 ftc 8iai/faX/jia] 

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XLIX 7 SuLfJULfyrvpofMat, \ 9 x^^'>'»P<^ I ^^ ircTCivo | 17 ov pro <nH | 18 cfcoipcis 


icat Kara rov viov n}$ [firiTpo^ <rov ert^eis (TKavSaXov] 

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i>ir€Xa)8€9 ai^o/iiai/ [on eaofKu col o/xoto?] 
cXcyfoi crc icat irapa[<rn7crai icara npo] 

aamov cov ra? [afiapri^a^ aov] 

• • • 

22 avperai hrf ravra o[i eTrikavdavoficpoi rov deov] 
fii; iror€ apiraant) [icat firi -g o pvofiei^^] 

23 dv<na ati/€(r€Q)9 8[o^a(r€i /le] 

icai €ic€i 0809 17 8[€t^a) atfr^ ro cajTrfpLOv rov deov] 

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Kox Kara ro 7r[\7]do^ rtav oiKripficov] 


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[icou airo T179 a/iapria^ fiov Kadaplurov /ic 

5 [on ryjv avo/uav fiov eyto yLvaKr]K(o 

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[irXvi^€i9 /i€ icat] vTTcp ^toi/a X€vicai/^o'o/ui(ai) 

21 om Ta% afjuipTULi a-ov \ 22 (rvvcrc 
L 4 irXciov 










p. 74 





aKOVTUL^ fie ajvaXXiacrii' icai €v<f>po(rujn){v) 
aydXXioo'oi/rai] oarea reramv(i)ii€va 
airoarpenlfov to] wpoawTrov aov airo 
[rcDi/ afia/>ri]cai/ /iov 

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Kai wvevfia €V0€^ €VKa]ivLO'ov ev roi? €yKaroi9 fiov 
[li7] aTropptifqi^ fie a]iro tov Trpoawirov aov 
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airo8o9 fiOL rqv ayaXjXtacrii^ tov aamfpiov aov 
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StSa^oi avofiov^ r]a^ o8ov9 cov 
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[pvcrai /ic €^ aifiartov o deo]^ o 0{€o)^ T179 cu/rqpia^ /xov 
[ayaXXtacrcrac 7; yXoKTcra] /lov tt^i/ Si/cat 
[ocrwiji/ crojv 

ic(vpi)c ra [x^^^^ f^^'v avoL^ei^ koll to oTOfia] 

fjLov [ai^awcXct ttiv axv^aiv crov] 

• ■ 

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oXoicatfra)/Liar[a ovic cvSoin^crci?] 

• • • • 

dwria TO) ^(c)a) irvev/ia aw[T€TpLiifi€vop\ 

• • • • • ■ • 

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ayadwov K{vpC)€ €v rq eu8[oiciqi aov rqv cuav^ 
Kox OLKoSofi7)d7iT(o Ttt t[ci;(T} i€pov(raXi;/ji] 
TOT€ €v8o^(rt9 OvaioLv hiK\aLoavvyi^ 
av(Kf>opav icai oXoicavrca/iarfa] 
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ov aov iioaxov^ 

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fAcn;if I 21 cv&MciToras | avourouoiv 


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tc((u) eiTTip avrm rfKdey Ba(y€i)[B €i9 rov queov affi^Xex] 

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avofiLav oKriv rrfv 7]fi[€pav] 

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cxrei $vpop riKOvrffi[€i^ov eiroi/rfaa^ SoXoi^] 

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rtcr/iov yX(i(Kr[(rai^ SoXtai^] 

7 8ta rovTO 6 d{€o)^ K[a0€\€L <r€ €t5 rcXo?] 
cKTiXot (Tc KOL fi[eravaar€va'€u crc] 

airo a-fcriv[(oiiaro^] 
Kou TO pt{a>fi[a cov €K yrf^ J^wvnav Stou/KiX/ia] 

8 o^ovTOLL 8iic[ato4 Kai if>o/3ti0ria-ovT€u] 
KOLL err avrop {ycXcuroyrai k(u epovaw] 


9 [iSov avdpanro^ 09 ovic c^ero roi/ Oeov] /SorfOov avrov 


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[ic^ rov deov] 
[rfXTTura eiri to cXco^] tov d{€o)v €15 tov 
[auava kox €19 ro]i/ ataii/a rov atcai/09* 

• • • 

11 [c^o/ioXoyy^croj/UKU 0*01 €19 roi/ ata»i/a 

[ort €7rot]i70"a9 
[Kat virofi€]i/a> ro ovofia aov hri X/^^^°('') 
[ei^ai/rijoi^ t(ov ocuov aov 

LI 1 (ruv€<r€iai 

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[tov tScti^ €i €]aTi,p avv'icov rf cic'iljTow/ tov d(€o)v 

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[ovk cotu^ iroia»]i^ ayadov ovk eanv 

[€0)9 €V09] 

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[ot €ardoPT€^ TOV X]aoi^ /xov ci/ /SpoKTi 

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[oTi o deo9 8t€0'icopirt<r]€i/ oara avdpamap€a'Kw{v) 
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[ci/ T^ airooTpe^oL Kvpiov\ Ttfv a^xfia 

[kaxriav tov \aov avJTov 

p. 76 

ayaXX[ia0'€r(u laxibfi kol €v<f>pavd7iar€r<u tcrpaijX] 

}^p I ei9 [to reXo? €i^ vikvoi^ awea-ea^ T<p oaueio €V t^] LI 1 1 

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ia(y€i)S [K€KpwTai trap 17/uv] 

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epomcroLL Ta pr/fiaTa To[v OTOfiaTO^ fiov] 

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icat KpoTiuoi, €l^7iTTi(rav TTfv [^^Inrxyip fiov] 

ov TTpokdevTO TOV d{€o)v €v<o7r[i,ov axrrwv 8tai|raX/jia] 

LII 1 (rvKco-cctfs I 6 om cv | fipwru \ 7 tov pro r«) ^ 


•r* 6 Z8ov yap o ^(co)? fiortidi /lot 

icat o ic(vpio)9 avTiXrifiirrtop 7(179 ^jn^Xt^ f^^ 

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€v rri aXi]^ia <rov e^oklodpeuaov avrov?] 

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e^oiioXoyrjarofiai ro) [oi^o/Liari crov ort ayajffov] 

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icat cv roi9 €Kdpoi^ [/lov circtSci^] 

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icat fiTf vircpi8i}9 r[i7i^ 8ei;crii^ fJLOv] 

3 vpo<r\€^ fioi Kox [euroLKovaov fiov] 

tkvin)dy)v €v rri [aSoXeo^tqi fiov koa erapaxdr/v] 

4 airo ifxovrj^ €Kdp[ov kox ano ^Xm^coi?] 

on €^€icXii/ai/ [cir €fJL€ avoiuav] 
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[ci^ /ico*^ avT(op] 

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[euniKova'ei/ fiov] 

p. 78 

18 €<nr€p[a9 kol irpan, icai ii€<niii/3pia^ ^^VTV] 

(ro[/iat airayyeXco] 

icou €icr[a«c]ovcr6[rat T179 <f^ci^vri^ fiov] 

• • ■ • 

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o \nrap\wv irpo T(ov aL<av(o[v 8i€u|raX/ia] 

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OTL OVK €if>ofi7]0ria'av top 0{€o)v 

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^ptfi'qKxaa'av ryjv hLa6y}icrfv [atfrov] 

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irov avrov 

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I • • • 

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P- 79 

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o'ci/ /ie av{dpam)o^ 

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[i7/i€pa9 ov ^ofirfdyjlarofiax ort cyo) cXirtoi cirt <r€ 

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[«/ T(j} 0€(j} i7X]irt0'a ov ^f^ofirfdyiaofKU rt 

[irotijo'ct fio]t cap^ 

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[/car €/iov] vaPT€^ ot 8taXoyto'/iOt avrcui/ 

[ct9 K]aKOV 

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[avrot rrip] frrepvav fiov ^vXafov(r€t(i/) 

28 €tnpulfov I Soxrci | 24 av pro aoc | fcaroj^ci^ 

LV 2 icv/MC pro o $€09 \ tS rffupas pro r^ufHa¥ | 4 om airo v^^ous rf/Atpa^ ov \ ^Pifiif 
<r€VTai pro ^Prfinffroimi \ cya> 8c ciri 0*01 cXtticd pro ore cyoi cXirio) em (re | 6 add oXrjjv n/r 
fffAxpav post fioi) I 7 irapouci/o'ouo'tv | ^vXa(ov<nv 


[KaOairep vn€\iiLvav rqv ^^vxy)v fiov 

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[ev opyn Xaov9 ic]aTafi5 o ^(co)? 

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[ep rg eiraylyekia <rov 

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[rov9 oif>0akiiov^ fiov] airo SoKpouin^ 
[k<u rov^ iroSa^ fiov e^ oX]ur^/iaro9 

p. 80 

rov €v[ap€aTri<r(u €Pannov tov dtov €if\ 
<^[rt l^wvTiav\ 

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€019 ov napekdri rf oi^oftta 

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awo &ucfiOua¥ 

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KOI rriv aXrfdiav avr[ov] 

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Kai 17 yXoKTcra aura>i^ [/xa;(at/>a o^^cta] 

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€^ey€pdj}fn ^cXr^piov kojl Ki0apai\ 
€^€y€pdria'op\ajL opOpov] 

p. 81 

10 [c^o/xoXoyi/cro/xat aoi €v Xaot?] ic(v/>t)c 
[i^oXo) (Tot €1/ eOveaLp] 

11 [ort eiieyaXtn/Ori €019 toii/ ov](/>ai/)a>i^ to cXco? 0*01; 
[icat €<u9 TCJi/ v€\<f>€k(op 71 aXrfOLa aov 

12 [i^oi^i/rt €irt To]u9 o{v)p(av)ov^ o ^(co)s 
[icat CTTt 7r]aa'av rqv yrfv 17 So^a iTOv 

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[ev^cta] KpiveroL vioi rtov av{dp<im)wv 

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[aStictai/ at] X^ip^^ vyjav awirk^KOvo'iv 

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LVII 1 ^4^d€Lpfrfi I ui pro ct | 2 AaXctrc | Kpti^rc | add oc ante viot | 3 avo/uas 
pro avo/juav | cpya{co4c 


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[eirkavrfdlricav arro yaarpo^ cXaXijcrai/ ^jteuBrf 

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[oyra avrq]^ 

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[^apfiaKov Tc] <f>apiiaK€voiJL€in) napa ao^ov 

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[ev TO) oTO/ui]aTt avroiv 

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[cTTCTTCcrc TTvp ctt] aVTOV? iccu ovic iSoi/ 

[roi/ 17X101/] 

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[oKTC^ £a>Kra9 oKTCt e/ o]/>yi7 Karamerai, avrovs 

11 [ctM^pai^^o'ercu Sixato]? orav *&q cic'St 

p. 82 

rev ap\apr(o\ov[ 
12 icat €/>€i av(0p(im)o^ ci [apa ccrrti^ Kapiro^ rw Sticai^] 
apa coTti/ o ^(co)9 Kpivwv av[Tov9 €i/ Tp TTj] 

j^jj I 6*9 TO T€\o9 /iiy huL^dipffi [rtp Bav€i8 6*9 cm7Xo7pa^tap] LVIH 

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oucov TOV Oavaraaai av[TOv] 

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ic(u €K rwv eTTavurrafiei/iop en [cfic] 
XvTpoKrat /xc 

6 ^Hxpfuucevo/xevcfv \ om eir avrtns \ €iBov \ 10 v/uov pro avroiv | v/ias pro avr-ovs 
LVII I 1 SiaipOtifnf^ I airccnrciXcv | add avrov post oucov | 2 tyOpw^ \ CTrovorravo/xcvaw 


3 pxHTOi fie €K TCDV €fyya^oii€V(o[p TTfv avoiJLLav] 
KOA e^ avBpoDP aLfiaroiv a'(o[a'ov /le] 

4 ort iSov tOjipevcav rrfv [i/n^yi^i^ fiov] 
eireOovTO ^ir efie icpaTa[tot] 

ovT€ Tf avofua fiov ovre [q ajiapria fiov Kvpu] 

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eieyepOrfTL ct9 awavr^qciv pjov icai tSc] 

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vov^ rqv avoii\i,av 8tcu|raXfia] 

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icflu pofi<f>aia €if [rot^ x^^^^^^'^ avroii^] 

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c^ovSci^aKTcu? [irarra ra c^n;] 

p. 83 

10 [to KpoTo^ fiov irpo^ (re <f^vKcL$]<o 
[or I 0eo^ avriXqiiTTToi^p ii]ov ct 

11 [o 0€o^ fiov TO 6X609 avTov irp]o<f>aa'i, ii€ 

[o 0€o^ fiov Sct^ct fioL €P rots €]icd/>ot9 pov 

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[Xadoii^at] rov ovofiwro^ (rov 
[huuTKopTTurlov ouTov^ Gf Ti) hvvap,i cov 

[koa KaTaya]y€ avrovs o virepturTrum)^ /tov K{vpi)€ 

13 [ofiaprtai^] oroftaros avrmv Xoyovs 

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[^a]i^ta avT(op 

• • 

4 CTffcvro I 6 (TV pro (roc | add o 0co$ post icvpu | ourrccpiTOi^s | 7 Aifuufovotv | 8 om 
avTVH I c£ov8cvcMro$ pro c^ouScvcmtoi^ | 11 irpo^Auro pro irpo^oiri | t^Bptw \ 18 rofuni 
pro ovofu&roc | Swafut | 18 XoyoF pro Aoyous 


[ev ofyyy (rvi^JrcXta? icat 01; firj vnap^ovo'iiy) 
[icat yu($HrovT\aL ori o 0{€o)^ Scenro^i rov 
[Icjccafi] Ttav 7r€paT(ov rrf^ yr/^ 8tai/raX.(/uia) 

15 [cirtaT/:>]e^ovcrii/ ct9 eairepav icat 
[Xtftoil^ovcrti^ <u9 Kvoiv kox kv 

[icXaKro]iKrti/ iroXti' 

16 [avrot htao'KolpTrurdyfa'OVTai rov <j>ayi{v) 
\€av 8c p/q \op[TaxrdoKriv icat yoy yvaoKTiiy) 

17 [cya> 8c qLcro/xat] tt^i/ ^vapw aov 

[icat ayaXXtacroftat] ro irpcjt to cXco9 cov 
[ort €y€pr)07i^ av]TLKrjp'7rr(i}p px}v 
[icat icareu^tT)^] ci^ rfpepa dXtifrcoi^ 

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[o dco9 ftov ro ekeo^ pov] 

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<apyur0[rj^ icat oticrct/njo'a^ 'v^/xa?] 

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tacrat ra avinpip\p»ara avrrj? ort co'ctXcvftjcai'l 

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cirortcra^ rfpa^ oivov [icarawfcco^l 

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• • 

14 awr^kuajL pro ey owrcXia | <rvvrcXcia« \ ^ ^«" ^^"^^^ Sc<nro£ci | 16 itaytw \ om 
/A17 I yayywnwnv pro yoyyvorcMruf | 17 ^n hfVOLpM pro tijv Suvofuv | 18 add o ^(€o)« ^mw 
post ^ioAw I om o ^oc 1 

LIX 1 add m ante OS « I 4 <rw€tr€unLi I • *^^* 


Tov <f>vyLP airo irpocamov \TO^av 8tcu|raX/uia] 
7 oira>9 av pvadfoaeiv oi aya^mfroi crov] 
aoKTov rrj Scfta aov icat cira[icoi;(roi/ fiov] 

• • • 

ayaX'Xtacro/xat K€u 8ta/xcp[tco crtictfia] 
icat TT)!^ icotXaSa t(op [cricrfvcDv 8ta/ui€rpi7€rai] 
9 C/L109 €crrti/ yaXaaS ic[at c/xo9 eartv] 
Kox €<f>p<uii KparaLOHrli^ tt]^ ice^aXt;^ /lov] 


10 fKoa^ \.€firj^ T7f^ eXir[t8o9 fiov] 

cirt rqv XSov/iaxav [cicre/o) to vTroBrfiia fiov] 
c/xot aX'Xo^vXot V7rc[rayi7crai/] 

11 rt9 airal^t fic ct9 ir[oXti/ irc/:>io;(i79] 

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12 otix^ o'OL o 0{€o)^ o air<u[(ra/Li€i^o9 rjfias] 
icat ovfc e^cXcvoT} [o ^€09 €i/ rats Svi^a] 

13 809 TJllLV fiori0€[l,aP €K 0\l,\j$€(O^] 

icat fiaraia (roin^fpta ai^dpom'ov] 
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ic(at) avro9 €|^ov[8€i/aKrct rov^ OXifiovra^ Tj/xas] 


rgl I [6*9 TO T6\09 eV VfJLVOi^ t]© &l(U€i)S LX 

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[ir/)oo7(C9 T179 vpoceuxyi^ fiov] 

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[ev TCf) amjStao'at n;!^ icapSiai^] fiov 

[ei/ 7r€rp<f, in/raKra9] ft€ 

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[7n;/3yo9 tcr;(i;09] airo irpoo'Qmov €K0pov 

6 ^vyuv I 7 pwrOuxnv \ Mavaircn; | 11 aira^i | om 1; | 12 crv pro (roc | ovxi pro 
owe I Swafuaiv \ 14 add 8c post cv 
LX 4 €\$pov 


5 [vapoLKTiala^ eu T(o CKifViaiiaTi crov 

[a'K€7rao'0\ria'oiiaL €v rrj cK^irq nav 
[irrcpvyoii/] aov 

6 [ort <ru o ^€09] cun}icovcra9 rtav €V)(fav jiov 

[i/ot9 TO oi/]o/uia (Toi; 

[en; avrov €]a>9 r^i^pa^ yei/ea^ Kai yci^cas 

8 [8ta/ui6i/€t ct$ r]oi/ auoi/a ei^om'toi/ rov 0{€o)v 
[cXco? icat aX7i0€]Lav avrov t49 cic'Jiynjcrct' 

9 [oura>9 ^aXco] roi oi/o/xart crov €t9 ro(i/) 

[oua>i/a rov a]ta>i/09 
[rov airoSovi^at] /ui€ ra^ €V)(a^ fiov 


[BAI I [c^? TO T6\09 VTTCf) i&jdoi/l' '^aX/i09 TO) 5a(t/€()S LXI 

[irap avrov yap to (r]am)/:>toi/ fiov 

3 [icat yap avro9 o ^€09] /aov icat (r(a>r)i7p /xov 
[amXT;fiirra>/:> /x]ov ov (iti aaXev 

» m 

[0(0 CTTt trXctoi/] 

4 [ca>5 iroT€ en'iTL0€]a'0€ en av{0pam)ov 

» • 

[if>OV€V€T€ Va]pT€^ 

p. 86 

5 irXi;!/ Tiji' [rt/xT}!^ /utou efiovkevaaPTo] 

khpa/iov €u 8u|rct 
TO) arofiaTL avTwv \€vkoyova'av\ 
KOJL rq Kaphia avrtov Ka[TripQ}VTO Stai/raXfia] 


6 add Sco^iaXfia post atmya^ \ om rtf \ 6 wptKrevx^f pro cyxioy | 7 om rov | irpo(r0vf- 
<rc(s I 8 add avrnw post e«c{i;n^o 


art iroLp avrov 17 viropoi/i[ri /icv] 

• • • 

7 ort avro9 ^(eo)^ fu>v icat (royrqp (/tov] 
avrikriiiwra^p fiov ov yLT) ii\eravaja\ 


8 6irt Ta» 9(c) 0) fun; ro o'on^pijov ficv koa rf So^a ftou] 
o 9(co)9 n;^ l3o7J0€ia^ /ao[v icai 1} cXirts] 

/AOV cVl TO) 9(c) 01* 

9 cXTTurarc' eir avrov [ircura avi^ayoi] 

■ • 

yrf \auav 
€K\€aTax evdmiov [avrov ra9 Kap] 

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art o 9(co)9 fioijOo^ 7Jii[q}v StcuffaXfui] 

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ifpcvSct^ ot vtot ro»i^ [(u^^ponroii^ ci^ ^vyot^] 

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avroi ck' /xaratoT7}[ro9 cirt to avro] 

11 /irj cXirt{crat cirt [aStictai^] 

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irXovros €av p€[rj iirj irpoaTiOecBe] 

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13 ort TO Kparo^ [tov Oeov icat aov Kvpu to ckeo^] 

p. 87 

[ort av aTroSoKTCt? eKoartp #c]ara ra €/>ya avrov 

[BBI I ['^aX/iov T^ Sai/etS ci^ rtp uvcu avr]ov ev rq LXII 

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[cSti/n;o'ci^ o'ot t) ^/^>7] fLOv 
[iro<ra7rXo>9 o'ot] 17 o'apl^ /xov ci^ yq epTfiuo 
[icat a^ar<|^] icat avuSpoa 

LXI 6 vtrofwytf pro mrovofii; | 8 om /uni ^ | 9 Aaov pro Xauv \ cicxccrc pro cjcxearcu | 
9 om ort I 11 cXiri{crc 


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[ra x^^^V h]^^ aroAveaovo'Lv ce 

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• • • 

[ci/ r<|^ oi/o/x]ari (rov apa> ra^ x^^P^^ H'^^ 

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[icat x^^'^ ayaXXijaceo)? oti^ccri to ovofia cov 

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[c/xov avT€ka0\€TO rf Se^ta crov 

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[cKTcXeucroKrat «?] ra icarcurara nys 7179 

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[ficptSe? aXcoTTcicJaii^ ccromrat 

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[eirau/eaOrjo'eraLL ira]^ o o/iwiov cv avra> 

[on €V€tf>pay7i oTO/ui]a XaXovi^cji/ 

p. 88 

gr ' c*? ''■[o T€Xo9 y^aXfiK T(p BaveiS] LXIIl 

■ ■ 

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/xov cv [r^ 8cco'dat fic irpo9 0*6] 
airo <f>ofiov ^{xOpov c^cXov nji^ ^hoCI^ M^^l 

3 (TKeTraxrov /utc aTro [oTwrpo^?] 

ano wXtiOov^ epya^ofi^vtov a8ixiai^] 

LXII 6 €fJLwXtftr$€ifi I cjvtau 
LXIII 8 cm o-iccinurov . . . aSuciav 


ei/erivav to^ov avrtav ir[/>ay/uia trticpoi/] 

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e^avLva Kararo^€va'ov(ri[v avrov] 

m » 

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Bvtiyrio'avTo rov Kp[jAJf<u iraytSas] 
evirav T19 oi/rcrat a[vrov9] 

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irpoaekeua'CTax av{0pay!r)o^ Ka\i Kaphia fia0ei,a] 

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10 fcat €<f>ofi7i07i ira[9 av0p(oiro^ icat am^yyctXai/] 

ra €/>ya to[v dcov] 
icat ra troti7/ui[ara avrov oi;>^icai/] 

11 ev<i/:>ai/di}0'€r[at Sticato9 cirt roi icvptf)] 

icat €Xirt[ct cir avrop] 


ic(at) e!raLP€a'0[yia'ovT(u navre^ ot evicts rj; icapSt^] 

p. 89 

[SA] I [€t9 ro r€\o9 ^^aXfio^ r^ Sai;et]8 LXIV 

2 [o'ot irpctret vfivo^ o 0€O^ cv o't]a>i/ 

[icat o'ot airoSo^ccrot €u)(yi ci^] t(c/!>ovo'a)Xi7/ui 

3 [etcraicovo'oi/ vpoceuyrf^ /t]ov irpo9 o'c ira 

[aa. cap^ i7|^€t] 

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[icat rat9 ao'c^cjtat? tjikop ov iXacrri 

4 tv€T€ivav I cm avro)!^ | 7 c^pawi;(rav | cfcpavvwvrcf | c^cpavn^crct | cfov^cn^ 
oav pro cfi/ortfenycrav 

LXIV 1 add ySi; post AavciS | 2 om cv IcpovooXi^fi | 4 ra$ oac^Scias pro rm^ cure- 


5 [fiaKapio^ ov] c^cXc^o) icat irpoaekafiov fc(vpi)c 
[icara(rici7i/aKr]ct €v rat^ avXot? (rov 


[irXijcr^cjoficda ey rots ayaOoLS rov olkov crov 

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[ctraicovjcroi/ tj/xoii/ o ^(co)? o cr{ojT)rip rf/jLoop 
[t) cXtti? irav\TOiiv T(ov ireparcjp ttj^ yrf^ 

[icat €1/ ^aXacrcTT} fiaKpav: 

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[7r€ptc£aKr/ui€]i/09 0/ Svi/ouma 

8 [o avvTapaj(T<r\oiiv to icvro9 njs ^aXacrcTTjs 
\y)XOv^ icv/utarai]!/ avnj? T19 i;7rocmjo'cr(at) 

9 [rapa^^iJcrovTat] ra c^i/ij icat <f>ofiri0ri 

[covTOLL OL K]aTOLKOvirr€^ ra rrepa 
[ra airo roip] crrjiiKov cov 


[e^oSov^ wptoia^ ica]i eawepa^ r€p^i^ 

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[cirXiyft/i/a? rov TrJXovrtirat avrqv 

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{qTOLfiaara^ rqv Tpo]<fyr)v avrtov otl ov 

[rai9 17 erot/Ltourta] crov 

• • • 

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[€1/ r(U9 araywriv avn;]? €i;<^/> 

p. 90 

ai^^['y7(rerat ai^arcXXoiKra] 

12 €i;Xoyi7[(rct9 roi/ are^avov rov ei/iavrov] 

771^ X[pV<TTOr7lTO^ COv] 

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13 irLapOrfaopraA ra op[7i 1-179 eprj/iov] 

icat ayaX'Xtacrti/ ot fiovu[oi wepL^QHTovrai] 

14 ci/cSvcran'o ot icptot r<ap [irpo/SaTtov] 

6 cm Kvpu I 6 om kku cv AiAaotn; fiOKpav \ 7 crov pro avrov | 8 v8aip pro kvtch | 
om ris vtroon^crat | arifMMJuav \ rtpulfti^ \ 18 vc&a | 18 inayftycrcT a i pro iriavA^roKroi 
[corr wiav&vfawnu man i] 


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K€Kpai^ovT€u KOM yap vfipria'lova'iv] 

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* • 

oXaXo^arcu roi d(c)a> wao'a 17 yrf 

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Sore Bo^av axveai avT[ov] 

3 €47rarat toi 0(e) oi 019 <f>o^€pa ra €pya aov] 
Gf TO} irkridi T7]^ Svi/a[/xca>9 cov i/rcv] 

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■ • 

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i/raXaroKrai^ 8r) rw oi^[o/xaTt crov Sirai/roXfia] 
5* 5 Sevrc icat iSereu ra {^pyo, rav d€ov\ 
a>9 <f>ofi€po^ €u )8ov[Xat9 vircp rav^ 
vtoi;9 Toii^ cu'(^/:>a>tr)a>[i^] 
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€#c€t ewf>pav07ja'oii[e0a cir avr^] 

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ot o^daKfioi, avr\ov ciri ra c^m^ cir&] 

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[daxrav €v cavr]ot9 

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9 [tov 0€p€vov rqv i/wxiyH /iaov ct9 ^(t^qv 
[icat /U117 S01/T09 ct9 ca^kov rov^ iro8a9 ftov 

10 [ort €Soiccfi(ura]9 yjp^a^ o ^(€0)9 

14 icocAa8e$ 

LXV 1 oAoAo^rc | 8 ^loAarc | ati^crei | 8 o«arc | irXi^ | cx^poi | 4 om fiiy | 
8 add rcfcva post Scvrc | i&rc | om a»s | 7 om avrov ^ | add Sco^mAfui 


[icat CTTupcjcras i7fi]a9 (os wpovrai to apyvpix>{y) 

11 [cunyyayc?] i7/xa9 €t9 nji^ iraytSa 
[c^ov dXu|r€i9] €irt roi/ varrov rjiitov 

12 [eirc^^^curja? ap(0pam)ovs €irt ras fcc^aXa^ i7/xa>(i^) 
[Sn^X^o/xJcv 8ta wpo^ Kcu vSaro? 


13 [curcXei/co/xJat €&9 roi^ oucoi/ aov cv 0X0 


14 [airoSoKTO) oroi] ras €V)(as ficv a9 8iC(mX€(i^) ra X^V H*^^ 
[fcat cXaXi}(r€i/] ro arofia /lov ev rq 0\l\j$l fiov 

15 [oXoicavroi/uirJa fi^fivaXtoiiepa awaw oroi 

[ficra ^vfuajfiaros #c(u Kpuov 
[iroii}(ra> oro& )8oa]9 fiera \iiiappmv 8tai/KiX(fia) 

16 [ ]va> aov Kai Svfjyria'oiiaA vfi6i(i^) 

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[kox wjfaKra viro r]i}v yXcMraav iiov 

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Ifiri curcucov(rara>] /lov o #c(v/>to)9 

19 [8ia rovro cun^icojucrci' /iov o ^(€0)9 

20 [cvXoyi^o9 o ^co9 09 ov]ic anearria'a^ 
[rriv irpoaeuxyi^ H'^ '^(^) '''^ cX€09 avrov 

p. 92 

gr- I ei9 t[o T6X09 €y vfivoi^ y^aXfAO^ r^ Savcij] LXV I 

2 o ^(co)9 our[r€ipi7(rflu i}fia9 Kat cvXoyijcflu 'y}/ia9] 
€wul>a[v€Li TO irpoaamov avrov c^ 17] 


3 rov yi^oivat ci^ n; y[ij t^v oSoi' cov] 

11 cvctfinoK pro cm ror v«i>T«r | 18 avojipvxyfv pro oyo^ru^ | 14 SccorccXcy | x^7 I 
6^Ai^ I 16 avourw | ytimptav \ [SuktlfoXfjui man 2 in A] | 16 8cvrc cucouvorc pro [• • • . 

]vQ> I om <rov I om v/iccy | jcv/nof pro 0cok | 18 om /uni | om ftav o | 10 irpoo'cvx^ 

pro Sci^creoic | 20 add air c/iou post avrov 

LXVI 2 add &o^oVi 


€v watreiv idv&riv ^o (rianfpijov aov] 

4 e^ofiokoyTjO'aa'BcDcrap [Xaot o ^€09] 
e^ofioXoyria'aaOcoa'av o"[ot Xaoi ira^rc?] 

5 €wf>papOrjTa)a'av Kai ayaKlXLaaOaxrap eOmj] 
OTL Kpivi Xaov9 €1/ cv^vnj[rt icat c^mj] 

€y rq yq ohrfyifai^ [Sicu|raX/xa] 

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€^oiio\(yyr)aaa'd(oa'ap [col Xaot tra^rc?] 

7 yi; eScoice/ rov Kafyn[ov avnj?] 

8 ei;Xoyi7(rat rjiia^ o 0{€o)^ [o Oeos rjfuov ev] 

Xoyiycrat rf/ia^ o 0(€o)[s;] 


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ra nepara nj9 7^(5] 

g2 ' ^^^ '''^ T€\o^ ey v\/ivoi^ r^ SauaS y^aXfio^ V^] LXVII 

2 AyaoTT^ro) 6 ^(€0)9 Kaft hi,<iarKOfy!na'07j] 

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airo vpoaamov [avrov] 

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ovra>9 a7roXoti^[o ot a/uia/:>ra>Xot] 

■ • 

airo irpoframlov rov Oeov] 

4 icat ot Sticatot €u<f>[pavdriTaHrav Stai/iaXfia] 
ayaX'Xt(urdaKr[ai^ cvowrtoi^ rov Oeov] 
T€p<f>0riT<o(r[ap ev €v<l>poavtrg] 

P- 93 

5 [^o'are r^ Oetp i/raXarc roi ovo]/xart avrov 

[o8o7roti70'arc ry cirt^c^i7ic]ort ctrt 

[Svo'/xcoi/ icvpto9 ovofia av]ra> 
[fcat ayaXXiour^c ^a>ir]toi/ avrov 

6 [Tapa)(^i70'0Krat airo] npoaamov avrov 

3 add icat ante cv ^ | iraaiv | 4 cm <roi \ 6 icpcvets pro icpcvt | oSi;yi;o'Cif 
LXVII 1 om cv vfivoi$ | 2 cx^poc | 3 cicXctTrct 


[tov irarpo^ TOiv] op<l}avo}p Kat Kpvrov rtav XVP^i^) 
[o 0€o^ €v r\oiT(o ayiQ) avrov 

m m 

7 [o 0€o^ icarotic]t£ct fiovorponov^ ev olk(o 
[e^ayQ}]v ircTratSr^/xci/ovs «/ aphpia 

m » 

[ofiOKo^] Tov^ napairiKpaupovTa^ rovs 

8 [o Oeo^ €p T(o €]K7rop€U€a'0€U ce €U(tmiov 

\tov Xaov] iTov 

9 [yi; eaeurOr) Kai] yap ot o(y)p{ap)oL at 8c i/c^eXat €aTa^a{v) 

[airo 7rpoa(im]ov tov 0{eo)v aivai 
[airo frpoa'om\ov tov d{€o)v i,(a'pa)7)k 

10 [l3po)(riP €Kov]cru>v eu^optet? o ^(co)? tt) Kkripovopxa aov 
[icat rja'Oepria'e]^ cot 8c KaTrfpTiao} avTri{v) 

11 [ra ^(oa aov fcaT]oticoiKrcti/ €v avrq 


[T^ot/xa<ra9 ev] tj) xprfaTOTrfTi cov 
[r<p irroixv] o ^(co)? 

12 [icvptos 8aKrct /»7/xa] rot 9 ci;ayycXt£o/xci^ot9 

[8vi'aftti/ troX]Xi}i^ 

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[icat a>/:>atoTi}rt] rov oticov 8tcXc(rdat (ricvXa 

14 [cai^ KOLiirfOriTe a]i/a iieaov tcdv kKt)Pw{v) 
[irrc/wyc? ircj/jtorcpa? nepiripyv 

[icat ra fjuera^peva ai;]rTj9 €v ^taporrfn xpvaiav 
p. 94 

15 €v TO) 8taaT[cXXcty tov errovpavtov fia\ 

• • • 

o'tXct[9 €n avTTjs] 
^cta»Va>^i7(roi/[Tat ev crek/jLCDv] 

16 0p09 TOV d{€o)v 0009 VLOV 

opo9 TerupcDfievov opo^ [irtoi^] 

• • 

7 ircirc&7/Acvov$ | 8 8ia/3fuvctv | n^y €fnffjuw pro cv n; cpi^fUD | [&a^>aAfia man 2 in 
A] I 9 om oi 8c vc^cAoi | rov Stm pro oxyou | 10 av pro <roi | 11 Karoucovaiv \ 12 Svya- 
fici iroXXrj pro fivi^o/uv iroXXi/y | IS Swofuiav \ add rov ayciin;rov post ayciin;rov | 14 add 
BtMlfoXfia I [wtpirfpyvptafiivai, rf corr ez c man i] | 16 x^^^^'^^W^''*'''^'* 


17 iva Ti viTo\afifiav€T<u oprf ren^aueva] 

m • • • • 

TO opo9 o €i;Soici7(r€i^ o ^(€0)9 [icaToticeti^] 

ep avT(o 
Kai yap 6 ic(v/>to)9 KaTaj(TKnvwa'€i cts r[€Ao9] 

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^€tXtaSe9 evOrfpovvTCJV 
o K(ypLo)^ €v avrots ev crcti^a ev ra> a[yt^] 

19 apajSa^ €t9 vi/f09 atY/jiaXa»r[ev(ra9 at] 

ekafiei/ So/xara o^ ai^(dpam')[^] 
icoi yap dinOovvT€^ ^ov icara] 

20 aKTivwTajL' K{vpio)^ 6 [deo% €vkoyy}fro%[ 
evkoyyfro^ K{vpio)^ T)IJL€p\av Kad rjiiepay] 
icarei/dSoKTCt ijii€i[p o Oeos rtav (ram)] 

puov ijfuov [Stoi/foX/ia] 

21 o ^(€0)9 i7/i'a»i^ o ^(€0)9 TOV (r[a>£cii^] 

fcflu rot; ic(v/:>to)i; ox 8i€^o8[oi rov ^ai^arov] 

22 irhriv o ^(€0)9 (n;vdXa[o'€t #cc^aXa9 €)(\ 

dpmv avTOv 
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€if irXi7/x/uicXta[i9 avrov] 


23 ctirci^ K(vpLo)^ €#c jScurafi^ eirurr/>^i/Mi>] 
eirtarpe^o) ci^ ^vdot9 daXaa'0^9] 

24 oira>9 ai^ jBaxfnj o ir[oi;9 0*01; ci^ ox/xan] 

rj ykoHraa Ttav {icvvcav aov €^ €)^dp<av nap avTov] 

P- 95 

25 [€$€<op7i07fa'av flu Ttopiai a'Ov[ 6 ^(€0)9 

[at TTopiai TOV 0€ov fJLOv TOV ^a]o'tXc<u9 
[tov €v T<f a]yuo 

26 [irpo€<l}0 aaav a]pxppT€^ expiievoL 

[ep p^ctf v^oAfihwv TvpmaviiTTpifoiy) 

27 [av €icicXi7]o'tat9 ci/XoyciTC tov 0{€o)v 

17 vwoXaf»fiaviT€ \ 18 x^AioScs | Siva | 19 j^x/^uiXoircvcmf | cAa/3c$ pro cAa)3cv | 
aircitfovKTCf | 20 add lou post i^fupav* \ rnuv 


[top Kvpiov €ic] mjywv lapay/k' 

28 [cicct /Scji^uificti^' v^&r^po^ €v eKaratrei, 
[apxovT]€^ ibuSa 7}y€iJLOV€^ avnav 
[ap]xoKrc9 id)SovXo)i^' apxovre^ v€ 

[(f>6]aX€Lfi * 

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[Svi/a/ia>](roi^ o ^(co)9 rovro o Karqpya 

• • • 

[crcu ^ftt^ 
50 [airo rov vajov[ aov eiri i(€pou(ra)Xi}/i 

[croi ourovcrti^] )8a(rtXct9 Soipa 
31 [einTiiiyi<rov to]i^ d^puoi^ rov hpvfiov 
[rf awayayyTf TCii\v ravpaa/ ev T€U^ 8a 

[fiakea-LV t](ov katov 
[rov fiTf airoKkeurfflrivai rovo ScSoici 

[/latr/iepov^] tw apyvpuo 
[hiao'Kopvia'ov €]0vri ra rcw iro 
[X^AOV9 d€k]ovTa 
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[ai0iO7na vpoif^daa-ei] X^ipoL avrq^ rw 0(e) (o 

33 [cu jSocriXciat tt^s yij9 ^i]<rarat ro tf(€)o) 

[iffaXarc r^ icvpt^] 

34 [r^ eirtfielSrfKOTL cirt ro]i^ o(v)p(av)oi' rov 

p. 96 

ovp(ai^)[oi; Kara ai^aroXa9] 
180V 8a>[cr€t €v rp ^tavg avrav fjxovrfv] 

35 8i;[i^afi]€cii»9' 8o[r€ Sofav ry tfcy] 

cirt rov XaparfX 7/ /yteyaXfoTrpcirta avrov] 
Kcu 17 Svyafii9 avrov ev 7[<u^ i^ct^cXous] 

36 OavyLOXTTO^ o tf(€o)s €v rot? oo-ftot^ avrov] 

o ^(€0)9 urp(a)i7X avro9 SoKrci 8vi^a[/tii^ kcu] 

KpcLTOMKriv TO} Xao) avrov 
Kat cvXoyiyro? o ^(co)? 

88 Nc^AiAci I 29 cm o* | Karvffyrurw pro loanTpyvurM | 81 KoAofAov pro ifw/M^nf \ 
Qmoic tow Spvfuni in ras man i A] | tow pro rovo ciror scrib | 88 ^wmrc | add SuulfaXfw, | 
84 add ^noAare ry tfc^ ante r^ 


gH I «9 TO nKof vrep rttv dXXo[itt0ifvofievttv t^ SauetJ] LXVIII 

2 SoHTOP ii€ o ^(co)9 OTi eurfiXdoaov v8ar[a] 

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ifiroaracris • 
i}Xdoy €i9 ra jSadi; n}9 ^aX[a€r(n79 kcu] 
Karaiyi^ Kareirov\rur€i^ fic] 

4 cicoiria(ra Kpa^icov kfip{aYXjLaxr€P o kapvy( fJLOv] 
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[Kara to nXtjOo^ t](op oucreipfKov aov 

p. 98 

im airo(r[rp€^9 to irpoaamop cov] 
airo r[ov traxho^ crov] 

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• • • 

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• • • 

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:^ri^ mu&K cov | 19 €xOpiay \ 20 <ru pro croi | yiVAwricct^ | ov€iSur/uv | 21 oyci- 


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avro)!^ Ci9 iraytSa 

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rov fii} pUKeniv 

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•• • • • • • 

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Kox eiri TO aXyo9 T[cii»i^ TpavfiaTtov jiov] 


28 irpoade^ avoii[i,aj/ ein rrfv avofuav avnov] 
p. 99 

[koll §171 €ia']€kd€Twa'av €v [SiKaio](n;i/i7 aov 

• • • • 

29 [c^aXci<^]^raKrai^ €k )8i)8X[ov I^<o]pt(op 
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[Xa)3]€ro /Aov 

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[/AcJvaXvi/cu avTOv ev {upeai 

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• • • • 

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21 vrcfMiva | vnjp^ pro vmjpxcv | mtpojcaXovKra | 24 pXartiv | 27 <ru pro croi | 20 om 
o Otoi I 81 oiFtcra | 82 aptati \ 88 cicfTn^aarc | Itfata^t pro {i;o-enu 17 ^X7 vfutfr 


34 oTi €urriKova'€y t(ov netnirtov o ic(vpto)9 

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daXaxro'a k(u iravra ra epirovra €v avrots 

36 OTi o d{eo)s croxn rrfv a'€uop 

• • • 

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• • • 

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• a 

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fi€i^[oi ot X]€yoi/[T€9 /AOi eirvc €]vy€ 

• • • 

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eiri o"ot -iraKTCs ot JfijTOvi^c? o"€] 

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• • • • 

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• a 

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pro Kvptoi I add ryio 8c wrt^xps koi ir€yrp o 0co9 PmfirfTW pan} ante fiovfioi \ cm funi * 

p. 100 

p. lOI 


O I TO Ba(v€i)B ifuov afuvctSajS $eai iwv irp<OT[(ov] LXX 

t • • • • • 


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€19 TOP at,Q}pa 

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• • • 

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3 yepov fiOL €19 0{€o)p im[epaa'ma']T7jp 

icat €t9 Toirop o^po\p tov a\iaa'ai fi[€] 

• • • • 

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€K x€tpo9 irapai/o/i[ovi/T09 icat a]Sticovi/ro[9] 

• • • • 

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K{vpi)€ 7) €Xirt9 iiov eK y[€OT7/ro9 fi]ov 

.1 • • 

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€P crot 17 viipjiCL^ ii[ov 8ta 7rai^o9] 

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Kcu crot K(vpt)€ )3ai}d[o9 icparato9] 

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07rcii»9 vfii^o'[co T7/i/ So^ap aov] 

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• • • • • 

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• • • 

fc[araXt7r2;9] fi€ 

• • • 

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[X€yo»^€9] o ^(€0)9 €PKaTe\i,ir€P avrop 
ica[TaSt]cD^arat icat icaraXajScrat avTOP 
[ort o]vic €0Tti/ o pvbpepo^ 

LXX 1 liitvaSaP pro ofuvo&ijS | o 0cos ciri oxk pro riri oxk Kvpcc | 8 add icac c^cXou /u 
post fi€^ I 8 om fcoi^ I 4 om fiov \ 6 <rv pro otx | icvpios pro Kvpce^ | 7 crv pro (tcm icvpcc | 
11 KaTahuo$aT€ \ KaraXaPtrt 


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13 \([U(r)(y[v6yfr(aa'av kcu eyXiirercaaap ot 

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[!repi]fiaK€O'0a}a'ap aur)(W7]v k<u €PTpo 

mjv ot {ijrovi^c? ra icaKa uot 

• • • 

14 cycD Sc Sia TToi^os cXttioi ciri ere * 

■ • ■ • • 

icat vpoa'0ria'Q} em iraaav rqv axv^aiv (rov 

• • • • 

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[oXrfp rqv rfyi^pav rrfv (r<an)piav (rov 

[oTi ovK €yv]Q}v irpa/xfianas •*. 

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[icou P'^xpi v]w array ye\<a ra davfuurta crov 

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[rg y€V€^ '!raa]ri rrj ep^o/uvrf 

19 [n^i/ Svi^cumai^] cov kol rqv hucaxoavirqiy) 

p. 102 

ac^y o 0€o]s €<a^ wjturlraiv] 

a eiro[vqa'a]s u,€yaX€i[a o] ^(€0)9 

• • • 

Tt9 o[/AOt]o9 COl 

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KCU €'!narp€^a^ ^([(aonoiqa'as /le] 

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airqyaye^ fie 

21 €irX€oi/aa'a9 cir e/ie rqv Z[iKaio<nnrqv a'ov\ 
KOL eiriarpe^a^ 'n'apcicaX€[o'a9 yxc] 

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aP7iyay€^ li€ 

12 om fuw ^ I om o 0coc .... wpoaxK | 18 cicAiircriiMrav | 14 cm circ at \ 16 cjayyc- 
Xci I irpayfuvnai \ 17 add o $€Oi post /ac | oyayycXoi | 18 wpeaPtiov \ om fiov \ tr irao]^ 
^27 y^^^ I ^ ^'^^ pi*^ ^^^'^^ I ^^ irXcoKurac pro cirXcovaaas cir e/ic | om rrp 717$ 


22 KOi yap eyw ^^oijuolkoyyia'oikax [<roi] 

av aov o 0{€o)q 
iffaXo) croi €P Kt,0apa o ayt09 rov [urpaijX] 

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fiepap /ieXenjcrcfi n^v StKcuocrvn^v aov] 
oraj/ oMrxwOoxr^v [koa eirrpanoKriv] 
01 l^riTOWT€^ T[a Kcuca fioi] 

OA «*^ craX«/i»w LXXI 

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KOA rqv hiK€LLhavu[riv aov rtf vi^ 

rov )3ao'tX€a)[9] 

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Kai OL fiowoL 8ucaL[oawrf] 

4 Kpiviv rov% irri£\xov^ rov Xaov] 

p. I03 

• • • 

Kot [rairctyoKTCi] (n;Ko^ai/r[77i^] 

■ ■ 

5 Kot o'[vKirapa]fi€V€i ro) i7[Xt^] 

Kox [irp]o T»js crcXiyi/ijs y€[i/€]as y€vew{v) 

• • • • • 

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7 avafrcXci] €v rats riii€pai% avrov hiK{aiL)oaw7] 
Kai irXtfOo^ €ip7iv7)s ecD9 ov avravai 

8 Kou KaraKvptciKn aTro 00X00*0179 €019'0179' 

82 om cyw | aicevct pro o'iccvco'av | om o ^0$ | add o ^os post croi* | 88 ayaXAiairoi^ 

TO* I x^^ I t^» ^ ^^"" ^ "» "*^"^ '] 

LXXI 1 SoAofLoyK | 8 k^xvciv | 3 add cv ante Sciouocrvi^ | 4 #(pcvcc pro jcpcnv | 6 ora- 

{owrou I 8 jfiarojcv/Mcucra 

p. 104 


K(u airo iroraiMov ca>9 n€paT(ov T179 
9 ei^amiov avrov irponeaowrai cudumes 
[k]cu Oi €K0poi, avTov xovv kl^OVCiV 

10 )8[a<r]iX€i9 Oapa€i% koi vqao'oi htopa trpoava'ovai{v) 

jSafcrtjXet^ apafitov koa crajSa Saipa irpwra^cvadv) 

• • •■ 

11 Kat 'rrp\oa'Kv[vi}a'cvaiv avrw navr€^ 

[oL jSocriXci]? T7f^ yijs 

iravra [ra €^i^ SovXciKrovcni^ avroi 

• • • • 

13 OTi [€/>va'a]ro imaypv cic' \upo% hwatrrov 

13 [<^€ur€rat Trroij^ov kou ir€in}ro9 
[kcu ilru^as irtu^ifnav a'axrei, 

14 [cK TOKov Kou €^ aSiKtas XvrpctKrcrai ras tlru^a^ avrcD(i^) 
[k(u evTiiiov TO o]voiia avrcv €vamu>v avT(o(y) 

15 [kcu l^r/o'enu kcu] So^crercu avrco 

[kol 7rpoa'€u^ovT]ai irepi avrov Sta irai^o9 
[oXiji^ n}i/ riiiepav] cvXoyijcrovcni^ avro(i/) 

16 [eorai arripiyiia a/ rg] yrj en aKpwv tw{v) 


vircpa[p^](r€r(u virep [rov \ifiavov\ 

o Ka[/[>tro]9 a[vr]ov 
KOL €^a!{yO'fj[a'ova'w €k [ttoXccu^ oijcrei 

XopT[o]s Ti;9 7079 
17 eoTou ro ovofia avrov [evkoyrffiei/ov] 

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irpo Tov riKiov Stauei^t ro ovofia av[rov] 

' ■ • • • • 

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8 wofrafMOv pro iroTafUtfv | 9 txOpot \ 10 ou vi;<roc pro n^crcrot | wpaorounwny \ 11 om 
rr/i ytfs \ 14 avrcav pro avrov | avrov pro avroiK^ | 17 coro) pro eorot | Sia/icyei | om koi 
wpo rq^ atKifyrfs Opo^oi avrov | cvAoyi/ftTOOFToi pro €if€vkoyri$rj(royTai 


at ff>v\aL rri^ yq^' 
wavra ra €0V7) /laKapiovcLv avrov 
i8 evKoyr/To^ ic(vpto)s o 0{€o)^ t(o-pa)i}X o wouav Oavjia 

19 icai evXoyijroi^ ro oi^o/xa rrf^ ho^s [avrov] 

€19 TOP auci}pa K(u €i9 Toi^ aitopa t[ov ai,(OPO^] 
Kat nXrfpcjdria'erai tij9 8o|ij9 avrov 
Tracra -^ yij y^poiro yepoiro 

OB cfcXtiroj/ ot v/ii/ot Sa(i;€0£ [rov viov leaacu] LXXII 

1 C09 ayado^ 6 ^(€0)9 rw urpar/k rot9 [€v^co"[i] 

rv; KapSia 

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irap oXtyoi/ €^€Kv0y) ra Sia^i)[fiara /xov] 

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4 oTi» ovK eaTLP apapevlcri^ €P T<p Oapar<f avrtap] 
icat OTcpco^fia €i/ rv} fi[a0Tiyt avrcoi/] 

5 €1/ ico7roi9 ap{dp(im)a}p o[vk etcriy] 

icat fiera ap{dpam)(op ov [/AacmycudT/o'OKrat] 

6 Sta rovTO €Kp[aTrio'€P avrov9 17 virep?;] 

ff>apia €i9 r[€Xo9] 

p. 105 

[irepiefiaKopTo] ahiKvap Kai aa'[e^€]tai^ avrcD(i^) 

7 [c^eXevcrerat] 019 €k 0T€aro[9] 17 aSiicia avrcD(i/) 
[8117X^01^ €t9 S\La0€a'LP icapSia9 

8 [Si€i/ai}di7(rai/ ic]at €XaXi7[o'a]i^ €P iropy^pia 

[a8tict]ai/ €i9 [ro[ wjfo^ ekak.rfO'ap 

• • • • 

9 [c^CKTO Ct]9 0{v)p{aP)0P TO (TTOfia aVT(OP 

• m 

[k€u tj yJXoKrcra avrwi' hirfkOep em t7J9 yri^ 

10 [Sta] rovro ciriorpe^t o Xao9 fiov epravda 

• • • 

irat r)ii€paL irhrfprf^ evpeOr/o'OPTai €P avrot9 

LXXII 1 add tit. i/wiAfi09 rep Acra^ | tr r^ IcrpaiyX o 0eo$ | 2 [irapa fiucpay in las 
man i] | t^tyvBrj \ 6 om cis rcXos | 10 ttrurrpoffti \ wXtfpeis pro irXiypi/f | om cv 


11 Kcu ciirav ttcos ewoi o ^(eo)^ kou, a eariv 

• ■ 

12 iSoi; ourot a/iapraiXoL koa evdrivovvTai 
CIS Toi^ atcoi/a icarccrxoi' TrXourov 

13 icat €i7ra apa /yiarata>s cStKoutKra njy icapSia(i^) /xov 
[ic]at a/ajtaiiTiv €v aO(aoi% ras \(^i»pa^ /lov 

14 [icat] €y€POiirip ficiiiumycjfietfo^ 0X171^ 

rvji^ r/fiepav 
[icat] o eXcyvos fiov €19 ras npaiCa^ 

15 [ci e\]€you Sti^vi^o-Ofiai ovrcos 

[tSo]v nj y€>'€[a] r(ov vitav aav rjovtrreOriKa' 

16 [icat vlnekafiov rov yvwvai 

\Tovro[ Kono^ e<mv epcoviop fiov 


17 [€CD9 €i]a'€k0(o €19 TO ayLaoTTjpiov Tov d{€o)v 
[icat aw<a] €t9 ra €<rxaTa avT(op 

18 [irXi^v Sta T]a9 SoXtOT7/ra9 avra>i/ €dov 

[av]rot9 Kouca 
[icar€^aX€9] avrov9 €P rai errapdrivtu 

19 [ircD9 €y€yoi^]ro €t9 eprnioHrtv c^aTrti/a 
[c^cXtiroi^ aircDXoKr]o Sta Trjv avofitap avT<o{v) 

20 [oKTCt epwviov €^€y]€Lpoiievov 


K(vpt)c €1^ [rg] iroXt crov [7171/ eticoya avT<op] 


21 ort €£cic[a]v^ [17 KapSta fioi; iccu ot i/c] 

^pot ft[ou] rikk[oiai0ria'ap] 

22 Kat eycu €£oi;8ci/a>fi[€vo9 icou ovk eypoip] 

• • ■ 

KTrfPtoSr)^ €y€P7i0ri[p irapa 0"ot] 

23 Kat eyo) Sia 'n'aKro9 fi€[ra crov] 
eKparffO'a^ 7179 X^^P^^ '^[V^ 8€^ta9 ftov] 

24 cy n; fiovkri aov ohrjyrfO'a^ [/xc] 
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18 om ovrot | 16 i^crw^cn^ica | 16 om cotik | cvavriov pro cvonrcoy | 17 om avrwv | 

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or 0m«<rc«o9 ro» 00:0^ LXXIII 

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p. 107 

3 €nap[op ra9 X^^P^^] ^^^ ^^^ [^^^ v]ir€p7fff>a 

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ocra [ciroinjpeucraro o €]Kdpo[9 €]i/ roi9 aytot9 cov 

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[cirt to] avTo ev TrcXcici kcu ka^eurripuo 
KaT€ppa^av avrrfv 

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Ci9 TTiP yrjv c/8€)3i}XaKrai^ to crinjvaifia 

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K(vpio)v airo 7175 t^j? 

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ovK €<mv en irpo^vfi^ koul r/iia^ ov 

• ■ • • 

[yuai\a'€TaA en 

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nap[o^P€i] o vnepavTU}^ to opofia aou ct9 rcXo^ 

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[irov o"ov] €is TcXos 

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• • • 

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\av avverpujta^ ra9] KC<^aXa9 T(op Spcuco(v)rai(i/) 

p. 108 

€ir[i t]o[v vSaTO^] 

14 (TOi (n;i^€^Xa<ra9 rvji^ K€<^aA.i7v rov Spa] 

Koi/r[o9 rov fieyaXov] 

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• • • 

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(TOi KaTyipTiCQi ^avaiv [fcat tjXiov] 

17 o"0t €iroti7(ra9 ircu^a ra opt[a] ttj9 [y'J^J 

• • ■ 

6 «A€ica I 7 oou pro TTO «€ow 1 «ro« proaww | 8 «W I «rvyy«wa| •»«««'»•»«' I 
9 <n»u» I «&^ I 10 oro&ec ) ^p^ | 18 «„,„^ I " ^^ ""Z^X J^ '^ 
l^eyaXav | 16 <n. pro <rot» | om wot «f,,p««« ,,fla|* | 16 «rv pro «roi 1 ifAiw- 

<7cAi;n;i' pro ^vow mu tfXuw | 17 ov pro o-ot bis 


^epo9 icat cap aoi ^TrXcuras 
i8 /iPTiaOriTi ravny9 rri^ icrur€a»9 colv] 

OcdpO^ OViZuTG/ TOP K{vpto)v 

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art enXriptodrfa'ap ot [ccrKoroificvot] 

31 fii} wirocrrpaxfyriTw rcrairti^ficvo^ [kcu] 

• ■ 

Kartriirxyii li€vo^ 
vrtaxo^ Kai neirq^ [aLi]varo[va'i,v to opofia acv] 
22 oj/aoTa o ^(co)9 BucaLa[ov rqv hucqv crov] 
p.vqo'OTfn Ttav o[i/€t8tayuiii^ crov Ttav\ 
ihro a^pouo^ [okfrfv ryfv rjiiepap] 
33 firi en'iXaOris T7i[s ffxovris rtav uceroiv cov] 
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avcftyi irpo^ [ere] 

OA « **5 '^^ T€Xo9 fn; [Sia^ei/>2;9 '^Xfi09 ry curo^ 9*^] LXXIV 

p. 169 

2 €£o/yioX[o7a}(roficda] (ro[i o Oeo^ ^^oiiokoyn 

• • • • • ' 


• ■ 

Ka[i €iriicaX€(rofie]da ro \ovoii\a cov 

• ■ • • • 

hi/rilyriaoiiaL Traji/ra [ra davj/xacria crov 

• • • • 

3 ora[y \afi<o Koupov] eyco €vdvrtfra% KpipcD 

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[ev avT]rf 


[cyo) coTcpcjctxra tov^ otvX*Xov9 avnys 

17 ciroci;aas pro cirAfluras | 18 €x0poi \ owccSurcv | 21 rcrairaKoi^Acvof | 28 emXaOff \ 
iumpait) pro aytfirf \ add &a iravro9 ante wpoq 

LXXIV 4 avnjy pro ev avn; | orvAovf | add Sto^toXfia 


5 [etira tok ir]apavoiiov<ri,v fir) irapavo/ur^tu) 
[koa r]oi9 ofiapravovaiv firj vi/rovrai Kepa^ 

6 [firi €]ir(uper€Li €19 vifro9 to Kepa^ vfi(o(p) 
KOI firi XaXtrat Kara rov d{eo)v ahuciav 

7 art ovre €^ e^oBtop ovrc wiro Sv(rfuo(i/) 

8 OVT€ aTTO op€(ov €pr)pMP 

[ore] o 0{€o)^ Kpirq^ €<mp' 
TovTov ranipoi Kai tovtov ainAJfoi 
9 [o]tl iro[n}p]iov ci/ X^^P^ K(vpto)v oti^ov aic/3a 
rov [irXT/p]?^^ Kepaaiiaros 

[k<u] €K\Lv[€y] €K TOVTCV Ci9 TOVTO 

• ■ > 

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tnovrax ircarr€S ol afia/>ra>Xoi 77^9 7^9 

10 eycu Se a[yaXXi€ur]ofuu €t9 rov auova 

11 [paXw rai 06^ iaic]a))8 kcu irai^a ra K^a 

[ra T€op aiiaplnokiov €rw0\aa'€o 
[k(u wlKadria-enu] to Kepa^ rov Sckouov 

[OE] I [€t9 TO T€X09 €V V]fJLVOl^ ^^oXfW^ Ttt> LXXV 

a [ypoHrro^ €v rg t]oi;8ata o 0{€o)s 
[ev T<p urparjk fieya to] opofia avrov 

3 [icat eyeirqdri ev ctpji/i/i; o roiros avrov 
p. no 

Kat TO [KaTOucrfnipiov avrov €v (tkop] 

4 €K€i o'[vi/€rpuff€i/ ra Kpart) twv to^oii/] 
ottXoi/ [Kat poiiff>axav Kai iroX^oi/] 

5 ^a>r[tQ€t9 [crv OavfiaoTfos ano opecDv] 

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vwcxrav vnvop avT[(ov kcu ov^ cvpop ovSci^] 

6 irapavofittv pro irapavo/urat | v^fovrc | 6 firaipcrc | om mu | XaXeirc | 7 airo pro 
cf I 8 om opcttiv I ravciyoi | v^^oi pro awipoi \ 9 wXrffK^ \ add jcai ante mmmi \ 11 aw- 
jcAoiroi pro awBXaxm | ra fccpara pro ro iccpas 

LXXV 4 add cica owjcAacrci ra iccpara SuajfoXfia post mX€fia¥ 


irai^€9 oi ai^p€9 rov [irXovrov] 

7 airo €irtrtfi77<r€ai9 <rov o 0(€o)^ [laKtafi] 


euvoToiav 7ravT€^ ot cirt^[/377icor€9] 
Tot9 iirVot? 

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airo r&r€ 17 opyi; <rov 

9 €fc TQV o{y)p{av)ov rjKovrura^ Kpuriv 
yri €<f>ofi'f)07f KOI riav\€L(r€9^ 

10 €1^ T(a avaucmfvajL €19 icp[i<rti/ rov 0€ov\ 

TQV awrax wavra^ rov^ [irp<[i€t9 17/ icapScf Suju^oXfia] 

11 ort €vOviuov av(0p<im)ov €^[ofioXoyi}<rerat crot] 
icot cvicaraXtfi'/ta cv[^fitov €opTaxr€L <roi] 

12 €v^aj(rOax icat airo8o[r€ Kvpuf r^ ^c^ T^fioii/] 
irapr€9 ot icvicXai av[rov ourovcriv Soipa] 

13 roi ^ofitpto KOI a^a[tpovfi€i^ iri/evfiara] 

if^ofiepoi irapa roi[9 ^acriXcvcn 1179 7^9] 

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2 ifxapri fJLOv npo^ [icvptoi/ €K€Kpa(a] 

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3 €P rjfiepa 0\i^€<o[s yuov rov dtov c^e^i^cra] 

rats \€pa'€iv firo[v wkto^ evavriop avrov] 
p. I II 

[fceu ovK finarridTjp] 

[airrfvyiparo 7rapaKkii)drivai rj[ y^xn M'^^ 

4 \€iJLvy]a'dii)v rov 0€ov fcat €Vif>pap6]7fp 


[i^SoXccrxi^cra fcat aiXiyo]tfr[vxi7]cr€i/ ro iri/(ei;ft)a ijlov Sioufr(aXfia) 

5 [npoKar€\aPovT]o ^vXcucas ot o^daXiioi /jlov 


[erapax07ip k](u ovk cXoXi^cra 


6 )(€fKny I 7 omimvrcf | rovs imrovc pro rote iinroc« | 8 ov pro o-oc^j nyc opyi;? prp 
rorc 1; 0^717 I 9 rfKonrrtau^ pro i;#covrum9 | 18 tv^airOt 

LXXVI 8 add km tf ante ^wvfj ^ \ 3 x^P^^^ I ^ ^x!^P^ P^^ o^BaX^ua 


6 [SieXoyura/x]!^!/ Tfiiepas apxaias 

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[i^icr]o9 ftera n^s icap8ta9 /lov 

i^SoXccrvow Kai ccricciX'Xci/ to in/(€vu)a uov 

• • • 

8 (17) €is rov9 ata>va9 airaxrerai ic(vpto)9 
icot ov irpoa'dtjo'i, rov evSoKjfo'tu en 

9 17 €i9 rcXos TO cXcos ain'ov airoKo^ei 
[oi/vJcrcXccrcv pijfia airo yo^cas €t9 ycv€a(i/) 

10 [1;] CTTiXi^crerou rov oucVt/njcreu o ^(€0)9 
[t^ <rw6f€i] €v nj opyri avrov rov^ 

[oucT€ip]iJLOvs avTov SioifiaX/ia 

11 [icat €tira lo/i^] yipiafirfp 

[avTTi 7) aXXotai]<ri9 1^79 Sc^ta^ rov vi/ftoTOv 

12 [c/ii^<r^]v roil/ €py(av €py(av K(ypio)v 
[ort iiv7)a']d7f<roiJLai, airo ttj^ ^PXH^ 

[T(av 0a]viJLaa'uap <rcv 

13 [icot ficXen}]<rfti ep irturiv rot9 cpyots <rov 
[icot €1/ rot9 cirtln^Sevfiacrii^ aov 


14 [o 0€O9 €1^ rg ayi^] 77 0809 <rov 
[rt9 ^€09 ficya9 ft»9] o 0(jeo)^ 17/tan^ 

15 [<n; €i o 0€O9 o iro4Qi]i/ Oav/jLOtna fiovo^ 
[cyi/ai/M<ra9 €i^ roi]9 Xaot9 rrip Bwa/iip cov 

16 [ekvrpcMra^ €P r^ ^pja^tovi aov roi^ Xao(i/) aov 
p. 112 

rov9 [vun;9 laKOifi kox LOHrqif^ 8ioufr<iX/xa] 

17 i8oa'a[i^ <r€ v8ara o ^€09] 
i8oa'a[v <ri vhara kou eif^ofirfOrja'av] 

18 erapavdrflo'aLi^ afivaaot irXyjOo^ rj] 

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Kfxovrjv ehioKov <u i/[€^X<u] 

7 cotiolW I 8 wpotrOtftru | 9 tr oaroKo^u to cAco^ | om avrov | om oTn^crcXco-cv /njpi | 
icoi ycvca« pro ci« ycFcav | 10 ousrupniffnA \ tr rtAK oucrupitJOfoq avrov cv rjy opyiQ avrov | 
18 om Cf»yo»K | 16 add i;fM>v post $wi \ om /aovos | add otiv post Aoots | 17 ctSooov bis | 
add KOI ante vrapayBrfrav \ vSaroc pro vSaroiv 


fcat yap ra ^cXi; aov 8i[airopci;oprai] 

19 ^foirq TTjs PpovTJfS (Tov [cv Tif rpox((\ 
€(f>avap ax aarpairai a\ov ttj OLKOVfi^vri] 


eaaXevOT) kol evrpo/JLO^ eyelvTjdrj j) yij] 

20 €v TTj OaXaaari rf 0809 crov 

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Ktti ra ix^ ^^^ ^^ yv€oa'07ja'o[vTai] 

21 o8mn}<ra9 019 irpofiara tov kaov [cov] 

• • • 

€1/ X^^P^ iKoifirrp/ KOA a[apa^v] 

OZ <ri;v€<r€a>9 t© lura^* LXXVII 

1 npoaexerai, Xao9 fiov r[ov po/iov fiov] 
icXii/ar<u TO ovs vfiwy [ets ra pntfiiara rov\ 

oTOfiaros fiov 

2 avoi^fa a^ Trapafio\a[LS to arofia fiov] 
^dey^oii^ax npofiiKrj[fiaTa an ap^^s] 

3 ocra rfKova'aiiep koa [cyi^oi^ci/ ain'a] 

fcat ot ir(ar€)/9€9 '^ftoii/ 8[t77yi}(rai^o >7/ui/] 

4 ovK €KpvPri ano T(o[v t&cpcjv avT<av] 

€t9 ycvcai/ er€|/>ai/] 
airay yeXomrcs ra[9 ati^ecrets icvptov] 
icat ra9 SwaaTLa[s avTov icat ra ^avfta] 

crta avTov a CTrfotT^crci^] 

5 KCU avetrrqcev \jiapTvpiov €P taicfti^] 
Kai vofiov €0^TO €P urpai^X] 

P- 113 

[op €per€iXaTO tol^ naTpa&lip riii<t}{p) 
[ypcjpia'ai avrop toi^ vlol^] avT<a(p) 
[oirai9 ap yvif y€P€a erepa] 
[vtoi oi T€)(0rjaoii€POi] 
[icat apaoTqaoPTax kox airJayycXoveriv 
[at;ra roi9 vi]oi9 avratv 

19 om e^vav oucovfuvri \ 81 ai87yi;<m« | 1 

LXXVII 1 wpoa-tytTfL I icXivarc | 4 airayycAAovres 


7 [ti/a dcDvrai] cirt Toy 0{€o)v rrfp cXiriSa 01^*01(1/) 
[kcu firi e!ri]Ka0(ovraL Totv efyycjp rov 0{€o)v 
[icat Ta9 €i/]ToXa9 ain'ov €ic'Jiyn;crov<r€t(i/) 

8 [ti/a /xi} y^vannoL 019 ot ir(ar€)p69 avroii/ 
[y€i/€a (rJfCoXta icat irapainKpaivova'a 

[y€V€a 7y]ns ov Kareuffwep rqp Kaphiav avnjs 

[icat ov]ic €TnaT(adif) fiera rov ^(€o)v to 7ri/(ci;fi)a ai;n)9 

9 [viOi €<f>]paLLiJL €VTwoPT€s fcat ^aXXoi^€9 ro£oi9 
[€aTpa^i7(r]av ci^ rjiJL^pa ttoXc/xov 

10 [ovK €^vXa]£ai^o ttjv hiaQyficqv rov 0(€o)v 

[kol €v r^ i/ofi]ai ain'ov ovic i^^cXoi/ irop€V€aO{ai) 

11 [icat €7r€Xadoi/]ro roii/ evepyeauav 

[avTov oaa cJTrotijcrci/ 

[fcat T(av 0aviJLaa]ut}v avrov cdv cSt^ev avroi^ 


12 [evavTiop T(av] ir{aT€)paiP OLvrtav a eiroir) 

[aa^ 0aviJLaa'i]a 
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13 [8i€/9/jy)£ci/ 0akaa]a'ap k<u Biriyay€v avrov^ 
[coTvjcrci/ vSara] oxrct aaKov 

14 [icat QjSriyria'ei^ av]rov9 ci^ i/c^cXt^ rfiiepa^ 
[kou o\r}v rrfv wK]Ta €v if^nnio'iuo mpos 


15 [Si€/9/>i}£ci^ irerpav] ev eprifuo 

[koi enorio'tv avrov]^ a>9 cv afivaa'a^ irokkrf 

16 [ic<u €$7iyay€P v&wp] €k irerpas 


Kai K[a7i}yay€i^ 0^9 noTa/iov^ vSara] 

17 Kcu 7r/9[oa'€^CKro crt rov afiapTaveiv avr^] 
KOL 7ra[p€7nKpavap rov wjfiOTov €p] 


18 icat €^€7r€ip€L(rap top [0€ov €p rats icapStats ain'oii^] 

• • • • 

Tov atT7}(rat ^pftifia[ra rots ^lnr)(ais avroii^] 

19 Kat KareXaXT^crai/ tov [0€ov K€u eurav] 
fiT) ^innjO'eraLL o 0{€o)^ ero[i/xa(rai Tpa] 

7 cjc^Tn^otwo-iv I 8 jcar^v^vcv | cv Tjf KopSta pro rrp^ KopSiay \ 9 cvrcivom« | ro£ov 
pro rof oc« | 11 om ocm ciro(i;crcv | c8ci^ | 17 om hoi * 


20 €7rt €.irara^€v irerpav kcu [eppvyfCixp vSara] 

fiTf Kai apTov hvvaroL 8ov[i/at] 

ri eroLiiaxrai rpanel^av rw [Xa^ avrov[ 

21 8ta rovro rfKovaep K{vpio)^ Kai av[€fiaKero] 
fcot irvp av7](f>07f €v iaK[u}fi] 

KCU opyrj avtfiri ein rov [tcrpai^X] 

22 ori. ovK iiriOTevo'tuf [ep r^ 0€^] 

ovSc rfXirLcav em ilo aonripuov avrov] 

23 KOI everiXaro P€<f>[€k<us vnepavfoOep] 
icat &vpa% o(y)p(av)ov rfV€ai[i€i/] 

24 KOL efipeiey avTOL[s {JLOVva ^ay€iv\ 
Kai apTOv o(y)p{av)ov €h[(aK€i/ avroLs] 

25 aprop ay'yeXoii^ [€<f>ay€P avOpo^iro^] 
etno'LTiO'iiov aircforciXcv avrots €49 irXi^crftovi}!/] 

26 ainipep vorov €[£ ovpai/ov] 

iccu emjyayei/ €[v ry Svi^currif aurov Xt^a] 

27 icot efipe^ep en- a[vTov^ oKret ^(ow crapicas] 
ICCU oKTCt ofi/iov [OaXcLO'a'top ireretpa] 


28 KOI €ir€7r€<r€v [€t9 pjecov rq^ irape/jifiokrjs avrtav] 

P- 115 


29 ICCU [e^ayocav fcot ci^€irXi}(r^](rai/ a^ohpa 
[icot n^v en-Ldv/uap avTa}p] riveyKev avrots 

30 [ovic €]aT[€/>i7^i}(rav airo tt}]? efTLdv/iia^ avT(iD{p) 
[ert T7}9 ^poKTcai]? ovor^s €p rto orofiari avrai(i/) 

31 [kcu opyq rov 0€o]v avefir) eir avrov^ 
[kox air€\KT€P€P €P roi9 irXtocrti^ avrai(i/) 

[icot Tovs cJkXcktovs tov i{a'pa)rj\ avp€iroBLa'€(p) 

32 [ep] naxrip tovtoi^ r/iiapTop ert 

iO circt I xui»appoi \ Swito-ciyu pro Suvarot | 83 cverccAaro | 86 hom. ewrfptv pro amy- 
pcv I 88 drcirccrov | 80 add avrwy ante ovo^ | 81 aircxrccvcv pro aircirrcycv | irXaoaiv 


[Ka]i oi^k] errurroMrav €v ro(9 daMaaxrioi.^ avrov 

• • • 

33 fcat ^^ekiTTOv g/ iLarauynfTi cu rui^ptu ain'fti(i^) 
Kai ra en) avrtav ftcra cnrov&q^ 

34 orav air€Kraiv€i/ avrov^ ror€ e^ 

icat en'€aTp€<f>ov kol (apdpi^ov irpo% ro{v) d{€o)v 

35 Kcu e/ju^adrjaav ori o ^(co)? fiotjOo^ avrtav tariiy) 
fcat o ^(€o)s o vi/fi<rros Xi/rpoiri]? outcdv €OTi(i/) 

• • • 

36 fccu rfyoLTrqo'av avrov o/ tco aroftart avrai(v) 

• •«•■• • 

fcat n; yXai[(r(r]7^ avrtav olfevcavro avrto 

37 Tf Sc fcapSta ai/roiv ovic ev^ta fier ain'ov 

• • • 

ovSe e^LOTOiOria'av €v rrj Sta^ici; ain'ov 

• • • a 

38 avro9 §€ [€(r]rii^ oiKTipiiwv icat tXao'€r(a4) 

rat9 a[/xa/>riai]9 avrcDV Kai ov Bia<f>0€p€L 

[k€u n\ri&w€i] Tov airoarpe^oL rov ffv/iov avrov 

• ■ • • 

[fCcu 01/^(4 €KKava]€L naxrav rrjv opyrfv avrov 

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m m 

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\irap(apyia'av avrov\ €v ytf avifhpa) 

41 [icat errearpe^av Kai] enipaaav rou 0(€o)v 

p. 116 

icat rov [ayLov rov urparjX 7rap€o$w€Lv] 

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riiup[a^ ffs tkvrpdHraro avrov^ €k X^^P^^] 


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iccu ra repara avrov [ev TreSt^ ravcoi?] 

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icat ra o/i fiprj/jiaTa avrai[v oirai9 p^ff TruacLv] 

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6ifra¥ I 41 ewupaumw | 46 cjavcorciXcy 


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fcat rov^ novov^ avrcDV ttj a[K/9tSi] 

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Kou ra9 (rvKa/JLivovs avrtav [cv rj; ^aX'^l 

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fcat 77}!/ vTTap^w axfTdiV [rifi wopt^ 

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ffv/JLOv Kai opyr/v Ka[i ffXi^iv] 
airoaTo\r}v 81 ayy€\[€ov irovrfpoiv] 

50 oSoiroiTjcrcv rpifiov [tjj opyjj ai/rov] 

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KOLL ra KTTjyri avT(o[p €t9 dai/aroi/] 

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• • • 

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[koll €K\ri]po8oTria'€v avrov9 €v 07(041/4 

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fi[axr]€ii/ avrtOiV ra? ^vXa? rov i{a'pa)rjk 

47 aircKTciKcv | 48 cv x^'^Xo^j; pro a? XP^^''^*'^^ I ^^ c£aiireorciXcv | 80 wSmroir/tnv \ 
c^curaro | (rwcjcXcurcv | 61 Aiyinrry pro yi; oiyvirrov | rcM^ iroroiv pro iravroi vorou | 
52 iryayev pro av^yaycF | [cv tfnffjM man 2] | 68 om 1; | 65 crfcri^tofuiaty \ tiuc ^vAiuc pro 


56 KOI etnpatrav km irapenucpavav 

• • • « 

[to]v 0(jeo)v TOP VxffLOTOV 

Kcu [to] iiaprvpia avrov ovk €<^vXa£ai/ro 

57 Ktti [€7r]€<rr/)a/rav icat rf&erri(rav Ka0(o^ 

[icat] OL 7r(ar€)/>€s avrtov 

m m 

[ictti]€aT[pa]<f)7fa'av co? rofov ot/)€)8Xo(i/) 

58 [ica]t 7ra[/>co/yyMr]ai/ avrov €v rot? fiowoi^ avrai(v) 

• • • • ' 

[icjat €v TOif? yjXvTJTOi? avrtav irape 

• • • • a • 

£i}X[aKrai/ av]TOV 

• • • 

[Ktti €f^ov8€]i/aKr€i/ a^ohpa rov L{a'pa)7ik 

60 [Kai aTToicrJaTO nji/ CKTfvqv frqKtop! 

[crin^i/aifia avrjov ov KaT^aicqv(aa'€.v ev av(dp€OTr)oLS 

• • • 

61 [kcu 7rap€]ScoK€v €i9 atv/iaXoHTtai/ rrjv 

• « • 

[i<7vi;]i/ avT<t}p 
[icat 77}!/] KaX\ov[rjv] avT(op €19 X^^P^^ €K0p€o{p) 

62 [icat (rvi/€]icXi(r€v cts pofi<f>aLav rov Xaov avrov 

• • • 

[icat rrjv K]\ripopoiiLav avrov v7r€p€tS€(i/) 

• • • 

63 [rov^ v€aa'La'K]ovs avratv Kar€<f>ay€P irvp 

p. 118 

• • • • 

KOL OL r^apdevoi avrwv ovk eircv^i^crai/] 

64 ot i€/>€i[9 avrcDV €v poii(f>€Uif, eireaav] 
KCU ou X^|/>cu avrwv ov KXavcr^croi^ot] 

65 icot €^y€p[0ri 019 o vrrvtav Kvpios\ 

019 Svi^aro9 Katicp[a4]ir<iXT;ic{oi9 €^ ou^ov] 

66 fcat enara^ev rov9 €fc'd/>ov9 [avroii/] 

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ovi8o9 OLdiviov cSoiKci^ ai;ro[i9] 

67 icat aTTOKTaro ro (rK7}i/oi[/xa toxn}^] 
icai rf)v (f>v\rjp €<f>paxiJL ovk cf^e] 


68 fcat e^eXc^aro 7n}v <^vXt;i/ tovSa 

66 circipaaav | 67 lyavi^cnTCTav pro rfiertftrav | cif pro ox | 68 cm pro cyi | 

69 virepci3cv | tr rov la-patfX <n^o&pa \ 61 avrov pro avrov* \ ^xOpov pro €K$pmv \ 62 oif- 
rcicXciacv | 66 KCfcpatmiAa/KO)^ | 66 cx^povs | orciSoc 



s \ 

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69 icot oMCoSoiirjaev 019 iiopoKcpcD 

TO^ TO aytouTfta avrov 
€v T7) yrf €0€iJi,€\iitHr€v [avTTiv €19 TOP aton^a] 

70 fcat e^cXc^aro 8a(v€t)8 top ho[vkop avrov] 

• • • 

fcat ap€kafi€p avTOP €k [T(ap irot] 
/jLPUop TdiP irpofiaTfOP 

71 €^07rL&€P TCJP koxlevofiepoiP cXa^o/ ovtop] 
woL/JLOLPip 'iaKQtfi TOP [Sovkop avTov] 

• • 

Kcu t(crpa)i;X rrjp K\ripopoiii{ap avrov] 
7a Kox €7romaP€P avTov^ €P n^ [afcaici] 

a 7n}9 fcapStas avrov 
icat €P TTi avpaurei toup \i^ip<ap avrov] 

wSriyrfO'ep avTovs 


p. 119 

aweaemf: T[<a cura^\ LXXVIII 

O ^(€0)9 rjXdoo'ap €0[p7] €ls ttjp kkripopo] 

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efiiapap top p[aop top ayiop aov] 

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[€0€i/To ra dvi}<r]tfiata [roiji^ SovXoii/ cov 
[j3p(ofiaTa rot9 ircrcijvotfs] tov o{v)p{ap)ov 

[ra? xrapKa^ rjoii/ ocuop cov toi% 07) 

• • • • • 

[ptois rrjs] -j^s 
[e^c^^eai/j ro at/xa avTtop oxret vSoip' 

[kvJicXoi tf€/9ovo'a)Xi}fi icat ovk i}i/ o 0airT<op 


[e]y€prj07)fi€P opiho^ roi? yvroaip riii<o{p) 
fivKTripicfio^ icat ^Xcvao'ftos rots 

icvkXco i)fiaii/ 
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68 otn o I 68 ftavoKtpatTnw pro /iovofccporrof | 71 c^oirurtfcv | iroifuurctF | 78 (rvrc<rc4 
LXXVIII 1 tjfoXfUK pro ovrecrcoif | 8 ii>f pro wru \ 4 as ovctfios pro om&k | yaro- 
I 6 opyuT0n(rn 


eKKavdrfcerax cos 'nvp o {lyXos cov 

6 €K\eov rrjv opytfv xrav etri tOirq 

ra fiTj yeivcoaKOvra crc 
KOI [eiri] fiaxriXia^ at ro ovoiml aov 
[ovk] €Tr€Ka\€a'avTo 

7 [oTi Ka]T€<f>ayov rov 'laKto/^ kcu to{v) 


]Ta)(y 7rpo]KaTaXafierci}aap Tf/ia^ 

OL OLKTLpflOL COV ic(v/9t)€ 

• « • • • 

[oTi €7r]raiv€V(ra/xci/ cr^Spa 

• • • 

9 \fiori0\rjaov rjixeLV o ^(€0)9 o a'{ayr)rfp r^pxav 

[€V€ICa] 7T79 8d^9 TOV OPOfiaTOS 

[crov Kvpu] pvaoL rfp^a^ 
[koll iXour^iTrt rats a/xaprtots i7/uo(i/) 
[€i/€ica] TOV opofiaro^ aov 

10 [ftiy iroT€ €i7rco](rii/ ra €^vij nov €<m(y) 

[o ^€09 avT]o}V 

[k<U WaKT^T^TO) €V TOtS €0V€aLV 

• • • 

p. 120 

€i/a>7r[ioi/ roiv o^dakiimv i^ftoii/] 
17 €KSiic[i;<ri9 rov aiftaro9 rcoi/ Sov] 
Xcoi; o-ov [t]ov [cickc^v/xcvov] 

11 cicreXdarco €paym{op aov o ore] 

• • • 

vayiio^ TCDV TreirfcSi^fto/oii/] 
fcara ttji' iiiya\(aawy)v [rov fipax"'^] 
pos aov ir^piirovfiaax rovs [viovs] 
rwp TedaparatfiepaiP 

12 airoSo9 roi9 yiroaw rifKOP €TrT[a7rXa] 

• • • 

aiopa €i9 Toi/ koXttov ain'oii^ 
roi/ oviSiaiiop avrtop op coi/iSur[av <r€ fcvptc] 

13 i7fi€i9 §€ kaos aov fcat npofiara poii[rj^ aov] 

6 circyvcMCOTa pro yovcMTKOvra | pourtXaa^ \ 7 TipvffiMoav | 8 oc«crcip/UK | cm Kvpu | 
9 i/fui' I 10 CF roif €$y€atv pro ra c^vi; | 12 yormrtv | tfrrajrXaam. pro crravAaaunu | 
€¥aSta'fwy \ ovtiiioav \ 18 yap pro 8c | add n;^ ante vofirii 


apdofiokoyyia-ofieda <roi o ^(€o)s [cts] 

rov cuatpa 

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fjMfyrvpiop TO) €Laa^^ ^a\ii{o^ tnrep rov aaavpiov] 

2 o TTOLULaiviav rov i{a'pa)r)k irp[o<TX€s] 
o o&jyoii/ oicrci npofiara [rov LOKrq<f>] 
o KadrnjL€vo% CTTt roiv [x^pl^^li^c^/^] 

3 evavriov k^paiy^ fcai )8€i/i[aft€ii/ kou ftai/ouraij] 
^^eyupov rrjv 8vi/a<rri[ai/ aov kol] 

€K0€ €19 ro acMTou riP'ois] 

4 o ^(€0)9 raiv Swaftcoii/ €ir[i(rr/9ei|roi/ i^fias] 
Kcu €nL<f>avov ro irpo(rai[7roi^ crov] 

Kai (raidi;(rofi€[da] 

5 K(vpi)€ o 0(€o)^ rwv hwap\€tov €019 rror€\ 

opyil^r) €7ri nji/ [irpocrcyj^Tji' rov SovXov crov] 
p. 121 

6 [tfraifii€i9 >7ftra9 aprov 8aic]/9vaii/ 

[kcu irort€i9 tj/ta? ev] 8afc|/>v](rii/ ci/ p,€rp<t} 

• • • • 

7 [e^ov 7^fta9 €i9 avrJiXoytai/ rot? yvroxriv r)pM{v) 
(ic)ai oi €ic'd/9[ot] i^fiaii/ €p.vKrripi<Tav yifias 

• • • • • • 

8 ['c](v/>i)€ o ^(€0)9 roiv hvvap^div errioTpe^ov rjpa^ 
[kol] €7n<l>avov ro rrpoaomov xrov kox a(adrja'op,^da 

9 [ajftTTcXoi/ €^ oLyimrov p^errfpa^ 
cfc^oXc? €^i/7j icai JcaTc^vrcwra? avn7(i') 

10 oiSoiroiijcras tpirpoad^v avnj? 

Kai Kar€(f>vr€v<ras ras pt^as aun}9 
Kat eTrXrfpaxrev rqv yrjv 

11 €KaXvi/f€i/ 0/91} 1} (TKia ai;n)9 

13 om o fco9 

LXXIX 8 Swoorciav | 4 om rwv Svko/accdv | 7 yaiwnv \ €)(9poi I 8 add Sia^uiAfui | 
10 €w\Tf(r$ri Tf yri pro tTrXtfpwrtv rrjy yip 


[K]ai at avaS^vSpahe^ avrrj^ ra? Kehpov^ tov 0{€o)v 

12 [cj^erti/o/ ra fcXi^/xara avnjs ceo? daXacroij^ 
icat €[019] nora/jLtov ras 7rapcuf>vaBa^ avrq^ 

13 ii/a [rt] KadiX€9 roi/ <f}payiiov avrrj^ 

• • • « 

[icat r/>v]y(uaii^ avrqv iraPT€^ ot irapa 
[7ro/9€voft6]i^oi rrfv 0801/ 

14 cXvftfi^i/aro a]vTyiv 1/9 cic' Bpviiov 

[fcat 01/09 ay]/>to9 KarevofiTfa'aTO avT7i(y) 

15 [o ^€09 roil/ 8v]i/afuiicoi/ enLOTpepov brj 
[icai €]7ri)8Xe|roi/ c^ o(v)p(ai/)ov kol iSc 
[fcat €7r]urice^ai n^i/ afiTreXoi/ ravrqv 

16 [fceu Kajraprurot avrrfv tjv €<f>vT€va'€p 


[icat CTTi vio]i/ ap{0pom)ov ov €ic/>aratcoo'a9 cain'oi 

17 [€ft7r€]7n;/9urfi€j/7}i/ irvpt iccu avea'Kafip.tvq^v) 
[airo €7ri]rifti70'€[ai]9 tov npoiramov 

[aov a7r]oXoi;Krcu 

18 [y€vr)0riTai\ tj ^tp aov err avhpa Sc^ta <roi; 

p. 122 

ICCU eiTL x^LOv OLvdptairov ov €KpaT<uaKras treavrtf] 

19 icat ov p^T) [airoaT(aii€v ano aov] 
icat aTTO n}[9 80^9 rov €X€ov9 o'ov] 

{coaKD79 'V7ftra9 kcu [to ovofia (rov] 

• • • • 


20 K(vpi)€ o 0{€o)s T(ov Swafi€[aii/ enurrpelfop rffias] 
fc<u €7n<f>avov to npoo'amop alov] 

KOLL coiffriaoiieda 

n I ci9 TO TcXo9 ^cp Ta>y Xfivfov t[^ acro^ ^aX/A09] LXXX 

2 ayciX'Xtao'^at toi 0(€)co toi fiorj0(a i7ft[aii/] 
aXciXa^aTat roi ^(€)ai iaicai)8 

18 cf crcivcv I vorafMov pro irorafUAK | IS xatfeiXcs | 14 irv^ pro V9 | jcarcycfii^oaro | 
16 Swafico»v I om kxu^ | 16 (rcavry pro <avr<i» | 17 €iJLfr€irupurfuyrf \ avco-Ko/A/icni | 
18 \€ip I Sc^iaf I 19 om fcoi airo nyc 80^ rov cXcov$ crov | {oMKrct^ 

LXXX 8 ayoAAfoa^c | oAoAafdrc 


3 Xot^Sercu ^aXfiov kol Sore rvixvlavov] 
^aXrTfpiov T€p7rvov ftera [Kiffapa^] 

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€v evfrqi^fa rffiepa eoprvj^ [rffianv] 

5 oTi Trpoarayfta tco L{apa)ri\ €<r[TLv] 

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€1/ Tfti cfcX^ii/ ain'o[i/] €ic y[T^9 aiyi;7rrov] 
yXoicrcrai/ 771/ ovk ew[ai] i^icofiKTcv] 

7 a7r€<rrria'€i/ airo aX[ ] 


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• • • 

em^Kovcra crov «/ airoKpwfxfi KarotytSos] 
cSoKtfiacra o-c evrt vS[ar]o9 [avriXoyias 8tatfr<iX/ia] 
"X^ 9 aKovcroi/ Xao9 p^ov [xat hiafiaprvpop^ax aoi] 

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crot ^(€o)s 7rpocr^ar[o9] 
ovSc /X17 7rpo(ric[vKi7(r€i9 ^€^ aXXorpt^] 
p. 123 

11 fcyoi ya/9 €i/u Kvpios o 0€o^ aov] 
o ai/ayayaii/ crc €ic y»j9 atyvTrJrov 

irXarwop to] a'r[ofia cro]v Kat irXi^poKrai avro 

• • • 

12 iicat ovk] yjKolvaei^ o X]ao9 p»ov rqs (fxovr)^ fiov 

• • • 

Kai icparik ov] 7r/>[o(r]€(TV€i/ fiot 

■ • 

13 [icat] cfaircoTiXa avrov^ Kara ra envn) 
ocv/xara roii/ Kaphiwv avrotv 

[7r]o/)€vcroi^ai ci^ rots envrrihevp^ao'iv avT(o{p) 

14 €t o Xao9 fioi; i^Kovcrei/ fiov 

• • • 

i((r/9a)i7X rai9 oSot9 fiov ct eiropeuffri 


15 €1/ roi fiTj^^vL av Tov^ €K0pov^ avT(o{v) 

8 Xafiert | 4 ooXiriaarc | 6 c^cXtfeiv | 7 opcreoiv pro oA | 8 ^Xc^ | 9 add 

KOI XaXtfcrta aoi' hrpaifk post fjujv \ om Icrpar^ \ 10 om firf \ 18 cjoircoTCiAa | 14 om 
fiov^ I 16 om av bis | €)(dpovi 



[Ka]i CTTi T0V9 ff^ifioPTa^ avrov; em 


16 o[i €]K0pOL K(vpL0)v e^€Va(LUTO avTco 

Ka[i €aT]ai o Kaipo^ avroiP ets rqv otoii/a 
17 [fcai e^]cofit<r€v at;rov9 €k' arearo^ Trvpov 
[icat €fc] irerpa^ ficXt €)(opTaa€v avrovs 

[HA] [taX/i09 ry] oirai^ LXXXI 

1 [o 0€os €a]Tri €P (rwaywyrj d^oau 

2 [€019] TTorc KOLverai aSuctai/* 

[icat] irpoaama aftaoroiXoii^ Xfl^^ai/er((u) 8toufraX(ua) 

3 [Kpti/]ar[€] op<f>ap(o icat trrftiXA^ 
[ra7r€]ii/[oi^] icot iretnfra SuceuoKrarou 

4 [c^cXecr^c] iremfra kox irrwixpv 

[ek x€i,pos] a/iapTOiXov pvaojcrOox avTo{v) 

5 [ovic eypoKrav] ouSc {rwifKav 
[ci^ (ricor€i 8ia7ro/9]ei;ovr<u 
[craXcv^T^croi^at] irai^a ra ffefUkia 7^79 7^79 

p. 124 

6 cyoi €[iira 0€oi, eoTC K€u viot m/ricrrov irai^rcs] 

7 i;/x€i9 [Sc S17 0)9 avdpiofiroi, anoffvria'Kere] 
KOI 019 €19 [roil/ apxovTo^p TTLirrere] 

8 avaora o ^(€0)9 icptvofi/ n^i^ yrfp] 

oTi COL KaTaK\'ripov[oiJLrfa'€L^ €v Tracrti/ rot9 c^i^crti/] 

^F I »«i7 ^aXAW TO) iwr[o^] LXXXII 

•^ -t 

2 O ^(€0)9 ri9 o/JLOiMffrfO'eraL [(r]oi 

fti; (nyrfoifis /xi^Sc Kwrairpavvq^ [o ^€09] 

3 OTi iSov Oi €K0poL aov Tixqcav 

16 cravctroMra | 16 €)($poi 

LXXXI 1 itoKpivu I 8 jcpcvcrc | Xofifiavert | 8 op^vo¥ mu irr»xoi' I SuoouMrarc | 
4 fvaaaOt \ om avror | 8 ov pro otM 
LXXXll 1 ^oA^AOv I 8 cxtfpoi 


KOI o( jLucrovvrcs ere rfpav K€^aKi]v 

4 CTTi roi^ \aov aov Kareirapovpyev 

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icat €^ov\€va'avTO Kara t<ov ayi[a}v aov] 

5 €L7rav Seure fcai €^o\€0p€va'(o[ji€v] 



KOLL ov im fivqa&ri to oi/[o/xa ixrpariK ert] 

6 ori efiovkevaavro €v o[/xoi/oia ctti to avro] 
Kara aov Bvadrfiaiv 8i[€dei/ro] 

7 ra aKifvcD/jLaTa rtav t[Sovfiata)i/ icat] 

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8 yoL^aX Kat aft'/xoii/ icot afi[aX7^ic] 

• • • • 

oXXcM^vXoi fiera roii/ [icarotfcovi^aii/ rupoi/] 

9 icat yap kox axraovp [avmrap€y€v€\ 

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eyetrri&rjaav €ts [ai^tXi^fu/rii^ tol^] 
vTois Xoir' [Sicu/f<iX^a] 

10 irovqaov avraus [ais ri} ftaStaft Kat] 

roi/ aurapa 
019 o ta^Su' €1/ r[^ ^^iiJLapptf icctcraii/] 
P- 125 

11 [c^oXc^pcv^T^crai/ €i/ a€i^Sfti]/> 
[cycmj^T^crai/ cos Koirpo^ nj]s yijs 

12 [dov rov9 ap\ovra% avr(Dv\ 019 roi/ aiprjfi^ 

[fcat {17)8] Kat {[€)8]€cu fcat craX/xai/a 

• « ■ ■ 

[Trai^ras tovs aplxovras avrtop 

13 [oirti/€9 €i7r]a[i/] K\7ipovoiirja(oiJL€v eav 

[rot? TO &v]aLaaTripLov rov 0{€o)v 

14 [o ^€09 /xov] ^ov avrovs cu9 Tpo\ov 
[co9 K]<iXafii;i/ Kara Trpoaamov ape/JLOv 

15 [oiajct irvp o Stai^Xe^t Spv/xov 

4 yyvifjLrp^ pro yvutfirf \ 7 la/iaiTXciToi | 8 NatjSoA. proyoujSoX | add icai post A/ia 
X17JC I 10 avToi9 pro avrovs | r<^ pro rov | Sciotipa | Iaj9civ | 11 ri; yj; pro n;9 yi^c 
IS Zcj9ec I ScXfuiva | 16 &a<^cfei 


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16 ovroi? KaTahua^i^ avrcv^ €p rt) Karaiyihi cov 
Kat €v rq opyy) aov cvvrapa^i^ avrov^ 

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KOL t^ryrqo'ova'iv to ovo/ia cov K(vpt)€ 

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m m 

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K€U ^irrpamfroHTaa/ Kai a7rok€a'6(oo'a{v) 

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[nr] I [€i9 TO T€\o^ virep] rmv \rivmv roi^ t>toi9 Kop€ 's^aX/jLO^ L XXXI II 

2 [a>9 ayawtfra ra cr]in}i/ai/xara crov K(vp4)c rcio(i/) 


3 CTrt[irodc4 Kox cKXct]Trt 17 t/o^ /xov ct9 ra? avXa? rov K{ypi6)v 
7) Kap8[ta /iov Kou] 17 aap^ /lov m^aX'Xiacra(i/) 

[to CTTt ^€OI/ {o)]l/Ta" 

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[kcu rpvycDP voa](nav eavrrf ov OrfCL 

[ra voo'cia avr]7ys 
[ra dvo'Laxrrqpia a^ov K{vpi)€ roof hvvaiiaua{y) 
p. 126 

o )3ao'i[Xcv9 /xov Kcu o dco9 /xov] 

5 /xcucap[toi Trai/rc9 ot icaroacotrvrc?] 

ci/ TO) [oucctf a'ov\ 
Ci9 rov9 ou[aii/a]9 ra>[i/ axo}V(av axv^o'ova'iv a€ 8tax|raXfui] 

• • • 

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avTOv wapa cov K[vpi€] 
ai/a)3a(rc(9 €v rr) Kaphia [avrov Stc^cro] 
7 ct9 rv/i^ KotXaSa rov KXa[v]d/x[aii/09] 
€ts Torroi/ ov ^dero 
KOM yap cvXoyta? Sokti o pofioOerfav 

16 icara&itf^etc | Topo^eic pro (rwropo^is 

LXXXIII 8 eicXairct | 4 ^rftrti, \ Swofutiw | 7 cv ri; KOiAa& pro etc rriy KoiXaSa \ 8wru 


8 vopeuvovTOJL cfc' Svi/ofiecDS e(9 Swal/uv] 

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ei/ayrurai o 0(co)9 icucoifi Stcu/foX/xa 

10 virepaunrurra rffioxi/ tSe o 0{€o)^ 
iccu einpKe^ov ct9 ro Trpcxrfaiiroi/] 

11 ort Kpurcop rffxepa /tta [cv rcu9 av] 

Xat9 crov vircp ;(iX[4a8a9] 

ra> otKa> rov 0{€o)v \fiakkov] 

12 ort cXcoi' icat aXT/^ctai^ ayair^ Kvpio^ o ^€09] 
X^Lpiv Kai ho^av Sfoxrct] 

ic(vpto)9 ov aT€p7)a'L ra [aya^a rov9 iropcvo] 
fuvov^ €v a[iccuctf ] 

13 ic(vpi)€ o 0(co)9 roil' 8vi4afi€a>i' /taicapto9] 

aa^{0panr)o^ o €kmQo>p efn crc] 

IIA I «*9 TO T€X09 T0[i9 ViOi? iVO/M ^aXfiO?] LXXXIV 

• . 

p. 127 

2 [ci;Soiti}(ra9 icvpie rqv yyiv\ <rov 
[aTrcorrp€i^a9 vqv ojLyjiai^iaa'iav lOKOifi 

3 [cu^ica9 ra9 ai/o/xia9 r^] Xaa> cov 
[cicaXvi/ra9 iracra]9 ra9 afiapria^ avTCD{v) 

4 [icarciratKra9] ircurai' rrfv opyyfv cov 
[aTrc<rrp]ci/ra9 airo opytf^ dv/iov cov 

5 [€irurrpc]ifN>i' fffia^ o 0(co)9 toif camfpuav rfii(o{v) 

• ■ 

[icoi ajTroorpci/roi' tov Ovfiov cov a<f> rjiiQ}{v) 


6 \fi7i c]t9 roi' aiMva op\ic07icri rf/ieiv 
-^ 8iar€yi9 TTjv opyjfp cov airo y€i/ca9 

8 o^ftyo-cTOi I S^tfF I 9 SuvofKefr | 10 cm pro U9 \ XL KfMatrwv \ oticcsr | cvt pro fic 
cv I 18 ov^ voTc^n^o pro ov artprfot \ 18 om o 0cos 

LXXXIV 8 om «aim« | add SuaffaXfM \ 4 om mumv \ 6 ly/uv | 8carevct« 


Ci9 y€P€av 

icoi o Xao9 crov eo^pavdjiaerai cirt crot 

8 St^oi/ '^fi€iv ic(vpi)€ TO cXcog <rov 
Kcu TO (ramjpiov cov 801179 '^/tti^ 

9 ajcovcro[/i]ou rt XaXi^crt ci^ ^ot K(vpto)9 o 0(co)9 
on XaXi^crfci ci]/>i;i^i' cirt top Xclop avrcv 

iccu cir[i r]ov9 o<rtov9 avrov iccu rov9 € 
[irurrp] Chopras icapStai^ wpo^ a\rro(v) 

10 [nkrjv cyyv^] ro>i/ <f>ofioviJL€P<ov avTo{p) 

[to a'anrip]u}p avrov 
[tcv Ka}ra[a]K7iPwa'€U ho^ap ep rn yn ytamip) 

11 [cXco9 fcou] a[X77]0cia avpriprqa'ap 

• • • 

[Sticcuocn/in;] ICCU eipr/pri KaT€if>iXria'a{p) 

12 [oXT/^cta CK rvjs] 7^9 ai^er&Xcy 

[iccu StlCCUOOi;!^]!} €ic' TOV 0{v)p{ap)0V hL€9Cwlf€(p) 

13 [iccu yap o Kvpio^ oa>]cri ^pnriaTOTffra 
[iccu 77 yi; T/fuui^] SoxTi TOP Kapnop avrq^ 

m m 

14 [SucaLoavprj €pap]Tiop avrov wpoiropevaer^ai) 
[iccu Oriai €p oSo) €i]p7fpri^ Ta Btafivf/iaTa avrov 

p. 128 

•— — I 


irpoltrevxn ry SaP€tS\ LXXXV 

I k\ip[op Kvpie TO OU9 crov iccu eiaaKovaop fiov] 
OTi TrT[a>;(09 iccu rrtpif^ eifii €ya>] 

a if>vka^op Tqp {j^vyyi^ H*^^ ^'^^ o<rt09 Ci/u] 

• • • • 

(TUKTOP TOP SouXoi/ [(TOV O 0€O9 fU>V TOI/ cX] 

irt^opra cirt crc 

3 cXe^croi' /mc K{vpi»)€ ori Trpo[9 ere iccicpa^o] 

fiat 0X171/ Ti}i/ riii€pap 

4 ev^papop rqp ^jn/xyiP rov 8[ouXov aov] 

7 <rv pro <roi^\ imwra/s \ 8 8ci^ | iffuv | add mipcc ante 3yi7« | 9 AoXTcra^ | tr 
wpoi avror KOfAav \ 18 avcretXcv | 18 iwru bis | 14 ftyfrci | u^ o8ov pro cv o&i iUfn/mfs 
[quae verba scripsi ex coniectura; cf. Vers. Lat. Ant. et Luc. i. 79] 


ort Trpo9 crc '^pa rriv ^fvxyip fJLOv 

5 ort crot ic(vpi)c xpvforo^ kox ciri€tin;[9] 

Kat TToXotcXco? iraaiv roi^ €irac[aXov] 


fievoL^ crc 

6 ^vajricax K(vpi)€ rqv Trpoaeirx^v /xov] 
Kcu Trpoaxji^ rt) ifxovr) rlq^ 8ei)<rca>9 fiov] 

7 CI' rffiepa dXu/rco>9 /to[v ciccicpa^a] 

Trpo9 crc ort cmjicfovcra? /mov] 

8 ovK eoTiv o/xoto9 [crot €P $€oi^ Kvpu] 
KOL OVK €cmv Kara [ra €pya aov] 

9 iravra ra kOvrj oca [cirotijcra^] 
Tf^ovaiv icou TrpocrK[vin;crovcrti/ ci^cu] 

niOP (TOV K{vpi)€ 

KOM So^aaovcLP to [opofia crov] 

10 ort fieya^ ct crot icfat ttouop davfiaxrui] 
crot ct o 0{€o)s fiopo^ [o fieya^] 

11 oSriyricov fi€ ic[vpt€ r^ o8^ crov] 
Kox iropcvo'o/xaft rj; oXT/^ct^ crov] 
€wf>pav67fr(o 7) [icapSta fiov rov <f>o] 


PktOox fie t[o opofia crov] 

13 c^o/xoXoy»}cro[fiat crot icvptc o 0cos /xov] 
p. 129 

[ep oky KapSta fi]ov 
[icat So^ocrcu ro opo/ia cov ct?] roi/ axcopa 

13 [ort ro cXco9 crov] fieya en e/ie 

[kcu eppvao} T7)]p ^jn^XTI^ M*^^ ^^ aSov icarcurarov 

14 [o dcos irapai/o/x]ot ewapeoTrja'av en e/ie 
[kcu avpay<o]yrj KparaucDV c^Tynjcrai/ 


[ov] irpo€0€PTo TOV 6{eo)v epomiov avTCD{v) 
15 [fc]at crot ic(vpt)c o d{€o)^ fiov oiKTipfuav 
Kox eKerj/icDP 

LXXXV 4 add icvpu post ere | 6 ov pro croi | iraXvcXco? | iraot | 7 turqicovaun pro 
cm/Koixras | 10 crv pro troi bis | 11 f^p€ur&an \ om fu^ \ 14 o-e pro rm^ $€0¥ \ 15 orv 
pro (roc I cm /aov | [kiu o-oc ice o 9? /aov 01 et kiu tkttf/uov in ras man i] 


IJMkpo0VfU>i KOI iroXoicXcos kcu aXrjdivo^ 


16 eiripXe^ov €n c/ui€ kcu eXef/aov fie 
809 TO KpaTOS (Tov ra> ircuSt aov 

[kcu] (Tfoaov TOV v{jl6)v T7)^ iratStcTKTjs aou 

17 iroii^croi/ /xer e/iou ayi/iiov €t9 ayaJdo{y) 
[kcu (SJeroxrcu/ ot fjLLCovme^ uc Kat 

[ort (TV Kvptc] efiatiOrja'a^ /loi Kai irapcKaXecra? fi€ 

• • • 

[n§"] I [T0i9 l/iOi? «]0f>€ '^dkfAO^ «&79 LXXXVI 

[ot dc/AcXtoi] avTou €v rot9 optaiv toi^ aytots 
3 [ayaira] K(upio)9 ra9 irvXa? aaxap W€p wavTa 

ra crKi;i/a>/iara lauctofi 

• • • 

3 [8c8ofa]crfi€i/a cXaXi;^ irept crov '^ iroXi9 tov 0{€o)v 

4 fii/i/of^T/croficu poiafi Kai fiafivKw 

• • • • • • • 

[vo^] rot9 ywioaKovaiv /me 

[kcu] i8o[v] aXXo^vXoi kcu Tvpo^ Kat Xa 

• • • • • « 

OS rail' audiOTTtav 
[ovjroi eyeirrfOrfO'ai/ €Kct 

5 [M''7}^P o'[cta>]i^ €[/>c]t av{dp(tm)o^- Kat 01^(0^0111)09 cyci/17^ 

• • • • • 

[ci' avrii] k(cu) auro9 edeiiekuoaei/ avT7){p) 
[o w/ft<rro9] 
p. 130 

6 K(vpto)9 8tTyy[i;o'erai «/ ypO'^'Q Xcuui/] 

Kat apxopTCDv rfovrcoi/ toii^ ycycKi;] 

• • • 

fiepcop €v ax^TQ 8tai|raX/xa] 

7 a>9 ev<^pcui/ofiei/ai[i' irapra>i^ 77 Karot] 

Kta cv o^ot 

16 iraXvcXcos | 17 <nff»iUov 

LXXXVI 8 add Sia^aAfui | 4 om roiv 


t I 

nZ I ^^ '^XflOV T0C9 I/C0i9 iCOpe [c»9 TO TffX09 VITCp] LXXXVII 

fuuXiu* Tov airoKfHUffvai avP€<r€[o»9 aifuip r^ la'pai^X^vg] 

a ic(vp()€ o 0(co)9 n;9 croin^pia^ ftov yiii€pa% 
€K€KpaJ^a Kan €if n/irrt evavriov [cav] 

3 €urcX0ara> ci^a»irtoi' crov 17 irpcnrcv^ f^(<>v) 
icXii^oi' TO OV9 crou Ci9 Ti}!' Scijcrti' /xov 

4 ort enXrfa'dri kojoop tf t|rvx^ fuw 
iccu '^ {0117 /xov ra> 0817 i}yyurci^ 

5 npoackoyiadriv fjLera rwv Karaficu 
■'• voviTiov Ci9 Xcuc'koi' 

e/€uriOi)v axrci av{Op<M)o^ afiaridjfro^ 

6 ci^ v€Kpoi% ekevdepo^ 

oKTCi TpavfiaTKU Ka0€vSoPT€^ [ep to] 

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icot auroi €k n}9 x^H^^ [crjov [airoKT^crav] 

7 €0€PTo lie €P XajcK(o icarctfr{ar^] 
cy cricorii/oi9 fccu cricia9 dava7[ov] 

8 €ir €/x€ ewearripLX^ o 0vfi[o^ crov] 
ICCU Trai/ra9 rov9 /tcrco>pia-[fiov9] 

crov cin;yayc9 cir €/tc [8i€u|raX/uia] 

9 e/iaKpwa^ rov9 7a^aKrrou[9 fiov air c/mov] 

€0€PTO fl€ fiStkvYP'OL €a[vTOL^] 

vapehodriv kcu ovk €$€nop^vofirip] 

10 ot wkdaXiiOL fiov ria[0\€i^ria'av airo i7Ta>;(cia9] 

• • 

€K€Kpa(a irpo^ crc ic(i;pi)€ okyjv [rrfv ruiepap] 

p. 131 

[Sicirercura ra9 x^l^P^^ M'^'^ 

11 [firi rot9 P€Kpou^ iroii^crci?] davfiaaLa 

[if tarpoi a]i/acm}crotKni' iccu c^o/moXo 

• • • • • • 

[yi7cro]i/rcu crot 
I a [/XT/ 8ti;yi7cr]erai n9 ci^ rcu^a> ro cX€09 crov 
[iccu rrip ajXi^^tav crov €P rq aircuXta 

LXXXVII 8 curcXtfcrctf | add Kvpu post /un;^ | 6 toi pro oKra | 6 rpavfuirioi] + cppcfi- 
ficnK I 7 cncorctrotc | cf crict^ pro o-Kias | 8 tr cv c/u cmTyaycc | 10 add kbu ante ciccicpa^ | 
IS aXifiaay 


13 [fi]7i y[pio]a'0ria'er(u €v ra> ckoti ra Oav 

fuurta <rov 


Kcu 17 hucauKTwri cov €P yrf cirtXcXi^crficio/ 

14 KOA eya> npo^ ere K{vpi)€ €K€Kpa$a 

Kat TO irpa>c 17 Trpocevx^ /lov irpo^Oaai crc 
15; iva ri ic(i;pt)c antadi^ rqv ^fcvyyfv fiov 
anoorpeif^i,^ to Trpoaanrop (rov air efiov 

16 i7Ta>;(09 cifu eya» icot €v kottol^ €k p€ 

orrfTO^ fiov 
v^^wOi^ §€ erarnvwdriv icat €^7f!rop7)0j){v) 

17 cir €fic hvqkOov ax opyax aov 

oi ^[o]^purfioi crov e^erapa^av fie 

18 cirv[icX]axrai' /tc oKret vScup' 

oX[77i/] Trjv tifiepav 7r€pi,€a\ov /mc a/ta 

19 ^[a]icpvi^a9 air efiov ^\op koa 7r\7i(no{p) 
Kax TOW yuwcTTOW pjov airo raXaiira>pia9 

IIH I [crvi«]<reQ»9 oida/i t» iejJipa^XiTi^ LXXXVII I 

^^^^^ • • • • 

3 ra cXci; (Tov ic(i;pft)€ Ci9 roi^ cuoii^a cura>/tcu 
Ci9 y€P€av Kcu yei/eai' array 'yeXoi 

n^i' oXT/^tay crov €if ro> aro/tari /xov 

3 ort Ciira9 €19 roi/ ata>i/a cXco9 ot 

cv roi9 o(v)p(ai')oi9 iToifiaa-drio'erax rf aXifdia aov 

4 [Sijc^cftf^/H Sta^Ki;!' rot9 ey'X€irro(9 fiov 

p. 132 

ai/to<ra 8[av€t8 r^ SouX^ fiov] 


5 ca»9 Tov at[a»vo9 eroip^uno to airepiia aov] 

iccu oucoSofiriato €i[9 y€P€ap icat] 

■ ■ • • • • 

yei'cai' roi^ ^poi/ofi' crov 8tax|raX/uia] 

18 o-icorct I [cinAcXi|(r/icin7 X' corr ex e] | 14 myta | tr Kvpu vpoi <rc | vpot^aau \ 
16 air«a0c4f | vpocroixiTV pro ^wx^v | airoorpc^c | 16 v^oiActc | erairciyttiA^F | 17 pr mu 
ante oc I €Tapa(av \ 18 cus pro oKret | 19 cm icai vkfjatoy 

LXXXVIII 1 oiAiv I urparfXxirtf \ 2 ftrtyfjuu \ aXrfStiav \ 8 oXi^^cia | 4 cicXeicrocc 


6 e^ofiokoyriaovraL oi [ovpavoL ra Oavfiaxria aov Kvpu] 
Kai yap rrfv akrfdiap aov cv [eKKXyfCi^ ayLCJv] 

7 ort ri9 €v v€<f>€KaL^ lacaOyflcrerai r^ Kvpi(^] 

Kai ri9 dfiouoOrfO'eraL rai ic(vpt)a> [€v Vi049 deov] 

m m 

8 o d{€o)^ €vho(a^ofi€vo^ €v fiovkrj ayL[cDv] 


9 ic(vp()c o d(co)9 rail/ hwaiiaKop rt9 o/ioio^ [crot] 
8vi/aro9 €t K(vp()c icat 77 akri$La aov icv/cXoi [crov] 

10 crot SccTTToJts Tou KpaTcv^ T7;9 ^aXacrfcnys] 
roi/ 8c craXoi/ t<op Kv/iaTtop avrr)^ 

croi KarairpawTf^ 

11 (Toi erairti/axra? a>9 rpav/ui[ari]ai/ vttc 

• • • • 

Kai €v T€o fipa)(iovi Ti}9 8vi/[a/x]cai[9 crov] 
hucKopirura^ tovs €ic'0[/:>ov9 crov] 

12 (TOt €iaiv oi o(v)p(ai/)ot icat en} ^otiv [i} yij] 
71}!' OiKovfi€V7iv Ka[i TO TrXt^paifia] 

ai/n79 croi e^c/mcXioifcra?] 

13 TOI' fiop^pav Kai Tqv 0aXa(r[cr(u/ crv €icria'a9] 
dafiiop Kai €pfiQ}puii TO) [ovo/iari] 

aov ayaX^Xtaaovrai 

14 (709 o fipa\i€av fiera hv\yaaT€ia^ 
Kparaioidrjfro} rf ^(cip cr[ov vi/rai0Y}] 

ra> '^ Sc^ta cr[ov] 

15 Soccuocrvi/i} icat icptfi[a crocfiacrta rov Opovov aoxP^ 

P- 133 

[cXco9 fcat aXi^^eta TrpoTrop€]vcrerat irpo irpoaomov aov 

16 [ftcucapto? o Xao9 o yti/(u]crKa>i/ aXaXay/uio(i/) 
[Kvpu 61/ T^ <^a>rt rov irpc^aomov aov rro 

[p€vaoin]ai . 

17 [icat ev T(o] ovofiari aov ayak^Xiaaovrai 


6 om yap | aXTj$€uiv \ 8 om ecrrtv | 9 Swa/iccov | oXi^^cta | 10 av pro oxm bis | 
8c(nro{ct9 I Kat rov pro rov 8c | Karairpawcis i U o^ pro 0*01 | craircivoKms | txOpov^ | 
12 01; pro 0-01 ^ I 13 om np^ \ $aXaxr<rai \ EpfUDvtct/i 








[oX]7yi/ TT7I' Tffiepap 

m m 

18 [ori to] Kav)(rf/ia rrj^ 8vi/afiea>9 ovtcdp av ct 

• • • 

[icat] €1/ 71} cvSoicia (tov vi/faidi^crerai 

TO K€pa^ Tj/KOV 

19 ort rov K{vpLo)v 17 ai^iXijfu^t? 

Kcu rov ayiov i((rpa)i7X fiaaiXetos rifi<av 
TOT€ €XaXi7(ra9 €i/ opaai roi9 vtot? crov 
Kai ct7ra9 cdefirfv fioffBiav ctti 8vi/aro(i/) 
vi/rcocra cy'Xcic'roi/ ck' rov Xaov /xov 
evpov 8a(v€i)8 roi/ SovXoi/ /xov 
€1/ cXeet ayita fiov expura avrov 
22 17 vap ;(Cip /mov avpavTiKrfpAJferaL avrto 
[k]€u b fipa)(iwv fiov KaTurxyai avrov 

23 [oVk] C^cXl^Crt €KdpO^ €P aVTQ} 

[kol vto9 apolfiia^ ov vpoo'Oria'i rov Kojcwrax avTo{v) 

24 [icat <TvyK€^]<o airo wpocomov avrov 

[ro]v9 €Kdpov^ avrov 

• • • 

[iccu Tov^ p]ia'ovvTa^ avrov rpoir(o<roii{aL) 

25 [kol Tf akrj]6La fiov iccu ro cXco^ /tov /tcr avrov 
[icat ei'] ra> ovofiari fiov v^ai^o'c 

ra[i r]o iccpas avrov 

26 [fc]at ^77a]o/xcu €i/ ^aXao'o^ X^^P^ avrov 

• • • • 

[icat] ci^ irorofiot? he^iav avrov 

• • • • 

[avro9 C7r]iicaXc[o'€]rcu fi€ 7r{ar)'fip fiov ct 0*01 
[0€O9 fiov] ICCU av[n\]riiiirr(ap ti}9 croin^ptas ftov 

icat eya> Trpa>[roroicoi/ driao/iaL avroi^] 
viln^Xoi' Tra[/:>a roi9 fia(rik€v<nv ti}s 7079] 

29 ct9 rov axfova <^vXa^[ai avr^ ro eXeo^ /lov] 

• • • • - ♦ 

icat 17 hiadjiKJi fiov irtaT[i} avr^] 

30 icat OTfcOfiai ct9 rov €u<ova rov atfoii^o^] 

hucaioffwg (rov vtffwBrj(rovrai | 16 tr a <rv | 20 opatra | /9 
uov^ I 82 xaruTYvcrct | SIS di^cXiTO-a | €)(Opois \ wpoaOvfai 

toayta pro 

jcat eycD 


TO airepfia avrov 
Kai TOP Opovov avrov o>9 ra9 i^/tcfpa^ rov ovpavov[ 
31 €av €PKaTaXvir<aa'w ot vtoi avrov 
Tov vofiop fiav 
KOI roi9 KpifLoxTtiv /xov fiT/ Tropcvdaxrt(i/) 
33 cai' ra 8accua»/xara pjov fi€firi\aKrov<n{v) 
Kou ra9 €vroXa9 fu>v /mi; ^\a((o<ri.{p) 

33 eiriaKe^fion ev pafiBio rag cu/o/uas avra>(i') 
Kcu €1^ fJLotm^LP ra9 aSucta? avra>i' 

34 TO 8c cXco9 /xov ov /U177 Stao-KcScurctf an avro>(i/) 
ovSc /ii} aOerria'Qi €v ttj aXriOia /lov 

35 ovSc firj l3€firf\{o(rQ} rrjv SiadjiKiiv pjov 
KOJL ra eKiropeuo/ieva Sta rcui^ ;(&Xato>(i') 

fiov ov fiT/ aderrio'to 

36 aira^ oi/too'a cv ro> ayicu /xov ct ra> 
8a(v€t)8 i^vo'o/xat 

37 ro (nrc/9/xa avrov Ci9 roi' aia»i/a ftcvt 

• • • 

Kox o dpovo^ avrov a»9 o 17X109 ci^aprtoi' /xov 

38 icot a>9 17 o'cXi^i/i} KaryjpTurp^vrj ctg 

• • • 

roi' aia>i/a 
icat o fiapTV^ €P o(v)p{av)a> nurro^ [Bicu^HMX/ia] 

39 croi Be awwo'to koa c^ovSci/oiaas 
ap€fia\ov TOV \{pixrro)v cov 

40 Karearpolfa^ rqv hiadifK[i)v rov SovXov cav^ 
c/Sc/Si^Xoxrag Ci9 n;i^ yiji/ [ro aytcur/xa avrov] 

P- 135 

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• • • • • • • 

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53 [cvX]oyi}ro9 ic(vpto)9 ct9 roi/ otcui^a yei^o&ro 

p. 136 

IIB wpoaevYff [rov fimvari avOpwirov rov] 0{€o)v LXXXIX 

t I • • • 

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• • • 

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• • ■ 

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K(u TO vKlov avTCi)P KOTTO^ Kai irovlo^] 

• • • • • 

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P- 137 

[icat iraihevdriaoiieOa] 

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• • • • • 

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■ • • 

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• • • • 

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[ic]cu VTTO ra9 irrcpvya? avrov cXirtet? 

p. 138 

oirXa> ic[vicX€EK7Ct o'C 17 aX7}0cta avrov] 

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awo )8cXov9 [Trer]o/i€[i^ov i^/xepa?] 

• • • 

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CKenaxTta avrov on, [ey]p(a to ovofxa /lov 

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• • • 

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• . • • 


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■ • • • • 

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• • • • 

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o-cTOi pro KtKpaitrai irpo$ | $Xulf€i | add moi ante €t€Xiovfuu \ om avrov ^ | 16 fuiKpcfnfn \ 


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iccu €1/ roi9 €pyoL^ ran/ \€ip(av crou 


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p. 140 


aKovcrcfrot ro[ ovs [ftov] 

• • • 

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• • • 

XCI 8 aXrfiuoLV \ witra \ 6 cv^paw« I 6 tPapfwdifrav \ 7 oiruvcros | irvn^oa | 
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• • • • 

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icat yap eoTepcwr^v Tqv oiKovp,€V7\v 

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airo rov atoii^os crot ei 
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€irqpav 01 irora/xoi ^oii^as avroii^ 
apowriv oi irora/iot [cirt]rpii/rt9 
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davfiaaro^ €v vi/n}X[oi]9 o K{ypio)^ 

• • • • 

ra [lapTvpia crov €7rur[T<o]0ria'a[p ankoSpa] 

• • • • • 

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p. 141 

[o deos CK8un}<re<uv eira/api^Jtruuraro 


16 rorc pro cri | yi/pci | 16 avayyccAoi | fjtou pro i;/buiyv 

XCII 1 fcartpKurroi pro Karf^Kur&jf \ add ^^Si/f post otros | om o | cvirpcireiav | 8 av 
pro croc | 8 om cLpCfwriv .... orcrpc^i? | 6 irpcirci 
XCIII 1 add o ante Acos | cic&ici^ca»v 


2 [wlKodrjTt o Kpi]v<a[p T]ri[v ynji/ 

[airo8o9 ai/ra]iro8o(rii' ro[t9] xm^prnAavoi^ 

• • • • f • f 

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[CC09] irorc a/xaproiXoi icavx''?^^'^^^ 

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X[aXi}]<rovo'ii' iroure? 01 epya^o/xci^ot 

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icat TT}!' Kkrjpovofiiap arov CKajcaiO'av 

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ovSc aupTjari o ^(eo)? rov icucoi^S' 

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icat iia}poL irorc ^povrfcrartu 

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o SiScuricaii^ av{dptim)ov ypoHrtv 

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av{0p(an)wv ori turiv /laratoi 

13 fiojcapio^ o ap{dpoyn)o^ ov av iratSciKn}? ic(vpi)c 

• • • • 

icat 6IC rov vofiov arov StSa^ts avro(i/) 

13 [rov] irpawax avroi a^ Tifiepfov 


• • • • 

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[icat n}i^] KXi}po[i'o]/uttai/ avrov ovic €v 

• • • • • • 

p. 142 

15 ca>9 ov [Sticaiocrvi^ eirurrpe^ ct9 Kpto'ti/] 

icat ot €vo\fi€i/oi] avr[T7s irai^e? ot] 

• • • • 

6 mwtivwFav \ 6 atrticTuvav \ 7 ovk | avyfjau \ 8 oiivcrc | ^pon^aarc | 9 o^^oX- 
fi4ni9 pro TOK o^BaXiuw \ ov pro ovxt | U ycvoio-KCi | 12 add <n; post av | Sc&ijjT^ | 14 cy- 
MaToXci^ci I 15 om ot ^ 


cv^ct]^ TV} KapS[uf. SuD^eiX^a] 
i6 rts ai^aan^creroi /xoi [eirt iroi^pcv] 


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€pya(o/x€vovs n}i' ai^[o/uttai^] 

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irapa fipaxy irapa^icria'a/ tw aBrj rf ^ 

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• • • 

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• • • 

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• • • 

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16 iron}pcvofKvov9 | 18 Pcvfiu \ 19 add Kvpcc ante Kara | if^vijaay pro r/v^pavav | 
90 (rvwyKKTCcrrai | 28 om KvpuK^\ om Kara | avro>v pro r»y cinn|Scv/iar«ii' avrtav \ a^- 
vict avnns pro c^oXc0/>cvcri 


P- 143 

• • • • • • 

3 OTt ^(€0)9 [fieya^ Kvpio]^ 

• • • 

••• ••' ■• 

4 o[ti] €v ttj [x^^]p^ avrov navra ra ircpara tt/s yr/^ 

[koi r]a vifn} rcoi/ opetov avrov aiv 

5 [on a]vrov tariv ij ^aXacrVa- icat avro9 

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icai n}i^ $ripaaf €U X^^P^^ avrov eirkaara{v) 

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7 TJcai/ro? ijiia^' art avro9 corti' o ^(co)s Tjftca(i^) 
7}/xcis §€ Xaos pofiri^ avrov' icai 

vpofiara ^cipos avrov 

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aiire' [iri CKkripwrfre ra? KapSi 
as v/xaii^* 019 €1^ roi irapamKpa^riuo 
Kara rt)v 'ifp^pav rov ircipaxriiov 
€v rt) ipTfiuo 

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avroi Se ovic ewoxrap ra9 080V9 /xov 

• • • 

11 a>9 <o[fio<r]a €v rr; opyrj fiov 

• ■ • . 

€i etcrcXcvcrovrat et9 rriv Kara'irava'i{p) fiov 

XCIV 4 add ori ovic awwnroi KvpuK tot Aoor avrov ante ort | cm vovra | cony 
pro OIF I 7 mu ijfMcf pro i|futs 8c | 8 oKmnn/rt pro am^rc | 9 om /m bis | iSoaav \ 10 mu 
avrot pro avroc 8c 


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€vay ycXtaacr^c T)[/ji€pai/ cf yifiepa^ to] 

cramfpiov avrov 

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• • • 

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• • • 

4 ort /xcya9 ic(vpio)9 icat oti^ero? cr<^o8pa 
if^ofiepo^ €<mv inrcp navra^ W^vf?] ^covs 

5 ort irai^€9 oi dcoi ron^ cdvoiv 8€Ufu>[i/ia] 
o Sc ic(vpto)s rovs o(v)p(ai')ovs €iroii70'ci' 

6 e^oiiokoyriari^ Kai oipaion;? €ya»7rio(i') avrov 

• • • • 

ayiZxTwri Kai fieyakoTrpeina €v roi 
ayuurfiaTi avrov 

7 cvcy'icarot rai ic(vpi)a> at irarpiai rtav €dvoi\y\ 

€vey Karat ro) ic(vpt)ai So^av koa rtp/rip 

8 €V€yKaraA rai ic(vpt)ai So^ap opofiari avr[ov] 
aparai 0vcna^ Kat cicnropevco'dai ct9 

ras avXa9 avrov 

9 npocfcvvricraraA roi ic(vpt)ai ci' avXi} ayta avrov 

o'aXcvdTjroi airo npocamov avrov 

• ■ 

ireura 17 yij 
10 ctirarat ci' rot? tOvtativ ore ic(vpto)9 €)8a 

icat yap Karopdoxrep vqp oiKovfUinf(p) 

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KpLPL Xaov9 CI' evOvrrfTi 

XCV 1 oacoSo/ACiroi | (jtSi/pro otvo? a)8i;9 | ooarc^ | 8 acmrc | cvayyeA«{c(r0c pro cuay- 
ytkunurBt \ 8 avayyeiAarc | iracrc pro iracrciv | 4 ctti pro vircp | 6 /AcyoAoirpcircca | 7 cvey- 
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P- M5 

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• • • 

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■ • • 

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[airo] npoaomov ic(vpto)v iracny? T179 7079 

• • • 

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[icot c]t8oo'ai^ iravre^ ot Xaot rrip ho^av avrov 

• • • 

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[a* corr ex tr man i] | vrfroi \ 8 cyfipov^ | 6 tr eroKTcrav oKrci xi/poc | 6 avrfyyuXav 


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• • • 

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• • • 

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p. 146 

€V€K€P [r<op Kpifiartov cov m/pic] 
9 ori <rot c[t iaipto9 o v^urros €irt iroo'ai/ rriv yr/v] 

crif>oSpa vir€pv^aj[67f^ vnep irai^] 

• • • • 

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^vXcurcrt ic(vpio)9 ras i/nix^^ '''^'^ [00*1011^ avrov] 
ot* j(6ipos a/iapTtokov pvcrefrcu avrov?] 

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icat €(opx}Koyurdai rri iivfifiri rq^ 
ayiMOVvri^ avrov 

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on daviLoara enov^cep o ic(vpu>)9 

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• • • 

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7 ci&dAms I irpoo-JcwToarc | 8 ftryarcpcs | 9 <n; pro croc | 10 ^Xaanru | a^iapTmXmt 
pro a^M4MpTwXov | 11 avcrciAcv | €v$mri \ 12 ^v^pavOvjTt \ crt pro cv | cf ofuiAoycio^ 
XCVII 1 oumrc | om o^| avry pro ij/ias ij^s | S aXi^ias 


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TO aamfpiov rov d{€o)\y 7}/Lta>i/] 

4 aXctXa^arat roi d(c)a> iraca [t; yi^] 
acrarat icat ayaX'Xtacrdat [icat i/raXare] 

5 i/raXarat roi d(€)ai 7}/xaii/ ci^ [Ki^ap^] 
€u Kidapa Kai ifxavri [i/raX/xov] 

6 €1/ €rakiny^€u^ 6Xar[at9] 

p. 147 

[icat if>a}vy {rakmyyo^ iccjparti^? 
[aXaXafare €po}ttlov tov] jSocriXeoi? ic(vpt)v 

7 [crctXev^Tjrai t; ^aXacrcra icat to irXi; 

[poi/xa av]n}9 

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• ■ • • • 


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• • • 


ra opt; ayaXXtoo'OPTat airo irpoiTamov 
K(ypLo)v ort €p\€rai 

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icat Xaov9 €P eodvnifn 

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' — —I 

wap €/3paioi^ 

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o Ka&yip,€vo^ €7ri rtav xtpiwfiiv ca 

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cirt iravra? rov9 Xaov9 
3 e^op^oKoyrfa'aa'daKrav irai^c9 roi o 

S ccSooav I 4 oAoAa^rc | ooarc | ayaAAiiujtfc | 6 t^aXart \ Kvpc^ pro Acai ij/aoik | 
6 ooXiriy^iy | icvpc^ pro Kvpcov | 7 om iravrcs | armpf pro cv avn; | 8 om arro irfitxrwmfv . . . 
€p()(€Tai I 9 i/fca I Kptva pro k/mvou^ 

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vouan <rov rot ueyaXta 
ori <l>ofi€pov K€u ayiov €(mv 

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coi CTrotT}(ra9 

5 vi|rovr€ K(ypio)v top d(€o)p yiiKov 

• • • • 

ic(u irpoaKwirai roi viroiroStoi Tai(i/) 

[iro8]aii/ avTov ore ayto9 earip 
p. 148 

6 fuovayi^ ic[(u aaptop €p rot^ upevatv avrov] 
icoi o'a/x(nn}[X «/ rots ciriicctXov/xci^ois] 

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€n€KaXowTo rov K{ypio)v [koll avTO% enrfKowrev avrot^] 

7 €1/ on/X'Xoi i/€<^Xt}9 [cXctXei irpo9 avrov?] 
ort e^vkaxraov ra /xa/orv[pta avrov] 

ic(u ra irpoarayiiara avrov [a eSoncci/ avrot?] 

8 ic(vpi)€ o d(co)9 17/xaii/ <rot CTDjicovc? [avraii/] 
o 0(€o)^ aroL cvSfXaro9 eycii'ov avro[t9] 

icat eySLKtav eirt irai^a ra C7rtT7}8[ev] 
/xara avrov 

9 vi/K>vra4 K{vpio)v rov d{€o)p rjiiajp 

KOLL irpocKVPirax ct9 opo9 ayiov avro[v] 
ore dyto9 ic(vpu>)9 o ^(co)? i}/xaii/ 

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1 (tXaXa^arat ra> ^(€)a> Trao'a 17 yi; 

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eicreX^arat ei/tomov avrov €P ayaX[Xtaa'ci] 

3 yvarrax ort K(vpto)9 avro? caTti/ o 0{€o)^ 
avro9 €iroti70'€v '^/xas 'cat ovx Vfi^''^] 

4 (TV pro (Toc bis | 6 irpocrjcwctre | 6 cm on | 7 orvAtp | cm ore | cm avrov^ | 8 <7v 
pro (rot^ I om <roi* | cyiKOv | cic&icaiv | avroiv pro avrov | 9 wlfovrt \ wpocrjcvyorc 
XCIX 1 oAoAo^rc | Kv^t^ pro ^co> | 2 SovXcvovirc | turtXBart \ 8 yvorrc 


T)/xct9 §€ Xaos avTov kol vpofiara [rr;?] 

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e^ofiokoyurdaL avroi aipirai to opo 


fia avTov 

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• • « 

cX€09 aVTOV 

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T ) 


1 [eXeos KOA Kpi]<riv atratftat <roi. ic(vpi)€ 

2 [i/raXa> icat <rv]pri(r(a €P oSoi d/KOfuo 

[irOT€ TJ^Ct9 Wp09 ft€ 

• • • 

[StcJiropevo/xTji/ €P aicaicta icap8ia9 fiov 

• • • 

[ev] fi€(rai rov oticoi; /lov 

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npayfia napapofiop 
[rro]iovPTa^ Trapa/3a<r€L^ efuarja'a 
ovK eKoWyidri fiot Kaphia aKafifir) 

4 [€k]k\ipopto^ an efiov rov rromfpov. 

OVK ey^i'PoxTKop 

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• • • 

avrov TOVTOP c^eSia^KOP 
vn€pri(f>ap(a o(f>9aXfi<a icat aTrXijoToi 
KapSia TovT(o ov <rvp7f<rdLop 

6 oL o(f>dakiiOL [lov €7n TOV9 irt(7Tov9 T7}9 yijs 
[to]v avpKa6i)€r0ajL avrov^ /ler efiov 
iropeuo/x€i/o9 ci^ oSoi aiKOfifa ovro9 

/lot cXtrov/yyt 

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7 [ov] KaTOKi, ev iie<r<a n}9 ouna$ umv itm 

• • • 

<ov V7r€p7i<f>avuiv 

r<av Oif}daXii<av fiov 

8 [ci9 rasi] irpaita? anacraivov navra^ 

• • • 

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[rov cj^oXedpcvcrou ck' iroXeius K{vpio)v vav 
ra9 rovs €fyyal^oii€pov^ rqv avoiua{y) 

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[nov Kvpiov €ic;f€]i7 rriv 0€7i<nv avrov 

2 [euraicovcroi^ m/ptc] n^s irpo<rcv^9 fiov 

p. 150 

icat 1} Koavyyi /lov irpo^ [(re cX^aroi] 

• • • 

3 /IT} atroKTrpe^^ ro irp[o<rai7roi' <rov air] c/x[ov] 

• • • 

€u 71 av riiicpa dkifiw[ii€U kXlvop irpo?] 
fie ro OV9 (Tov 

€v 71 av rffupa eirtica[Xe]<r[ai/Lt(u] <rc [ravv] 

• • • 

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4 ore c^ektnov oxrtL icain'o[9 at rifiepai fiov] 
K<u ra oara fiov oKTCi if>pvyiop [awe] 


5 CTrXi^yi}!/ Qxret \opro^ kox t^\pavOrj\ 

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ort eirekadop/riv rov if>ayiP top a[pTOP fiov] 

6 airo <f><0P7i^ rov arcpayfiov fjLOv €[icoX] 

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7 oiioiiidTfp neXeKapTj eprffiiKta 

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• • • • • 

8 Tiypvmrqcra icat €y€Pop,7iP onrfct orpov] 

7 fcar^ci | icarcv^uvcv | cvavnoi' pro vnawvw \ 8 aircicrcvvov pro avcfCTaiyoi' | a&mar 
pro avofuav 

CI 8 tr ro ovf <rov vpun fu \ 6 ^yav | 7 iOfMOM^t/w | wvXcmow | 8 €y€vrfiv/if pro 


du>p ftovaJgOV em Stofian 
9 okrfp rqp rjfiepoLP oiviSil^ov [fi€ ot €)(dpoi fiov] 

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• • • 

10 ort <rno8op ai(rci apTo[v c]<^ayoi^ 

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• • ■ • • ■ 

11 ano npoiramov rq^ opyrj^ crov [icaji rov {Ov\p»av [crov] 

• • • • 

on enapa^ KaTqppaia^ /le 

12 at 7iii€pai fiov a>9 criciat €icXt^i}[(rai^] 

K(u eyoi oKret xopro^ €^pa[vdrip] 

• • • 

13 <roi Sc ic(vpi)€ €i9 Toi^ aton^a fi€v[€ts] 

KOX TO fivrifiotrupop <r[ov €19 y€p]€ap [icai yei^eai^] 

• • • 

14 aot ai/aoras 0ticT€ipi7<r[€iS tt}!^ <rci]aii/ 

• • • • 

art Kotpo^ rov oticrtpi}[<rat avrrfp ort rjicet icotpo?] 

• • • 

p- 151 

15 [on cvSoKi^cav oi SovXoi] aov rov9 X(^ov$ avnjs 
[icat TOP \oup avn}9 oticTCt]pij<rova"€ti/ 

16 [icat if>olS\7)67i<roprau ra €0pri ro opofia (rov ic(vpt)€ 

• • • • • • • 

[icat irapre^ ot] /8a<rtX€t9 rq^ yijs ttji^ ho^ap crov 

17 [ort otKo8o]/xT}(rt K{ypio)^ rqp areuop 

• a 

[icat o<^]^(rerat 0/ ttj 80^ avrov 

18 [en^llSke^ep €irt ttji/ 7rpo(r€v)(qp t<op rampw^p) 
[Kat] ovK c^ovSci^okrci' rr^i/ 8€i)(rti/ avrai(i/) 

'9 [yp]oLKfyqT(o avrq €t9 yepeap erepap 

[k](u Xa69 o icrt4o/xci/o9 ati/eo't roi/ K{vpio)p 
ao ort i^efcwjfcp c^ ui^v9 aytov avrov 

[icvpto?] cf o(v)p(ai')ov €irt nyi/ yiji' en^fiXoltep 

21 [rjov aicovcrat roi^ oTepay/iop rtop 

[rov Xjvo'at rov9 vtov9 roii/ redapartafieptop 

22 [rov aJi^ayyctXat €P c^kop ro opo/ia ic(vpto)v 
[icat rlqp oupcclp avrov €P i{€pov<ra)\riiL 

23 \€P r]ai avpa\d'qpai Xaov9 cirt ro avro 

9 «>FCi&{oF I 11 Kartppaia^ | 12 «MFCi pro ids | o-ioa pro o-fuoi | 13-14 <ru pro croc 
bis I ocicrci^nyaat | 15 oucrci/nyaowny | 16 cm n^ yi^f | 17 oMoSofnycra | 18 rawavw | 

19 aircKFCi | 81 w€W€Svf§uvw¥ 


[fcat j3eurt]Xei9 rov SovXeveti/ r<o K{vpL)<a 

24 [a7r]€KpL0ri avT<o €v oSai layyo^ avrov 
[rrji/ oJXfyonTra roii/ riii€p{op fiov 

[avaylytkop fiot 

25 [fiTf €u/]ayayri^ fi^ ev tulktoi ruieptov fiov 
[€v y€p]€a y€P€<op ra en) cov 

26 [icar ap^a?] <rot ic(vpt)€ tt^i^ yi^i/ e^f/xcXioxras 
[icai €pya r]a>i/ }(€ip<av aov eLCiv ot o(v)p(ai/)ot 

27 [a]vroi [air]oXovi^(u crot Se 8ta/x6i/ct9 

• • • • 

icat Travrc9 C09 i/xartoi/ 7r€iXaiO)6'7}o'ovr(at) 
[icat aiact ircpt]/8oXau>i/ VXt^ts avrov^ 
[icat aXXayijjo'ovrat 

28 (rot Sc [o avros ct icat ra en) crov] 

ovK [eicXcii/fovo'ti/] 

29 6t vioi rcoi/ 8ovXa>[i/ crov KaT(urKy)v<iHTova'iv[ 
K€u TO cnep/ia avT<a[p et9 top auopa] 


PB T<» Sai^iS ^aXfAO^ CI I 

1 EvXoyc rj ^lfv)(r) fiov top K[vpiop] 


icat naPTa ra C1/T09 /xov ro [oi/o/xa] 
TO ayLOP avTov 

2 evXoyt ij ^jnrxyi fw>v top K{vpio)p 

KOJL iiT) eirikoLpdapov iraxra^ ra9 [ai^l 

• • • 

rairo8o<rct9 avrov 

3 Toi' €vtXar€voi^a Trao'at? rat? [ai/o/xtats cov] 
TOP ioifiepop naaa^ ra9 i'oo'o[v9 crov] 

4 roi^ Xtrrpov/iepop €k tf^dopa^ [^^] 

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TOP aT€^apovpTa ar€ €P eXc[€t kou oticretp/xot?] 

28 /SocrcXccas pro jSooriXcis | 24 avayytiXoy \ 26 rffiurti I 26 tr n^y yr/v av Kvpu \ 27 av 
pro <Toi I cAi^ci? I 28 <rv pro troc 

CI I 1 om ^wiA/Aos I cvAoya | 2 cvAoyct | cuytaus pro avramioa-as 


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eindviLioj^ crov 
avaKatPiadTjO'eTaLi a>[9 aerov t; v€OT7f^ aov] 

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7 eyviapicev ra? o8oi;[9 avrov ra> ik(avai[j\ 
Tot9 vtoi9 i(<rpa)T}X ra 0^\rifi{ara avrov] 

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fjLaKpodvfio^ Kai [nokveX^o^] 

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ovhc ct9 TOP atai[i/a /ii^i/tei] 

10 ov Kara ra9 afiapr[ta9 thkop ^vovqaei/ i}/xii/] 
ovSe Kara ra9 ai^[o/xta9 17/1011/] 


[ai^aireSoiKCi/ i}fui/] 

11 [on Kara ro vi/ro9] rov o{v)p(av)ov airo rTi9 y*j9 
[eKparatoKrei/] K(vpio)9 to €Xeo9 avrov ciri 

[rov9 (f>ofio]vii€POv^ avTOP 

12 [Kad o<roi/ air€];(ovo'ii/ ai^aroXat airo 8v<rfia>(i/) 
[€/xaKpvi/€i/] a<^ rifuop ra9 ai/o/xta9 '^/bia>(i/) 

13 [Kat Ka^ai9 ot]Krtp€i ir(ar)i}p vTov9' 
[otKr€]tpi70'€i/ K(vpto)9 rov9 ff^ofiovfiepov^ avrop 

14 ort avro9 cwoi ro irXa<r/xa 17/1(01^ 
[elfiPTja'dri ort x®v9 €ar(i€p 

15 [ai/](dpaiir)o9 oxrci x^P^^^ ^ rjiiepai avrov 
oKret ap0o^ tov aypov ovtcd^ €^ap67i<r€L 

16 [or]t 7n/(cvfi)a StTjX^cv cy avroi koa ovx virap^ei 
Kat ovK eiri/ypoKrerai en top towop avrov 

17 [r]o Sc 6X609 rov K{ypio)v airo tov ataii/09 

[k](u €019 TOV aiMPo^ €7rt rov9 (f>ol3ovii€POV^ avTo{p) 

[1 A \ \»« •••• 

t 7)\ OiKautKrvPT) avrov CTrt vcov9 vtoii/ 

18 [rot9 <^v]Xa<ro'ovo'Cii/ rrfp Sta^Ki^i/ avrov 

[k(U /Lt]€/Ltl^/Lt€VOV9 T<OP €PTo\(OP aVTOV 

6 tfiTnfjLirkwvra | 6 voo'i | 8 oucrttpfiwr \ 18 oucreipci | 14 fivtfaOijrt pro tfjumfvOrf 
17 8cicaux7vvi7 | 18 ^vAoo'crovo'iv | fUfAvrifiJtyoif pro fi€fAvrffJLityovi 


[rov TTOirjla'aL avra? 

19 [1010109] €1/ Toi o{v)p(ap)a} riTOiiiaaev top Opovov avrov 

• • • • 

[icai 7} )8acnXct]a avrov iravrtav Sco^o^et 
90 [euXoyetrc] rov K{vpio)v iravre^ ot ayycXot avrov 
[8ui/ar]ot iiTj^vt irotovKTCS toi/ \oyop avrov 
[rov alKovaat tij9 (fxomf^ rtau koytop avrou 

21 [c]vXoytr€U rop K{vpio)p iracrat at Svi/a/xct? avrov 
[Xctrov/yyoi] avrov irotovi/rc? to dcXrifia avrov 

22 [evXoyctre] roi/ K{vpio)p irapra ra tpya avrov 
[ci/ irai^i ro]irai ttj? Sccnroria? avrov 
[evXoyct ij ^Iy"? /^ov toi/ K{vpi6)p 

P- 154 ^ 

Pr T« Sa(ueOS cm 

r I 

1 EvXoyt If ^Ifvxq /Lto[v top Kvpiop] 

• • • • 

ic(vpi)€ o d{€o)^ fiov €fi€yak[vp07i^ o'<^o8pa] 
e^ofiokoyriaip koa €[xmp€n€Lap] 

2 apafiaiCkofievo^ <^ai9 [<09 i/xarioi/] 
CKTiPCDP TOP o{v)p{av)op ft>o'€i Sefppti'] 

3 o areya^cDP €P vhacLP ra vir€p[^a avrov] 
o tlOl^ P€^ri rqp €iri/8a(ni/ avrov 

o TrepLirara^p CTrt wrepvyoip aP€[ii€op] 

4 o woKOP rov9 ay'ycXov? avrov 7n/[ev/xara] 
icat TOV9 Xtrovpyov? avrov TTvp (f}[k€yop] 

5 o OefiekioDP rqp yrjp em rqp ac 

(f^akiap avn}9 
ov icXt^T}(rerat €19 roi^ auDPa rov {u[aii/o9] 

6 afivaaos 6>9 t/xartoi/ to ir^pifio 

Xatoi^ avrov 
6irt rtop opaitop aTqcoprai v8[ara] 

81 cvAoyetrc | ra OtXifftara pro to OiXtffJui \ 22 SuvturrtuK pro Scovorias 
CIII 1 cvXoyci I add Kvpu post Kvpu | add taq post /aov^ | 2 ticntywv \ S TtOui \ 
[ XuTovpyovi I 6 ctfcftcAuiKTCv pro o Otiukuav \ 6 opcctfv 

PSALMUS cm 279 

7 avo e)ri,Ti,fn)<r€<a^ <rov S€v$o[vtou] 

ano <f><0P7i^ /Spovrrf^ arov [S€tXt(urov(rti/] 

• • • 

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• • • • 

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■ • ■ • 

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ai^a fitarov t<op opttav SicXfev] 

arovTox vSara 

11 trortovaty irai^a ra d[i7pia rov aypov] 
irpoaht^taurajL ov[aypoi» €19 Su/rai^ ai/roip] 

13 [cTT airra ra irercti^a rov ovpai/ov] icarao'in^i'aKrct 
[dc fi€<rov Twv irerp](ov BaxrovaLv ifnova^ 

13 [iron^oii/ o^ cic] rtov vnepoHOP avrov 
[ano Kapwov T(o]v epya^v arov xoprao'dri 

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[kol x}^o[yiv rq SovXta to^p av{dp<an)(av 
[tov €]fayayu^ aprop €k ttj5 yiy?- 

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• • • 

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iccu apro9 Kaphiav aLv{0p<o'n')ov on^pi^a* 

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cu Kehpoi TOV \L/3avoi a? c^i/rcvcra? 

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[irc]rpa Karau^vyq roc? x^P<^^^^^^ 

8 aFoijSaiFOiNnv | KaraPaivmxrw \ om rov | 9 mpcXcvcromu | €anarpoff€wny \ 
10 anrooTcAAiwr pro ttawoartkXim^ \ 11 irpoorSefoi'Ttti | 12 ^«»n|K pro ^tnvif | 14 jcn^ 
vc<rcy I SouXcMi | €$ayay€iy \ 16 cv^poivci | 16 Ai)3arov | c^vrciNTCF pro c^vrcvoaf | 17 cwocr- 
acvfrouoty | oucca pro xarowcca | iiyctrai | avry pro avrmv \ 18 xPH^f"^^^^*"^ P*^ 


19 [«ro]ii}<rcv aekrjVTjv €i$ Kaipov^ 
[o 17X109] eyuo) Trfv hvcrw avrov 

20 [€0OV (TkIoTO^ K€U €y€V€TO W^ 

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[a rov Sp]i;/Liov 

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[kox ^rfrrjla'ai, irapa rov 0{€o)v I3pw<nv cairrot? 

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23 [cfcXctKrclrcu av{0pom)o^ ctti to epyop avrov 
[k€u CTTi rv}!' €p]y(urtai/ airrov €(09 earirepa^ 

24 [(09 e/AcyaXui/^i}] ra €/>ya (rov ic(vpi)€ 

[irai^a ci/ a'o^Ki\ €7rot'^(ra9 

p. 156 

€irXijp[(o^ 1) yri tij5 icTt(r€(o? (rov] 

25 avinf 7) [OaXaaaa rj iivyaKr) icat €vpvr)(fapo^ 
€ic€i epnera <av \ovk €<mv aptOfio^] 

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hovpou rrfv rpoKfyrju avroi^ €[vKaipop] 

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avoi^apro^ he orov rqp X^^P^ ^[^ (rvfi] 

iravra irk'qo'Ojfarovrax xpy^aror^rfros^ 

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avrapaiXi^ ro irv(ev/x)a avr(ov ic(u €ic[X€ii^v(rti'] 
K€U €19 TOi' ;(Ovv avr<ov CTrurrpfcifrovcrtv] 

30 c^airocTTcXi? to in/(cvft)a crov icat [icTt(r^ij(roi/Tai] 
ic(u ou/aicatvt€t9 to 7rpocr(07r[oi/ nj^ 7^9] 

31 rfra} rf So^a fc(vpio)v €t9 toi' at[(i(ii/a] 

• ■ 

21 oipvo/icroi I om rov^ | avroif pro cavroc« | 22 avva)(6if<rovTai pro (rvn7p(ft7(rai 
26 om Cicci . . . &airopcvorrai | 28 cfiirAi^o^iTO'CTiu pro vkr/irOrftrovTai | 29 avravcXcif 
80 c^irooTcAcis 

PSALMUS cm 281 

32 o einpkeiroiv ctti rriv y\'qv Kai iroixov] 

aVTTjP Tp€iiip 
o aiTTOfiepo^ T<av op[€,<av kcu KanvL^ovrax] 


33 curoi T(o k{vpl)(o €v TTj ^^[g fiov] 

34 rfSwOvri avT<o rj 8i,aX[oy7f /xov] 

• ■ 

eyoi he €wf>pau07f(r[oiiaL cttl T(f m/ptf)] 

35 eyXiiroLep ot a/xapr[aiXoi airo rrj^ yv^] 
Kai avo/ioi (oare ii[ri \map\€iv airrov?] 

P^ aVXi;Xoi;ta CIV 

P- 157 

1 [c^ofioXoycurdc r^ Kvpuf k€u e\iriKakuT0ai 

[to ovofJLa ai/rov] 
[airayyciXare €v r]oi9 edpearw ra €pya avrov 

2 [^(rarc ai/rf) ic](u i/iaXaT<u avroi 
[Sti}yy}(racrd€] irai/ra ra davfiao'ui avrov 

3 [cTToti^eurde] ci^ r<o ovofiari, t<o aytoi ai/rov 
[€v<f>pa]v0riTO} icapSta ^rfrowTfop top K{ypi,o)v 

4 [^T^Jrija'aTe roi/ K{ypio)v kox icparatoi^i/rat 

• • • 

[iT7]TTj<raTai to irpoaomov avrov Sta Trai/ros 

• ■ 

5 [p]vqarByfrai rwv Oaviiaauov avrov <op €iroi,ria€(y) 


[ra] repara avrov K€u ra Kpi/iara rov 
OTOfiaro^ avrov 

6 [<m]€piJXL a/Spaafi SovXot avrov 
[vi]ot LajCQ}/S^ eyXeKroL avrov 

7 [av]ro9 K{vpio)^ o d(€o)^ rf/Kov 

[ev 7r]a<r7j rq yr) ra Kpifiara avrov 

8 [tiLvq^cQif €is rov aitova hiaOificq^ avrov 


82 Tp€fAUv I 84 rfiw$€iff \ 86 cicXiirourav | om <m | cvAoyci _ 

CIV 1 €inKak€ur$€ \ % tfnXart \ 4 KparojuuiStfrt \ Ctfrrftmrt \ [irpocronrovi wp corr ex kv 
man i] | 6 iMrtjaBrjfrt \ 6 cicXcfcroft 


[\oyov ov] epeTLkaro €t9 x"^^^^^ yepea^ 
9 [op hi€0er]o T<o a/3paafi 

[k(u tov opKOv] avTOV TO} 'iaraaK 

10 [iccu ^(m)ar€p\ avrqv T<a laicai^' €t9 irpooray/xa 
[ic<u ro) urpaTjX] hLaOificqp cucdplop 

11 [Xcyoii/ (TOi 8(o]cr(o n^i' yv^i' ^ai^aai/ 
[(rxoiPLfr/ia icX]i}poi/o/xia9 vfiaii/ 

12 [ep T<f ewcu] avTov^ apt^/xoi fipa\u% 

[oXtyo<TTOV9 ic](u irapoucov9 €i/ avn} 

• • 

13 [icat hvt)\dop\ e^ tOpow €t9 tOpo^ 
[dc /8(urtX€ia9 €]i9 Xaoi/ erepop 

14 [ovic aj^K€P ap\{dpam)op ahucri<raM airrovs 
[icai rfXey^ep vne]p avrtop fiaaiXei^ 

p- 158 

15 Xeyoiy \jiri an^arOt r<ap \piarwip iiov] 

KOU €P T(H9 irpod>[riT<U^ llOV /ITf] 


16 Kou €KaX€<r€P \iiio[p em rifp yrfp] 
Trap OTTipLyiia aprov [ovperpuffep] 

17 aireoTiXci^ €Pirpoa'0[€P avnop a;p0pamop] 

€19 SovXoi/ errpaOri lOKn^ 

■ • • • 

iS erampoHrap ep ircuSc? rov[^ iro8a9 airrov] 

19 fte^t TOV t\dip TOP \oyop avrov 
TO \oyiop K(vpio)v etrvpwrtp avrop 

20 aireoTikep /Saaikev^ kgu €kva€[p ovtop] 


ap\(ap XflMi»i/ icat oufyffKep avrop 

21 KaT€(m)ar€P avrop K{vpLo)p tov OiKo[u avrov] 
K€u apxopTa irooT^s T179 KTriar€(a[^ airrov] 

22 TOV ncuheva'au tov9 apxopTa^ a[vrov] 

019 €aVTOP 

Kcu TOV9 Trpeafivrepovs a[vrov ao<l>ia'aui 

8 cvcrciAaro | 1ft om ktyiav \ 17 aircorciXcv | quurpocr^ | IB ctoltov 
pro inu8c« I 19 cXtfcty | add rov ante icvpcov | 90 cjdv'ccrreiAcv pro aircoriXcy 


33 K€u €unjlk0ev i,{arpa)ri\ i((rpa)i}X Ci9 [cuyinrrov] 

24 Kox riv(rf<r€P top \aop [avrov cr^oSpa] 
K€u acparaLukrep avTo[v vn€p rovs] 
€K0pov^ avrov 
2$ /lereoTpoltep rqv ic[ap8iai^ avrwp] 
rov /luniaraLL top [\aop airrov] 
TOV ho\uiv<r0€u €P To[t9 SovX(H9 avTOv] 
26 c^aircoTiXcp /unvcrfi}!' top hovKop avrov] 

aaptap op cfeXefafro avTOp\ 
37 c^ero €1/ avro[is rovs Xoyovs] 
rctfi^ <n}fi[€taM/ avrov] 

P- 159 

[icat Tiop reparcDP €P y]i} x^ 

28 [cfaircoTCiXei/ (ricor]os ic<u €aKoraa'€P 
[icat ira/:>€iri]icpai^€i/ rov9 Xoyov9 avrov 

29 |fier€<rrp€i/r]cv ra vSara avroip €i9 cufia 
[icox aircicr€i]i/€i^ rov9 tx^a? avroii/ 

30 [€^p]i/icv 1} yv} avroii/ fiarpavov^ 

• • • • 

[cv r]oi9 ra/uoi9 roii/ fiaa'iX€i,(op avra>(i^) 

31 [€i]ircv icat TfXOep KVPO/ivCa 

icat orKPi^^ €P TtaoriP roi9 opioid avrai(i/) 

32 [ic]ai e^ero ra9 fipo^a^ avrc^p xaXaj^ap 
nvp Karau^\€yop €P rq yrj avrtap 

33 K€u enaroL^ep ra? afiireXovs avT<op 

icat ra9 <rvica9 avnop 
KojL ovperpiAlf€P irop ^\op optov avrai(i^) 

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ov ovic 7fp apiO/io^ 

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[r]ij5 y»j9 avT<op 
[icat icar€]^ay€v irapra top Kapirop 

IS om urpai^ | 84 c^^povc | 26 add lau ante iUT€arpoff€¥ \ 86 c(airc<rrccAcv | 87 om 
cv ^ I 8S irapcinjcparav | 80 ra/Miocs | 81 ^ncytvcf | «turi | 88 om «u | 86 x^V^^ P*^ '^'V^ 
wor I cy rj; 727 pro n;9 yi^ | om warra* 


2jS [fcat €iraTa$\€u nap nparroroKov ev yrf aiyinrroi 
[airapj(7fu ira]i^09 irouov avrtav 

37 [ic<u t^jfy ay^v a\rrov% €P afyyvpLto ic(at) jffivo'ua 
[k€u ovk rfp] €P rat9 ^v\<u^ avrtou aadcvioiy) 

38 \€v^pav\dy) axyvnro^ ev rq c^oSoi avT(o{p) 
[art €ir]€V€a€i/ o ^ofio% avrwv eir avrov^ 

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[kcu irvp TOv[ ^ajTicrcu airroi9 rqv WKta 

40 [j^crav ic(u] yjkO^v oprtryofiriTpa 

[kom aprov ovp](eu/)ov €i^€7rX7;cr€i/ avrov^ 
p, 160 

41 hiep'pri^lev nerpav kcu ^ppvyforav vSara] 

eirop€vdr)<Tav €\v aanjSpoL^ norafiot] 

42 OTL efiPTjcOrf Tov \o[yov rov ayiov airrov] 
rov irpo^ a/Spaa/i top [Bovkop avrov] 

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Kat T0V9 eyXeKTov^ avrov €[p €V(f>poovpji] 

44 fcou cSoiicev avTOL^ x^P^^ €0p[<i}p] 

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KOJL TOP pofiop avrov €ic'{i)Ti}(rai[crti'] 

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ori €19 TOP aLa}pa ro eXcos airrofv] 

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aKovara^ Trotijcrt 7rcura9 ras ati/e[cr€ts airrov] 


3 poKapioi OL ^vXacrcroi^€9 Kpurtp 
KaL TTotowrc? StKcuocruvT)!' €1/ [irap] 

Tt ICOtpO) 

86 n;9 7179 pro n;9 x<^V^f I 86 cic n;9 7179 avra>v pro cv ytf aiyvwrtu \ 89 add ui ante 
atumfy \ 48 cxAcjcrovf | 44 tKXrjpovofirfoav pro xardcXi^poFO^i/aav | 46 ^vXaiwrw 
CV 1 €(o/wkoy€urd€ \ 2 AaAiyo'ci | Swaorciac | woirjau 

p. i6i 


/ivTiaOriTi fj/Kav ic(vpt)€ €v rq [cvBoKiq, rov Xaov crov] 
Kat €irurK€^ai, rffia^ [ep t(j) aayrqpKf aov\ 
rov i'Sti/ €v rq ')(jyqaro]rrjfn t(op €K\eKT(op <rov] 
rov etxf^pavOrivai eu rfj; ciK^pocrv] 

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rffiaprofiep fiera rtav [irareptov i}fiaii/] 
rivop/qaafjiei^ 7)Stin}cra|fi€i/] 
ot ir(ar€)p€9 yuLtav €v €uyv7T[r(o ov avprj\ 

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[rov yu<op]ia'(u rrju BwaoTLau avrov 

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10 [icat cjcrcucrci/ avrov^ ac x^ipo^ iiia'owra}{p) 
[icat] eXvrpoKraro avrov^ €k -^eipo^ €K0p<i}{p) 

11 [kol] tKaXxAJftp vB(op rov^ Okifiopra^ airrovs 
[€t9] €^ avr<op ov\ vir€\i<^Oy) 

12 [ic]<u eiriOTtva'ap rco Xoyto avrov 
[ica]t rfpeaap rrip aipeaip avrov 

13 [6ra];(vi/ai/ eirekaOopro rtop epytap avrov 
[ov[\ vne/iipap rriP /SovXrip avrov 

14 [icat] eiredvyiJiaap eiriOvfiiap ep rq eprj/Ko 
[ica]i eiripaaap rop 0{€o)p ep apifhpo} 

15 [icat €h]a}K€P avroLS ro aLrq/ia avrwp 
[icat e^airejcrrtXei/ irkqo'iLOprjP €t9 ra? 

[ifru^a9 a\vro}P 

4 om KOI I 6 tSciv | cmuvcMrAu | 7 add kol ante ovk \ 8 fivvaorccav | 10 yupiw 
pro x^cpof^l ^xOpov pro acOpiav \ 11 vircAfii^tfi; | 12 cv rms Xoyocs pro roi Aoycn | 18 wc- 
fut^av I 14 cvopooav | 18 c^ircorciXcv | nyv ^f^XV^ P**^ ^^^ \ln)xo% 


16 [icai irap(ofyyiar]av top (lanHrriP €P rq 7rap€(ji)fi6krf 
[koi aafxov rov ay\vov K{ypio)v 

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[kcu cicaXu^pci^] cirt rriv avt^aywyrfv afiipia{y) 

18 [icoi €(€Kav0yi n]vp €v 717 awaytayn avrtaiy) 
[iccu ^Xof icarc^Xefe]!^ aiLaprfokaw 

19 [iccu ciroii}(rai/] iLoa\ov €v x'^prf/^ 
[kcu npoaeKvprilaap roi ykuirrto 

ao [iccu rfWoi^avTol rriv ho^av avrcv €v oijuoi 

• • • 

[cdfuiTi fU>crxo]v €arOiOVTO^ \opTOv 

21 [eireXo^oi^o ro]v tf(€o)v rov caJ^ovro^ avrov^ 

p. 162 

rov iroi[i)(rai^o9 fieyaXa cv cuyinrrf>] 

22 Oav/iaara ev yn x^4f^ '^^ 
<f>ofi€pa cirt tfaXcur<r[i}9 €/n;0pa9] 

23 ICCU Ciirey rov e^oK^Opevaai avrovs] 
€i ui; fimfini^ o ey'Xc[icro9 avrov] 
eon; €1/ 717 Opavai €i/[amiop airrov] 

rov anoarpe^oL rov dvii[op opyrj^ avrov] 
rov /iri c^oXe^pevcrcu avro[v9] 

24 ICCU e^ovhtponrav yrjv en-idv/irilrrip] 
ovK ewiOTeva'av to) Xoyoi avro[v] 

3$ ICCU eyoyyvaoif €v rot? orKqv(oiLa\arw avroii/] 
ovic €&cn7icov(rai/ 7179 <f>(ov7)^ ic(v/mo)v 

26 ICCU enyip€v rriv X^^P^ avrov en a[vrov9] 
rov Kara/SaXiv avrov9 €i/ n; €p[i;/x^] 

27 ICCU rov KarafiaXip to cnrcpfta [avroii/] 

€P rot9 iOveaeiv 
ICCU SicurKopirtcrai avrov9 €i^ [rat9 X^P^^^l 

28 ICCU ercXeo'^a'cu^ r(o /8€€[X^eyaip] 
ICCU €<f>ay<u^ dvatav p€[kp<op] 

29 ICCU 7rap<o(wav avro[p tv rot9 eTrtr^] 

16 om roi^^l 17 Afitipwy \ 90 avrcAK pro avrov | c<r0OFros | 28 cicXcjcro« | ^pavirci | 
airo $vfiov pro t€¥ $vfA4)¥ \ om avrovs * | 24 add mu ante ovx | 26 ovtok pro cir avrovs | 
KaraPaXuv \ 27 fcara^SoXctv | t$y€inv \ 28 t^yov \ tfvcriac pro 0vcr<av | 29 cirtn^Scvptmr 


B^vfiaceLP avT[{ov] 
K€u €Tr\rj0w07i €P a[irroi9 rj irraHri,^] 

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icat €icoir(ur€i/ rf dp[avaL^] 

31 icai eXoyur^ avT<o €19 Stic oloovptjp] 

a • • • • 

€49 y€P€ap K€u jev^av €(u[9 rov (uoii/o?] 

• • • • • 

3a iccu irapta^wav avrop [e^ v8aro9 aprtXoyta?] 

Kox €KaK<a$ri iMovoirf^ [St airrov?] 

• • • • 

33 OTL wapeiTLKpavajf t[o wpevfia avrov] 
icat SiccrriXci^ €i/ r[ot9 x^^^^^^'' avrov] 

p. 163 

34 [ovic €^Qik€dp€v]<rap ra eOvri a tvntv ic(vpio)9 airroi9 

35 [icot €fiiyv;<rai/] cv rot? €0p€<r€u^ 
[icot e/iaOop T]a €/>ya airroii/ 

36 [iccu €]8ovXcvGrai^ Tot9 yXv»rTOi9 aur<o(i') 

[icoi eyletniOri avroi^ €t9 <ric€u^8aXoi/ 

• • • 

37 [ic(u €]0v<rav rov9 viov9 airroii/ icat Ta9 

• ■ 

[9vy]ar€pa9 a\rr<av TOt9 8atfioi^iOi9 

38 [icat] €$€X€av at/xa aOtaov 
[at]fia vioii/ avTO}u icou OvyaTtpaw 
[<ov\ eOvcav rot? yXvirTot9 xavaaa^ 

[ic]at e^ovoKTOprjOri rj yrj ev Tot9 aiftacr€t(i/) 

39 [ic](u efuapOri rj yn ep Tot9 tpyoif: avT(o(y) 
[icat] eiropvevaav eu rot9 eirtn^Sev/xcurti/ airr(o(i/) 

40 [ic](u (opyurOrf dv/io} ic(vpto)9 eirt roi/ Xaoi/ ai/rov 
[ic](u e/SScXi/^aro 7171^ KXripopoiuaa^ avrov 

41 [ica]t irapcSctficci^ airrov9 €t9 x^^P^^ €K0pa}{p) 
[ic(u] eKvpLevaap avnov ot /lurowre^ avrov^ 

42 [kox €]d\vijfav avTOv^ ot acOpoL avraav 

[ic(u era]irti/(udi7(rai/ uiro Ta9 X^P^^ avro}{u) 

43 [7rX€oi^]aict9 tppwraro avroiv% 

[airrot S]€ napeiriKpavav avrov tu rq ftovkrf avr(o(y) 

29 cir aurou9 pro cv aurocf | 82 vapotpyurav pro mpta(vvav \ ora avrov | 88 Suotcip 
Xcv I om cv I 84 om aurocf | 86 ctfvecriv | ,88 om o>v | aifuurcr | 89 om 1; yi; | 41 cA^ttiv 
pro €K$pw I 48 ^yfipoi \ mmivwOrfoav \ X^'P^^ I ^ ^^ avrov 


[kox erairei\p<o0r)<rau ev rats avofuau.^ avT(o{v) 

• • ■ 

44 [k€U lScp €p] TO) BXlfitcdaL OUTOVS 

[eu T(f avTo]p etcroKovcrai 7179 ScTjcreai? avTai{p) 

45 [icat e/iprjlcOrj ttj^ SiaOrfKri^ avrov 


[icat ii]er€iie\ri0ri Kara to irXij^o? 
[ro]v eXeov^ avrov 


46 [icat €S\(aKep avrovs €19 oticrtp/xovs 

[€Pav]TLOP iraPT(OP t<op (UYuaXoi 

• • • • 

[Tt<r]arTcoi/ airrov9 

• ■ • • 


47 {raxra'op ruia^ K(ypt,)€ o 0{€o)^ [rjfKop] 
Kai €mavpayay€ 7;/ui[a9 €k t<op eOpoup] 

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rov epKavxpLorOai €P rq [aipeaei, aov] 

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46 om rcDV | 47 auxray \ 48 cpci 

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p. 165 




oTi napeiTLKpavalv ra Xoyta rov 0(€o)v 
Kai TTju fiov\]riv rov xnjtLCTTOv 7rap(o^va{p) 
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icai €]k r<av avwyKtav avT<ov €<raHr€P avrov? 

icat] e^ryyayev avrov? ac cricorov? /cat 

• • • 

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c^oj/AoXoyy^crcurdaKray r(o K{vpi)<o ra cXct; avrov 
icat r]a Oav/iaaia avrov rot? vcot? r<op ap{0porn')<op 
ort] avperpixjfep trvXa? ^^aXica? 
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icat 7;yyto']ay coi? rcuv ttvXoiv rov Oaparov 
icat €ic€icpa^av Trpo? K{vpio)p ep T<a Oki^/Seadax avrov? 
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aTTcoTctXci/ rjoi' \oyop avrov icat tacraro avrov? 
icat eppvcraro] avrov? €ic' r<op 8La<f>0opci}P avTa}(p) 

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(rev I 17 erairuvwOrfaav 







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[ir(Hourr€9 €/>y](uricu^ €i/ vScurti/ iroXXoi9 

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p. i66 

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iccu lAJHoffri ra in;/ta[Ta cu/nj?] 

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ICCU ireura 17 aro^a avruav Karen[o0ri\ 

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ICCU €K r€bv fwayKtav airroiv ef^yayci^ aurov9] 

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icot €orvyy)or€v ra fcvfiara avrq^ 

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avpav I €inyrpay \ 80 tv^pavStftrav | cinfieXia pro art Aif^ya | 82 Kotfeipatf pro KoBtSpa \ 
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p. 167 

38 [koa €v\oy7ia'€v avrovs kou en]\7i0vvdri 

[<rap <r<l>oSpa] 
[kom ra KrqvT) a]vTOiv ovk efr/ii^Kpiwey 

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[airo OXx^eta^] kokwp koi o8vin}9 

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\k€u en\a\inja'€v airrovs cp a/8ara» koa ov\ oSco 

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[kcu] edero (09 irpofiaTa irarpia^ 

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[Ka]i naara avofua ey^poL^L arofLa avrq^ 

43 [rt?] <roif>o^ K€u <l>v\a^i ravra 

[kou] avuTfarovaw ra €Xei7 rov ic(vpio)v 

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[^(TOfijat K€U ifraXoi €i^ rrf 80^ /tov 

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[ic(u ifraXoi (rot €]i^ tdv^crtiv 

86 om fcot 77K . . . vSaroiv | 37 €aw€tfiay \ 40 om avrwv | 48 cfi^/no^i | add to 
ante orofui | 48 ^Xaiu 

CVII 1 y&7 ^foA/iov ry AavciS pro oAXijAovia | 2 om €$ty€p$ijfn tf 80^ fiov | 4 cA^ccnv 


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[k€u €(09 T(o]v v€<f>€ka}v Tj oXyfOLa arav 

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[coKTOP rg Se^tja crov xat enoKOvaop rifjLQ}(y) 

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p. 168 

9 €fi09 €(mi/ yaXoMiS icat €[/ao9 earw] 

• • • • 

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tovSa9 /SaaiXev^ /^[<>^] 

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• • • • 

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€/uiot aX'Xo<^vXot inr€Tay7i<rav 

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aeiu TfiiaiP 

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icat fiaroLLa cramfpLOL av{Opom)ov 

14 ev T(o d(€)(iti novriao/jLeu Svvafiiv 

KOJL airro9 e^ovSevaxri, rov9 €K0pov^ [VH'^^] 

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1 O ^(co)9 rqv aLveaiv jlov /xtj irap(urt[(iim7}(rg9] 

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Tprjtna pro fricrjviav Buifi€Tfnf<rui \ 9 Mavacoiy | 10 add oi ante oAXch^vXoc | 11 airo^ | 
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ScKOKTCi I tySptns^ 

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eyo) 8c 7rpo<rqvxoini[p] 

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icat fiuro^ avTi rrj^ av[ain;]cr€(09 /x[ov] 

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KOI SLa/SoXo^ aTTfTfa €k §€^[1011/ avrov] 

7 €1/ roi KpivearOax avrov €^€k\Ooi\ 
p. 169 

[^at 17 7rpocr]ei;;(Y} ai/rov yeveaOfa €t9 a/ia/yna^u) 

8 [ycin^dijTJoKrai' at rjiiepai avrov oXiyat 
[icat rJTji/ eirurKOTrrfp avrov \a/3oL ertpo^ 

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[koa, rjl yvvrj avrov XTlpa 

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airroi; icat enaxrrfO'araHrap 
[€]Kp\ri0rfr(t)a'av €k r<av oiKorraihtav avrtaiy) 

11 [ic]at t^epevvqaarta Bavum)^ navra 

oara virap\i, avro} 
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12 [/a]?} virap^aro) avrat ain'iKrjiJLirrcjp 
/xi^Se yanjOrfTO} oucnpfiiov Tot9 o/M^a 

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€1/ yevea fua €^aXi^dyfr<a ro ovofia avrov 

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icat t) afiaprta rq^ /x(iyr)p(o)5 avrov /xtj c^aXt<^^ti| 

4 irpo(r€vxofiriy \ 10 oucoirc&uv | 11 c^epawi;<raToi | vimpxci \ om Ka** I a^^ T?^"' 
ante tow | 18 c&Xa^^^w | 14 oFo/in^cr^ii; | a/ia^ia pro avofAia \ € \ c€aA€i4»«'citi 


15 yevrfOrfTfiKrav euavriop K{vpio)v Sta iravros 
K(u e^oXeOpevOiri €k ytf^ to fuffi 

fioawov avTOv 

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[ic]at KareBiM^ep av{0p<im)ov vanfra icat irrai;(o(y) 
[ic]at KaTaP€inryiJL€POP n^ KapSia rov 

17 [«(a]i ijyairqo'tif Karapav kol rf^i auroi 

[kou] OVK ridekriaei/ evKoyuiP kol /la 

KpwOria'erai air avrov 
p. 170 

18 K(u epeSvaaro Karaplav 019 Lfiartov] 

K(u cunjX^ci/ oKTCi vSoip €t9 [ra ci/] 

• • • • 

Kara avrov 
KOL axrei ekaiop €P rot9 oorcoi^ avrov 

19 ytirtidifTU} avro) 019 ifiari[oi/ o ire] 

icat oKTCt {oiKV) t}i/ Sta iravros tr[cpi{aii/in;rat] 
10 rovro ro epyop tcdp evBiafiaXkov 

rail/ fic irapa ic(vpi)a) 
icot roil/ XaXovi^oii/ irovrfpa Kara rrj^ ^Mx^^ /^ov] 

21 KOL aoL ic(vpi)c ic(vpi)c iroii)(roi/ fier €fiov €k€[o^] 

€V€K€P rov opoiiaro^ aov 
ori xprfOToir ro ekeo^ aov ic(vpi)c 

22 pvaax [le ori irrai;(09 icat wem/^ ctfit [cyoi] 
icat ^ Kap&ia [jlov rerapojcrax eirro^ fiov 

23 019 <ricta ev rai cic'icXti^ti^ avrnv av 

€^€nva\driv oicrct aicptScs 

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icat 19 aap [jlov tjX'Xvai^i} St ekaxop 

25 icat cyoi eyevrfdrfv oviSo^ av[rot9] 

16 €vavri \ c^bXetfpcv^cii; | avra>v pro avrov | 16 om avBpwfmy \ 17 i^ci | 18 ox pro 
waru bis I 19 {oivwroi pro wtpi^iaywrtu j 81 crv pro <roi | cveica pro cvckcv | om jcvpcc* | 
22 tr cy«0 cifu | 28 wni pro cof | ckicXimu | avravn/HOri \ 24 <rap^ | r^XouaOn \ 26 ovccSos 


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aoHTov ii€ Kara ro eXco9 [cov] 

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icat (rot ic(vpi)c €iroti90'a9 avrrip 

28 KarapafroPTOL aurot icat cru €i;Xoy[t}0'ct9] 

ot efravLOTapofievoi fiot at<rvvi^[di^aKrai^] 

• • • • • • 

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29 cpSvaao'daHrav ot CK8[ta^<iXXoprc9] 
p. 171 

[fic evrpolmfv 

[icat ircpt^aXXcJcr^oKray oKTCt StTrXol'Sa axKrywriv avrtaiy) 


JO [c|^o/ttoXoy7}]o-o/ttat rai ic(vpt)a) cr^oSpa cy 
[roi aTo]/ttart fiov 

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31 [ort irap]c(rn; cic' Se^uov irartjfTO^ 

\rav (Toijcrat cic' rail/ icaraStoMcoi^aiy 

[Pe] [t]« Sa(wet)8 VraXM09 CIX 

1 ctirci^ o ic(vpto)9 roi ic(vpt)a) /ttov Kadov €k S€^tai(i^) fu>v 

• • • 

€019 ap 00} Tov^ acdpov^ aov xmoiro 

a • • 

[S]toi^ rmv irohwv aav 

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[ic]at icaraicvptevc €P [lefrcD rwv eKdpcjp aov 

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i/a/ttcoi (Tov 
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[cic yacrjrpos frpo €(oa'if>opov iyevvrfa'a a€ 

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[av €t t€p]€i;9 €t9 TOV atoii^a icara ry;i^ ra 

26 ci&KFav I 26 add fuya ante cAcos | 27 av pro uoi | 29 tr ajur)(innf/¥ wru &irA4N&i | 
80 om ev^l 81 SuMcovrctfy pro #(artt&«M(orrow 

CIX 1 €^pov9 I 2 c^mMTTcXci I Smit I ^X^fiw^ \ 8 om 17 | fivva/icax crov | r^; Xo/a- 
wfiorrfri pro nuf Aafurporcaciv | c^cycm^oa 


5 [icvptos €K Sc]|iaii/ aov awdXaci €v 19/Licpa 

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[awdXaLfrei icc]^aXa9 ctti yy}9 ttoX^Xoii^ 

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[Sta Touro vJt/roKrt K&f>aXrip 

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1 [c^ofioXoyJtjo-o/ttat croi ic(vpt)c ev oXt} icapSta fiov 

2 [ev ^ovX^}] €vdimv kol awayoryri [leyaka 

p. 172 

ra €/>ya it (vpio)v 
^^^^yirqfuva Ci9 7rai/[ra ra deXrjfiaTa avrov] 
3 e^o/ioXoyrio'i^ icat /ttcfyoXoirpcTrcta] 

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ata)i/a tov autopos 

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€Xey)/i.aii/ icat OLKTLpfKov o ic(vpto)9 

5 Tpo(f>riv €8(oK€v rot9 (f>o^vfie[voL^ avrov] 
yarqadria'erai €t9 roi/ atoii^a 8t[a^] 

1079 avrov 

6 Xa")(yv epytov avrov amfyyikev tcj [Xaa> eavrov] 
TOV SovvoA avroi9 KXrjpovofiLap [eOpow] 

7 €py<i \eip(av avrov akridia Kai Kpun\^\ 
wuTTOi iraxraL at €i/roXat avrov 

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irerroijffLevai €v aXi^dta iccu €v^vr['»7rt] 

9 XvrpctxrLv aireariXep K(vpto)9 roi Xaoi [avrov] 
ei/erikaro €19 roi^ Ortcoi^a 8La6[rjtcqv avrov] 

6 avyeOXaaev \ 6 €$v€(riv \ wXtfpoxrti \ irrcu/ua pro irroi/Aara | yj/v pro yr/i \ itoAXtv pro 
voAXa>v I 7 v^wTU 

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9 aircoTciAcv | om icvpfos | cvcrciAaro 


arfiov Kox <l>ofi€pov to ovofia [avrov] 
10 dpxV O'0<l>La^ ^0/809 K(vpio)v 

avveai^ 8c ayaOri 7r<ur[i roi9 iroLovaiv avniv] 
rf ati^c(n9 ai;rov ficpi [cts rov tucova] 
Tov auouo^ 

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ev rai9 cvroXot? ai;rov [^eXct cr^oSpa] 

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a • a 

yevea evOe^ap €vXoy>j^[tj(r€rat] 

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P- 173 

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[tov aL<o]vos 

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[eXev^fiaii^] koi oucrtpficDP kcu 8lk(uos K(vpto)9 o 0{€o)^ 

5 [x/>^crro9 a]i^p o oucripcDV Kai Ki)(pwiv 
[oiicoi^]o/Lit}o'i rov9 Xoyov9 avrov €v Kpici 

6 [ort €]t9 roi^ atoii^a ov (raXev^crerat 
[619] iivrifjiocrwov (ucjplov carat 8tKaio9 

7 [a7r]o aicoi}9 irovifpa^ ov <^o/8T}di}(rcrat 
[cjrot/it} ^ KapBia avrov cXtti^u^ ctti K{ypio)v 

8 [ccrrji^pticrat ^ icapSia avrov koa, ov [irj craXcv^ 

[ceo?] ov €<f)l87l TOV9 €K0poVS aVTOV 

9 [co']ico/>iruTCi' cSoiKcv rot 9 ireirqaiv 

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aii^a rov ataii^o9 
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10 [a/ttap]TaiXo9 oi/rcrat icat (opyurdrjO'eraL 

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[c7rt^/ttt]a a/iapTcokiav aTToXtrcu 

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CXI 8 /icva I 4 (Ticorci | cvAcai | cm icv/mos o $€09 [add in A man 2] | 6 oucrip- 
§MM¥ I oucovofirjau \ Kpura. \ 7 cXrt{civ | add rov ante Kvpuw \ 8 om iccu | ^Prfirfaerau pro 
fuy oaAcv^ | €x6pov9 | 9 fuyct | 10 o^urA^crenu | Ppv(u \ awokuTai 


[PIB] [a\\f,\]ovia CXI I 

1 [<uP€iT€ iratS]c9 K{vpio)v tuvtroL TO opo/ia K(vpio)v 

2 [cit} TO oi^o/tta] K{vpio)v €vkoyriii€vov airo rov 


3 [airo ai/aT]oX[an^] t}Xiov /ttc^t BvafKov 

a • 

[ati^ci]r(U t[o o]pofia K{vpio)v 

• • • • 

4 [vifn}Xo9 €irt irav]ra ra eOvq o ic(vpio)s 
[cTTi TOV9 ovpcu'ovs] t} So|^a aVTOV 

5 [ri9 019 Kvpio^ o deo^] ruia^v 

6 [o €u vifnjXoi?] KaroiKfov koi ra rairipa c^/Ntt(i') 

7 [ci' TJ7 yp o cycipoii^] awo yi;? UTai^oy 

p. 174 

ica& airo icoirpta^ auwlf[an^ ircvi^a] 

8 TOV KaOuroL avrop /tter[a apxovrtov] 
fura apxovrwv Xaov avfrov] 

9 o Karoucil^wv aripav ev [ouc^] 

liiyjfT^pa €irt r€ici/oi9 ei;<^paxi^o[fiei/aiy] 

PIT aXXfiXovia CXI II 

1 cv c^oSo) i{a'pa)rik c^ otyi/irrov 
oucov laKcafi' €K Xaov fiapfiapov 

2 eyeyrfdrj tovSota aytcurfia avro[v] 
i(o'pa)i}X c^ovcrta aurov 

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iccu oi fiovpoi 019 apvia irpo^arfoii/] 

5 rt o"ot coTii/ ^aXa(r(ra ori c^vy[c9] 
icat <rot lopBavrf on airccrrpa<^[i;9] 

CXII 1 oivcirc I avrou pro Kvpiov | 6 rairciva | add cv ry ovpaytf koa post c^opwr | 
9 arupav \ rcicvitfy pro ciri rcicvoc9 

CXIII 2 add 1; ante lov&ua | add 1; ante c^ovoia | 4 co? pro cmtci | 6 om <roi^ | mi 
pro <roi ' I ovtxii^pfftnLi pro atreirrpa^n/t 


6 ra ofyq otl ecKiprria'arcu 01(9 Kpioi] 
Kai OL fiovvoi 019 apvia Trpo\fiaTwv\ 

7 aiTo irpoaamov K{vpu>)v €0'aX[cu^T} 7/ yiy] 
aTTO irpoaamov rov d{€o)v [laKiofi] 

8 Tov oTpe^aPTOs Trf[v werpav C19] 

Xt/Lu/a9 vSarcoi/ 
Kou rrfv aKpoTOfiop [ci9 in}y]a9 [vSaroii^] 

aX'X rf TO) ovo/ialn aov 809 Bo^av] 
cirt TO) cXcci aov icat [rj; aXij^ct^ <rov] 

10 fiTj rrore eiiroKriP [ra €0vri nov ccrru^] 

o ^€09 avTfop 

11 o $€ ^(€0)9 ^/Luoy cv ro) [ov/Mu^^ icat ctti n79 7^9] 

P- 175 

[travra oaa t}]0€Xi^cy o ic(vpto)9 ciroii)<rev 

12 [ra CiSoiXa roiji^ €0v<ap apyvpiov kcu \pv 

[cnov €]pya \€ipa)V av{0pam)a}p 

13 [oTOfia elxpxMTiv Kai ov kaXricowretp 
[oif>0akfi]ov^ exovaiv kou ovx o^ptol 

14 [orra eWovaiv kol ovk ajcovaoprax 
[/>ii^a9] ^xovmp K(u ovk o<r<^pai/^<ropr(at) 

'5 [x^^lP^^ exovaeiv kol ov i^Xa^ijo-ovo'cti/ 
[7ro]8a9 exovaeiv kol ov 7rcpt7ran7<rovcri(i/) 
[ov] ifxavrffrovaiv €v ro} \apvyyi avTfov 

16 [o/tto]toi auroi9 ycvoivrot ot iroiowre^ avra 
[icat] 7raprc9 ot 7r€7rot^orc9 cir ai;rot9 

17 [ouc]o9 t(o'pa)i;X rfXirurev cirt K{vpio)p 
\fio7J\0o^ icat imepaxrirumi^ avrwp C(m(i/) 

18 [otic]o9 aaptov riXiria'€P em K{vpLo)v 
[/8o]t}0o9 icat xmtpaxnntmi^ avrwp €<m{p) 

6 om ori I €iFiapTr)imT€ | om lou oc wpofiariav \ 9 tffuy \ 11 add avm cr rocf 

ovpayoic ante mu | ly/SouAcro pro i;0€Xi;<rcv o icvpuK | IS AaXov<nv pro XaXiitnvtmy \ ovk 
pro ovx I ^ cxoMFiy bis | ^IniXa^vfirowru^ | 16 ycvocvro pro ytyfayrai \ 17-19 add avr»F 
post Patfios ter 


19 [oi <f>]ofiovii€Poi rov K{ypio)v riXnurav eir avTo{v) 
[j5ori]0o^ Kat inrepaairiarT)^ avrtov €<m{y) 


[evkoylrffra/ rov oucov i(o'pa)T}X 
[evKoylrjaep top oucop aapwv 

21 {€o\<rfrj[o'€P rov^ <l>ofiovfi€Povs top K{vpio)p 

[tov9 fi]iic/>ov9 /ttera rtap [leyaXcop 


22 [7rpocr^ct]t} ic(vpto)9 c^ v/tta9 €^ v/tta9 tat ctti 


23 [€i;Xoy]t}fi€i/Oi v/tt€i9 rco ic(vpt)ai rai 7roii)o'a(i^) 

• • • 

[rt roi'] o(v)p(ai/)oi' icat ttji' yrfp 

24 [o ovpapo^ rov ovp\apov rai ic(v/>i)ai 

a • 

[nji^ Sc y]'!}!' cSoiKCi/ rot9 viois raii^ ap(0p<an)wp 

25 [oi;;( Oi i^]cicpot (upeaovaip <rc ic(vpi)c 

p. 176 

ovSc iraPT€^ qi KaTa\fiaxpopTe^ Ci9 ^ Sou] 
26 aX*X t}/Li€if Oi {aipr€9 ([uXoyvjcrco/ttcy roi' icvpioi'] 
aTTO rov pvp kol €019 rov a[ia>i^os] 

PIA a\'\ff\ovla CXIV 

1 Tfyamia'a ori Cio-aicovcrerai ic[vpios 7779 ^011^9] 

rT;9 Se^<rcai9 /ju>v 

2 ori acXipep to ov9 aurov ^oi 

Kcu €P rai9 riiiepai^ fiov €ir€icaX[€<ra/yii}i'] 

3 n€pi€(r)(0P /ttc wSiPOL^ daparov 
KipBvpoi aSov evpoaap fie 
dkv^ip KOL o^PTfp evpop 

4 icai TO opofia K(vpio)v eireicaXco-afii;^ 
a> ic(i;/>i)€ pvaai ttjp ^lni)(rip fiov 

5 eXe^/Aoii^ o ic(v/>io)9 icai 8iicai09 ftou o 0[co9 rffiwp cXc^] 

90 €f»vfi<r$rf pro ftvrp^rii \ add mu post i^fuov | 28 add core post v/aci« 
CXIV 1 o 0co$ pro fev/N09 | 8 avrov pro funi | 8 ai&yc9 | 6 tr kbu Sucbuo^ o Kvpun \ add 
KV/N09 post JOOU * 


6 if>v\aaa'Q}v ra vrfiria o K{ypio)^ 
eroTTLPioOrip kcu cacoaep fie 

7 eirLorpe^lfov 17 ^vxq fiov €15 rrfv [avawavai^p crov] 
ort ic(vpto)9 evrffyyerricev crc 

8 ort c^tXaro nji^ ^If^OCI^ /^^^ ^'^ [dai/arov] 
rov9 wl>0aXfiou^ fiov airo BaKp[v(av] 
Tovs nohas [lov ano o\ur0rifi[aTos] 

9 Tov evapecmia'aL /ttc evamiov [icvpiov ev X^P^ {oivrcoi^] 

PIG aXXfiXovia CXV 

•- 1 

1 cirtorevcra Sio cXoXijcra 
€yai 8c €rainvw07fv a^ohpa 

2 eyo} 8c ciTra €P ny cic[(rr]<urci /ttov [iras avdpomo^ ^jfewmi^] 

3 rt aKra7ro8aKrai toi ic(vpi)a) ircpt 

oil' aKra7rc8a)icci' fiot 

4 iroTqpLOV aanripLOv Xi)/i;i|{ofuit] 

KCU ro ovofia K{vpio)v cirucaXc<r[o/tt<u] 
p. 177 

5 [ra9 €vxa^ fiov r]a) ic(vpi)a> airo8aKra) €Pav 

[riov irai^]o9 rov Xaov av[r]ov 

6 [rifuos epap}nov ic(vpio)v o ^ai'a[ro9] raii^ o<ria>(i') avrov 

7 [ai Kvptc cyoi] 8(n;Xos <ros 

[cyai 8(n;]Xo9 (709 itot v(to)9 n}^ irat8io-in7s crov 
[8icpp]i}|^a9 rov9 8co'fiov9 fiov 

8 [<roi ^vlcroi dvciav ati^ccrcais 

[icflu ci/] ovofian K{vpLo)v cirucaXccrofiat 

9 [ra9 c]v;(as fiov roi ic(vpi)ai a7ro8aKra) 
[ci'aji^ioi^ naPTO^ rov Xaov avrov 

10 [cv a]vX(U9 oiKov K(ypio)v cv fuaio aov i(€pov€ra)Xriii 

6 crairciviiiAp' | 8 c^ciAaro | add koi ante rovs iro&ic | 9 €vaLp€trrrf<ru> ckiktiok pro rov 
cvopcon^cnu /ac cyonnoK 

CXV 1 cTairaro)^7F | 8 cm 8c | 6 om rac cv^^s avrov | 8 cm mu cv . . . . 

crucoAccrofuu | 9 tr awo&wrm ry levpiy 



[PIF] [a]\'\ff\ovla 

1 Ati/ctroi TOP K{vpio)v trapra ra edvri 
efrauveo'arax avrov navre^ Xaoi 

2 [ot]l eKpaTcua>0ri to eXcos ai;rov €<f> rj/ui^ 

[ic]at rf akridixL rov K{ypuo)v /ttei/t €19 rov auava 


[PIZ] aX'XffXovla CXVII 

I [€^o]iio\oyia'0€u roi K(vpi)w ort ayaOo^ 
ort €19 roi/ cuoii/a to cXcos avrov 

• • • a • • 

3 ciiraToi 817 0UC09 i(ay>a)t}X ort ayado% 

vn as [to]i/ euan^a to €Keo% avrov 

• • • • • • 

3 Ciiraro) [817 o]uco9 aa/Mt»i/ ort ayado^ 

ort €19 [roy €u]a)i/a to eXeo^ avrov 

• ••••• • 

airaro) [817 oJikos X€V€i ort ayaffo^ 

• ••••• •• ' 

on €19 [toi^ oujoii^a ro €X€09 avrov 

•••••• • 

4 ciiraraNr[ai/ 8)17 7raKr€9 ot if^ofiovfitpoi top 

Klvpio)v OTL ayado^ 

• • • • 

oTi €19 Toi/ at[ai]ya to €X€09 avrov 

5 [€v] 0Xc^€i [€ir]€icaX€<rafii;i/ roi^ K{vpio)p 

Kox €ir[t}ico]v(7[€v] /ttov €19 irXanHr/ttoi/ 

• •••• •• 

p. 178 

6 ic(v/Mo)9 €/ju>i fioTfdo^ k[(u ov ^o)9i7^crofiai] 

Ti iroii9<r( /ttoi ai/(^/Kinr)[o9] 

7 ic(vpio)9 €/tt[ot ^o^^09 itot cv[ai €iroi^o/ttou] 

TOV9 €K0poV^ flOV 

8 ayadop irerroidepoL €iri ic[vpioy t} ir€iro(] 

0€i^at €ir' av{dp(im)ov 

9 ayadov €Xiri([u^ €iri K{ypio)v ti tKm^tfiw eir apxovra^ 
10 iravra ra €0i^ cicvicXaKrai/ [/x€] 

CXVI 1 airctrc | oirorarcMray pro cinuycoaTaA | add oc ante Aom | 8 oAii^tfoa | /acpci 
CXVII 1 c^/4aXoyettF0e | 8 om cc«ara»* avrov* | 4 cm uwarwrav .... 

cXcos avrov | 6 /mk pro fwv | 6 om mu | yo t iycr a | 7 icayai pro tsai cytt> | t^Opovi \ 

9 cXm^ciy^ 


Kou TO) hvofian /c[vpto]v iniwafinfv [avrovs] 

11 KVKkwo'ajn^^ eKVKXoHrav fie 

icat Toi wo/ttart K[vpLo]v rfiixwafirip a[vrov9] 

12 CKvicXaKrav fi€ oxrct fiekKraai {KTjpiov] 
KOU e^eKavdrjcav oKTCt irvp ev aic[ai/0ou9] 
KOL T(o ovofiaTi K{vpio)v ruivpaiirfv av[TOv^] 

13 (oadeLs aa^erpairqv rov neaip 
Kox o K(ypLo)^ aPT€kafiero /lov 

14 iaxv^ fiov Kcu iffivrjO'L^ [jlov o K(vpio)^ 
Kcu eyevero [loi €19 camipiav 

15 (fxovri ayaX'Xta(rcai9 kcu aamilpia^] 

€v aKrjvai^ Bucauov 
Sc^ta K{vpio)v eiroirjaev 8wafi[iv] 

16 Scl^ta ic(vpio)v v^oMrci/ ft€ 

8c|^ta ic(vpto)v CTTOi'TO'ev Sv[i/a/ttty] 

17 ovK airodaofoviiai aXXa {7/[(ro/tt(u] 

a • • • 

icat Stmojo'Ofiai ra €pya K{vpio)v 

18 nauBeutop eiraihevaa/ /ttc [icvpto?] 

• • • 

Kai TO) dopaTQ} ov 7rapcS[aiK€i/ fie] 


19 apoi^aroL [jlol nvKa^ hiKaxo[avpris] 

iVa curcX^oii/ €P avrcu? c^oftoXoyi}] 

aofiai TCD K(ypi)(o 
p. 179 

20 [aim} Tj irvXi)] rov ic(vpto)v Sticotot eurekev 

[croKrat cji/ aim} 

21 [e^o/ioXoylrfa'oiKU aoi K(vpi)€ art einjicovGra? /ttov 
[ic€u cycvjov fioi C19 aanripiap 

22 [Xi^oi/ 01/] aTTcSoici/'ai^ ot oiKo8o/ttov(i^)rc9 
[ouro?] eyevrfdri ct9 K€<l>aXriv yiopia^ 

23 [Trapa icvptojv eyepero aim} Kat corti/ 0av 

[fiJaaTi} ev o^^aX/ioi? i^fioii/ 

24 [avr]t} rifupa rfv kiroirfO'ep o ic{vpio)s 

[aya]XXicuroft€0a icat ev^pavdtaiuv €P avrrj 

18 vcaciy | om o | 16 om Sc^ta icvpiov €iroirf(r€¥ Swtifiw \ 17 cic&if/i^cTOfuu pro &i7yi7- 
ovfuu I 19 aym£drc | om lya | 81 om icvpu | 84 om o | ayaXkuunafu^ 







[ai ic](vpi)€ (roHTov Sif * ai ic(vpi)c evoSoKroi^ Si; 
[ei;]Xoy7;/i.€i^o9 o ep^oiievos ev oi^o/ttart ic(vpto)v 
[cu]Xoyv}ica/ttei^ vfia? 6^ oticov K(ypio)v 
[^€09] K(ypLo)^ K(u eir€<l>av€v 7//tt€ti^' 
[cn;]<rnj(ra(r^at eoprtfv €v rots 7n;ica4ovo'i(i^) 
[€]a>9 roil/ Kepar(ov rov dvaLaarrjpLov 
[Oeo]^ fiov €t (Tot icai e^ofioKoyria'OfiaL aoi 
[^€09 /ijov et (rot fcat vi|rQKrai (re 
[€|^o]/i.oXoyi}(ro/xai (rot ic(vpt)€ ort einjicoucra? fu>v 
[kcu €y€]pov fioi €19 camipLav 


[e^ofiok]oyia'dai roi K(ypL)(o on ayaffo^ 
[ort €19 T]oi^ duova to cXco9 aurov 





• • » » 

[li,aKapi]oi a/Kofioi €p oSoi 

[OL nop€Vo\ll€VOI, €V VOflQ) K{vplo)v 

[fioKapLOL OL e]^€p€VP<i}VT€^ Ta fiaprvpia avrov 

[ev oXji Kap8i]a eK^rfrrjaovo'LV avrov 

[av yap 01 epya\tfiii€voi ry}v avofuav €{y) 

[rat9 08019 a]vrov €nop€v0r]a(tv 
[av €i^er€iXai ras] €i^oXa9 aov ^v\axra'€a'd{ai) 


o<f>eXop Kar€v6w0[€irja'ap at 0801 [jlov] 
rov <f>v\a^aa'0cu ra 8iic[cuai/iara aov] 
rorc ov firj ajLoyyvOfa [tv rto fie ciri] 

fiXemv €7rt 7r<ura9 ras [€VToXa9 cov] 
e^ofioXoyrjcofiai aoi ci/ [evOvryfrL] 

Kaphias [JLOV 
€P TO) ficiiadrfKepax fie ra Kplifiara] 

77)9 8ticatoai;Ky)9 (rov 


27 rjfuv I irwmfmurOt \ 28 crv pro aoi^* \ om Kvpu \ 29 €$ofioKoy€iurO€ 
CXVIII 2 c{epaw(UKre9 | CKCrfTovo'iv pro cic{[i;n;crovo'tv | 4 <^vXaiair&ai pro t^vXamn- 
oBai I 6 «rcuo';(w^(u | cmjSXeirciy | 7 add Kvpu post croc | om /lov 


8 ra 8ticata»/i.ara aov ^vka^o) 

fir] fie €VKaTaXL7n)^ €019 (r<^oSp[a] 

9 ev TLVL KaropdoKTi uearrepo^ rq[v o8ov avrov] 
€v TO) (f^vXaao'ea'dcu rov^ Xoyov^ alov] 

10 €P oXrj Kaphia fiov e^^l^Tfrqaa ae 

fit) airoHTf) ii€ awo rtov ci/roXcofi/ cov] 

11 €v TTj KapBia fiov €Kp\A^a ra Xoyia a'o\v\ 

07ra>9 av fir/ afiapro} aoi 

12 evXoyriTo^ ei ic(vpi)€ StSa^oi^ [le ra 8tKa[tai/i.ara] <r[ov] 

13 €P rot 9 xikeaeiv [jlov e^tfyyiXa vlav] 

ra ra Kpifiara rov {rrofiaro^ [aov] 

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iccu KaravoTfao) ras 0S0V9 [crov] 

16 CI' rot 9 Bucauofiao'Lv aov [/lekerria'a)] 
ovK eirikria'OfiaL rtav Xofyoii^ ao^ 

17 avraitoha% roi SovXoi [(rov] 

^TiaofioA Kai <^vXa^ai [rov9 Xoyov9 o'ov] 

18 anoKoXv^ffOv rov9 o<^^[aX/i,ov9 /ttov] 

Kox KarapoTiao} ra 0av[fi€uria aov €k rov vo] 
fiov aov 
p. 181 

19 [7ra/>otico]9 ct/tu €v rrf yq 

[fiT/ aiToarp€\}^^ art c/iov ra9 eKroXa9 aov 

20 [eireiro]0ria€i/ rf i/ruxij /txov rov eiridv 

[fi7/o']ai ra Kpifiara aov €v iravri Kaipo) 

21 [€7rer]t/Lii;(ra9 vir€prf<f)avois 
[eTTiKJaraparot oi €K'icXii/oi/rc9 aTro ra^v 


[€v]ro\(av aov 

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[ort] ra fiaprvpia aov e^e^rfrqaa 

9 KaropOwm \ add o ante vtwrtpoq \ 10 om fjuov \ IS x^^^''^ I ^(vTf^'^ I ^^ ^'^Ct 
TTfrvi pro #(aravoi^(u | 20 add ac ante ra | Sucouo/iara pro Kpt/iara \ 22 irc/McXe | orciSoc 


23 [Ka]i yap tKadiaav apxovre^ kou Kar efiov 

[o S]€ 8ovXo9 crov jjBokeaxi €v roi9 Stitcuai/ttcurcii' aov 

24 [icat] yap ra fiaprvpia aov lUkerrj fiov €<m{v) 
[icat] rf aviifiovXia [lov ra 8iicata»/ttara <rov 

25 [€ic]oX*XT}dt} TO) cScM^t 17 t/n;x^ fiov 
[Qijcoi/ ftc Kara roi^ Xoyoi/ aov 

26 [r]a9 oSov9 /ttov €$rfyyika koa erniKOvaas fiov 
[8i]8a^oi^ fi€ ra SiKatoifiara aov 

27 [icai oS\op Siica&ai/ttaraii/ (rov avveriaop fi€ 
[koa a]8ok€a)(7ia(o ep roi9 Oav/iaaioL^ aov 

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[/Sc/SjatoKTOi/ fi€ €v rot9 Xoyoi9 cov 

29 [oSo]i/ a8ticta9 anoarrfaov air €fiov 
[kcu t](o vofio} aov eXetjaov fi€ 

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[ra Kpiliiara aov ovk eireXado/iriv 


31 [eKoWrj\67ii/ roi9 [laprvpLOi^ aov 
[KvpL€ firf ii]e KaToxaxwr/^ 

32 [0801^ ei/]To\(op aov ehpafiop orap eir 

[Xarui^a]? Tf)P KapBiap fiov 
p. 182 

Z3 pofiodenjaop /le ic(vpt)c rri[p oBop r<op 8t] 

Kaui)fiaT(op aov 

fcai eK^rjTrfao} avTTjP 8ta [Trawo?] 

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pofiop aov 
Kat <f>v\a^(i) avTOP ep oXrj Kaphia [fiov] 

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aov OTL avrqp rjOekriaa 

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pta aov K(u firf Ci9 n\eoP€^Lap 

28 om mu ^ | i;8aAc(rxct | SueoiMfuuriv | 84 ai avf/LpoivXua pro 17 <rvfi/3ouXia | 26 c8a- 
^a I ifforofuu pro {ijcroK /ac | ro Aoyioy pro rw Aoyor | 26 aov pro fwv^ | c^if/yciAa | 
80 oXi^tfciac I 84 crvycrurov | oc^i/riTcro) pro c^cpcvn^croi | 86 avrov pro avn/F 


37 awoarp€^ov rov9 of^^aX/iovs /lov 

TOV fir] lBiv fiaTOAOTTITa 

€v TTf oSoi aov ^ri<rop fic 
58 oTifcov roi SovXco crov ro Xoytoi' €rov 

€19 TOI^ <l>ofiov (TOV 

39 TTcpteXcu roi^ oi^iSi(ritoi^ fu>v ov viraiirrevcra 
ort ra fcpt/ttara crov )(priaTa 

40 rSov eireOvfiria'a ra? CKroXa9 crov 
€1/ 77; Sucatooi/fO} (TOV ([t}<roi/ fic 

41 K€u eX^oi €ir €/x€ TO ekeo^ aov K{vpi)€ 

ro (Tfarqpiov aov K(vpi)c Kara ro Xoyiov aov 

• • • • 

42 icat airoKpidrfaofiat rot9 oi^iSi^ovcrt 

fi€ \oyov ort ijXTrMra ctti rov^ Xo[yov5 crov] 

43 Kou [iri nepuXri^ €K rov (rro/Liaro[9 ftov] 

koyop akridias cai9 a'<f>oSpa 
ort CTTi roi9 Kpt/iaxr^ip aov €[mi\irura] 

44 Kcu <f>v\a^<o rov vofiov aov Sta [7rapro9] 

Ci9 rov (U(opa kou €19 roi/ (U(i)v[a rov auavo^] 

45 icat enopevoiJLTiP a/ 7rXarv(r[/xa>] 

on Ta9 €i/ToXa9 crov cf€4tj[TT7cra] 
p. 183 

46 [kol cXoXovv €]p rot9 [laprvpioL^ aov 
[epam'LOP fi]aLaiXauap Kat ovic axaxypofiri{v) 

47 ['ca^ €/Li€Xc]rcoi/ €P rat9 eKroXcu9 crov 

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[ep] 01 c^X7ricra9 /ttc 

S7 iSciy I 88 add ac ante ro | 89 itc^mcAc | ro orci&s pro ror onSca/iov | o pro ok | 
ra yap pro on ra | 41 cm Kvpu* | cXco$ pro AoytoK | 48 ovei&^ouoi | 48 0X1^109 | ra 
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pro as i^yamioa | add o^oSpa ante nu* | 49 ror Aoyor pro ra» Xoyw | mnf SovA«f pro 
ro> SovAw I om cv | cn^irums 


50 avrrj fie irapeKokea-fv ev rq TawLPioai /lov 

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ori TO Xoytop cov e^rjaei/ [le 

51 v7r€fyrf^avoL nafyqvofiow €019 <r(f>oSpa 
ano §€ rov vofiov aov ovk e£eKXti/a 

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air ataii/09 K{vpL)€ Kai irapeKkridriP 

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r(op €PKaTakiiinavopT(op top pofiop aov 

54 t/raXra rjaap fioi ra StKatoi/iara aov ev 

TOTToi irapoLKia^ fiov 

55 ^furqadrip €P pvktl rov opofiaro^ aov k(v/>i)€ 
KaL €(f>v\a^a top po/iop aov 

56 [av]77; eyepTidrj fioL otl ra Sticatoi/Liara 

aov e^e^rirqaa 

57 [f^^P^^] M^v €<' k(vpl)€ etna rov (f>v\a^aa0ax top po^lop aov 

58 [cSci/^T/i/] rov npoaamov aov €p 0X7/ 

[fcapStqi] fiov 
[eXei/croi^] /li€ Kara ro \oyLOP aov 

59 [otl BL€\o]yiaaiirip ra? o8ov^ aov 

[koa airearlpe^a rov^ noBa^ fiov €t9 ra 
[fiapTv]pLa aov 

• • • 

p. 184 

60 TjfTOiiiaadrip Kai ovk er[apax07)p] 
rov <f>v\a^aa0aL ra? ci^[oXa9 aov] 

61 axoLPia a/iapTcjXiop wep[L€n\aKriaap fioi] 
KOL Tov pofiov aov OVK €7r€[\a6ofirip] 

62 fieaopvKTLOP e^eyeLpofiTjp t[ov e^ofio] 


\oyriaaa6ai aoi ctti ra ic/>i/tt[ara] 
TT)^ BucaLUKTVPT)^ aov 

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<f>o^viJL€PO)P ae 

60 raircivoKrci | ovk c^cxXiva pro t^rfaev fu \ 51 om w€fnf^fjivoi cjcxXiva | 52 jcvpic 

pro TQiV* I om Kvpu ] 55 ro ovo/ia pro rov ovo/Aaro9 | 56 om ori \ 57 om ei | om rov | rag 
cvroAac pro roi^ vofwv \ 69 add Kara ante rac | 60 om rov \ 62 tirjfY^^poiktiv \ cfofuiXoycur^ 
pro fiofuoXaywraoBax \ hucauHnjvtfi 



icat T(op (f>vkaa'a'oin'(op ra? evrokas cov 

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ra SiKcuiiifiaTa <rov StSa^oi/ fie 

65 xpyjaTorriTa eiroirja'a^ fiera tov Sov[\ov (tIov 
ic(vpi)€ Kara to Xoyiop crov 

66 yfi7)aT0T7fTa Kai iratStou^- Kat yvo^aiv 

hlhcL^OV fl€ 

OTL rot? €VTo\ais (TOV cirtoTCvcra 

67 irpo TOV fi€ Tainvtadr)vai cyco €7rX77^^[€X]T}o-a 
8ta Toirro TO \oyiov aov €(f>v\a^a 

68 XPV^^^^ ^^ ^^ K(vpL)e Kai €v rq xprforon) 

TL crov StSa^oi/ fie ra Sticatoifiara o'o[v] 

69 enXyjOvpdyj ew efie aSticta virepTjtfilapoip] 
eyoi he ev oXt) KapStoi fiov e^epevlvrfcro}] 

ra? €i^oXa5 trov 

70 ervpoiOrf (09 yaXa 17 KapSta avr[a>i/] 
cyoi 8c Toi/ vofiov crov c/ncXcfrTjcra] 

71 ayadov fioL 6t €Ta7nvciHra[^ fie] 

.oira>9 ai/ fiaOo) ra StKatoi/xara crov 

• • • • • • 

72 ayadov fioi 6 pofio^ r[o]v o"[T]ofiaT05 crov 

• • • •••••• ••• 

xmep ^(etXtaSa? xptxriov [kox] apy[vpLOv] 

• • • • 

p. 185 

73 [^^ X^^P^^ ^^'^ cjirotijcrai/ fie icat e^irXaxrav fie 


[(TUPeTLO'OP fie] Kai fiadifaofiai ra? evroXa^ cov 

74 [ot <f>ofiovfie]poi ere oi/roi/rat /xe icat €V(f>pa{v) 

[oTi eisi] Tovs Xoyov^' <rov eirqXirura 

75 [cyi/ai]i/ K{vpi.)e art Sticoiocrvinj ra KpifiaTa trov 
[Kai ajXij^ta erairti/oMTa? fie 

76 [yei/Jij^T/Tco 8tj to eXeo? crov tov 7rapaicaXecr(cu) fie 
[icajra to Xoytoi/ crov rcu SovXcn crov 

68 om r<w' | 64 add nxura ante tf yri \ add Kvpu post crov' | 67 raireivAiApwu | add 
cyo) post <TOv I 69 c^cpawi/criD | 71 ore pro or | craircivoMras | 72 ;(cAia&xs | 73 eirAooav 
pro ciroii7(7av | Troc/iaoav pro cirAaaav | 76 tr Kot aAi^eia ra Kptfjuira <rov \ craircivoxrav | 
76 mu pro Kara 


77 [cX^aroKTai/ /loi ol oucnpfioi (rev Ktu £i^o/t(ai) 
[ort o] vofio^ aov fieKeni /lov €arw 

78 [omrlxyvdriTaKrap vn€pri<f>apoi. on ciSc 

ica>9 i}pofi7)(rap €19 c/tc 
[ejyoi Se aSoXccrx^^croi cv Tat^ cktoXcu^' crov 

79 [cJirtcrrpeifraraMTai/ /xot ot ff>ofiovfi€POL ere 
[ic]€u ot yiP(tHTKOPT€^ Ta fiafyrvpid aov 

80 [y]€Ky}^i7ra» i^ icapStei fiov afKo/xo^ €p roi$ 

hucaxcjfiaxrLP aov Utro}^ ap fi7) aur 

81 eicXetTTCi €49 TO (rcjrripiop <rov r) ifn^^ fiov 

• • • • 

[kcu €]t5 TOP \oyop (rov cirT^Xirura 

82 [€^cXi]iroi/ 04 off>0aK*fioL fiov €4$ ro Xoytoi/ crov 
[Xcyo]i/T€s iroT€ nap&caXeaeL^ /te 

83 [oTt cJycmj^Tji/ 015 acrico? cv ira^i^ 
[ra Sticcujoi/xara (rov ovic eireXa9o/ti}(i/) 

84 [ttoccu €iai]p €u r/fiepaL rov SovXov trov 
[iror€ iro4i7]o'C4$ fioi €k toxp icaraStoi 

[icoi/ra>]i/ /AC KpLaLP 

85 [S4i}yi7(rai/r]o /xoi napapofioL a8oXea;xia9 

[aXX ov)( 019 o] pofio^ (rov K{ypC)€ 
p. 186 

86 ir€ura4 at ci^oXcu o'ov aX[7}9€4a] 

aSt^oi? KaT^hioi^ap fi€ [fio7)ff7)(rop fioi] 

87 napa fipaxV (rvpereX€(rap [/i€ €p rg yo] 
eycD §€ ovK ePKaT€\L7ro[p ra? €p] 

roXa9 o'ov 

88 Kara to eXeo?' o'ov ^7i(rop fie 

Kcu (f>vXa^(o ra fiapTvpia t(w aT[o/taro9 crov] 

89 €19 TOP (uiopa 6 Xoyo9' crov ic(vp4)€ S4a[/ji€] 

i/€4 €1/ roi ovp{ap)(o 

90 €49 yepeap' k(u y€peap rf okriffeLa (ro[v] 

77 cX0er«Mmv | fUM pro /iov | 79 [cvurrpc^roKmv, a^ in ras man 2] | cm fun \ 8S om 
vorc I vopcKoXccrav pro irapcfcaAccrctf | 87 cvicarcXccTov | 88 {i^o^uu pro (t/tm^fu \ 89 tr 
«vpcc o Xoyoc crov 


cdcfieXtaKra? ttjv yr/p icac 8tafi€[i/€t] 

91 rrj Stara^et trov Sta/t€i/€t t) T7fi€p[a] 
OTt Ta avviravTa SovXa crov 

92 €t fiT; brt o pofio^^ (Tov fiekeni fiov €[(mv] 
Torc oj/ anaiKofiyjv €v T17 Tair€ti/ai[crct fiov] 

93 ct$ TOV auopa ov firi inikadoifiaL t(o[v] 


brt €v ai/ro49 iECT^cra^ /t€ K(ypi)€ 

94 0*09 ctfit eyoi atoaov fie 

OTi ra 8ticaia»/tara crov c^e^rfrria'a 

95 €/te vTr€ii€iPav a/ta/>ra>Xoi r[ov airo] 

Xecrou /xc 
ra fjLapTvpia crov ovpifKa 

96 ira(n}9 crvi^cXeia^ iSoi/ irefpa^] 
irXareta t) ci/roXtj crov cr^8[/>a] 

97 019 T}yain;cra roi^ pofLOp crov [icvpie] 
0X171/ T7}i/ iiiii€pap fiekeni [/jmv €{mv] 

98 virep rov9 €)(0pov^ /to[v ccro<^ura9 ftc] 

n/i/ ci^roXiji/ crov 
ori €19 roi/ aiHiiPa e/t[cH €crrti/] 

99 vir€p ircu^a9 rov9 8i8acr[icoi/ra9 fic] 

p. 187 

[ovprfKa (yri\ ra fiaprvpia crov /tcXc 
[nj fuw] ccrrtv 
100 [xmep np€]a'fivT€povs (rvprfKa' brt ra9 

[€i^o]Xa9 (TOV e^c^TTn^cra 
loi [eic ir(ur]t}9 bSov irop^pa^ ^icoiXvcra 
[ro]v9 iro8a9 /tov 
[oir]cio9 av ^vXci^oi rov9 Xoyov crov 

102 [airo] Tfop KpLfiartop <rov ovk €^€K\wa 
[oTi] av epofioOenfa'as /tot 

103 [019] yXvicetci rco Xapvyyi pjov ra Xoyta crov 

91 (jvfMravra | 94 Kvpu pro cyo> | 99 om cfic inrcfUiKoiv . . . . /ic | add 8c post ra | 
96 ci&r I 96 Ta« cvroAac pro n^v cvroXiyv | fUM pro cfUM | 100 cfiyn^aa pro <^i;npa | 
101 Aoyovf crov | 109 icAifuircav i»'o KfMfuiToy | 109 yXvicia 


[vTTcjp /xcXt icat Krfpiop T(o orofiaTL /jlov 

104 [a7r]o Tcav evToXcjp aov crvvuKa 

[Sta] rovTo kfuaifcra ncurap oSov aSticta? 
[oTt] crv epofioffenjO'a^ fie 

105 [XvJxi'o^ T019 woaiv fiov 6 Xoyo^ aov ic(vpi)e 

Kai <f><os rat9 rpifioi^ fiov 

106 [ofiaijfiocra icat eonjora* rov ^vKaiao'dax ra 

Kpt/xara tt;? StKatd(rvin}9 crov 

107 [erJaTTti/ai^T^i/ ecu?' a^ohpa 


[icvpLe Qjitrop fi€ Kara top kiyyop cov 

108 [ra cic]ovcria rov arofiaro^ pjov cvSoici; 

[croi/ SJtj ic(vpi)€ 
[icat ra icpi]/jiara <rov StSa^oi/ fie 

109 [1} ifru;(i} fi]ov €1/ rai9 x^paiv aav Sta ^rai/ro? 
[ic€u rov\ pofiov (Tov ov ovK €ircXado/ti}(i/) 

110 [ej^ci^o afiaproiXoi, irayiSa /xot 

[icat €ic T(o]p €PTo\o}p (TOV OVK €irXain}di^i/) 

111 \^E.K\7)popo\iiJ)a'a ra fiaprvpLa trov Ci9 roi/ atoii^a 
[ort ayaXXtafia] rv;? KapSta? /xov €i arv 

112 [cicXii/a 7171/ Kap8ia]p fiov tov noLyjaai ra 
p. 188 

8tic€ua»/tara crou 
ctf top auopa St ai^afi[€ufrti/] 

113 napapofiov^ e/iurriaa to[p Se i/o/toi^] 
<rov riyairq<ra 

114 fioTjOo^ fiov K€U aPTLX7)fl7rT[(Op flOV €t (Tv] 

€t9 roi/ Xoyop aov emfXirliaa] 

115 €ic#cXti/ar€ air €fiov Trop7ip€v[ofi€poi] 
Kai €^€p€vprj<r(0 ra? evToXa^ t[ov ffeov fiov] 

116 aPTiXafiov fiov icara to eXeo? o'o[v] 

104 /MM pro fu I 105 vo/i09 pro Xoyos | om icvpce | 106 ofuo/ioKa | 107 €Tairo.¥w$9fv | 
ro Aoycov pro rov Xoyov | 108 evAoyi/crov pro cv&ncitctov Si; | 109 x^^* I ^^ ^^'^ ^ I "^^^ 
vofjuov pro rov vofiov | om ov | 111 curtv pro ei crv | 112 Sta iravroi o/tci^iv pro & avra- 
fual/tv I lis KOI TOV pro rov Se | 114 add kcu ante cis | Aoov pro Xoyov \ rikirura pro 
cm^irura | 115 add oc ante invrfp€vofi£voi \ c^epawiyo'o) | 116 om fujv ^ \ Xoyvov pro cXcos 


KOA, 111) KaTaurxyPT)^ fie ano T7j[9] 
irpocrSoKta? fiov 

117 fiorfdrjaop fioi #cat a'todricrofiai. 


KOLL fiekenfcra} €v Tot? StKatoi/xfaorti/] 
(Tov 8ia napTO^ 

118 c^ouSei/oKTa? irai/ra? tov5 airo[crra] 
rovi/ra? airo roii/ SiKaiiofiaTOjlv (rov] 

ort oiSticoi/ TO €v6vfirifia avT(o[i/] 

119 TrapafioLLPOvra^ eKoyurafiriP 7ra[p] 

8ta Toirro TJyanria'a ra fiafyrvp[La aov] 
Sta irai/ro9 

120 Ka^T^XoiXoaoi/ eic rov [if>ofiov (rov] 
ra9 crapKa^ fiov 

airo yap roip KpLfiarcap a'o[v ef^ofij)6r)p\ 

121 eiroiTJaa KpLfiau kcu Sticai[ocruKi}i/] 
fiTf irapaSoi^ fi€, rot? a8[ticoi;(rii/ fie] 

122 eicSc^at roi/ SovXoi/ (rov [et? aya^a] 

fii} (n;ico<^ain)(rar[aMTai/ /t€ v7r€/:>7}<^ai/ot] 


123 04 o(f>0aKfioL fiov [c^cXtTToi/ et? ro] 
p. 189 

[crairripiop] (rov: kou cts to XoyLOP 
[ttj^ 8i]KaLO(rvp7f^ (rov 


124 [irotijo'oi/] fiera tov SovXov (rov icara 

[to €\]€o^ (rov 
[icat Kara r]a Sucatcu/xara (rov StSa^oi/ fie 

125 [8ovXo9 (r]ov eyo) eifiL (rupenaop fu 
[k(u] yPdiaoiKu ra fiaprvpid (rov 

126 [Ka]tpo9 TOV TTOv}\(r(ii ra> K(vp4)a> 
[St]€0'K€8acrai/ top pofiop (rov 

127 [8i]a rovro riyairq(ra ras ci/roXa? (rov 

116 {iTcrov fu pro Iryroiuu \ ISO fco^oKroi^ pro KaOtiktakoaw \ 124 Xoycor pro cXco? | 
126 tr dfu cya> 


[virjep xpvtTLOP koll to na^iop 

128 [Sia] TovTo irpo% iroura? ra^ ci/roXa9 

aov KaTopOovfiriP 
[n]aaap Shop dhucop 'i/iurria'a 

129 [0a]vfiaaTa ra fiaprvpid aov K{vpi)€ 
[8i]a TOVTO k^pemrtfo'ep axrra ij ^fVXTI f^*^ 

130 [yj\ SijXoKTi? T(op Xoycjp <rov (f>(an€L ^(at) 

<rupen€i pr/inov^ 

131 [to] OTOfia fiov T/poi^a icat ctXicvcra iiv(ei;/t)a 
[ori r]af ci/roXa9 crov cVeiro^ovp 

132 [eirt^SXcJi^K)!^ €ir €fi€ koa ikerfaop ii€ 

[icara to] KpL/ia T(op dyanwPTWP to opofia aov 

133 [ra Sta^Si/fiJara fiov KaT€v0vpop Kara ro 

[Xoytoi/] (Tov 
[Kai fifj ica]rain;picu(rara> fiov trcura apofua 

134 [Xtrr/MMTou] /tc airo cruiccM^an'ias ai'(9pa»ir)a>i^ 
[icai ^vXa^oi ra$ cvroXa$ crov 

135 [to irpoa'f&n]op aov hr^apop cm to{p) 

[SovXoi' a'o]v 
[koa BiBa^op [le] ra 8ticaia»/tara axw 
p. 190 

136 8i^fo8ov9 vSaroii' icarf^i^ai' oc o] 

<f>0aKiioi fiov 
ihn ovK e<^vXa^a roi' Ko/to[i^ trcv] 

137 8iicato9 €i ic(vpt)€ Kai evOrfs rf icpur[i9 crov] 

138 ci^erciXo) SucatfiMruin}!/ ra /tfa/orvpi] 
a aov KOL d\ri0€ia.p cr^Spa 

139 e^erq^ep fic o (17X09' trov 
oTi en'€Ka0opTo twp \oywp a'o[v at] 

i)(0poi fiov 

140 ir€irvpa^ii€POP to koyiop cov cr<^[o8pa] 

1S7 add ro ante xpyo'Uf¥ \ tS8 KarwpBovfupf | tS8 om icvpi e | [cfijpcvnytrcv, i| ^ oorr 
ex e man i] | 181 iiAjcwm | 186 circt pro cvt | e^Xaiav \ 138 [cvcrciXaiy o in ras man i, 
I prim scr] | 8ueauxrvv7F [wrv in ras man i, o<rv prim scr] | 189 add rev oucov ante oov^ | 
cvroAoiv pro Xoytav 


KOA o SovXo^ (Tov riyairr)(r€v avr[o] 

141 i^corrcpof cyoi ct/it ic€u €^ouS€i/[a>/ji€i/o9] 
ra Sticcuoi/taTa croi; ovk €ircXa9o[fi77i/] 

142 yj hucaioawTi crov StKOiocrui/i} et? [roi/] 


outfi^a: icat o Xoyo? crov aXi^^ctfa] 

143 ^Xiifrcif : icat cu^ayKOi evpoaav fu 
at ei^oXai crov /xcXctt; /aov corti/ 

144 SiKotooiiK^ ra fiafyrvpid trov et$ rofi' cua»i/a] 
aweriirov fi€ koll ^riaov fie 

"7* 145 €K€Kpa(a €P 0X1} icapSta /tov ciraficoiKroi' /xov icvpce] 
ra Sticaiai/tara crov CK^i/rv^crai 

146 €K€Kpaia irpo^ ere (Toktoi/ /xfc koa ff>v] 

Xo^oi ra fiaprvpia <ro[v] 

147 7rpo€if>0aa'a €v atapui k(u €[iceicpa^a] 
icai €tf rov9 Xoyov9 <rov €<^[t}Xirura] 

148 irpoe^datrav 01 o^9aX/toi /t[ov irpo? crc opdpow[ 
rov ii€Kerap ra Xoyta crov 

149 n/^ ^a>in}9 /aov oxovcroi/ [Kvpte Kara ro c] 

Xeo9 (Tov 

Kara ro Kpi/ia crov £t}cr[oi/ /te] 
p. 191 

150 [npocrriyyua'ap cm] icaraSuoicovrc^ /t€ 

[airo 8e r]ov pofiov crov €fiaKpw0ri<ra{v) 

151 [cyyv9 €t] crv ic(vpi)e t[ai] irao'at cu oSot crov aXt}9€ia(i^) 

152 [icar ap;(]a9 eyviou €k tcjp fiaprvpuov aov 
[oTL ct]? TOP (uibpa e^c/tcXujcraf avra 

153 [^Sc] "n/i/ rairti^aKrii^ fiov icat e^eXov /uic 
[or]i roi^ pofiop crov ovk €ir€Xa9ofiY}(i/) 

154 [icpt]i/oi^ TTjP KpiaiP fiov KaL \vTpwre fi€ 
[8ia] TOP koyop aov ^riaop fi€ 

lil tr cifu cyw | 14S avayxtf pro avayiau | om eorcv | 146 om /iov ^ | 146 om irpos | 
{jAoprvpuL aov in ras man i, s cyroAac <rov koi ra prim scr] | 147 [f^Saaa cy aa> in ras 
man i, fULprvpta acv prim scr] | wpo€^$aaav fu pro irpoc^^ouja | om jou' | cin^iniTa | 
149 Aoyior pro cXcog | 161 om av \ aXr/$€ta \ 168 ramwwnv \ 164 XvTpwna pro Xvrp«MFC 
[in ras man i, cfcAov fu prim scr] 


155 \fia\Kpav ano afiaprojikfov (ramipui 

[o]rt ra SiKauiofiaTa aov ovk €^€l^yfrna'a,{y) 

156 OL OiKT€Lp'flOL CTOV IToX'Xot ic(vpi)c 

Kara to Kpifia <rov (i^croi/ fie 

157 iroXXoi 01 €KhLiaKOVT€^ ii€ Kai 0k€ifio(p)T€^ fie 

€K T(op fiafyrvpLtov aov ovk e^eicXcu/a 

158 [ct]Soi/ davverowra^ Kat €(€T7)KOfi7i{p) 

[oTi] ra Xoyta (rov ovk €<l>v\a(avro 

159 [tSc] ort ra? ci/roXa?' aov yjyaTrqa'a 

[Kvpi€ €]p ra> cXeci crov I^tjcov fi€ 

160 [ap;(Y}] ra»/ Xoyoii/ croi; aXij^cca 

[k(u €49 ro]i^ aia>i/a irai^a ra KpLfiara 
[t7}9 8tK]ato<n;i^f' o-ov 

161 [apx^'^^^] KarcS^cu^oi' /tc 8a>p€ai/ 

[icat ano Ta}\p koytop aov cStXuurci^ 
\q Kaphi,a\ fiov 

162 [ayaWiaaofiax] evoi cirt ra Xoyid' aov 

[a>9 o cvptcTKO)]!/ (TforXa iroX'Xa 

163 [aStKtai^ €fiia7J\aa Kai (i^BeKv^afiriv 

[top 8c i/ofioi/] aov Tiyamiaa 

• • • 

p. 192 

164 CTrraKt? nj? T^/xfcpa? ypeaa aoi] 

em ra KpLfiaTa r^[? 8]tKa[to<n;in7? crov] 

165 CLpriPTf noWr) ro[tf] ayaira>[o'ti/ roi/ po/iop aov] 

K€U OVK €aTiP €P a[vTOL]^ o'fcai/[SaXoi/] 

166 npoaeSoKOip TO aamipiop a[ov icvptc] 

Kai ra? cwoXa? aov ijyainjcra 

167 €<l>v\a^€P Tj ^fvxyi f^^ '''^ fiaprlvpia aov] 

K€u jfyairqaep avra a^oipa 

168 €<f>v\a(a ra? €>^oXa9 crov icai ra [fiaprvpta crov] 

ort iraaai at o8ot /xov epopTiop a[ov] 

169 €yyiaaT(o tj Serfai^ fiov €Paymo[p aov Kvpu icvpte] 

165 add 1; ante uiamipuk \ 156 oucripfjuoi \ add o-^oSpa post icvpic | ts jcpifu&Ta pro ro 
jcpcfu I 157 €KO\iPoyT€s pro SXnipovres \ c^cxXtva | 158 acrvK^crowras | 161 eSoAiaircv | 
165 om cv I 167 add km ante e^vAojcv | 168 add 817 ante 1; 


Kara to koy^op aov crvvairitrov /xfe] 

170 cureX^ot to a^toi/xa fiov eifomiov aov 
Kara to Xoyiop crov pvaai fi€ 

171 t^pev^avTo Ta X^^V h^^ vfivov 
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• • • 

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P- 193 

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p. 194 

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P- 195 

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• ^* •••• • 

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PKA «&7 TW avafiaOfuov CXXIV 

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ov (raXevtfi/crerai €4$ roi/ cua>i/a o ica 
TOiKtop ^(€pova'a)\rffi * 

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[oirai? ap] firj eKTLPoxrLP ot Siicatot 

p. 196 

€P apofiLOJ^s X^^'P^^ av[T(op] 

CXXIII 1 add rijp AavciS post avafiaO/uoy \ tffuv \ 8 opyurOrpnu \ 4 xa 
8 om tf I pmfitm, 

CXXIV 1 2ia»v I 8 a^njo'ti \ om icvpios | CKrcivcucrtv | avo/uoi pro avo/uois 


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• • • 

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tnan i] | 4 xEiftappovi \ 6 oirciporrcs | Sojcpownv \ ayaXXuurei \ Bepwvaiv \ 6 aiporrcs 
pro PaXXoirrts 

CXXVI 1 ^vAo^ 


2 ct9 iiarrip v/icti^ ecrnv rov op0pill^€ip] 
p. 197 

[eycipeo-^oi fi€]ra to KaOyfcOax 

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oi iropevoficpoi €P rai9 oSols avrov 

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nj? rpaire^T}? aov 

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ante avBpwvoi \ 6 'S^uav \ aov pro /lov 


[PKH] [y&J t\»v avafiaBiMV CXXVIII 

[ctiraTA)] 81) i((rpa)i}X irXcwoms eiroX^i^crai' 

• • • • • • 

2 [/tc CK i/eo]n/ro[9 fio]v 

p. 198 

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€fiaKpwap rffp apofuav [avraii^] 

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r€9 aeittxp 

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cvXoyi^KOfiev v/jia9 cv oi^o/xari K(vpio)v 

PK0 0^ Tmv avafiaOfjMP CXXIX 

1 €K ftaOauop €K€Kpa(a ere K(vpi)e 

2 K(vpi)c €taaKovaop ti}9 ^0)1079 ftov 
ytPTiOriTw ra arra crov irpo<r€XOi/[ra] 

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CXXVIII 5 Smuv I 6 cj c g'a u gtff/wu pro cfayftyom | 8 i7/4a«pro vfui«^ | cvXoyiycrofwv pro 

CXXIX 1 Pa»€w^ 


vnefiwev rf ^jn^XH H'^^ ^^^ ''iP^ pofiov avrov] 

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airo (fivXaKTi^ irpw'ia^ €Xir[icrara) laparfk] 
€iri Tov ic(vpto)i/ 

7 OTL irapa rov K(vpi)v to €X€[o9 K€u iroWrf irap av] 

TOV XvrpoKrt? 

p. 199 

8 [kcu avrof XvJrp&Krerot tov i((n>a)'>;X etc' ira<r<o{v) 

9 m 

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[PA] [?>&? T«]v ava0a0fuop CXXX 

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[ovSe] enopevdrfv €v fteyaXot? 

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[€]i /lit; €Tampo(f>popovv 

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[€]ai9 ai/rairo8ocri9 cirt rqv ^^vyrfv /lov 

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airo TOV m/p icat €0)9 tov cuoii/09 

[PA A] <»&; T«v avafiaOiuov CXXX I 

1 fiprfcffriTi K(vpi)€ tov 8a(v€t)8 icat natrff^ tt^? 

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[lyjvfaro TO) ^(€)o> lOKtofi- 

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[et a]i/a^T}crofiat eirt kXivt;? aTpto/ipri^ fiov 

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pro TOV Kvpiov I avrtp pro avrov 

CXXX 1 add ri^ AavciS post avaPadfiMv \ tr /aov rj icap&a | 2 €Tair€ivo^povow \ ayra- 
TroSciKTcis I om Ti;v" 

CXXX I 1 wp^vn/ros 


4 [€t Soijcro) inrvov roi,^ o^^aX^ot? fiov 
[icat rot] 9 fi\€<f}apoi^ fxov iwarayfiop 
[icat ai/a]iravcrti/ rot? Kporau^oi^ iiov 

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p. 2CX> 

(TV K<u 17 KifiojTO^ Tov a[yta<r/xaro9 crov] 
9 oi i6p€i9' crov ^i^8v(raii/ra[i SiKouocrvi^i/] 
ic(u ot ocrtot crov ayaK\i€urovTa[i] 

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• • • 

icat ra /laprvpuL aov ravra ci 8t8a^a) avrovs 
icat ot vtot avTtav ecu? rov axiavo^ Ka6i 
ovprai €irt rov Opovov crov 

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rjperuraro avrrjp 6t9 icarotictai/ cavroi 

14 avn; 1) icarairavcrt? fiov 6t9 aiiova tuiopo^ 
ciSc icarot/CT^crcu * ort ripenaaiLifv avrriv 

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TOV9 7rra>x<w9 avn^9 xopraao} ap[r(i}v] 

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• • • 

6 TOi? 8(urco-i pro rois irc&ocs | 7 curcAcvo-ofuu | 9 cvcSiktuvto pro ckSvo-wktoi | 11 a^c- 
Tiycrct I avnyv pro avrov | 12 (^vXaiwvrcu \ acid 01 ante vuh* | /aov pro crau* | om tow | tof 
$po¥Cv pro rov Opovov | 13 ZStoiv 


fcoi oi ocrtoi avTTis ayfliXXta<ri ayaXXi[(uroi^cu] 
cfcci k^avareKto K€pas roi 8a(v€t)8 
rfToiiiaa'a Xvxpop no \{purr)(o <rov 
Tcvs €xBpov^ avrov ci^Svcroi cu[(r;(vin;v] 
cirt 8c avTOv 'i^avOriO'ti to ayuur\jia fiov] 




p. 201 

iiStf rmv dvafiaOfJMV iw Sa{vu)8 

iSov 81} rt icaXoi^* fccu rt rtpnvov 
aXX 1) TO fcaroiicctv ciScX^ovs eir[i ro atn'o] 
019 fivpop ciri fcc^oXijv ro [fcara/Scuyoi^] 
ciTi TToryoii^a] 

[rov iroryoiva] top aa/Ktiv 

[ro fcara)8cu]i^oi' im rriv oklv rov ci^Sv 

[fuxros] avrov* 
[ois 8po<r]os akpfixov 1) Karafianvvova'a c 

[iri r]a 0/917 <rcta>v 
[ort €ic]c4 &eriXaro fc(vpio)9 n}v cvXoyiav ' 
[fcoi {ai]i7v ca>s rov outfits* 



ii&fl rmv avafiaOfimv 


[i8]ov 81} cvXoyctrc rop K{vpio)v 

travre^ ot 8ovXoi K(vpu})v 01 coTa»r€9 €P otfcoi ic(vpio)v 

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ci^ rais w^iv ciraparc ra? ;(€tpa9 v/tai(i^) 

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€vKoyqa'€i crc K{vpio)^ €k ctitav 

o irotijo'a? roi^ ovp(ai^)op iccu nyi^ yi/i^ 

16 ayoAAiflurci 

CXXXII 1 ri pro fccu | om oAX | 8 KarafiaMvovira \ '^Utnv \ cvcrciAaro 

CXXXIII 1 om cv ouutf xvpunt \ % om ras | 8 Smuk 


[PAA] aX'XiyXowia- CXXXIV 

1 aware ro ovo/ta K{vpu>)v 

2 [cu]i^c4rc SovXoi K{vpio)v' oi coToyre? ci^ oticoi K{vpio)v 
[ci/ a]vXcu9 Oifcov ^(co)v ruitaif 

3 [(ui/€4]rc rov fc(v/Mo)v ore ayatfo9 ic(vpto)s 
[i^XaT]€ ra> ovo/iaTi avrov 'm koXop 

4 [ort To]i' iafcoi/S* c^eXc^aro cauroi o fc(vpio)s 
[t<rpa]i)[X ci]9 irepiovaiatr/JLOp avrov 

5 ori eyvuxv ort /icyas o fc(vpio)s 

• • • 

[iccu] o fc(vpio)9 i^fuiii^ irapa ireu^as rov^ ^covs 

6 [iray]Ta ocra y\Qdsi^€p o fc(vp4o)9 iwovrjo'ep 
[cv r^ o]vp(av)ai icat €v rq yri 

[ci/ rcu9 ^otXacrcrais itat ci^ irocrcu? rcu$ 

7 [eu/aya»p I'c^cXa]? c^^ cor^arov n}9 yi7S 
p. 202 

oorpaira? Ci9 vcroi^ cirfoii^crei^] 

o i^ayoiv ape/iov^ €k ra)[p Orfcavptov avrov] 

8 09 eirara^of ra irparroroic[a cuyimTov] 
airo av{6pitm)ov ecu? icn)vov^ 

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• • • • 

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ovSe yap cortv 7rv(€Vft)a €v tco aTo[ftaTi avroii^] 

18 ofioiot avroi9 ycvcDi/rai irai/[TC9 ot voiowt€% avra] 

icat irai/r€9 ot ir€iroidore[s €P avroi?] 
p. 203 

19 [otico9 icpar/X cvjXoyy^crare rov K{vpio)v 

[oiK09 aapa>]i^ evXoyi/crarcu roi/ K{vpio)v 

20 [ouco^ Xcvjet cvXoyi7craT€ roi/ K{ypio)v 

[ot <f}oPov]iia/oi rov K{vpio)v €vkoyqa'ar€ rov K{vpuo)v 

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[o icaro]tica>i/ lepovaaXrui 

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€t9 roi/ atoiVa ro cXeo^ avrov 

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roi^ atcuVa ro eXeos avrov 

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CXXXV 1 ;(pi;oTo$ pro ayn^os | 2 roiv ^ea»v pro rov $€ov | 3 rwi' «ni/NCi>v pro rov 
icvpiov I 4 Tfocovm pro ironjauvri \ Oavfiaa-ia 


art €t9 TOP cucupa to eXeo? avrov 

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[to €X€o]9 avrov 

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[roroKot9] avrcui/* ort €t9 rov9 ata> 
[vas TO €X€09 av]rov 

11 [icat e^ayayovTL tjo'pai^X eK fieaov avnov 

p. 204 

ort €t9 Tov cuiova t[o ekeo^ avrov] 

12 €v X^^P^ KpaTaia icat €v fipa\)(iovi vi/r>}X^] 

ort €t9 TOV atcin/a to €X€[o9 avrov] 

13 ro) icara8t€Xoi/rt n}i^ €pvO[pav OaKaa\ 

fxav €t9 8t€p€(r€t9 ' ort €[t9 TOV ata>] 
va TO €X€09 avrov* 

14 icat Std'yayoi^t roi^ i{a'pa)7)\ 8ta /x€0'[ov avn79] 

ort €t9 roi/ ataii/a ro €X€09 avr[ov] 

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fxiv avrov €t9 daXacrVai^ ipvdpav 
OTL €t9 roi/ auSva to iXtos avrov 

16 roi KadoZriyrfa'avTi tov \aov avrov 

€v rt) epr/fKO' ort €t9 tov aiaiva to €Xco[9 avrov] 

17 T(o iraTa^avTi fiaaikei^ fieyaXov^ ort 

6 ro v8a>p pro nav vSarwv | tov auava pro rov$ oicoKis | 7 add fwvif ante ori \ rov 
oMiKi pro ronj^ aianfa^ \ 8 tof auova pro rov$ oioiKif | 9 ra aarpa pro rov9 oorcpas | rov 
CUC0WI pro TOV9 acAiras | 10 rov oMfva pro rov9 oiowiis | IS &aipco-af | 14 cv fita^ pro Sea 
fuotw I 16 Siayayoim pro KaOo&fjyrjaavrt \ otn ny 









p. 205 


€ts Tov tuUva TO eXcog avrov 
Kox afroKT€ivavTL )8a(riXei9 fcparauivfs] 

oTi €19 TOV aiMva to iXeo^ avro[v] 
TOP OTfODV fiaxriXca Ttav a/toppatfoip] 

oTi €49 TOV oLiiova TO €Xcos [avTov] 
icat TOV toy PaaiXea rqs fioxrav 

OTL €49 TOV OMUVa TO €k€0^ [oVTOv] 

fccu 801^4 T7IV yrfv avTwv KXrfpov[oiuav] 

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oTi €49 TOV ai^va TO €X€09 [avTov] 

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TO cX€09 au7ov 

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rj/Kov* 074 €[49 TOV auava to €X€09 au70i;] 

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[tov €u<ova t]o eX€09 au70i; 

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[ev t](o iivri<r0riv(u rifxa^ 71J9' a-eiiov 

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[€ic]€4 €Kp€ii(ia'afi€v 7a opyava ijiiiov 

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7€vcrdi^€9 i7fta9 Xoyov9 ciScop 


20 [ray \ o corr ex <■> man i] | 28 om art cv n; ...... . cXios avrov | 26 mifM^ 

pro ^co) 

CXXXVI 1 r<p AavccS pro aXXi/Xouia 81a ijipefuunt \ rwv irorofunv | Suiiv | 2 toa^ 
pro rai I om eicci | 3 ifpwnfdav pro trnipom/firay 

p. 206 


Kai 01 aTrayovT€^ rifia^ viivov 

• • • 

[a(r]ar€ 17/xti/ €k nov ioStap cretaip 

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5 [€a]v eiriXaOofJLou, aov 'VipovaaXyni 

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• • • 

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1 "Eiopokoyfiaopax crot ic(vpi)€ [cv oX|; fcapStf /aov] 
art iJKoxHra^ iravra ra /oi7[/jiara rov aropM^ros /tov] 
iccu (ivavriov ayy€k<ov i|ra[Xai (rot] 

2 irpoo'Kwqa'm irpo^ vojov a[y40i^ crov] 
ICCU €(op6Koyri<rop€u no ovop[aTi crov] 
€7rt roi eXcci crovicat n; dXij^cia cr[ov] 

ore c/tcyaXwa? eirt irai^a ro 6Vo/t[a ro ayiop crov] 

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3 aimyayorrcs | vfiyrffrart pro vfu^ov curare | Suir | 5 cntAotfaifuu [sic scr. man 2 in 
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CXXX VII 1 cm {axopuni | cm imvra | 8 imv pro imvra | cm ro ^ | 8 cmKoXccn^- 
fuu I cm m 



4 'i^ofiokoyyiaaxrOoHrav crot ic(vpt)€ irav7r€% 

ort y)Ko\HT(w iravra ra fyrffiara tov oto 
/laTO^ fiov 

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OTt fieyaXtf 17 So^a K(vpto)v 

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Kat ra ui/njXa airo /lOKpoOcv yu/(oo'K€[i] 

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€ir opyqv exOpiov /jlov e^ereu^a? X^[^P^^] 
icai 'i(TiiHr€v fie iff Se^ta crov 

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ic(vpi)€ TO cXeog o-ov €t9 TOi' auiii[va] 
ra c/oya roip \€ip<av <rov fiij [iropi/s] 

PAH €i9 TO T€X09 ^aX/i09 [t^ SauciS] CXXXVIII 

. . 

1 K(vpi)€ iE8oict/x(xcra$ fi€ icat €yi^a>[9 /tc] 

2 (TV €yva)9 TT^i^ KadeSpav {/lov K€u ttiv] 

€y€p<riv iiov [cr]v (rw[rfKas] 

• • • • . 

p. 207 

[wavra^ to]v^ 8iaXoyur/xoi;9 fiov awo 


3 [n}p rpifiov] fiov kcll ttiv (r)(oivov fiov 

[icat ira]cra9 ra9 o8ovs fiov irpo€i8e9 

4 [ort ovk] €<mv 80X09 cv yXoKr'cri^ fiov 

5 [t8ov] K{vpi)€ av eyvo)^ iravra ra etrxara 

Kox ra ap\aia 

3 emuQawrnv pro turoKowrov add cv ante Sukl/mi | 4 <rov pro /aov | 6 tr 1; 80^ Kv- 
piov fjutyaXfj I 6 rairciKi | 7 tr e^cretvaf X^'P^^ f^^^ I ^ Kvpcc pro dcv/nos | avraird&wru^ \ 
8 add Kv/NC ante ra c^>ya 

CXXXVIII 3 irpoftScf | 4 Xoyo9 aSucos pro SoAos 


[av 6]irXa(ra9 fi€* Kai edr/Ka^ i/ie rqv X^^P^ ^^^ 

6 [e^av/LtaoTO)^ yf ypoxri^^ aov c^ e/xov 
€KpaTaLOi}07) ov fiTf Svi/cD/xat irpo^ avT7i{v) 

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Kai awo rov wpoa'ayrrov aov irov ^vyta 

8 cap avafio) 6^9 roi/ ovp{av)ov €K€i, ei 
eav Karafta) 619 rov a^riv irapet 

9 €ai/ avoKafioLiu ra9 irrepvya^ /lov Ka 

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[k€u] KaraarKrjvoxrci} €19 ra co^ara tij9 

10 [icat y]ap eicet i^ ^€tp aov o8i7yi7(r€t /x€ 
[iccu KJa^e^et fi€ ri Se^^ta' (rov 

11 [icat €i]ira apa cricoro9 fcarairan/crci /te 
[icoi m;]^ <^a^ia'/to9 €i^ n; Tpinfyq fiov 

12 [oT4 crico]T09 ov a-KorurOno'erai airo <rov 
[iccu io;^] 0)9 riii€pa ^fxariadifaerax 

[cu9 to] cricoro9 avn;9 ovro) icat ro 
[<^a)]9 avn79 

13 [oTi 01;] ic(vp4)€ €Kr7i(ra} rov9 P€<f)povs fiov 
[aPT€XaP]ov iiov €k yaarpo^ /irfrpo^ iiov 

14 [e^o/toXojyi^croficu croi ort ^ofiepta^ 

p. 208 

6^av/taaTa)^9 . . 

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VdHTKti a^oSpa 

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16 ro aucarepyaxTrov aov tSop 04 o<^[daX/xot /xov] 
icai cirt ro fiifikiov aov iravrc^ ypa[(f>riaovr€u] 

B add or ante cfic | 8 add crv post ovpavw \ tr a eicci | 9 avaXafiia \ op$w \ 11- 

12 [jcoi Yv^ aiFO <rov in ras man i, prim scr ori <rKcriK • • • avo vciv et a>s fo 

CKoros .... ^iu¥ avn/s] | 18 om arc o-jcoros ^wrur^ijfnrai \ ovrcog | 18 tr Kvpic 

post fuiv ^ I 16 [17 vtroarains, inter 17 et v litt e eras] | 18 eiSoouv pro i8ok 



rjfiepa^ tr\aar07ia'ovT€u kox ovSci? [€v aurot?] 

17 €/toi Se Xtai/ enii7i$7ia'av ot ^iXoi (r[ov o ^cos] 
Xeiai/ €KpaT€uio07)a'ap ax ap\ax avra)[i/] 

18 i^aoLdiiriirofKu avrov^ kcll jinrep aini[ov\ 

c^eyepOriy kcll en €t/u fiera aov 

19 €ai^ orroKTCUfTis a/ia/:>raiXov9 o 0{€o)^ 
ai^pcs aiftaraip €ic'icXcii/ar€ air c/iov 

ao ort €p€iT€ €4$ StaXoyur/toi' 

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21 ov^i TOV9 luarcvyrasi* crc ic(vpt)€ qxi<n}<ra 
fcoi JEiTi roi$ cx'^pot?' crov e^en7fc[o/ti7i^] 

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€19 ix^pov^ ey€PovTO fto[t] 

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fcapStai/ fiov 
eraaov /t€ KOi Yy^aOi ra9 [rpijSovf /tot;] 

24 fcai aSc €1 0809 ai^o/ua9 €[v €/toi] 
fccu oirqyuaov fu €v oSoi a[ta>vtf ] 

PAe I 

p. 209 


ei9 TO reXo9 '^Xfio9 tw S[au€iS] 

€^€Xov /t€ fc(vpi)€ €^ ap{0payir)ov novrfpo[v] 

• • • • 

airo avhpos a8tic[ov] pvaax [fic] 

• • • • 

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[okriv rrjv ri/ielpav iraperairaovro nokeiiov^ 
[riKOP7i{rap yjXoKrVai/ avrtov oKTct o<^€ai9 
[i09 <unri8]aii/ thro ra x^^V ^^^^^ 
[^vXa^o]p /ir€ K(vpi)€ €K ;(€tpo9 diiapTcjikov 
[aTTO ai/](^p6>7r)ov a8tfcov c^cXov /x€ 


17 Xiav I 16 t$ffy€p$rf¥ \ 19 cicicXiKirc | SO tfiui pro cpccrc | 28 rcXcior | 84 i& | 
Ai pro 0809 

CXXXIX 1 tr ry AavciS ^foA/Aoc | 4 add &a^aA/ia | 6 avOptnnnf a&jrcuv pro avtfponrov 


[otri]i/C9 €koyuravTO rov vnoaKe 
Xicrat ra Biafi7)fiaTa /jlov 

6 [€K]pv^p Jineprj^avoi, iraytSa /tot 
fcat (T^oti/ta huTway irayiSa roi9 

trocu/ fijov 
€)(oiL€va rpiftov (TKapSakoy iOeirro fio^ 

7 €Lira ro) ic(vpt)ai d(co)9 ftov €i 01; 

8 ic(vpi)€ K(ypi)€ hwa/iL^ T7}$' aamipia^ iiov 
€irccricicura9 €iri n}i/ ic€<^aXi}i/ /tov €P 

ri/iepa noXefiov 

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[kotto]^ T(oy x€iX€(ov auT<av koKv 

11 [ir€crov]i^ai eir avrov9 avdpaxt^ irvpos 
[icat €1/ ir]vpt Karafiakei^ avrov^ 

[cy raXa]t7ra>ptai$ ov /mi} VnooTOKriv 

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[crerat] etn tt^? yiy? 

P- 2IO 

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icoi 77}!^ StiCTjf/ roip ir€i^[i}ra>i/] 

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pofiari <rov ic(vpt)€ 
iccu KaroLKfjaoviXLv €v0€i^ [€p T<f irpo0'oim(f aovl 

6 om TOD I 6 SicroMiy | »a7fi&i« | add hun^aXim \ 7 owrum* \ 9 ^'^'^''^^JL 
add Sia^oAfui | 11 add cut n;« yi^f post irvpos | om cv irvpi 1 1* om avi)p • 
yil? I Biiptwru I Mara^tfo^v pro &a^0opav | 14 om icvpu 


PM -^aXiuxi Tto Ba{vet)8 CXL 

1 ic(vpi)c €K€Kpa(a npo^ ae €L(rdKovar[ov /lov] 

€v TO} K€Kpay€v<u fi€ npos cr[€] 

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CTrapcrt? rtav \€Lp<av fiov Ovcria €<Tir€pJ{yrj[ 


3 dov K(ypL)€ <f>v\aK7jv T<o aroiioTL flOV 


Kai Ovpav ir6pi'6;(7}9 nepi ra X^^^V M^M 

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avv av(0pa}7r)oLs epya^ofievoi^ rqv av\oiiiav\ 
Kai ov fiTf aw8vaa(o /xera Tai[i/ €k] 

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Soictai9 avT(ov 

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aKovcovrai r\a prJl/JLara fi[ov ort TjSvvtjftycrav] 
p. 211 

7 [oxret iravo?] yrj^ eppayq ctti tij9 y»j9 

• • • • 

[Si€irKopinxr]0rj ra oara avTtav frapa rov a8iy(i/) 

8 [ort irpo9] ere K{vpi)€ K(ypi)€ 01 ixbOay/ioi fiov 

• • • 

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9 [<^i;Xa^oi/] fi€ airo iraytSo? tj9 avv€<T 

[n7]crai/ro /xot 

CXL 1 tr irpos o-e €K€Kpa(a \ 4 CKJcXiio;? | iroi^/Na? | om Trfv^ \ awSota4Tia \ 6 add 
€n post tcai^ I 6 Kpartuoi pro Kparai \ 7 huppayq pro tppayri \ rffimv pro avrcdiv 


[icat a]iro aKavhakfOP twp epya^ofie 
v(ov rqv apo/iiav 
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* OL a/jLaprfoXoL 

[ica]ra /JLOva^ et/xt €ya> ecu? ov irapeX'^o) 

[PMA] I avvea-eto^ t<o Ba(v€i)B ev tw eti^eu ai/Toi/ CXLl 

2 [<^]a>in7 /xov irpo? K{vpio)v €K€Kpa^a 
[<^]a>in7 ^ov irpo? roi/ d{€o)v cScij^iji/ 

3 [^I'^X^^ cpomiov avrov ryji' SctjVii' ftov 
[tij]i' OXiijfiv fiov ivioniov avrov airayyeko) 

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[icat (r]v 'iypcDS ra? rpiftov^ fiov 

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[i|fa]p iraytSa /xo& 

5 [Karei/ojovi/ €t5 ra Scfta- icat cir€^X€iro(i/) 
[on ovic Tj]i/ o emyivtMrKov fie 
[aira>Xer]o <^vyij air e/xov 

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6 [€iceicpa]^a npos fre K{vpi)€ etira crv et 17 eXirt? fiov 
[ftcpt? fi]ov €t cv yr} ^(ovrtov 

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[ort er]amva)0riv <r(f>ohpa 

[pvcrat fi€ CK T(ov ica]ra8ta»icoi/ra>i/ fie 
p. 2 1 2 

ort eKparaiiodrila'av vncp eue] 

• • • • 

8 €^ayay€ €ic (f^vXaKr/s [rriv ^lfV)(7)v fiov] 

Tov i(oiioKoyri<ra<rdaL [r^ ovofiari trov icvptc] 
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)^ funi I rravctvciKrcv | add n^ ante yi^y | cxorctKOis | 6 cfMXcn|oa | mun 


Hinc incipit Ms. A* 

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[fie €p] yri cv^cia 

11 [ci'Cica] TOV oi^ofiaros crov K{vpi,)e {i} 

[cr€t9 /ic] €P TTf BiKaioavmi aov 

p. 2 

c^ofcis €K ^Xa|r€co9 njfi^ i/o;] 

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Ms A* CXLII 6 cficXcra»K | 6 tr ras XUf»9 ftov wpoi fit \ 7 m(€Xiw€¥ \ ofMoua^f/irofMi \ 
8 ff pro I \ 9 fu pro fuu \ mirc^vyor | 10 tr $€os /i€v u av \ om o | a^ior pro ayaSw \ rjf 



12 Kai fv TO eXect (rov €^oXc^p[evo'€is] 

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ort cyo) Bovkos cov eL/iL' 

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' . — . ' 

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T0V9 SaicrvXovs fiov et9 7ro\€ii[oi/] 

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at Tffiepcu avTov axrct a'ic[ta Tra] 

payovciv • 


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[ai/roi t](ov opetoi/ kol Kawvur 

6 [dar]pcv^fK}v aarpairriv kou cKop 

triei9 avTovs 

12 ry pro ro | airoXcis | rov^ pro rov | tr cya> post ecfu 

CXLIII 1 FoAfaS I 2 vKoraaau/v \ 3 ri pro ris | eyvcMT^ | 4 ftaraMTrfri [corr A* 
man 2 /iaroiorirt] | lOfjunwOri \ 6 add oov post ovpavovs 


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[e]!/ i/raXrTjpiai Scica^opSo) i/raXoi crot 

10 [rw] StSoKTt rrji/ o-ayrqpLav rot? 

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[\o]i/ atrrov: 

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p. 4 

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icat r; Se^ta avT(ov Sc^t[a a8ticta9] 

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[k(u evXjoyvjcrci) to ovo/ia aov 
[€t9 Toi'] atoii^a K(u €19 TOP eu 

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[ic]at 7179 fieyaXaKrvi079 avrov 
OVK eoTLP Trepan 

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CXLIV 1 rev pro ra> | add fwv post 0cos | 2 oivtata \ om cic ro¥^ . . 
8 add o ante KvpuK \ 5 /icyoAoirpcirciav 




p. 6 








[icat t\7)v ^vpafiLV rtov <f>ofi€pw(y) 

[aov eplovfrLV 
[icat 77iv] iieyaXcDavprjv <rov 8t 

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ho^av rq^ ^ScuriXctas crov cpovo^ti^] 
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SimuTTciav ow AaXiy<rawriv post SinynfroiMU \ 8 oucripfj^ \ • viro^*«wwriv pro crwmMnv 


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[k]<u oclos €1^ iraxrw rot9 €pyoL^ avrov 

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[kcu 7ravTa]s tov9 afia/>r6iXov9 c^o 

p. 8 

kodpevaei ' 

21 OLLVtClV K{vpio)v \aX7l<r€[l TO OTOfia fiov] 

KOL evXoyciro) iroura [crap^ to opo] 

fia TO ayiov avrov 
€19 T01/ aL(oi/a Kai €t9 to[v atai] 

i/a Tov auovos' 

14 KOTippayfuvfivi | 16 cvxaipi^ | 16 [avocyt$ man i corr man 2] | rac x^H^^ V^ 
rrpf xu^ I 18 mgn^ \ 19 nroucoiNrerai | 20 iioXuBpewru 


PM6 aXXfiXovla ayyeov icai fa CXLV 

'• — '■' yapiov \' 

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i/roXoi Toi 9(c)ci> fiov €0)9 vira\p\fa[ 

3 /xt; neTTOLdare en" ap^ovra^ [icat] 

67rt V10V9 av{dp(tm)(av 019 ovic corfu^] 

4 c^eXei/crcTcu to iry(ei;fi)a avrov [koli] 

airoarpe^L €t9 ttji/ yrji/ a[vTov] 
cv €K€Lvri TV) r)fjL€pa aTro\kovv\ 
rax trai^€9 ot 8taXoyi[(rfiot] 

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rf cX7rt9 avrov cirt K(vpto)[f' rof^ ^eot^] 

6 rov iroiTjo'avTO^ to[i/ ovpai'Oi^] 

p. 9 

[Kat nyi^] yiji^ 

[ttiu ^oXalcrcrai/ kol iravra ra 

[ev avT]7] 

[rov <f>v]Kaa'a'ovTa aX-qOeuiv 

[€t9 To]i^ cutova 

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[#cvpu>9] Xv€t weve^fuvov^ 

8 [itvpu>9] (ro<f>oi, rv<^Xov9 
[icvpto9 a]i^op^ot Karepayfievov^ 
[icvpt09 a]yatra 8iK(uov9 

CXLV 1 Ayyoiov | 3 c^ pro ein | 4 cwurrpfuffu pro amtrrpolfu \ avrm^ pro avrov ' | 
5 ov pro (Tov I om avrov ^ | 6 rw wooftrnvra \ avrocc pro avny | 7 ir€ivwnv \ 8 tr Kvpcos 
<ro^ot rv^Aovs post Kar€ppayfi£yovq 


9 [#cvpt09] ^^vXacrcrct rov^ irpoayiXvrov^ 
[op(f>]avoi/ Kai X^pai/ avakjui 


[kou oS\op afiafyraoikaav a<^a 


lo [)8a<riXcv](r€i K(vpto)9 €t9 top auwpa 
[o $€0% aov a']uov Ci9 yci^cai^ Kat 


[PM5"] [aXXiyXowJia ayyeov tuu ^axapwv CXLVI 

1 [ati^ctre] rov K(vpLo)i/ on ayados 1/^0X^109 

2 [otKoSo/juk>]i/ i(€po\xra)Xriii o K{vpio)^ ras Sta<r 
p. 10 

iropas rov i<r(pai7)X ein[awa^€i] 

3 O tOI/LlCI'OS TOV9 crui^TCTpi/jific] 

Keu heafievwu ra avp[Tpiiiiia] 
ra avT<av 

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5 fie}^9 o ic(vpto)9 T^fnui^ K(u /jieya[Xi7] 

t; t<rj(vs avrov 
Kat 7779 owccreais avrov [ov] 
K €(mv apiOfio^ 

6 avaXa/ifiavwv trpacts o K[vpt09] 
Tan€Lva}i/ he aiiapTwXov[s] 

€0)5 • yrf^ 

7 e^ap^are roi ic(vpt)ci> ct^ c^of/ioXo] 

i/faXarc roi 9(€)ci> i^/ifoii' ci^] 

CXLVI 1 Ayyacov | aya$w pro aya&os \ 8 add icoa post icvpuK | 8 n^v rap&av | 
6 add n;« ante yi^ 


8 TO) nepifiaWopTi [rov ovpavov] 

TO) CTOtftaCoKTt t[ji yu verov] 
T<o c^af'aT€XXoi/[Tt a/ opeai] 

Kcu X^^^ ^ 8ov[Xc(4f. T(op av$p(an(ov] 

amissa sunt duo folia 

p. II 

2 [cirt T<f /5aun]k€i avrmv CXLIX 

3 [auvea-artiHrlav to ovofLa av[To]v 

[a; Xopif] 

[^ i/raXajroKrai' avrto 

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[koll wji\aKrei irpacts €p aanrfpuL 

5 [Kav)(\7i<rovTau cxrtoi €i^ So^ 
[koa, aylaXKioLfrovTou, em rtov 

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[pvy]y€i avrmv 
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7 [tov iroirjla-aL €ic8tio;cri»' €i^ TOt9 

[eXey/iovs] €P rocs Xaots 

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[iceu TOV9 cf'lSofovs aVTHM^ €P 

• ■ • • 

9 [tov iroi7i<r(u] a^ avro[is] Kpifia 


[8o£a avrn cotJii' irao'ip Tot9 oci 

• • • • 

[ois] avrov 

CXLIX 4 cm TM I 6 cm roi I Xapvyyi \ pofA^auu | • warn 


p. 12 

FpNl aXXi7Xoi;[ui] CL 

1 [aJtf'Cire tov 0{€o)i/ [ev rots aytois] 

(uv€iT€ avTOP €v [oTepcoifia] 
TL Svi^a/icois auro[v] 

2 (uveire avrop cirt T[aLS hwoLo] 

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axi/€iT€ avrov Kara [to irXrj] 
Oos TJ]^ fi€yaXo<rwris [avrov] 

3 auv€LT€ avrov €v y)\(o [croXirtyyos] 
cui^etrc avrov €v }lfa\r[r)pi] 

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4 (uvevrai avrov €v rvfi[irai^] 

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aLV€iT€ avrov €v ^op[8(U9 kou] 

5 eui^etrc avroi/ ei/ K[vfi)3aXoi9] 

aLV€ir€ avrov ev K[vfi)3aXoi9] 

6 iraaa iri^oi} aiv^a^arw rov Kvpiov\ 

i/roX/ioi PN 

P- 13 

[o '^oKii.Q^ tSt07pa^09 o]uTo[? €t? SatieiS] [CLI] 

[icai €^(O0€V rov api0\fu}v or[6 €ftoi/o/ia] 
[X^^o' wpo9 Toy 7oX]tad* 

I [/iucpo9 fll^V^ ^]v [To]t9 aScX^ots /^[ov] 
[kox v€ayr]€po^ ev rw oncoi rov 

[Trarpos] /xov 
[ciroi/irCUf^loi^ ra irpofiara rov 7r(ar)p(o)9 /i[ov] 

CL 8 /icyoiAttxrvviTS | 4 aivctrc^ | 6 aXaXayfJuov \ 6 add aXXifKovta post icvpujv \ om 
^oAfUM PN 

CLI tr ovroc o ^noA/ioc i&oypa^of | ry FoAioS pro irpo$ roF yokiaB 


2 [at X^^P^^] M^^ enovqcav ofyyavov 
[oi SaicT]vXoi fiov rfp/ioaav i/roX 


3 [kcu Ti]9 ai^ayycXei roi ic(vpi)ai fiov 
[auro9] ic(vpio)9 auro9 ctcrcucot^t 

4 [av]ro9 cfaircoTCtXci/ rov ayye 

9 9 

[\ov] avTOv icat 7]p€v fie €k T{o(v) 
[7rpofi]aTmv rov ir(aT)p(o)9 ftov 
[icai €vpi]o'€i/ fic €1^ Tw cXatoi 7779 
[;(/)ta€cu9] ai;T[oi;] 

5 [oi aSsX^^ot iio]v Kokoi K€u /x€ya[Xot] 
[Kac ovK €vhoK]T)(r€v €v avTOi^ \Kvpioi[ 


6 [e^kOov €t9 avv\avrqa'Lv t[^ aXXo^vXf»] 

p. 14 

[ajcroi/^ei/ [r^ Kvpuf ci'8o£ai9 yap] 


iiriroi/ ic(u avafiarq\v eppiAJftv] 

€19 Oaktura'aa^ 
fiori0o^ icat o'ic«raaT[T79 cyclic] 

TO fioi €19 camjpiav 
ouro9 fiov ^(co)9 ic(u Sofa[o'Ci> avroi/] 
d(eo)s Tov ir(aT)p(o)9 ftov icat vi/rci>[o'Ci> aurov] 
K(vpto)9 awrpLficDv troXefi[ov9 Kvpto9] 

ovofia aura) 
OLpfiara <f>apa(o Kat rqv [Svi^a] 

fjLLV avTov €piAJf€v €t9 ^[aXaa'O'ou^] 


einXeKTov^ avafiara^ [rpia] 


• • • 

dpa daX€UT[<rg] 

irovT(o cicaX[iA^ci' aurov9] 

Karehvaav €[t9 fivOov oKrei Xt^o9] 

[rf] Sc^ta cov ic(vpt)[c ScSo^oorcu cv to^vt] 

• • • • 

A 2 tr $€(K fiov I 4 ippafftv 



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Argentine Republic 
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Austria-H ungar y 

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Innsbruck : University of Innsbruck. 
Prague : University of Prague. 
Vienna : University of Vienna. 


Melbourne : University of Melbourne. 
Sydney : University of Sydney. 


Brussels : University of Brussels. 
Li^ge : University of Li^ge. 

Rio de Janeiro : National Library. 


Kingston : Queen^s University. 
Montreal : McGill University. 
Toronto : University of Toronto. 

Santiago : University of Chile. 

Peking : University of Peking. 

Copenhagen : University of Copenhagen. 

Cairo: Vice-Regal Library. 


Birmingham : University of Birmingham 
Cambridge : Cambridge University. 
Leeds : University of Leeds. 
Liverpool : University of Liverpool. 
London : British Museum. 
Manchester: John Rylands Library. 
Oxford : Bodleian Library. 

Helsingfors : University of Helsingfors. 


Bordeaux : University of Bordeaux. 
Grenoble : University of Grenoble. 
Lille : University of Lille. 
Lyons : University^ of Lyons. 



Montpellier : University of Montpellier. 
Paris : National Library. 
Paris : University of Paris. 
Toulouse : University of Toulouse. 


Berlin : Institute of Jewish Studies. 
Berlin : Royal Library. 
Bonn : University of Bonn. 
Breslau : University of Breslau. 
Erlangen : University of Erlangen. 
Freiburg : University of Freiburg. 
Giessen : University of Giessen. 
Goettingen : University of Goettingen. 
Greifswald : University of Greifswald. 
Halle : University of Halle. 
Heidelberg : University of Heidelberg. 
Jena : University of Jena. 
Kiel : University of Kiel. 
Koenigsberg : University of Koenigsberg. 
Leipzig : University of Leipzig. 
Marburg : University of Marburg. 
Muenster : Universitv of Muenster. 
Munich : Royal Library. 
Rostock : University of Rostock. 
Strassburg : University of Strassburg. 
Tuebingen : University of Tuebingen. 
Wuerzburg : University of Wuerzburg. 

Athens : University of Athens. 


Amsterdam : Free University. 
Groningen : University of Groningen. 
Ley den : University of Ley den. 
Utrecht : University of Utrecht. 


Calcutta : University of Calcutta. 
Lahore : Punjab University. 

Dublin : Trinity College. 


Bologna : University of Bologna. 
Florence : Mediceo-Laurentian Library. 

Naples : University of Naples. 
Rome: American Academy in Rome; (Li- 
brary of the School of Classical Studies). 
Rome : Vatican Library. 
Turin : University of Turin. 


Kyoto: Kyoto University. 
Tokyo : University of Tokyo. 
Tokyo : Waseda College. 

Mexico City : National Library. 

Christiania : University of Christiania. 

Lima : University of Lima. 


Dorpat : Imperial University. 
Moscow : Imperial University. 
Petrograd: Imperial University. 


Aberdeen : Aberdeen University. 
Edinburgh : Edinbuigh University. 
Glasgow : Glasgow University. 
St. Andrews : University of St. Andrews. 


Barcelona : University of Barcelona. 
Madrid : University of Madrid. 


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University of Michigan Studies 



Size, 22.7 X 15.2 cm, 8^ Bound in cloth 

Vol. I. Roman Historical Sources and Institutions. Edited 
by Professor Henry A. Sanders, University of Michigan. 
Pp. viii + 402. $2.50 net. 


1. The Myth about Tarpeia: Professor Henry A. Sanders. 

2. The Movements of the Chorus Chanting the Carmen Sae- 

CULARE : Professor Walter Dennison, Swarthmore College. 

3. Studies in the Lives of Roman Empresses, Julia Mamaea: 

Professor Mary Gilmore Williams, Mt. Holyoke College. 

4. The Attitude of Dio Cassius toward Epigraphic Sources: 

Professor Duane Reed Stuart, Princeton University. 

5. The Lost Epitome of Lfvy : Professor Henry A. Sanders. 

6. The Principales of the Early Empire : Professor Joseph H. 

Drake, University of Michigan. 

7. Centurions as Substitute Commanders of Auxiliary Corps : 

Professor George H. Allen, University of Cincinnati. 

Vol. n. Word Formation in Provencal, By Professor Ed- 
ward L. Adams, University of Michigan. Pp. xvii + 607. 
$4.00 net. 

Vol. HL Latin Philology. Edited by Professor Clarence 
Linton Meader, University of Michigan. Pp. vii + 290. 
$2.00 net. 

Parts Sold Separately in Paper Covers: 

Part L The Use of idem, ipse, and Words of Related Mean- 
ing. By Clarence L. Meader. Pp. i-iii. $0.75. 

Part n. A Study in Latin Abstract Substantives. By Professor 
Manson A. Stewart, Yankton College. Pp. 113-78. fo.40. 

Part in. The Use of the Adjective as a Substantive in the 
De Rerum Natura of Lucretius. By Dr. Frederick T. Swan. 
Pp. 179-214. fo.40. 

Part IV. Autobiographic Elements in Latin Inscriptions. By 
Professor Henry H. Armstrong, Drury College. 'Pp. 215-86. 


64-66 Fifth Avenue New York 

University of Michigan Studies — Continued 

Vol. IV. Roman History and Mythology. Edited by Pro- 
fessor Henry A. Sanders. Pp. viii + 427. $2.50 net. 

Parts Sold Separately in Paper Covers: 

Part I. Studies in the Life of Heliogabalus. By Dr. Orma 
Fitch Butler, University of Michigan. Pp. 1-169. $1.25 net. 

Part II. The Myth of Hercules at Rome. By Professor John 
G. Winter, University of Michigan. Pp. 171-273. $0.50 net. 

Part III. Roman Law Studies in Livy. By Professor Alvin E. 
Evans, Washington State College. Pp. 275-354. $0.40 net. 

Part IV. Reminiscences of Ennius in Silius Italicus. By Dr. 
Loura B. Woodruff. Pp. 355-424. f 0.40 net. 

Vol. V. Sources of the Synoptic Gospels. By Rev. Dr. 
Carl S. Patton, First Congregational Church, Columbus, Ohio. 
Pp. xiii + 263. $1.30 net. 

Size, 28 X 18.5 cm. 4to. 

Vol. VI. Athenian Lekythoi with Outline Drawing in 
Glaze Varnish on a White Ground. By Arthur Fair- 
banks, Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 
With 1 5 plates, and 5 7 illustrations in the text. Pp. viii + 371. 
. Bound in cloth. $4.00 net. 

Vol. VII. Athenian Lekythoi with Outline Drawing in 
Matt Color on a White Ground, and an Appendix: 
Additional Lekythoi with Outline Drawing in Glaze 
Varnish on a White Ground. By Arthur Fairbanks. 
With 41 plates. Pp. x + 275. Bound in cloth. $3.50 net. 

Vol. VIII. The Old Testament Manuscripts in the Freer 
Collection. By Professor Henry A. Sanders, University of 
Michigan. With 9 plates showing pages of the Manuscripts 
in facsimile. Pp. viii + 357. Bound in cloth. $3.50 net. 

Parts Sold Separately in Paper Covers : 

Part I. The Washington Manuscript of Deuteronomy and 
Joshua. With 3 folding plates. Pp. vi -t- 104. $1.25. 

Part 1 1. The Washington M anuscript of the Psalms. With i sin- 
gle plate and 5 folding plates. Pp. viii -t- 105-357. $2.00 net 


Publishers 64-66 Fifth Avenue New Toik 

University of Michigan Studies — Continued 

Vol. IX. The New Testament Manuscripts in the Freer 
Collection. By Professor Henry A. Sanders, University 
of Michigan. 

Part I. The Washington Manuscript of the Four Gospels. 
With 5 plates. Pp. vii -f 247. Paper covers. $2.00. 

Part II. The Washington Fragments of the Epistles of Paul. 
(Jn Preparation,^ 

Vol. X. The Coptic Manuscripts in the Freer Collection. 
By Professor William H. Worrell, Hartford Seminary 

Part I. A Fragment of a Psalter in the Sahidic Dialect. 
{In Press,) 

Vol. XI. Contributions to the History of Science. {Part I 

Part I. Robert of Chester's Latin Translation of the Algebra 
of Al-Khowarizmi. With an Introduction, Critical Notes, and 
an English Version. By Professor Louis C. Karpinski, Univer- 
sity of Michigan. With 4 plates showing pages of manuscripts 
in facsimile, and 25 diagrams in the text. Pp. vii + 164. Paper 
covers. $ 2.00. 

Part II. The Prodromus of Nicholas Steno*s Latin Disser- 
tation ON A Solid Body Enclosed by Natural Process 
within a Solid. Translated into English by Professor John G. 
Winter, University of Michigan, with a Foreword by 'Professor 
William H. Hobbs. With 2 plates of facsimiles, and diagrams. 

Part III. Vesuvius in Antiquity. Passages of Ancient Authors, 
with a Translation and Elucidations. By Francis W. Kelsey. 

Vol. XII. Studies in East Christian and Roman Art. 

Part I. East Christian Paintings in the Freer Collection. 
By Professor Charles R. Morey, Princeton University. With 13 
plates (10 colored) and 34 illustrations in the text. Pp. xii-h 87. 
Bound in cloth. $2.50. 

Part II. A Gold Treasure of the Late Roman Period from 
Egypt. By Professor Walter Dendison, Swarthmore College. 
{In Press.) 


Pttblishers 64-66 Fiftii Avenue New York